September Transfer Two

September Transfer Two

This isn’t a transfer I really wanted to make at this stage, however with Mane picking up a three match suspension I think it has to be done. I’ve not got off to the start I wanted, and I don’t wish to risk falling behind further by leaving Mane in while he’s suspended.

Out: Mane (6.2m)
In: Eriksen (6.3m)

I don’t think this one needs much of an explanation as most would agree Mane has to go. There aren’t many options for high scoring midfielders at the moment. I like to opt for midfielders who pretty much play as strikers – like Mane and Salah. Hazard would be a good option but I think it’s a little soon for him and Chelsea have a tough run of fixtures until October. As a result I’ve gone for Eriksen. I think his value may rise tomorrow and Mane’s may fall so it’s a good time to make this change before prices change. Eriksen also has a favourable run of fixtures for September as Spurs face:

Swansea (H)
Derby (EFL cup – he probably won’t feature)
West Ham (A)
Apoel (A – Champions League)
Huddersfield (A)

Out of the top 6 teams Spurs are certainly the team with the easiest run until October. I would have considered Alli but he will be banned for the Apoel fixture. I’m also hoping Eriksen won’t be rested for this game in a similar way Morata was rested for Chelsea against easier opposition.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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119 thoughts on “September Transfer Two

  1. As always agree with everything you say! Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but all your decisions have been made with sound logic. Every decision is a gamble at the end of the day.

    What we saying with Kompany? Holding out for the next week? Mendy is bound to rise in price tomorrow – if the transfer is going ahead should get the value tonight…

    1. I’m completely torn on it. Really tempted to hold onto the transfer and hope he returns shortly. At the same time I worry that if the transfer is needed at some point that Mendy will rise in value and become unreachable before long. Any thoughts yourself?

      1. I’ve decided to stick for another week. I know it’s a bit of a risk but should Kompany return within the next week or two I think it’s worth holding onto the final transfer.

        1. Is this your final decision on the matter?? I think he will be back sooner than people think but I’m always wrong 😂😫

  2. Agree with Mane, no choice. Leaves me with
    Valencia Baines Pieters Davies
    Erikssen Salah Mkhitaryan
    Firmino Kane Lukaku

    Tempted to change Firmino for Jesus as he just seems to score every game. Firmino i think will drop off after a great start

    1. If you’ve got a transfer to spare I’d definitely be looking at taking Firmino out for Jesus.

  3. Same here only concern is if kompany out again for next 2 games and city keep 2 clean sheets we could give the field yet another 16 pts…..i am not convinced kompany stays risky

    1. I agree – this also means Mendy/Stones would rise in value and become unreachable. Whereas right now they are only 0.3m more. I’m still tempted to keep hold of the transfer though.

        1. Yeah I had a look and think it’s probably worth holding onto him for another week to retain the final transfer.

  4. Hmm I just think kompany is too accident prone and even if he comes back next game he will more than likely be injured again this season! An inevitable transfer in my opinion.

  5. Is anyone else waiting up until midnight, just in case Dream team tips changes his mind on Kompany haha 🤔🤔🤔

    1. If you really wanted an Arsenal defender what about Monreal at 3.4m? Better value than Bellerin. If you can afford Davies he would probably be my choice out of the three.

      1. Plucked for Kolasinac in the end – just wrote down my thoughts about Davies and Kolasinac and compared them and Kolasinac just came out on top. Hope I have chosen wisely.

  6. I have 2 transfers left, is it worth taking Kompany out? I also have Lukaku, Jesus and Firmino up top, should I drop Firmino for Kane? I have the funds to do that and switch Kompany for Mendy.

