September Transfers 2, 3 & 4

September Transfers 2, 3 & 4

I’ll publish a full write up of the game week tomorrow – all in all it appears to have been a good one. This was certainly helped by Havertz grabbing a hat trick last night. However, as we approach the end of a short month with 4 transfers still in the bank it’s time to make some changes.

It was a mistake not bringing De Bruyne in straight away, however ironically I’m probably better off points wise as Havertz would have come out to accommodate De Bruyne. Either way, I need to get De Bruyne in now – ownership has gone through the roof in a mini league I’m keen to do well in and I can’t run the risk of falling behind.

Transfer 1

Aubameyang out
Werner in

This was the plan from the start as I always planned to take Aubameyang out after Arsenal’s initial easy fixtures. Had Aubameyang got off to a flying start, I’d have been left with a really difficult decision to make. However, he’s made a good start but it’s not been remarkable. I’m only taking him out because I need the funds to get De Bruyne in. It’s not ideal given that Werner hasn’t exactly set the Premier League a light just yet but Chelsea do have good fixtures on the horizon so I’m hoping it’s his time to shine. I did consider Jesus as well but with Werner having such high ownership, I’m taking the less risky route.

Transfer 2

Traore out
Podence in

This could be a one week only transfer so I’m happy taking a punt on Podence. Basically I’m still short of funds to bring in De Bruyne so I need to free up some budget. I really didn’t want to lose Traore as he’s started where he left off in terms of ratings but Wolves do only have one fixture this coming game week and Podence is a bargain and almost certain to rise. Had Spurs not had favourable fixtures this coming week, it would have been Doherty that gave way but I’m giving the Spurs defenders one last chance of securing some points this weekend. Regardless of what happens, I can see both Davies and Doherty coming out for game week 4 with fresh transfers for October.

Transfer 3

Willian out
De Bruyne in

Someone has to make way for De Bruyne. It can’t be Fernandes so this only leaves Willian and Havertz. I don’t like Arsenal’s upcoming fixtures and Havertz is now certain to rise for the next couple of weeks. As a result, Willian will have to come out. However, I’m not ruling out coming back to him later in the season as I do think he will score well over the course of the season.

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  1. I have to ask, why Podence and not Barnes? Due to my situation and missing the Alli transfer I did last week:

    Alli – Moura
    Havertz – Fernandes

    Based on this i’m thinking

    Moura – De Bruyne
    Willian – Barnes
    Aubameyang – Werner

    That way I keep Traore – what do you think?

    1. That would work for me. I don’t want to take Havertz out now because he’s going to keep rising in price and has decent fixtures. But I can’t imagine he will last long in my team if he blanks again in the league. I’ll then look at Barnes after Leicester have played City.

      1. To be fair I wouldn’t take Havertz out if I hadn’t done it already! Completely forgot about the transfer lock out on a Friday morning – I won’t make that mistake again!

        1. I got lucky with Havertz – I’d have taken him out if I could have got to De Bruyne in one transfer.

      2. Hi guys
        My team
        Ben Davies

        4:5 itb

        What do you think

  2. Sounds good Paul! I’m doing AUB & Willian to Werner and KDB as well. I really like the idea of Jesus with Aguero out but Werner’s ownership is ridiculous so could backfire going against the crowd there… I do need a replacement for Tierney though. Seems to be back from his strain but with horrible fixtures… £3.5 ITB and thinking of Castange/Justin/Keane/Ake. What do people think?? Anyone else that should be going straight in my basket before 7am??

    1. I was considering all of those for Doherty but decided against it. I might go for Castange after Leicester play City though. Chilwell could be an option with Chelsea having decent fixtures.

    2. Or Ben Chilwell, £3m and back from injury with a 10 point app last night from the bench should help him rise next week with some nice fixtures to boot!

    1. I was very close to bringing him in on Monday for Traore but didn’t. He’s had a great first week back I might go for him over Havertz in the longer run

  3. Hi Paul. I do like the transfers. Would it not be worth trying to bring in Sterling is well? It would take 4 transfers and that includes bring a player at 1.7M. I came up with A Townsend.

