Teams with the best Fixtures in August 2021

With the first month of the new season approaching, it’s the perfect time to look at fixtures for August in advance for planning an initial team and any transfers to be made in August. Below I’ve focused on the top seven teams and sorted them in terms of teams with the best fixtures:

Spurs (5 games)

Man City (H)
Europa Conference League Playoff Game
Wolves (A)
Europa Conference League Playoff Game
Watford (H)

Spurs are the classic example of additional fixtures not necessarily meaning more points. In an ideal world, we pick a  handful of Spurs players and they get 5 games across the month. However, I can’t see it being that straightforward. If they get an easy tie in the Europa Conference League Playoffs, they may well put out a weaker team, after the toughest start possible against Man City. I’m still tempted to play the fixtures myself, with Moura and Son being my top picks. I’m hearing Kane might not start the season but stranger things have happened.

Man Utd (3 games)

Leeds (H)
Southampton (A)
Wolves (A)

Man Utd have nice fixtures during August and September. They don’t meet another top 7 team during the first two months of the season so I’ll almost certainly be targeting their players. Players that are jumping out so far are Wan-Bissaka, Fernandes, Sancho, Greenwood and Cavani.

Liverpool (3 games)

Norwich (A)
Burnley (H)
Chelsea (H)

I like Liverpool’s two opening fixtures, and due to their firepower, I’ve placed them above Leicester (who probably have slightly better fixtures). The players jumping out to me are Salah, who I think is a good price at 6m and Robertson.

Leicester (3 games)

Wolves (H)
West Ham (A) 
Norwich (A)

On paper Leicester have good fixtures during August. It’s more difficult to pick out who might be their top performers though. Vardy didn’t score too many goals in the second half of last season. Justin and Barnes could be good picks but I’m fairly certain Justin will miss the start of the season. I’ve also got my eye on Fofana at 3m.

Arsenal (4 games)

Brentford (A)
Chelsea (H)
Carabao Cup
Man City (A)

Despite having two very tough fixtures, I’ve not placed Arsenal at the bottom of the list. This is mainly because they start against Brentford and then have an additional Carabao Cup game the week after. Players who interest me at the moment are Pepe, Saka and Aubameyang. 

Man City (3 games)

Spurs (A)
Norwich (H)
Arsenal (A)

Man City don’t have the best start but who can ever write them off against anyone? On their day they are capable of scoring plenty of goals against anyone but I’m not sure I’m going to risk it. The obvious choices are De Bruyne, Dias and Sterling. I’m also going to keep an eye on Torres, who had a decent Euros with Spain.

Chelsea (3 games)

Palace (H)
Arsenal (A)
Liverpool (A)

I think Chelsea have the worst fixtures on paper. As a result, I can’t see myself starting with any of their players. I’m not sure many of them stand out as solid choices throughout the season either unless they remain strong defensively. Havertz doesn’t appeal as he’s now a striker. Werner is cheap again but would need to improve a lot.

17 thoughts on “Teams with the best Fixtures in August 2021

  1. Great write-up and very helpful.

    Regarding Man Utd, I can see people picking a load of their players for the first month or so.
    Interesting article I read , that they reckon Sancho will start on the left in the absence of the injured Rashford, with Greenwood on the right and Cavani in the middle.
    I’ve not considered Greenwood, but I feel I’d be more confident with him than Sancho, seeing the latter is new to the side.

    1. He (Greenwood) also finished the season really well too Steve. There is also talk of Greenwood playing centrally sometimes too as I reckon they won’t start Cavani game after game. Martial is the potential fly in the ointment though if he plays left and Sancho right with Cavani up top. Martial can also play more centrally too if required.

      Greenwood is good value though at £3m.

      1. I’d forgotten about Martial, not a fan of him tbh .
        I guess OGS will rotate the front 3 somewhat, but will definitely keep an eye on Greenwood, as he is good value like you said.

      2. It’s a tough one, I could be tempted by Cavani or Greenwood to start the season. You can be sure whichever one you pick gets less game time though. Both look good options though with those fixtures.

  2. Good review of the early fixtures Paul, much appreciated. It feels quite strange this season to not really find many of the Chelsea attacking players that appealing.

    Is Mount a bit too pricey at £4.5m? He’s consistent enough but I don’t see those explosive 18 pointers coming from him, which is probably what I want for £4.5m.

    Maybe Ziyech is decent value at £3m. Pulisic is pretty cheap knowing what he is capable of but he needs to recapture that form of a couple of seasons ago to be an option again for me.

    I’d be interested in Tammy if he went somewhere like West Ham.

    1. It’s a difficult one. Havertz being a striker puts me off him straight away and Werner wasn’t great last season. I think you’re right with Ziyech being decent value and Pulisic if he can recapture that form. I’m not currently interested in Mount for the exact reasons that you’ve mentioned.

      1. I’m pretty certain Chelsea will sign a striker. Haaland and Lukaku both have been linked

    2. Alright Chris.

      I get what you’re saying about the price tag on Mount. He did get a lot of 7+ rating last season and he can on improve on last season I reckon.

      Tammy at 2.5M could be a right good steal if he joins Arsenal 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Hi again guys and DTT just signed up again for the blog. Just wondering how I sign into the wattsapp group for the transfer updates ( sorry if this has already been posted )

    1. Hi Tom, glad to see you back, glad you’ve found the link to the WhatsApp group. I will get it posted in here as well though so people can find it.

  4. Are you sure the qualifying rounds in the europa league count, im sure I read that they don’t.

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