September Transfer Three

September Transfer Three

This is another transfer where I’m torn between two players. With the ways things are going it’s almost inevitable that whoever I pick will drop in form and whoever I don’t pick will score big points. The choice is between Aguero or Jesus to replace Morata. Chelsea have some tough fixtures coming up and after City’s recent run of form it’s simply too risky not to have one of their strikers. I’ll briefly outline the reasons for and against each striker:


Reasons for:

In my opinion he’s more dangerous in front of goal. Personally I’d suggest that if they both had the same amount of game time over a season Aguero would score more goals and more points.

Some other managers may have already invested in other areas and priced themselves out of accommodating Aguero, Kane, Lukaku and Hazard in the same team.

Reasons against:

Looks likely to get less game time. He was dropped against Bournemouth and didn’t feature in the EFL cup. Jesus started in both.

His cost is significantly more. As a result we would have less flexibility in terms of strengthening elsewhere in the team.


Reasons for:

He’s much cheaper. As a result we should have more flexibility in terms of strengthening other areas of the team.

He gets more game time. He’s started every game so far this season whereas Aguero didn’t feature in the EFL cup and was benched against Bournemouth.

Reasons against:

Despite the extra game time, Jesus has still scored 20 points less than Aguero to date. My personal opinion is that Aguero is more dangerous in front of goal (as illustrated with his hat trick last weekend). The big risk with Jesus is that Aguero could outscore him massively over the course of the season.

The Decision

Out: Morata (5.6m)
In: Aguero (6.7m)

As this is my last transfer for September, I’m not even considering removing any other players. My opinion is that it’s vital to get a Man City striker in as soon as possible. I’ve opted for Aguero as the more premium option. As stated above I feel like he’s more dangerous in front of goal and as a result is more capable of hitting a hat trick every now and then like we saw last weekend. It’s a risk based on his game time but based on his current form I can’t see how dropping him could be justified. This should leave enough money in the bank to swap Eriksen for Hazard in October. Spurs have some difficult fixtures and both Chelsea and Man City have favourable ones.

If we can avoid any issues such as suspensions and transfers I’d hope to have a team like this in October (with two transfers left in the bank):

Valencia, Kompany, Pieters, Ogbonna
Salah, Hazard, Mkhitaryan
Kane, Lukaku, Aguero

Hopefully other managers have not planned enough in advance to get all of these big names in place so quickly.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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34 thoughts on “September Transfer Three

  1. Hi their, i seem to have a problem taking out moratta 2nite and putting in Aguerro as man city have already played this game-week, not even allowing it as pending.

    1. Hi Dave, not sure what the problem would be there. I’ve just made the transfer and it’s gone through fine. Well it’s pending until tomorrow morning. Could be worth dropping their customer services a line.

    2. A slight blip, it’s been accepted as pending 2 moro morning, it’s the right move, no indication that he will not play on saturday, so hopefully get 3 games this month out of him, only concern the team picks up an important injury this weekend and no transfers left 4 remainder of month, a risk that has to be taken, usual rapier like analysis, if it comes down to research and thought process, this team will win every time, didn’t agree with ogbonna at start of season selected stephens and hennessey above foster, hasn’t worked out to well.

      1. It’s always a risk but thankfully there’s only one game week left in the month after this weekend. Fingers crossed Kompany returns shortly and has a run of games as well. I almost went for Hennessey over Foster, I think you can research in depth as much as you like when it comes to football but you can’t account for the huge amount of luck that comes into play as well.

        1. Luck, yes of course, but to finish just outside the top 500, with close on a million entries, a bit of nous required, i have 2 teams in my mini league, 303pts, & 363, we’ll c how it goes.

          1. Ah yeah absolutely – all the planning certainly gives an advantage but it’s not a precise science. If it purely came down to good planning and analysis of stats I think we would be off to a flyer.

  2. Think you made the right choice… I know I sided the other way earlier, but I think Aguero will be outscoring Kane this year. He is a must

    1. If he stays fit and continues to start he could well finish the highest point scorer. Hopefully this weekend can be a turning point as the team is starting to shape up nicely, just need to get the points on the board.

  3. Hi my team is


    Jones Valencia kolesnic Stephens
    Salah mikh Ali
    Kane lukaku Jesus
    344 points going well 2 transfers left his month and £1.7m in bank
    Keen to perhaps get Stephens out for another cheap player who will play and score points as Stephens seems to be out of favour now van diyk back . Was thinking of Ali out for hazard – any advice please

    1. I’d have probably shipped Ali out as he’s going to miss games in the Champions League through suspension. Chelsea have got a tough couple of game weeks coming up with Atletico and Man City before the end of September but I think Hazard will be a good option for October. The problem with Stephens is there aren’t many other good options at around the same price mark but he would be the player I’d be looking to transfer out as well. There’s Martina at Everton but he will be a rotation risk and will eventually be replaced by Coleman.

      1. Thanks – what’s your thoughts on johnny Evans and baines falling in value with some favourable games coming up now or lascellas at Newcastle ? Appreciate your help , will stick with Ali for now as only misses 1 more game in champions league this month

        1. Baines is a player on my list. He’s currently 3m and that’s are bargain. They’ve just had a very tough run of fixtures. If you could afford to accommodate him, I’d definitely consider it. He’s probably a better option than anyone at that price range including Evans and Lascelles as neither have European football and I think are less likely to keep clean sheets.

          1. Thanks very much , I will see how prices pan out tomorrow and hopefully baines drops to 2.8 . Thanks again

            1. He’s dropped to 2.7m which is an absolute bargain. If I had a transfer remaining I’d be looking to put him in.

  4. I already have Jesus so will see how things pan out for a while, this leaves me with the cash you spent spare, what would you do with it?

