Top 10 Highest Scoring Goalkeepers 2017/2018

With the 2017/2018 season now at an end it’s a great time to look at the highest scoring goalkeepers. This will put us in a better position for next season when it comes to player selection.

1. De Gea – Man Utd

Points: 163
Games played: 45

De Gea comes out on top with Man Utd getting the most clean sheets in the Premier League (19). His form for Spain in the World Cup wasn’t the greatest but I’d still expect him to have another good season at Old Trafford.

2. Ederson – Man City

Points: 145
Games played: 45

Man City finally appear to have found a goalkeeper they are happy with in Ederson. With 18 Premier League clean sheets for Man City it’s easy to see how he ended up with well over 100 points. I’d expect more of the same for the next season.

3. Lloris – Tottenham

Points: 136
Games played: 43

Lloris was the highest scoring goalkeeper during the 2016/2017 season and actually picked up an extra point against his previous total. This wasn’t enough to retain his crown as the highest scoring keeper but does illustrate his consistency in terms of point scoring.

4. Courtois – Chelsea

Points: 121
Games played: 45

Courtois had a good season with Chelsea and their run to FA cup final would have certainly helped with his points total. Chelsea also managed 16 clean sheets in the Premier League. He looks like a strong contender for next season, however his price tag may be less appealing than others.

5. Pope – Burnley

Points: 106
Games played: 38

Pope stepped in very early on for the injured Heaton. His performances for Burnley earned him an England call up and over 100 points for the season. If he remains Burnley’s first choice keeper he would probably be my pick to start the season. Burnley have a couple of additional Europa League qualifying fixtures in August and this normally earns some good points.

6. Karius – Liverpool

Points: 95
Games played: 33

I was surprised to see that Karius had racked up so many points over the season. His game time was shared with Mignolet and his form has always been questioned. After his performance in the Champions League final it was initially difficult to imagine him being first choice for Liverpool next season. This remains to be seen.

7. Cech – Arsenal

Points: 92
Games played: 37

Arsenal managed 13 clean sheets in the Premier League which would have contributed most of Cech’s points to his total. He was overlooked in the Europa League, which resulted in less games than most keepers. He may be a reasonably high price next season so could be one to avoid.

8. Fabianski – Swansea

Points: 90
Games played: 38

Didn’t expect to see Fabianski on this list. Although he did have a good season with Swansea, making some really important saves which contributed to them securing their Premier League status.

9. Schmeichel – Leicester

Points: 76
Games played: 35

Leicester kept 9 Premier League clean sheets and Schmeichel has been a consistent point scorer for the past few seasons. I’d expect Leicester to have another decent season so if you were looking for a cheaper goalkeeping option, Schmeichel could be a safe choice.

10. Ryan – Brighton

Points: 74
Games played: 38

Brighton managed 10 Premier League clean sheets which resulted in Ryan sneaking into the 10th position on the list. He should be significantly cheaper than some of the premium keepers but it remains to be seen if Brighton will perform quite as well this season.

With a couple of exceptions, the highest scoring goalkeepers tend to be those who were valued the highest at the start of the season. I tend to follow the rule of saving budget for strikers, as they are more likely to score higher points. This can be illustrated by the absence of any goalkeepers in our blog looking at the top 20 highest point scoring players of the season. I’ll probably once again be looking for a fairly cheaper option between the sticks.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Highest Scoring Goalkeepers 2017/2018

  1. Pope may well estopped for Heaton as he is back now.

    Fab at a new West ham squad looks very decent.

    Allison could be worth a shout also

    1. I was drawn to Pope initially with Burnley having extra fixtures in August but was also worried about him losing his place to Heaton.

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