September Transfers Confirmed

September Transfers Confirmed

With Aguero being benched, I’m hoping this isn’t a knee jerk reaction but I’m making two transfers now:

Aguero out, Aubameyang in

Mina out, Otamendi in

In simply terms I’m hoping Aubameyang gets two games this week and Aguero might only get one in the Champions League. I can’t be having my most expensive player being started on the bench too often and I can see Aguero being rotated a lot. I also prefer Otamendi as on option over Mina for the game week as again, he should get two games this week.

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  1. Sensible move. With the long term selection of Aguero in question, this makes sense with this weekends fixtures and sets you up nicely to make the other moves next month.

    1. Yeah hopefully it will pan out like that. Should have really just stuck with Aubameyang a few weeks ago to be honest.

  2. Think that’s the right decision regarding transfers and hopefully Aubameyang will play at least two game’s next week.

    1. I’m hoping so but could easily see Aguero scoring big in the Champions League and Aubameyang not playing in the Europa League based on how things have gone this season.

  3. It was the right move, no city clean sheet today, they do look shaky at the back without Laporte, players in jeopardy of losing their place in team, Miles & Zinchenko is no longer a guaranteed starter every week, Allison should be back soon, so Matip could be a possibility, agree with what RR said previously about Patricio, might be worth retaining him, other than Pope & having to use a transfer to get him in, top end keepers going to cost close on 4.5 million, watched City vs Everton today, Mahrez again looking impressive.

    1. Yeah I’m fairly happy with the team now despite not getting the clean sheet yesterday. Maitland-Niles could be moved on for James next month and should leave a tidy amount in the bank.

  4. Hi guys, I’m going to be going AWOL for a week or two from here and social media after we received some tragic news that our friend died in a car accident where her car ended up in the river Trent.

    Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me posting on here Paul, but a petition has been started to have crash barriers put up alongside the road where it runs close to the river. Seems like a no brainer but sadly too late for our friend. She leaves behind her husband and two small children. Devastated for them.

    If I could kindly ask you guys to copy and paste the link and add your signature to it, it would be very much appreciated.

    1. I had to re-think when the Man City line up came out. Happens all the time. So posted an update and left comments on the other post to say I’d changed my transfer. With Aguero being benched it meant I could do a better upgrade of Mina to Otamendi if I swapped Aguero for Aubameyang.

  5. DTT, i swapped Mina to james this weekend, i also have sergio but wasnt tempted to swap to amb just yet as i think he could go crazy in the week, i have 1 transfer left which will probably happen thurs
    sergio -amb, which will leave me funds to oust Niles to TTA
    zinkchenko roberston Taa
    mount james sterling mane
    amb salah kane
    is the team i intend to have come next weekend, then if zink gets dropped have a ready made transfer of either mendy or otomendi lined up…i think 2 city defenders is riskier than 2 liverpool
    thoughts by everyone welcomed

    1. Agreed. I do not like having more than 2 city defenders. They look shaky at the back and the team is constantly rotated. There’s a reason Otamendi isn’t usually first pick and it’s only due to other injuries he’s getting game time. I also think TAA is the better pick, being in a stable back four that will only get stronger when Alison return (exp. early Oct).

      I decided to go against DT’s transfer this time round. I have taken out Mina for James, swapping 4-3-3 for 3-4-3. I think Aguero (who has already outscored Salah and Kane so far, even whilst being rotated) has a good chance of accumulating more points this week.

      Personally, I think we should be looking at dropping Kane or Salah to strengthen the overall team. Salah plays too wide (a bit like Abuyameyang when Lacazette plays) and teams now know to mark him out of the game. Mane and Firminho have also outshone him this season so far IMO.

      Kane also appears to be a shadow of his former self and much of that is due to the overall team playing far worse that past seasons. Spurs (who I support btw) just look disconnected and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is something going on behind closed doors that has disgruntled the player:manager relationship.

      Of course it’s early days and the season has been quite shocking, with many surprises so far. Things will eventually settle down and all the usual big players are likely to do well in the end. For me, a Liverpool heavy defense is best long. I also like the look of cheaper options (Vardy/ Mahrez) that can bolster up spending elsewhere. For the price, £7+m on players that don’t score every other game isn’t cutting it.