  7. I’m happy with my mendy purchase. Used all my transfers but my squad should be fine till October when I look to bring hazard in and bin off hegazi. Here’s praying for no injuries…
    Valencia Hegazi Davies Mendy
    Eriksen Mkhitaryan Salah
    Lukaku Kane Jesus

  8. Kompany still out ….sanchez of spurs still 3.4 so even after last nights watershed no price rise…looking at your ‘long term’ team of valencia mendy baines pieters why not put sanchez in now and have him for baines ?
    As you say spurs have some comftable games and i feel all these 8 pts i’m losing is cutting me adrift in my works mini league
    I know its a marathon not a sprint but i still cannot get past why kompany stays

    1. I’m waiting to see if Sanchez is going to start every game for Spurs. I held onto Kompany as I felt there was no urgency to change this week. We’ve seen in September already Mane, Kompany and Pogba getting injured or suspended – what if someone more important than a defender picks up an injury this weekend? With only one transfer left – I felt it wouldn’t do any harm to wait.

  9. Kompany will probably miss in total 5 games 3 up to now i think
    …reports today still not ready
    So if the case why is this different to mane transfer he is only missing the same number of games

    1. I think the midfield position is more important than the defensive position. I didn’t want to use both transfers with so many games left in September. Mane will also definitely miss 3 games. There’s a chance Kompany won’t.

  10. Get sanchez in for kompany with a profit of 0.1m thats 2.5m for oct
    Oct deals
    Hazard for eriksen -will be around same price
    Jesus for morata -will be around same price
    That will give u around 3.9 to get a decent defender in…(maybe a half decent defender with relatively easy oct games )

  11. Foster

    Valencia, mendy, Pieters, odbonna

    Salah, Eriksen, mkhi

    Kane, lukaku, Jesus

    I have one transfer to go and am very tempted to turn a defender into Davies

    1. I’d be delighted with that team with 1 transfer remaining. I’d be tempted to hold onto it at least until next week. You’re pretty much where I want to be but I’m two transfers behind being there with only one left for the month.

      1. Thanks man, I wouldn’t have made it here without all your great advice. I took a punt on Jesus when the season started and it seems to have paid off which saved me a transfer this month

        1. Yeah I read that he’s back in training as well which is a good sign. Hopefully he returns sooner rather than later and a transfer has been saved.

  12. If I make those changes then my team would look like this with £0.2 in the bank.


    Baines, Davies, Mendy, Pieters

    Hazard, Mkhitaryan, Salah

    Jesus, Kane, Lukaku

    In decent shape?

  13. Have I missed the changes in Player’s worth if I only confirmed my transfer this morning?

    Transfer Mane for Eriksen

        1. Just added it up. Think the value of my team overall is 53m. Got 2.4m left over at the moment.

    1. It will all come down to Eriksen, Morata and Mkhitaryan this weekend. They will be the ones who can make a difference in terms of bumping up the league. Really hopeful of a good weekend.

  14. Have we a strong case with 1 transfer remaining and 2.4m to play with sergio for morata ?
    Food for thought

    1. Yeah exactly – Palace next weekend then a fairly easy game in the Champions League. That’s why I saved the transfer, if I’d have taken Kompany out I’d be without Aguero or Jesus until October. One of them (probably Aguero) is looking essential. Problem is, wouldn’t be able to afford Hazard if Aguero comes in, got until Thursday to think about it.

      1. Looking like morata out, Aguerro in going in2 October, 1.3 + Erickson, means Hazard will b available, 2 transfers left, hopefully Kompany back in team, look at what’s available to replace ogbonna, keep 1 transfer back 4 injuries/suspensions etc.

        1. Yeah that’s looking like the best move at the moment. I’ve still got my eye on Everton defenders – their value is going to keep dropping but surely their form will improve and they have the Europa League. Could get some real bargains around the 3m or below mark.

          1. I agree, if martina is a permanent fixture, only 2.1, and may drop further, fixtures much better from here on in, keep an eye on their next lineup in premiership.

    1. Thankfully. I still can’t help but think it’s been another average week. It’s almost what could have been – if Kompany hadn’t put doubt in my mind over my last transfer of the month I’d have almost certainly gone for Jesus (or Aguero) over Morata for this week. Also on paper Spurs should have comfortably beat Swansea. Can’t help but think points were lost again rather than gained.

