Sun Dream Team Game Weeks

Sun Dream Team Game Weeks

Dream Team game weeks run from Friday (7am) – Friday (7am). This can present some opportunities when looking to make transfers and also has some areas to look out for. The opportunities arise if you’re looking to make a transfer but the player you are hoping to include doesn’t have a Premier League fixture until Monday evening. In this situation you could keep your existing players as they are for the weekend, then make the change on the Monday and effectively have an extra game.

Players being locked out

An area to look out for is players being locked out from transfers during a given game week. If a team was to play in the Champions League on a Tuesday, any player within that team is then locked out from being transferred in or out until the next game week. This can be challenging if for instance a team play a weakened team in the EFL cup during a mid week fixture. Even if the player you want to transfer in or out does not feature in this squad, you will still be locked out from making the transfer during the same game week. Planning transfers as far in advance is the key.

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