Sun Dream Team Scoring Points and Player Ratings 2017/2018

The scoring system for The Sun Dream Team is extremely easy to follow. Players are rated individually and pick up points during games they are involved in. Player ratings and point scores can be checked in play or after games on the match centre of the Dream Team website.

How are player ratings calculated?

Player ratings are assigned in partnership with experts

What do players get points for:

All Players:

+5 points: star man
+5 points: per goal scored
+5 additional points: hat trick
+3 points: player achieving 7+ rating
+2 points: per assist
-1 point: yellow card
-3 points: red card
-3 points: penalty missed


+5 points: clean sheet
+3 points: penalty saved
-1 point: conceding 2 goals
-1 point: each goal conceded over 2 goals

An interesting point to note is that defenders can pick up a clean sheet bonus even if they come on as a late substitute. As long as their team keeps the clean sheet intact until the end of the game. For example in a 0 – 0 draw between Man Utd and Man City, if Man Utd were to bring Smalling on in the 89th minute and the game finished 0 – 0, Smalling would still pick up the clean sheet bonus.

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5 thoughts on “Sun Dream Team Scoring Points and Player Ratings 2017/2018

  1. If I have a player classed as a midfielder who plays a game in defence will I still get his clean sheet bonus or not ?

  2. Thank you for the site, it is filled with so much helpful info. Reading this helped me a lot.

  3. Is there a bonus for the highest scoring player at the end of the season, I always thought there was but I can’t find it in the rules thx geoff

    1. Not that I know of. I can’t remember this being a rule for the past few seasons.

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