  15. Still long season ahead
    If sergio comes in for morata before fri thats £1.3m left for oct transfers……
    Providing eriksen and hazard prices stay the same that swap that £0.9m remaining alrhough baines getting a battering right now cant see him coming down to £2.7m cos after next week there ‘easy period’ kicks in so he might come down to £2.7m this friday but go up the next….to have our perfect team i think the only way now is to downground foster to have in place in october….
    Valencia kompany baines pieter
    Hazard mikth salah
    Kane lukaku sergio
    ….thats providing we dont go jesus instead then foster stays….
    Thoughts everyone ?
    Crucial month of activity coming up get this wrong tear the sesson up

    1. I think Aguero will have to be the next transfer – cost us too many points this weekend by not having him. It would be ideal to get Hazard in as well. I think we will need to review at the start of October as like you say prices are going to rise and fall between now and then. I’ll be much happier when we’ve got the team we want.

  16. Darren is right. Long term, I don’t see many players outscoring that team. It’s been a tough start but it’s bound to come together soon. Only real mistake was not getting Jesus is from the start. Opting for an untested player in the league, in an unsettled team (Lacazette)… in hindsight the gamble should have been on the player in the superior team. Although no one knew how Pep would play this year, and that was reflected in the starting price. Just been unlucky. Morata, if played against Qarabag, would have almost certainly been amongst the goals… Erikson this week should have bossed the midfield against Swansea, and been at his instrumental best against a poor side. It will all come good in the end!

    1. I’m really hoping it does come together but time will tell. I think Jesus would have been a better option from the start of the season but tried to play it safe with De Bruyne as City representation and Lacazette was being chosen by a lot of other people. Had I known Morata was being rested for the Champions League I’d have gone straight for Jesus instead. Either way we wouldn’t have had Aguero so maybe it will pan out well, as he looks more likely to be their highest goalscorer. Think I’m going to be slightly more cautious with transfers for the rest of the season. Felt in a strong position at the start of September and imagined having the luxury of bringing in Morata for one game week – that soon backfired when Mane got sent off and Kompany got injured.

      1. Man city have 3 fixtures from the 23rd -30th, we would hope that aguerro will play all 3 games, look what happened with moratta against granted weaker opposition, he could rest him against palace, their is a 2 week gap after the 30th though, maybe need to filter that in 2 ur thoughts, if u haven’t done so already.

        1. That’s a great point and if anyone is going to be rested I’d imagine it would be Aguero over Jesus. The problem is this year, is that price changes come in right at the end of the game week so it’s not possible to check if a player is going to be playing or not before making a transfer. Last year we would have been able to see if Morata was playing the in Champions League and took him out if he wasn’t.

  17. If I make those changes then my team would look like this with £0.1 in the bank and 1 transfer left.


    Kompany, Bailly, Valencia, Pieters

    Hazard, Mkhitaryan, Salah

    Jesus, Kane, Lukaku

    Thinking about kompany. Anybody know for how long he is out? Anyway I think I need to wait to do my last tranfer in last week of september. No body know what is gonna happend. What do You think guys?

    1. According to he is back training so he may be back for the cup game this week. I can’t see him displacing Stones at the moment now though in their best 11 so his game time going forward may be limited.

    2. I wouldn’t change much about that team. With one transfer in the bank you’re in a great position. I’d agree it’s worth keeping an eye on Kompany but he is back in training.

  18. Hi guys. Does anyone know how to tell when prices are going to change? I left my transfers until Friday afternoon and all the prices had changed so Rooney went down and mhki went up.

    Any help would be great, cheers!

      1. Thanks a lot but I mean is there a certain way that you can tell whether a price changes aregoing to happen? Because they don’t seem to change every week, only every other. I’m new to this so I’m still finding my bearings haha

        1. The changes can be a little variable but they are supposed to change every week from now on. It appears to mainly be based on how well a player has played during the previous game week and what their current price is. For example someone like Salah who keeps scoring and only started on 4m seems to rise in value most weeks. I believe if a player is out injured their value doesn’t change. However if someone has a poor week their value drops. A good example of this would be Everton defenders who have had a terrible few weeks – Baines is started the season at 3.5m but he’s now 3m and could drop again on Friday. It’s also worth noting that the most a player can fall or rise by each week is 0.3m.