      1. I’m considering swapping Zinchenko for TAA in October. Should be a fairly solid team then. I’ll probably do Maitland-Niles to James to accommodate this. I think you’re right about Aguero possibly doing well in the Champions League and I knew it was a risk but I find it really frustrating when your most expensive player is getting benched. I guess I’m just hoping Salah or Kane come good in one of those extra games to make it worthwhile.

    2. I might end up with a similar team. If I move Maitland-Niles on for James. I’d worked out that I’d have the funds to do Zinchenko for TAA so we may end up with the same team again.

  6. Fabianksi out for 3 months – gggrrr. Only put him in last week for patricio who then gets his first clean sheet since 1st game of season. Still got 1 transfer this week left so considering putting patricio back in LOL – any others to consider 500k in bank to add to the £2.3m of fabianski or shall I just leave him bearing in mind that other than ederson or allison no other keepers seem to be earning in big points?

    1. If its any consolation AJF I put Masuaku in, he got sent off, missed a clean sheet, lost 4-0 then didn’t even make the bench, while his replacement Cresswell scored 20 points!!! All the other West Ham defenders outscored him, even Winston Reid who didn’t even play!!

      1. Really annoying when that happens. I guess there’s Pickford or Pope but I’m just not seeing the value in the keepers at the moment.

  7. Gutted. Use one of my teams to follow ur team. Missed the auba and Otamendi transfers. Did James for mina instead. Will have to try catch up when u move AMN on

    1. It’s difficult because I enter this team into all the competitive leagues so I’ve got to make changes based on line ups when they are announced. The chances are that I’ll probably move Maitland-Niles on for James anyway so it should be easy to catch up. If Aguero starts in the Champions League, you’ll probably end up being better off.

      1. Na yeh it’s fine mate I usually check last minute anyway. My fault. Don’t help aguero playing shite tonight atm😂

        1. To be honest I was worried he was going to get a couple in the Champions league, it was a huge relief that he didn’t.

  8. Hi DTT, as opposed to TAA is Zinc to Mahrez an option?

    James is on -1 point from his last 4 games, and also man u look pretty woeful.

    1. Also just noticed B. Saka been added today. Wanted to transfer him in last night for AMM. Only £1.5

    2. That would certainly be an option and probably a better one. However what do we do with Maitland-Niles? We couldn’t swap him for James if we went for Mahrez.

  9. Sterling benched tonight, Zinchenko not even in the squad! Maybe a consideration to move Zinchenko out if he keeps getting benched / not played at all?

    1. I think Zinchenko needs to go for me. Not sure who for yet though but there’s quite a few options.

  10. Zinchenko, doesn’t even make the bench tonight, might have to be a double transfer, as Niles needs to go as well, agree with Badges earlier comments D. James on a poor run of form, in a poor team, already been mentioned Yarmalenko bang in form, we don’t necessarily need every player in Europe, another international break coming up, so a double transfer could be on the cards.

    1. Can’t say I’m a big Yarmalenko fan. Can’t see him hitting over 100 points this season.

  11. DTT, Allison back will improve Liverpools chances of keeping clean sheets, but have a look at Liverpools up – coming schedule.
    Home Leicester, Spurs, Arsenal.
    Away Genk, Man utd
    If pursuing that route, Matip 0.8 cheaper than TAA.

    1. Great shout with those fixtures David.

      Personally I’ve enough wedge to go Zinc to Mahrez. (Zinc is decent amount of money to not even make the bench. And at least Ota is nailed for now.)

      I may even keep Maitland or swap for Chambers (decent form and starting most games albeit mininal CSs) or I’ve just got enough cash to get Evans at Leics as a soemwhat differential.

      What do you reckon?

      1. I’m going to do Zinchenko to Mahrez as well, & I like the look of Maitland niles to Yarmalenko.

    2. Yeah and after last night I may rethink putting another one of their defenders in to be honest.

  12. Anyone thinking of ditching KDB? Usual pep shenanigans, no clues on when he will return, says after the international break but when? He has low ownership in my ML, Me and 3 others are the only ones who have him in my ML and 2 of them also have mane as well so worried about losing ground if mane does well ?

    1. I don’t personally have kdb ajf but I’ve been shafted (am I allowed to say ‘shafted’ on a public website?!) by pep’s shady comms in the past so I would transfer him out asap if I were you. At worst ya can always bring him back in when he’s back/ up to speed.
      Ps a manc supporter said to me he’s heard he’s out for around 4 weeks, although that is of course hearsay

  13. Good shout on zinc – Mahrez…..what do you think DTT? Seems to play every game ATM but cheaper than TAA too one to think about

    1. I think it’s a no brainier at the moment. The only problem is Maitland-Niles then needs to be swapped for a defender. Not sure who though?

