September Transfers Two, Three and Four

September Transfers Two, Three and Four

It’s been a pretty awful game week, full write up will be published tomorrow when Leicester’s result is in. Either way, I’m making three transfers this evening. There’s only two game weeks left in the month so I think it’s worth rolling the dice now.

Tanganga out
Bertrand in

I’m going to make this transfer anyway with Tanganga having a bad week in particular and now facing a suspension. Leicester couldn’t hold on for a clean sheet tonight so Bertrand won’t rise in value but he might go down less than Tanganga. He’s also started both games for Leicester. At 2m that makes him a bargain in my book.

Wan-Bissaka out
Robertson in

Wan-Bissaka is now going to be banned in the Champions League and let’s face it – he hasn’t returned the points we had hoped for with easier fixtures at the start of the season. I’ve decided to double up on the Liverpool full backs as they’ve got decent fixtures until the end of the month and have started well defensively.

Kane out
Lukaku in

I kept Kane in as I favoured fixtures over form but Lukaku has done the business this week. Kane simply hasn’t and Spurs don’t look like creating much for him. Neither Chelsea or Spurs have the best short term fixtures but Lukaku is sure to go up and Kane will go down. I’m going to take a risk and go with form over fixtures with Lukaku. It could be one of those seasons where we are forever chasing shadows – Kane could easily go on to do well over the next few weeks and Lukaku could go the other way. It’s a complete lottery but right now this is a move that makes sense.

This transfer in particular highlights the difficulty of only having one main team. Most people will just be able to make variations of strikers across different teams and cover all bases. We haven’t got the luxury of doing this.

This leaves me with a decent budget of 2.1m in the bank and I’ll either be upgrading De Gea to Ederson or Benrahma to someone like Grealish next weekend.

10 thoughts on “September Transfers Two, Three and Four

  1. I’ve still got Moura in thinking of either Barnes or rice…or 433 for laport or matip any help appreciated

    1. I’ve got Moura Mike so I’m making 4 moves and switching to a 4-3-3…

      Kane > Lukaku
      AWB > Alonso
      DDG > Alisson
      Moura > Bertrand

      Feels rash but some logic there split across price swings, form and fixtures.

    2. I definitely wouldn’t have gone for Rice. Barnes has made a slowish start. Have you already got Traore? Matip or Robertson could have been good choices

  2. Good moves Paul. You may get lucky with a DDG clean sheet but I’m shipping both assets out… I’ve seen enough lol!

    1. I think I have as well to be honest but I favoured holding that last transfer. Mainly because I don’t know who to take out – it’s likely to be Benrahma for Grealish or De Gea for Ederson but couldn’t decide which was the best choice at this stage.

  3. Did anyone have issues accessing the app or website last night?! Every time I attempted to open the app or website, it immediately crashed and closed down. It wouldnt allow me to make any subs until this morning so my team value has now plummeted and prevented me from making the subs I wanted to make!

    1. It’s a shambles this season mate. The app wouldn’t work for me last night but I did manage to make my transfers via the website on my phone.

      It’s such a shame that a great game is run so poorly as it will mean it’s difficult to attract new players to the game.

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