          1. All we can do is look out on thursday regarding any weekend line-ups, regarding aguerro and everton defenders mainly baines and martina who is currently 0.9 cheaper than baines, that’s a big save but is he subject to rotation with holgate depending on the competition and opposition, vitally important to make correct decision regarding aguerro we need the 3 games out of him.

            1. We really do need those three games but how will we tell until the time comes? We could wait until line ups are announced on Saturday but he’s bound to go up in price before then and we will miss out on that. Might have to take a risk on it.

              1. Aguerro, will go up 0.3, but when ur looking to bring in hazard and get rid of ogbonna, that 0.3 cld b very useful, alot of people will not have the funds to get him in this month, even if he plays just the 2 games, he can outscore most player’s with 3 games, is it time to roll the dice, we have alot of catching up to do.

                1. I think you’re right – it would be worth the risk. If he avoids injury he will be worth keeping for the season I’d imagine as well.

  19. My front 6 is currently

    Mkhitaryan, Salah, Erikson
    Jesus, Kane, Lukaku

    I have 1 transfer left and 1.3 in the bank
    I am thinking about more Man City cover with their current form and upcoming fixtures
    Mkh. & Salah have been great but maybe drop one out for D Silva?. I also want to get Hazard in at the end of the month. It’s also nice to have a transfer up your sleeve for injuries
    Thoughts ?

    1. I’d be more than happy with that as a front 6. Personally I’d be tempted to hold onto the transfer – like you say both Mkhitaryan and Salah are playing well so is it worth changing them?

  20. What do you think about
    3.4m Davinson Sanchez
    3.4m Serge Aurier

    Do you think these defenders will become first team members in Tottenhams team and do you think if so it would be a good idea to get them also what do you think about Tottenhams hard fixtures when it is the champions league would you transfer out the defenders for those fixtures ?

    Real Madrid
    Manchester United
    Real Madrid

    1. It’s really difficult to tell at the moment. I can’t see them just dropping any of the back four so I think it will be rotation especially with a lot of Champions League fixtures coming up. It might be worth avoiding them until that tricky run is over and it will give you time to see who is getting the most game time.

      1. I have Ben Davies do you think it is worth Transferring him out when the fixtures get hard also I just looked again they are harder than I first thought in these 5 game weeks I only see Tottenham getting 1 clean sheet against Crystal Palace.

        GW 8 – Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabéu
        GW 9 – Liverpool – Wembley
        GW 10 – Manchester United – Old Trafford
        GW 10 – Real Madrid – Wembley
        GW 11 – Crystal Palace – Wembley
        GW 12 – Arsenal – Emirates Stadium
        GW 12 – Borussia Dortmund – SIGNAL IDUNA PARK

        1. Depends how you’re looking in terms of transfers and where you want to go with your team. I usually favour making attacking transfers unless really necessary but it does look like a very tough run of fixtures.

          1. I think I will wait until game week 7 and then transfer him out they have really good fixtures up until then.

  21. Hi DTT

    Stephens, Lowe, Valencia, Davies
    Hazard,De Bryne,Salah
    Kane, Lukaku, Jesus

    1 transfer left, 0 in the bank.

    Not quite sure what I should do at this moment, Stephens looks like he’s out of favour and they aren’t in the league cup, Gambled too early on hazard and hes yet to return, praying for something against forest, I’m worried that I haven’t got aguero even though Jesus has done me well so far. Lowe I’m unsure about?!!

    Any ideas without any money in the bank I don’t have much flexibility until I have more transfers at my disposal, at that point who do I sacrifice, who do I bring in?? Too many questions!!!