      1. I’m liking Tomori as AMN’s replacement. Cheap as chips, good fixtures and Lamps has confirmed he’s first/second choice at CB now.

        1. I just worry about their lack of clean sheets but Arsenal aren’t much better and Maitland-Niles might not even play much at the moment.

      2. Within budget…

        Chambers – seems to be starting a lot and getting decent pts

        Tomori – reasons chris highlights below

        Evans- no euro games tho

        1. Tomori stands out as the best option but I’m not convinced by Chelsea at the back. I’m also not convinced by Arsenal either to be honest.

    2. Really like the look of Mahrez and I’m considering moving Zinc out for him. Lovely price for a probable nailed option with KDB injured (Bilva back into middle until his ban).

  14. Alright guys, getting back on the Dream Team horse now. Thanks to all those who signed the petition and for the messages of support for the family.

  15. I’m regretting my choice of Pepe currently. To think it was between him and Mane for my choice, my judgement let me down severely there. May have to stick with him this month though with Adrian, Zinc and AMN all facing less game time now.

    1. Same boat as me, have been really disappointed in his return and was hoping he would help close the gap between me and top place.

      Hopefully he gets a run out tonight and can put a shift in although I’m suspecting a bit of rotation!

      1. Yeah, many of the predicted line-ups seem to omit the likes of Pepe and Aubameyang. Bizarrely though, they also have AMN in as right-winger (with Bellerin at RB) which could be interesting if true.

  16. Good to have you back Chris,

    Advice please – 1 transfer left tonight and 500k in bank – team is:





    With Fabianski injured for a few months thinking of swapping him for Roberto the west ham back up as he will start throughout that period and at £1 mill frees up a lot of cash (I accept when fab back I may be lumbered with cheap goalie i cant replace but that’s the gamble I guess)

    Also I am thinking Mina for Tomori – again frees up £1 mill and then Pepe for either Mane or Mahrez? both those changes I think improve the team. That will leave 1 transfer for rest of month and if KDB looks like being longer I can swap him with Mahrez. What worries me is 2 transfers so quick into the month and any injuries over intl week and I am buggered.

    Any advice or thoughts please?


    1. Fab is expected to be out for around 3 months so Roberto could work out well. West Ham fans themselves however have been saying that he’s pretty ropey at best. It is West Ham as well so you can never truly rely on them.

      Could Patricio be worth the extra £0.8m? Apart from that Arsenal fixture, Wolves have quite a nice run of fixtures coming up. Plus the added bonus of EL games.

      I’ve always said that GK is the least important position in Dream Team though so if you do need that £0.8m elsewhere, go for it. In fact you’ve got me thinking about Roberto now as a possible replacement for Adrian when the time comes.

    2. Who did you use your final transfer on? I’m guessing Patricio doesn’t interest you as a cheap option?

  17. Thanks Chris – My ultimate aim is to be able to get Mane in so every bit of cash will help. I took patricio out for fabianski as patricio was not getting any points or clean sheets so suppose I could revisit him but like you said how much importance should we place on a keeper as they very rarely seem to be getting 7 let alone clean sheets.
    What your thought on Henderson at Sheff Utd?
    Also MIna to Tomori what do you think? Is mina likely to drop in price because Tomori I think will go up, is fabianski going to drop or stay the same? These things could play a part in what move I do tonight as could squeeze another 100k out of the 2 transfers

    1. I’d say Fab will actually rise as he did get minutes before his injury and his recent points average is good.

      Mina could conceivably drop.

      Tomori should indeed rise.

      The most value move tonight therefore is probably Mina to Tomori. I wouldn’t take my guesses as black and white though buddy.

      1. In which case Mina to Tomori now will give me £1.1 – Fabianski to Roberto tomorrow will give me £1.4 added to the 500k in bank leaves £3mill to use for rest of october so if that works out I will be in strong position to upgrade Pepe to mane and KDB to mahrez if KDB out for a while – I will buy you a beer if that happens Chris , I know it’s not cut and dry though but thanks. What issues are you facing in your team?

        1. Happy to help out mate. 👍🏻🙌

          My main issues:

          Adrian (when Alisson returns)

          AMN (fewer minutes I’d imagine now)

          Zinc (same as AMN)

          Pepe (poor form, failing eye test)

          They are the main issues.

