Top 10 Highest Scoring Goalkeepers 2018/2019

With the 2018/2019 season now at an end, it’s a great time to look at the highest scoring goalkeepers. This will put us in a better position for next season when it comes to player selection.  

1. Alisson (Liverpool) – 209 points
2. Ederson (Man City) – 178 points
3. Lloris (Spurs) – 151 points
4. