September Transfers

September Transfers

After a disastrous game week 5, it’s clear that some changes are required. I’m away for the weekend and will get chance to check team line ups but I won’t get chance to post a blog up. As a result I’m covering my options below and will stick to whichever set of circumstances play out.

Injury concerns are Mendy and Pedro. We will be able to see if Mendy starts but not Pedro. As a result my changes will be:

If Mendy doesn’t start, but B. Silva does

Transfer out: Mendy, Van Dijk, Pedro
Transfer in: Laporte (Stones if Laporte doesn’t start), Maddison, Hazard

Change to a 343 formation. This is probably my preferred option. I’d like to be forced into these changes with Mendy being left out and Silva starting.

If Mendy starts, but B. Silva doesn’t

Transfer out: Van Dijk, B. Silva
Transfer in: Maddison, Hazard

Pretty much the same situation as above, retaining Man City defensive coverage but also losing B. Silva if he’s not starting rather than Pedro. I’m not sure Pedro’s injury is overly serious.

If neither Mendy or B. Silva start

Transfer out: Mendy, Van Dijk, Pedro
Transfer in: Laporte (Stones if Laporte doesn’t start), Maddison, Hazard

Change to a 343 formation. If Mendy has to come out, I still want a City defender so going for Laporte is still a decent option. Without knowing if Pedro is going to start on Sunday I’ll risk leaving B. Silva in even if he doesn’t start. As who knows if he will get a run out in the EFL Cup

If both Mendy and B. Silva start

This is the most difficult situation. If both players are fit to start then it’s hard to make a case for removing B. Silva against Cardiff. I’d also want to keep Mendy as he started the season well. Van Dijk could also get a clean sheet against Southampton. As a result I’m tempted to stick with what I’ve got if everyone is fit to play. I’m hoping my hand is forced so that I don’t have to make this decision. However if everyone is fit my plan currently is to stick with what I’ve got.

I won’t be able to make any further posts over the weekend so will stick to the plan outlined above with my transfers.

82 thoughts on “September Transfers

  1. Just heard;

    ”Mendy also ruled out for Cardiff. Has a problem with a bone in his ankle. No news on when he will be fit.”

    1. Think I’ll still take him out if I’m bringing Hazard in. Prefer to keep B. Silva considering City are playing Cardiff.

  2. I reckon Pep might need some biology lessons:

    Did a quick google on the healing time of a bruised metatarsal: “The healing time of a bone bruise depends on its severity. Bone bruises can heal in as little as 3 weeks or take as long as 2 years to fully repair.”

    Well that clears that up then…🤷‍♂️🤔

    1. Im thinking with Mendy out I might switch to either Laporte or Smalling/Shaw.

      Ive already got Ederson as Man City coverage. They have been frustrating as they havent been quite as consistent from a clean sheet perspective so not sure if its worth doubling up.

      Annoyingly only got 1 transfer left for the month. Always feels like a waste to use it on a defender 🙁

      1. I think either option would be good. Hopefully City get a clean sheet against Cardiff tomorrow.

  3. Is it worth holding back on the Pedro to Hazard transfer until tomorrow or just do all three now?


    1. Should be reversible shouldn’t it? I’ve done it now but as long as the swap is Pedro for Hazard then it should be reversible tomorrow?

    1. Not far off the perfect day so far. A couple for Kane would be a huge benefit. Only let down was Shaw and Mane but transfers paid off straight away and retaining B. Silva turned out to be a good move.

      1. Well done DTT, last two games from Lukaku, nothing, it’s a merry go round, not sure about Shaw moving forward, can get Kane back in with one transfer if need to.

  4. Kane pen and star man keeps me in the hunt. Shame about Shaw though. Still have Hazard and Richarlison to play.

  5. I missed out on the Laporte, hazard and Maddison transfers. Currently on 335, should I make the transfers now so I have hazard for tomrorow or hold off until Friday ?

      1. I would do the same transfers at dtt did. Pedro would come out for hazard, just not sure if to hold the 3 transfers until next week?

        1. If Pedro doesn’t start today (which I’d imagine could probably be the case) I personally would be making the switch. I even think there would be a case to argue to make the swap even if they both start to be honest. Hazard has already shown his potential for huge returns and it would be a big gamble to forsake another weekend just to save a transfer, especially if you have three to burn anyway.

          Good luck with your decision Luke! 👍🏻

          1. It’s not letting me change from 4-3-3 to 3-4-3 and it’s also making my Pedro to hazard transfer pending? I thought hazard would start scoring for me today

            1. Why would you need a formation change? Surely Pedro to Hazard is a straight swap position wise? Or are there multiple transfers needed to make it happen?

  6. Very satisfied with my 55 point haul from today given that I was without Mendy. I was also concerned about the absence of Gomez but got lucky with VVD getting a knock and Gomez coming on for his clean sheet. All players scored at least 5 points for me bar Mane so couldn’t really ask for more than that.

    That Knockaert goal was a bonus too as this took the Star man away from Danny Rose and was transferred to Kane. Hazard to play tomorrow but I’m guessing Pedro may sit this one out which will hold my tally back somewhat. All in all though very pleased with a damage limitation week where I’ve managed to hold back my competitors in my mini league for another week it seems.

    Hope you all had a good day too.

    1. Much better week for me as well. 72 points scored so far. Made three changes but I’m only 8 points better off. Ironically all the players who let me down last week seemed to gain most of these points for me. Just shows how much things can change so quickly.

  7. Good work DDT, great day at the office! Back in contention in my mini leagues, hopefully get a few points in the week also but can’t see that many playing in the cup.

    1. It was a shame Hazard didn’t do more yesterday as I was pinning my hopes of a huge game week on him. Can’t say I was convinced about bringing him in but had to be done to avoid falling behind.

  8. Disappointed to get a blank from Hazard today. Along with Pedro not being involved it kinda took the gloss of a decent weekend.

    Managed to maintain my lead in my ML though so the damage limitation was achieved at least. I’d forseeing many of my players not playing in the League Cup to be honest. Maybe Maddison could play against Wolves? I can see Kane, Aguero and Hart all coming out. Who do you reckon might play for both teams in the Liverpool Chelsea game?

    1. I think most of my team will come out. I can’t imagine any of them playing to be honest. Maybe Maddison as you say for Leicester but not sure anyone else will be risked.

  9. Atm I’m getting out fought on the defense, the guy who’s top of my ml is heavy liverpool. Fortunate enough for him with how many clean sheets they get etc. He also has mitrovic who at the moment is getting the odd goal and star man. Hopefully Kane can start going now and out score him!

    1. As daft as it sounds, I’m hoping Kane gets a rest midweek so he can come back fresh at the weekend. I think he’d give better returns in the long run as a result.

      1. I’m hoping the big three (or five if you include Mane and Hazard) come good soon. There can’t be many teams who have all 5 of them. If they have a big week between them at some point it could create a big gap.

  10. Re-assuring update for us Pedro owners:

    “He is very important for us as he is the best player with movement without the ball. We are hoping to have him back by the end of the week.” – Maurizio Sarri

  11. Hart,
    mendy, Shaw, Robbo, vvd
    Mane, Pedro, bsilva
    Salah Kane aguero
    335 points
    I have 3 transfers left, any ideas of who to get in and get out?

    1. I’m beginning to look at replacements for Gomez now that his match time could be reduced with Matip/Lovren coming back. I’ve been impressed with Doherty and he’s definitely top of my list at the moment with good fixtures ahead. His attacking stats are very impressive and Wolves look as solid as anyone at the back with a good keeper too.

      With your team I reckon I would have replaced Mendy for someone like Laporte before kick-off but the horse has bolted somewhat now I guess. Monitor injury news on him this week but if he’s out for much longer maybe he’ll have to go? Pedro looks to be back soon but monitor news on him too.

      Bilva and your front three have probably earnt a stay of execution but watch the team news and make changes if needs be if Bilva for instance is rotated.

      Hart needs to go before GW9 when fixtures get sticky.

      Good luck!

    2. I’d probably just swap Mendy for Laporte. Unless Mendy is playing at the weekend. If Van Dijk and Pedro are both injured, you could look at doing what I did and swap them for Maddison and Hazard. However Chelsea have a tough fixture against Liverpool at the weekend and Hazard may then be rested again for the Europa League. In a good position with three transfers remaining though.

    1. Highest team on 391 (picked in 5 minutes and no real thought gone into transfers) not in any mini leagues. The only team that matters to me is on 343 which is the team I write about on here and the one I enter into the mini leagues.

        1. I’ve got no idea to be honest but I doubt you’d want to be more than 100 points behind at this stage. It’s virtually impossible to finish within the top 10 teams without a huge slice of good fortune along the way as well.

  12. It has to be said, I’m really struggling so far!!

    Injuries to Mendy (which wasn’t announced) & Pedro haven’t helped!! Typically City have kept two clean sheets whilst Mendy has been out.

    The only good slice of fortune I’ve had until now was bringing in Hazard ahead of his hatrick last week, but those points were short lived since B.Silva and Arnie (who I took out to accommodate Hazard) have scored 38 between them since then!

    I’m currently sitting on a measly 329 points, 0 transfers and playing with 9 players. I’m waiting for the pendulum to swing my way, but I could be waiting a while…..siiigghhhh….

    1. 329 isn’t that bad. I’d say that’s a steady start and still in contention. I was much further behind last season at this stage. I’m only on 343 and sitting around 27,000. My fortunes changed within a week. Last week was an awful points return and this week the same players picked up a decent 72 points which made the team climb back up to where it was after a huge drop. There’s a long way to go yet.

      1. Maybe I’m gauging it on past seasons where I have come out of the traps much quicker.

        I guess you can’t jump straight to the top every year. I’m currently sitting in 5th (out of 50) and about 50 points off the lead…. roll on next Friday…. transfer day!

        1. It’s a tough one when you think about how many teams are entered. Where would you say would be a good overall finish?

  13. Just been looking at latest injury news regarding Mendy, Pep doesn’t seem to have a clue how long he’ll be out for. Might have to go in next window if the situation persists…

    1. Usually when they don’t have a clue, you can almost guarantee that it’s for a minimum of a month!

      Just so irritating that they took so long to disclose it! They must have known there was a problem, rather than just keeping quiet about it!

    2. Yeah I noticed that to Chris regarding Mendy, Lee has a point aswell it could be while, wanted to leave him, should be a lot clearer by next Friday’s transfers, I think Shaw’s place in team is not set in stone, A. Young lying in wait, don’t want to use more than 1 transfer in defence, keep Alonso & Robertson, cld change formation & bring in Maddison, need to see big improvements in Lukaku, do have funds in bank to get Kane back in.

      1. I’ve not long put Lukaku in but I fear the longer Mourinho is there the longer he’ll under-perform, so for me it’s either bring back Kane or gamble on Aubameyang?

  14. Could be fears of dropping behind in the cup fixtures. Looked on they reckon Auba will start against Brentford and Lukaku will start against Derby with Rashford being suspended. Kane will get rested. This doesn’t give me good feelings in my mini league.

    1. Mahrez started form late unfortunately I had him in at the start but took him out to balance my team. It was a guessing game when he was going to start firing tbh. Then again you can say that about any player, you just have to be fortunate to have them in.

    2. Yeah I was glad Lukaku did nothing. He worried me over the past few weeks with the Young Boys game as well.

  15. Good job I don’t listen to Sun Dream Team coach. Read article on Saturday morning that I need to get rid of Mahrez. Then I was thinking the opposite this is the week where I actually need Mahrez. So Mahrez gets 21 points and I am glad that I ignored Sun Team Coach’s advice. I rather listen to DTT.

    Got 11 points last night, finished 83 for the week (as don’t see Salah or Robertson playing).

    1. Nice job RR.

      I had Mahrez but took him out weeks ago. I also took out B.Silva who has scored in back to back weeks since losing him.

      I guess that’s the game…. frustrating as hell though because it always seems to happen!!

    2. How’s your season going so far? I can’t say I’ve had the best of starts but doing better than last year.

        1. Mine is even pants than Lee H. Difficult start but feel my team has gained some momentum since the international break (when I did my team review here – so that I believe helped). My team has gone from 282k to 146k and now on 311 points. Any team on 350 points is doing good I would say.

          A poor start and poor team value has meant I am having to change from my strategy and be more maverick than dull. But right now enjoying the game.

          1. Can just be the way it goes sometimes. Do you just run the one team? I had one really poor week and it really stopped my momentum, then the same players that didn’t perform well that week had a decent week straight after. It can be a complete lottery.

            1. I got several teams but the one team I am concentrating is in a mini league of top STD players. Unlikely that I will win that mini league now but trying to gain a decent position.