          Of course there are others; Aguero’s gametime etc but I knew that before I brought him in.

  18. DTT, may of found another cheap defender, Soyuncu of Leicester, good run of fixtures apart from Liverpool away this weekend, Burton in the league Cup, Rodgers playing strong lineups in the Cup.

    1. Yep, quite a lot going for him in FPL too as he’s a bargain there too. Nice fixtures after Liverpool as you say.

    2. Looks like he’s scored well so far this season but it’s a tough call. I think wait and see how they get on against Liverpool but I must admit I struggle to look past the clubs in Europe.

  19. Be hard to catch up on transfers now after that wrong James transfer🙄 really wanted to follow u closely this yeaR

    1. Same issues I’m having mate. Now especially with the zinc – mahrez move I will have to do auba to aguero tonight and all my October transfers tomorrow.

    2. Sorry Dave, it’s a tough one because the only way to get an advantage is to keep on top of line ups. I had to make this move as I thought it was the right long term option and it only become obvious once Aguero was benched. I did post an hour before the game kicked off that I was doing it though.

  20. Gonna struggle following these transfers now that I messed the james one up 🙄 especially now cos the zinc to mahrez one

  21. Good reading again guys.

    Is anyone risking the early transfers or waiting until after the international break?

    Question for you lads, out of Kane, Aguero & Salah, which would you transfer out for Abraham allowing funds to upgrading Dan James?

    It’s a real dilemma this one and I’m struggling. Initial thoughts are Salah & James out for Abraham and Mane with Liverpools short term run in the toughest on paper.

    1. All depends on the starting line-ups for me. I can see me having to go AMN to Tomori but I’d predict Zinc and Adrian will be starting so I’ll hold off on those for now.

      I like the move you speak of as you’re covering Salah’s points potentially with the points Mane should haul. I can see him running Salah close again for points this season. Really regret not having him myself.

      1. Yeah that’s the thinking behind it really. Ideally i’d like to keep him but when you put Salah and James together or Mane and Abraham, surely the latter is going to score the most points.

        Kane the other I’ve contemplated but he has some good games coming up that i want him for, especially Watford at home.

    2. For me it would be Aguero due to his reduced game time. That’s exactly the move I made.

  22. You cant just copy DTT guys hes here for help and support you still got to do your own thing.

    1. Agreed, I dont see the point of the game if you just copy someone else move for move, Each to their own but that would be pretty boring.

      Take on everyone’s opinions and just make your own moves.

  23. That’s the game week over! 4-0 won got Arsenal and I only managed 5 points despite having three Arsenal players 😂

    Team below:
    Maitland Niles

    Zinchenko, Maitland Niles and Pepe are the ones I want to move on. I did fancy Abraham given his impressive form but I’m fairly content with my front three at the moment, even with Aguero’s rotation.

    1. I’m looking at moving Zinchenko and Maitland-Niles as well but who you thinking about bringing in?

  24. Opted to get Tierney in for Mina using my last September Transfer – he looks like an assist machine

  25. Decided to use all three transfers this morning, to avoid price changes, since I now only have 0.1m in the bank.

    Zink, MLN, James = OUT
    Mahrez, Tomori, Alexander-Arnold = IN

    Full team:
    Alexander Arnold

    Any feedback would be appreciated? I can reverse the above if anyone see’s any holes.

      1. Thanks bud. Did some late night calculations last night and was surprised I could manage the above within budget. I forgot to use (and nearly lost) my last Sept transfer last night, as I forgot to change Aguero for Auba to make the above changes happen. Luckily I could still make it at 1am before DT processed it.

        My only concern now is injuries, especially with the international break, but fortune favors the brave as they say. I’m over here keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I avoid being the victim of mass injuries like I am most years 😀

    1. I agree, good transfers & a strong looking team.

      I plan to go 343 & make the Zink to Mahrez move myself, looks like a no brainer.

      I also like AMN to Tomori, this would free up some cash going forward. Is he definitely nailed in that Chelsea team though?

      Ill hang fire until seeing the teams on Sunday but definitely good moves IMO.

      1. Thanks Gaz. According to Lampard he’s now a nailed on starter, which makes sense considering he’s played well and Chelsea’s other options.

        I think for the money, he’s good value and we should see he rise in price. To be honest I’m not expecting miracles but see value in him above Mina or the now likely rotated Zinchenko.

