Teams with the best Fixtures in October 2019

Teams with the best Fixtures in October 2019

With fresh transfers upon us, I thought it would be a useful time to consider the upcoming fixtures for October. Below I’ve focused on the top eight teams from last year’s Premier League season and sorted them in terms of teams with the best fixtures. I’ve only focused on these clubs as they will have an additional fixtures during the month, I’ve also included Leicester due to their good start to the season.

Man City (5 games)

Wolves (H)
Palace (A)
Atalanta (H)
Villa (H)
Southampton (H) – EFL Cup

Man City again top the list of top teams with the best fixtures. This is a worry as I don’t own Aguero and the whole team seem to be scoring goals for fun. However the biggest problem with City is the player rotation, which can be difficult to predict. Either way, on paper they’ve got a decent month of fixtures coming up.

Arsenal (5 games)

Bournemouth (H)
Sheff Utd (A)
Vitoria (H)
Palace (H)
Liverpool (A) – EFL Cup

Arsenal haven’t made the greatest start to the new season, however they do have some players who are performing well. They’ve got some decent Premier League fixtures during October and it will hopefully be a big month for Aubameyang.

Spurs (4 games)

Brighton (A)
Watford (H)
Crvena (H)
Liverpool (A)

Despite a difficult away fixture at Liverpool, Spurs have a good run of fixtures. I’m hoping Brighton will face the backlash of a big defeat in the Champions League with a few goals from Kane at the weekend. They also have an easier Champions League tie during the month, which is probably a must win game.

Chelsea (5 games)

Southampton (A)
Newcastle (H)
Ajax (A)
Burnley (A)
Man Utd (H) – EFL Cup

Chelsea are another team with some decent fixtures during October. They do have a tough Champions League game where they travel to Ajax. I’ve still got question marks next to them defensively but October could be the month where this changes.

Man Utd (5 games)

Newcastle (A)
Liverpool (H)
Partizan (A)
Norwich (A)
Chelsea (A) – EFL Cup

On paper Man Utd have good fixtures for the month, other than playing Liverpool. I’ve placed them further down the list due to their recent poor form. I’d imagine they will have a fairly unpredictable month.

Wolves (5 games)

Man City (A)
Southampton (H)
Slovan (A)
Newcastle (A)
Villa (A) – EFL Cup

I really don’t fancy Wolves against Man City at the weekend but after this game their fixtures do improve. It’s also interesting to see Boly top of the defenders list for points on the board. He would certainly be a player who would tempt me due to his goal threat but I personally don’t want to double up with Patricio. 

Liverpool (5 games)

Leicester (H)
Man Utd (A)
Genk (A)
Spurs (H)
Arsenal (H) – EFL Cup

Liverpool could well be fixture proof, however they do have a particularly tough month. They have a potential banana skin game against Leicester at the weekend and then travel to Man Utd. They also host Spurs later in the month. 

Leicester (4 games)

Liverpool (A)
Burnley (H)
Southampton (A)
Burton (A) – EFL Cup

Leicester travel to Liverpool this weekend and they have no additional European fixtures. As a result I’ve placed them at the bottom of this list. I personally won’t be making a move for any of their players at this point in time.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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21 thoughts on “Teams with the best Fixtures in October 2019

  1. Interesting ….what’s your plans on transfers DTT…Anm leave as arsenal run don’t look too bad? Zinc – marhez or just see how they lineup? Great advice last week great points accumulated got me to 2nd in my group cheers

    1. No problem at all – I’ll swap Zinchenko for Mahrez if Zinchenko doesn’t start and Mahrez does. However I think Zinchenko might start. I’ll probably leave Maitland-Niles in, even if he doesn’t start and then review after the international break.

  2. Superb blog as always, clear and consise. Some really thoughtful insight and a lot of calm outlook on transfers.

    My team with 3 transfers still to use;





    Obviously I have an issue with Fabianski so plan was to replace him this weekend with Roberto at west ham as allows me to get £1.3m in to the bank for rest of squad, however Patricio after the man city game looks attractive at 1.7m with added fixtures in europe. Decision is wether I leave keeper transfer this weekend(won’t lose any points at least lol) or make swicth now and if so who for. Also keen to swap pepe to mahrez but that is dependant on making the keeper transfer. Also shall I stick with KDB until after the international break or switch now for Mane – I am less keen on this move now as will leave me out of transfers and mane has a tough fixture against Liverpool. Bringing Mahrez in gives me man city coverage in the absence of KDB.
    Thoughts please?

    1. I’d probably ride it out until after the international break – you’d hope KDB will be back then so you’d only have to worry about Fabianski.

  3. Anyone considering Tierney from Arsenal, had a very good game last night and likes to get forward. As DT says above, decent fixtures?

    1. put him in last night for Mina , David. Could be an assist machine – scored well in both games he has played

      1. Tierney is a bit of a risk looking at expected team news on line.
        he is not expected to play sun. its a risk.

        1. Probably Don but if he plays 3 of the 5 games they have this month judging by his form he could well end up with a few 7’s and a few assists if not a clean sheet which is still a good return and going forward I think Emery sees him as 1st choice

        2. I have looked at tierney myself, but have opted for Tomori Chealsea
          in place of M Niles. both defence are a bi iffy but I think Tomori
          will just get more games. good luck anyway.

  4. Maitland niles, will probably be a periphery player now, maybe used from the bench & for europa league games, Zinchenko can be swapped for Mahrez after seeing lineups, but Arsenal don’t play till Sunday.

    1. I think they both play on Sunday but I’ll probably ride it out this weekend unless Zinchenko doesn’t start.

  5. Hi guys love the banter as always
    My team
    B Silva
    .1 itb

    I’m up to 6th in my league
    Everyone’s got mane
    What do yuk think guys

    1. Bilva could be suspended soon (charged for the racist tweet) so leave a transfer for that one.

      With the rest I’d wait to see the line-ups, potentially could move out AMN for someone like Tomori. Nice and cheap with good fixtures. A bit of a risk given the lack of CS’s but maybe they turn this around this month? It’s a move I’m on at the moment.

    2. I’d almost certainly be moving Eriksen on. Perhaps for Mount? You may have to consider taking Silva out if he gets banned and Zinchenko if he keeps getting rotated.

  6. Personally I like citys games 4 home game’s and 1 away I’m thinking monster points , just picking the right player’s.

  7. as usual had to steam in with 3 transfers.
    kane out for song. why he seems to be in the box and further forward than kane.
    M Niles out for Tomori no brainer.
    Aubameyang for Rashford. had to be done Rashford is just not good enough.

  8. you could not make it up took Niles out had to put him back
    because I have Lioris. luck has deserted me big time.

  9. With 3 games from Sat 19th Oct onwards, Everton striker Calvert-Lewis is an interesting one, West Ham (H), Brighton (A), Watford (H). Dirt cheap, going up in value, good average points.

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