    1. I think you’re in a strong position going forward. I’d agree with your comments about Stephens and Lowe but I’ve just had a look and there’s no one any better really at the same value. You could make a case for Martina but I’m not sure it’s even worth using the transfer for that change. I’d probably stick as you are and see what happens.

  22. Hi Guys,

    My team at present is:


    Mendy, Valencia,Davies, Ogbonna

    Salah, Mikhi,Eriksen

    Lukaku, Kane, Jesus

    Currently have 1 Sept transfer remaining and 1.1m I’m the bank

    Happy with my side aside from Ogbonna atm. Do you think he’s going to get some starts now Collins is out for 2/3 weeks? Atm I’d have 2.5 for a replacement? Will probs wait for the price changes post Friday.

    Evertons run of fixtures with Europe looks ideal and prices are at rock bottom. Shame Baines (3) won’t be going down to 2.5 . . . Is Martina a decent option? He seemed more nailed recently. Any other options now?

    It’s been a good week for Aguero but I feel Jesus can match him for value. Aguero seems more prone to rotation and Jesus is Peps fave. Aguero has also not got though a season without a significant injury for quite some time

    Really struggling to complete in my mini league with a side with 4 Man city players including 3 defenders . . . Looks madness on paper but he’s somehow smashing it! Am i best to leave him to it or try to cover some of his Man city options? Whats the best tactic against these block sides?


    1. Ogbonna would be the only player I’d be concerned about as well. It’s so frustrating that West Ham have kept two clean sheets in the Premier League since their awful start but he’s not featured in either. I’ve got no idea if he will play with Collins out. I’d hope so but he didn’t come on when Collins had to go off. In terms of a replacement Martina is about all you’ve got as an option. I can see him being rotated a bit and obviously Coleman will come in at some point.

      In terms of the blocks, if you’ve got more than one team I think you can afford to set up these blocks and ride your luck. However if you only focus on one team I think you have to spread the risk out a bit. I’d like to think it will even itself out over the course of the season but if Man City continue in their current form it will be hard to compete against them. It would be hard to imagine that they can keep clean sheet after clean sheet and hitting 3 or more goals in a game at the same time.

  23. Followed the bloggers team on one of my works mini leagues and challenged my mate £50 i would finish above him at present i am on 303pts he is on 353 his team currently as follows with 0 money over but 2 tramsfers left this month:
    Bailly valencia stones jones
    De bryne brady salah
    Lukaku jesus kane
    Just the bloggers thoughts am i drowning to defeat here ?
    Or looking at his team and our ‘long term plan’ enough for me to compete and make a fist of it ?
    Love your thoughts and anybody elses for that matter…….
    He has a smirk on his face every morning at the moment….i need to stop the bleeding and fast
    Thanks all you guys

    1. my biggest tip for your team would be to not have Brady in a normal game week he might gets assists are score points but you really want all of your front 6 to be in the Champions League for the extra fixtures.

    2. It’s early days I wouldn’t say you were destined for defeat. He’s only doing so well at the moment because Man Utd have kept a lot of clean sheets and have had easy fixtures. This doesn’t reflect how the whole course of the season will play out. Brady is also a weak link. He’s also got no real options in terms of bringing in Aguero or Hazard let alone both. He would have to downgrade a defender at some point to achieve this. I do feel your pain though – I do the research I do purely because I’m so competitive, I want to win and I want to beat everyone. I can’t see the point in playing it if you aren’t top of the leagues you’re entered into so I’m completely with you. But we’ve had a lot of bad luck – I think we are 60-70 points behind where we should be purely because of bad luck during the first few weeks and a lot of it does come down to luck. I would add that the blog documents my team, I didn’t really expect anyone to follow it exactly. I do the blogs about upcoming fixtures and my team for people to look at for ideas and build teams they think will work.

      1. Many thanks gives me confidence its still possible… lets hope ogbonna keeps a clean sheet tonight….pieters comes on at some stage for a clean sheet and christian comes on and scores for spurs….its about time our luck changed !!!!