        Worst case, he doesn’t get many points but considering the overall transfers I think it’s a risk worth taking as the other improvements should make up the difference.


    2. would have kept James he is still gaining value.
      got rid of Patricio my thinking is man city will give them a tonking.

      1. James looks good but United are poor. As I only had 0.1m spare, I had to risk the change now rather than Hope James gains value since Mahrez looks set to continue to rise (especially with DeBryune out).

        If you look at James’s average points per game, it was one of the lowest in my team before.

    3. I’m confused. Didn’t the price changes kick in around 7am today, therefore your moves are after the changes?

      As for the moves themselves, that’s a very nice team my friend. 👌🏼

      Are you not tempted to keep Zinc though till he gets benched? I’m pretty sure he’ll start this weekend and you never know what might happen over the IB with injuries etc. Could feel like a long old wait till the next transfers if one of your players does get injured.

      GL with whatever you decide mate! 👍🏻

      1. I swapped aguero for aub last night. I then swapped the three players this morning at around 8.30am.

        Zinc was probably the stronger player of the three and one that I would have kept but he is a rotation risk and imo AA and Mahrez has more chance of playing and gaining in price which risked the moves due to 0.1m in the bank.

        Overall I’m now happy with my team and think it’s pretty strong and should be good long term (albeit injuries will put a spanner in the works).

        It’s a risk but one I’m willing to take.

        Thanks for the feedback and best of luck to you too!

    4. Looks very good to me. Was considering similar moves myself. I was a little put off Alexander-Arnold after they let in 3 in the Champions League but I think they will improve when Alisson is back.

    1. At the moment if everyone starts then I’ll be sticking with what I’ve got. I might even stick with Maitland-Niles if he doesn’t start. I’d rather wait until after the international break to do any major changes.

    1. It’s not form or fixtures that’s the issue though Mike, it’s the fact that he’s now competing with Bellerin and Chambers for that RB berth now. I guess even if he is benched though, he may make those sub appearances that would pick up those 5pt CS scores? 🤔

      He was also used on the right-wing last night but realistically I can’t see him displacing Pepe, in PL games at least. Maybe he gets there EL gig there though?

        1. I think you’re right about Maitland-Niles game time but those Europa League fixtures could be rewarding. It’s a tough one to call.

  26. Batman, that is without doubt the best 11 i have come across, injury dependant theres not a lot to change there long term, only issue you may have it mahrez sometimes gets heavily rotated, but pep in his good books at the moment and playing well, manage that team and its a high scoring outfit, as the season progresses and some big teams have more matches than others a little tweaking here and there, but the template of that team is perfect….i would take TTA over otemendi long term points tally all day long
    monster team that

    1. Thanks mate. I appreciate the kind words and am happy with the team now as long as I can see this month out without injuries. It’s a bit risky but it’s one I was willing to take.

      A lot all just comes down to luck but I wanted to steer clear of cities defenders long term because of the rotation risk and because imo it’s their weakness. Last year I went x3 city defenders at the back and it killed me because of Liverpool’s form.

      When Alison returns I can see Liverpool’s defence returning to form that helped win the CL. To me it’s a no brainier to double up on Liverpool Defenders if possible.

      Best of luck.

  27. My team with 3 transfers still to use;





    Doing Fabianski to either Patricio or Roberto the west ham back up as he will get a run and is cheap. Decision is wether I swap pepe to mahrez and sit on KDB until after the international break or if KDB is long term I will swap him with Mane. Thoughts?

  28. Can we just appreciate what a good pick Maitland-Niles has been. I agree it is time to move him on, given the return of Tierney and Bellerin, however, he has scored 28pts in 7 games weeks. If we were to extend that to the whole season, he is on track to score 148pts or 99 per £1m. That is some return given the strategy this season was to pick a team with more than a wondering eye on the pts/£ number.

    I feel that his red card has clouded what a great pick it was in the first place!

    In terms of replacements, this season has not been kind to defenders in general. I would be looking to move to a 3-4-3.

    I really like the look of Arsenal’s fixtures coming up. I know someone mentioned it above, but Saka @ £1.6m looks like another pts/£ machine. Liverpool are the only team that Arsenal play in the next 6 that should cause them any problems, which is in the EFL Cup, in which Liverpool will probably play a weakened side, and Saka will almost certainly play….

    1. Cheers Dean – he’s certainly performed better than I thought he would given his initial starting value. Do we think Saka will get enough game time?

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