    1. Who did you have in mind to come out? Should be enough in the bank to bring in Sterling for Salah or Kane but can’t say I’m keen to lose either

        1. I think hold off on Sterling. His value will come down on Fri AM whilst Kane and maybe Salah still on the up.

          At the current price points Kane and Salah offer much better value for money than Sterling who may well drop under 7m by the time we get next month’s transfers

        2. I can’t bring myself to take Havertz out just yet and not sure about Townsend longer term. Doherty coming out will free up some funds.

  4. Really not sure whether to swap traore to podence as my last transfer of the month?
    Have exactly same team as u dtt other than I have Barnes and traore in the mids. I could swap to podence like u but would use up my last transfer. Tough one

    1. I would only want one of Podence/Barnes personally. Traore is a 7+ magnet and with their new right back he should be played further up the pitch again. For me, he’s a keep, especially with their great fixtures coming up. That said, Podence does look a bit decent! Real tough one but perhaps to hold your last transfer for next week before the reset.

      1. I’d agree – only reason I’m taking him out is to give Doherty one more week against Newcastle. I might even put Traore back in for October.

  5. Im debating whether to put in Foden instead of De Bruyne for this GW then putting in De Bruyne for Rodriquez at the start of next month. Trying to work out who will score more points for this GW !

    1. I like this. I don’t think KDB will rise this week after his appearance tonight bringing the average down. Foden is pretty much guaranteed at least two weeks of price rises which will offset any possible price rise in KDB.

      James looks to be on the up too.

    2. It’s impossible to predict who will score more in a one off GW but I’m sure KDB would outscore Foden more often than not over the course of the season…

  6. Foden or. Podence instead of William. Only have one transfer left but could keep like 3 mil ready for next month with podence what does everyone think?

        1. Really depends on the rest of your team and budget… Ignoring price, Foden is probably the safer pick over the course of the season and with City’s current injuries and David Silva’s departure. Podence will have moments of brilliance but Foden is in a brilliant team… even if he is rotated from time to time, which is guaranteed with Pep.

  7. After doing my transfers tonight I”LL have none left for either of my two teams and will have the following…

    De Bruyne

    Currently on 124 points


    Currently on 97 points.

    Hoping Azpilecueta gets game time over the weekend.

    1. totally unjust if you ask me .
      15 points first week comes on for 20 min last night
      drop 03ml unbelievable.
      this point system can wipe you out in weeks
      03ml is far to drastic you can be out of the running
      in no time.

  8. My team is as follows after a couple of knee jerk transfers Hvaertz out for Fernandes – Arnold out for Wan Bissaka and Auba out for Sterling

    Pickford – Robertson – W Bissaka – Boly
    Traore – DeBruyne – Fernandes – Zaha
    Sterling – Mane – Werner

    1. I really can’t get my head around these price swings yet. It looks like any cameo appearances can really decimate those values. Even at a £7.5 average though you’d have thought he would have held his price at least? 🤷‍♂️

      I brought him in before the deadline too thinking I might get a rise.😂

      Also now hearing he’s suffered concussion last night so he’s a doubt for the weekend.😳

      When it rains it pours…

    2. I thought he should have gone up. PPG shouldn’t matter it should be points across the game week and he massively outscored his value.

  9. I like to play it risky myself so turned down the 42% overall owned Timo Werner and gone for Jesus instead who is at less than 3%.

    1. I’ve put him in other teams but only really discuss my main team on here, which is safety first. If people are following it closely my main goal is to safely finish as high as possible.

      1. Same here, I’ve stuck Jesus in a fair few teams but I’m going to remain patient with Werner in my main team. WBA as the next opponent is not the time to get rid IF you already own.

          1. I put in risky Jesus and fair enough got punished. I am going to dig myself a big hole, bury myself and not come out till next season.

  10. This season is throwing some serious curve balls so far. Whether it be surprise injuries, dodgy price swings or Pickford being a complete and utter clown! 😂🤦

    Genuinely don’t feel I’ve got a handle on it all just yet. The Jesus one is such a tough break for those who brought him in before the deadline. I’m quite sure it will happen a fair bit this season with the big price swings forcing people down the road of making moves before the deadline.

    Doing the MOTD challenge today as it’s the mother-in-law’s birthday. All footy updates turned off. Preying for Everton CS today…

    GL everyone!

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