    Was thinking of changing ogbonna to baines or Pieters for kolasinic

    1. I’d certainly have a look at an Everton defender. They are bargain prices at the moment because of the tough fixtures they have had. If I had a transfer left I’d be bringing one them in while they are so cheap.

  5. Morning all,

    I have followed your transfers and made everyone so far but I missed placing the transfer yesterday and missed out on saving 0.3 on Aguero.

    Will this impact on your future choice on players do you think?


    1. It’s hard to say at this stage. It may price you out slightly if we max out the budget but that’s only likely to be on a defender. As long as you’ve still got enough for Hazard in October the 0.3m shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

  6. DTT my team is on 400pts

    De Gea

    I have two transfers reaming for this month. I’m suggesting transferring out Blind due to game time and replacing with Baines as Everton have a nice run of fixtures up till Lyon, Arsenal &a Chelsea. Then my other transfer was Brady I’ve earned and extra 0.9m on his value so considering replacing him with D.Silva.

    Like to here what you would suggest!

    1. Makes perfect sense to me and you’ve got off to a fantastic start. I think both changes would strengthen the team going forward.

      1. How do you see Mezut Ozil instead of David Silva

        City next 5
        Vs Palace
        Vs Shaktar Don
        Vs Chelsea
        Vs Stoke
        Vs Napoli

        Arsenal next 5
        Vs West Brom
        Vs Bate
        Vs Brighton
        Vs Watford
        Vs Red Star Belgrade

        I’m swaying towards Ozil more as Arsenal have had a poor season start so far and Ozil or Sanchez haven’t clicked full gears yet if they do the so called assist king could help in this!

        1. I’d favour Silva personally. They played a weaker team in the Europa League so it’s hard to say who will get any game time in that competition. Also City are absolutely flying and have a good run of fixtures in October.

  7. I think it will mate somewhere down the line !!!
    Team shape looking good now need points to start flowing
    Good news hazard and baines both down 0.3m and ogbonna up 0.3m come october touch wood we have the 11 we planned for
    Heres to a good weekend
    …by golly were overdue one !@

    1. Yeah hopefully a plan is coming together and nothing else will crop up and get in the way. I’m hopeful that we are nearly there in terms of a long term plan with a team that should score well. A good weekend this weekend would certainly come at the right time.

  8. Hi guys, hope you’re doing well. I’m coming here for some advice as a Dream Team Rookie.

    My team is:
    De Gea
    Baines Walker Alonso Aurier
    Eriksen Salah Xhaka
    Lukaku Rashford Jesus

    I’ve got nothing left in the bank, I didn’t get the whole investing thing until pretty recently. I’m wanting to make a few changes to my team. In particular, I want to take Xhaka out. He literally brings me no points in and he’s just a waste of a slot really. I don’t mind sacrificing a defender for him. Any options on who I could replace him with and who the defensive replacement could be?

    Also I was thinking of transferring out Rashford and Alonso for Aguero and another defender for 4.2 million. But I was concerned about having both city strikers in my team despite them doing well.

    I did originally replace the injured pogba along with Rooney for salah and Rashford and was waiting for pogba to be fit to bring him back in, but I’ve gone off of that idea with how well salah and Rashford are doing.

    I’m a bit stuck in the mud and I’d appreciate any help/advice!

    Thanks Dream Team Community

    1. I’d personally be looking at Xhaka as well but it’s difficult to see where you could create some budget for a big name midfielder. You would probably need to downgrade Alonso to a very cheap defender such as Pieters or Evans. If you could squeeze him in – I’d be looking at Hazard in midfield but it could be difficult to accommodate him when his price is so much higher than Xhaka. I’d agree that Rashford could be worth looking at as well, having said that he’s started the season well. It’s a tricky one because you’d have to do a lot of moving around defensively to free up budget for more expensive players elsewhere.

      1. Thanks for that, yeah, Xhaka is a dead weight really. His price went up 0.1m today, so i’m tempted to hang in there a little hoping that he may rise with Arsenal’s next few fixtures:

        West Brom (H)
        BATE (A)
        Brighton (H)
        Watford (A)
        Crvena (H).

        These should be high scoring games for arsenal, and Xhaka may prove pivitol in providing assists and creating chances. I know its a long time span, but I think he will increase in price rather than decrease.

        Chelsea on the other hand have a trickier run of fixtures:
        Stoke (H)
        Atletico (A) – tricky
        City (H) – tricky
        Palace (A)
        Roma (H) – tricky, i believe.

        I could hold out and wait to see if there are any favourable price swings or just do a straight swap
        Alonso -> 2.1 million defender
        Xhaka -> Hazard

        What would you suggest? Also, I’ve just realised that I only have 1 transfer left for this month, so it will have to wait until next month, but i’m trying to think ahead as i haven’t been doing.

        1. I’d hold onto the transfer. Chelsea have a couple of difficult fixtures before the end of the month anyway. So you could review at the end of September then use your final transfer before the end of the month.

      2. Hi their, the dilemma of baines/Martina, 0.8 differential, which cld come in handy, the decision made will ultimately mean a choice of option A
        Baines, Monreal
        Option b
        Any advice wld b most welcoming.

        1. Personally I’d go for Baines and Monreal. Martina is too much of a rotation risk for me and when Coleman comes back I’d imagine he will be first choice.

          1. Yeah, thanks for that, i was leaning towards that option, kolasinic worry’s me, capable of assists, marks of 7 out of ten, the odd goal or to, and a good run of fixtures, monreal can cancel out his clean sheet, & not much else, October back five of hopefully, Foster, Valencia, Monreal, Baines, Mendy, thanx for feedback.

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