              1. Where did you come across that league? I’m in a good league with some former winners through a Facebook group.

                1. Came across it years ago, just type fantasy football forums, I enter a mini league called the elite. Toughest league I know, past winners in it, every player has one team each. Around 100 players per season. So far I have finished 13th, 25th and 9th so not done too badly. Last year’s winner finished overall 7th so the standard is really high. Currently around 70th with my team so hoping I can still finish in top 25 but tough as the rivals are very experienced and don’t make many mistakes.

  16. Nice little Hazard bonus! Wasn’t expecting any additional points from the League Cup games so every little helps.

    1. Unfortunately for me, Hazard is just a block player!

      9 of the top ten in my mini league now have him, so when he gets points it means nothing really!…

      It’s a shame, but you get players like that. Aguero is another example…blunt players who give you no excitement when the score because you’re not gaining any advantage whatsoever.

      This is why I’m hoping Kane and Salah wake up because a lot of people don’t have them. I would never have predicted that 6 weeks ago, I can tell you!

    2. I didn’t expect any either to be honest, those 8 points were more than welcome after he drew a blank in the first game I had him in.

  17. Yeah, I know what you mean Lee. That’s where the differential players come in I guess (ie players with less that 5% ownership). Quite a few in my ML surprisingly don’t have him yet so worked out last night.

    Speaking of differentials, who have some of you guys got your eye on for the coming transfer window? I really like the look of Doherty personally. Wolves looking solid at the back and he has excellent attacking points potential as his stats are great. I also like Wan-Bissaka for the same reasons but his fixtures get a bit more tricky over the next few weeks.

    Also, do any of you guys listen to any FF podcasts? I listen to the one on Fantasy Football Scout and it’s brilliant. It’s based around FPL though and I was wondering if there were any out there specifically based around Dream Team? Cheers guys. 👍🏻

    1. Yeh, I’m a bit disappointed to have missed the boat on Wan-Bissaka to be honest.

      I would have swapped him in for Mendy a couple of weeks ago had City been forthcoming about his injury.

      Subbing him in would not only have made me 20+ points better off, but it would have given me a ton of extra budget for my October transfers!

      No point subbing him in now because as you say, their fixtures over the next 4-6 weeks are horrendous!

    2. I’d not come across any before. Is the Fantasy Football Scout one free? I’ve never listened to it but might give it a go.

      1. There are quite a few out there, but as I said the one I like the best is FFS. It’s easy to digest and there is a good rapour with each other (they actually transmit it live on youtube but you can watch/listen to it afterwards later on. You do have to bear in mind at the back of your mind though that it’s based on FPL (only premier league games).

        Maybe you could start one up DTT just for us Dream Teamers? 😉 I’m sure everyone on here would subscribe.

        1. A lot of the sources I use are based on FPL. I suppose that the format doesn’t really matter when you’re just digesting generic information, although I honestly can’t get my head around why so many people like that version?

          I can only assume it’s the first and only version they’ve ever tried, because I trialled it a few years ago and have to say that it’s without doubt the worst one I’ve played!

          It has a terrible format, a convoluted scoring system and you are required to pick all your subs before a ball is kicked!… terrible!

        2. I had a look yesterday, looks really good. Not sure I’d have the time or equipment to do one myself. I’d need someone else to talk to as well. They manage to fill quite a lot of time and clearly know their stuff.

      2. And yes they are all free. Easy enough to find. Here’s some of the one’s I’ve given a listen to:

        The Fantasy Football Scoutcast (as I said before my favourite one at the moment)

        !Fantasy Football Surgery – I’ve given this one a go today and it was also pretty good. They get different guests on each week from the FPL community.

        Who Got The Assist? FPL Podcast – Again, another decent one, if you love stats etc you’ll probably like this one, if you want one to easily digest, maybe not for you.

        As I said before though, I’m yet to find one dedicated to Dream Team. Niche in the market DTT. 😉

        There are loads more out there though. I never realised FPL was so huge to be honest.

  18. The thing I like about FFS is their contributors league. I think they should be a mini league for next season where you have people that contribute info, ideas and useful comments as I feel many on the current mini league members don’t comment (they are over 100 people in there and I probably see about 10 people adding anything of note in these comments). It also useful to create good natured banter and rivalries and also provide more ways to improve.

    1. Yeah I was hoping that would be the case with the mini league associated with this website but it’s not really happened. As you say there are a lot of people in their but not many contribute on a regular basis.

      1. Yeah it is a shame. I probably won’t join it next season. It’s hard to be interested and excited to play others in a mini league you don’t have a connection with.

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