        1. A goal for Ogbonna isn’t a bad start, let’s just hope it doesn’t go downhill from here for West Ham.

  24. Thats my rivals team on 353pts
    My team is equalled to the blog on 303pts ….. just need assurances our team of
    Ogbonna valencia kompany pieters
    Salah eriksen mikth
    Kane lakaku morata (poss sergio)
    Can compete and claw back the 50 pts over time ?

  25. And on european weeknights although i have eriksen over brady he has jones bailly over pieters and ogbonna…..really want to finish above him…..gonna stick with the blogs 11 on this one and have faith
    50 pts not a worry at this stage ?

      1. Have we ran out of patience with Kompany, not even on the bench, stones playing 2nite, so maybe starting on saturday, if not he goes in October, no sign of Aguerro, so maybe we’ll get 3 games out of him from 23rd-30th, then as u say barring injuries he stays in team 4 season.

        1. Yeah I think we will need to wait and see with Kompany. I didn’t expect him to be risked tonight even if he’s fit. With regards to Aguero – I think there is little between Jesus and Aguero. If Jesus is getting more game time and he’s cheaper he could be a better option. However I feel like Aguero is more dangerous in terms of scoring highly when he does play.

  26. Hi DDT I have another question
    My attack is
    Kane Lukaku Jesus
    do you think it is worth transferring out Jesus for Aguero or do you think that is a waste of a transfer or do you think over the course of the season it would prove to be a good transfer overall.

    1. It may be a bit of a waste. I don’t think there’s much between them and Jesus is playing tonight whereas Aguero isn’t so it looks like he will get more game time.

    1. Squad rotation should be back sat…danny rose back in light training so come oct will be second choice make the most of his game time this month

    1. I have sent a message to Customer Support. The ratings are taken from, however there are some games that they dont do the ratings on. Last night they only classed Leicester/Liverpool as a “Top Match”. Checking the DT Rules it states:

      “In the very few cases where OPTA and or WHOSCORED.COM statistics are not available the rating will be provided manually as close as possible to those criteria used by these agencies and decided by the Promoter at its sole discretion.”

      I will update you with their response…

          1. I have had a response, although they couldn’t give me a time frame…

            “Dream Team uses ratings from and they did not update their ratings in the usual timeframe. As such those ratings need to be added manually, and our head office is working on that now.”

  27. Cant see morata getting any minutes tonight….kompany may..i am just hopeing and preying that jesus dont go crazy tonight….and then we can slip sergio in the weekend.
    Then we wont be in such bad shape

  28. What are with thinking with Morata for Aguero/Jesus this weekend? Stick or twist?

    GW6 Fixtures:
    City at home vs. Palace and Shakhtar
    Chelsea away at Stoke and Atletico

    Fixtures seem to suggest making change this week rather than wait… Certain Aguero will go up in price tomorrow as well

    1. I think it’s time to transfer Morata out. Chelsea have tougher fixtures and ultimately I’d rather have Hazard than Morata at some point anyway. I can’t decide between Jesus or Aguero at the moment. Aguero is 20 points ahead but Jesus seems to be the one who will get more game time and he’s a cheaper price. I will have a think about it and post something up tomorrow. Any thoughts on it yourself?

      1. I am totally torn. I dont think there is much between them. With the team the way it is at the moment, I think that replacing Morata with Aguero is the better option in isolation.

        However, I like the option of being able to swap out any of the midfield for Hazard. At the moment, Salah is the cheapest midfielder, although I expect him to raise 0.6 in the next 2 weeks. With the prices as they are at the moment, we cant afford Aguero and Salah>Hazard. We would need Salah to move from £4.6 to £5.2 and Hazard to come down from £6.7 to £6.5… would also leave nothing in the bank to upgrade Ogbonna…

        So, with that said… I will nervously state… for the long term, Jesus is the better option. However, this could be a mistake…. Aguero and City are unstoppable at the moment!! Such a difficult decision!!

        There is also no reason to get rid of Salah… he is getting good points and basically playing as a striker. These are the “fine margin” decisions that have to be made that will make and break the season!

        1. It would be Eriksen I’d get rid of. Spurs have some tough fixtures coming up and I think Kane is enough representation for them during this period. I’ve decided to go with Aguero. I’ll put a post up shortly detailing it.

  29. Hi.
    What’s your thoughts on bringing Hazard in with this transfer as he looked good yesterday or do you think it’s too early? I already have a good top three ( Luk, Kane n Jesus ) so no tinkering needed there.
    Also is Pieters worth getting shot of as I can only see his value dropping and maybe getting another city or Utd defender in?
    I have one transfer left and can’t decide which to do.
    My team is the same as yours bar Morata – Jesus.

    1. I’d personally hold onto the transfer. I’d be looking at Kompany and Ogbonna before looking at Pieters. If Kompany isn’t back before long it would be worth replacing him and we need to see if Ogbonna is going to get game time in the Premier League as well. If he doesn’t he will become more of a problem than Pieters.

      1. Sorry. Forgot I don’t have kompany also, transferred in Mendy. Ogbonna is a worry though I guess.
        I just think getting on Hazard early night be a good move or do you think it’s too soon? Chelsea do have a few tough games now until October, maybe it’s worth waiting.

        1. I’m waiting until October mainly because I’ve only got one transfer left. I don’t think there’s any rush on Hazard but I do plan on bringing him in at some point. They have good fixtures in October.

  30. If sergio or jesus are replacing morata i would strongly advise to make the switch tonight before midnight jesus and sergio likely both to go up 0.3 and morata down 0.3
    0.6 switch
    Do it tonight @!@

    1. Yes good point – it’s been a long morning. I did mean tonight not tomorrow before the prices change. I’ll have a think this afternoon. Any thoughts either way on Jesus or Aguero? It’s going to be another one of those – whichever I pick will probably get injured and the other one will score a hat trick.

  31. Lol
    I do think sergio pts wise will outscore jesus over a season
    I would only opt for jesus if price dictates we have to in order to bring in both hazard and baines down the line…but at present we can afford sergio…so i’d opt for sergio

    1. My thoughts exactly Darren, as I mentioned above…. Tough one…. but have faith DTT will make the right choice! 🙂

  32. If DDT opts for jesus its a long term plan….most rivals have also a front 3 of kane lukaku jesus
    Midfield de bruyne mikth salah
    Then utd and city defenders
    So although lots of money in the bank come oct we wont make up the 30 40 50 pts just yet just stay dormie or even dare i say further adrift short term…long season
    Grabbing lacette then swapping him for morata has been a complete disaster no matter how much you sex it up as ‘bad luck’
    Long term plan tho
    Onward and upwards
    In DDT we trust

    1. I’ve decided to go for Aguero. I agree he’s more likely to score bigger points and we can afford Hazard as well. With regards to Lacazette, there’s a couple of stats worth considering, points scored in August:

      Lacazette – 8pts
      Jesus – 7pts
      Aguero – 10pt

      I wouldn’t say that was a disaster. He was then taken out at the right time. In hindsight should have gone for Jesus or Aguero. But the plan was Morata scores big against Qarabag and was then going to be taken out straight away. Kompany getting injured meant this needed to be delayed and Morata also got rested against Qarabag. Had Kompany not got injured (out of our control) and Morata played against Qarabag (out of our control) we could have then had Aguero or Jesus last weekend. I still don’t regret the decision – it could have panned out very very well, but it didn’t. It was worth the risk in my opinion. Based on fixtures it was the right move. If you think Aguero is the wrong move with this transfer, now’s the time to say…

  33. Right move
    Eden in oct as he will be match fit and chelsea have good fixtures most probably for eriksen as spurs have some monster games…
    Then look at kompanys position at city and upgrade ogbonna….hopefully we can turn a corner…..still think we can hit 2k for the season when we get all engines fireing…if sergio pulls up with a hamstring the weekend we know were cursed this season
    ….lift off starts next game week

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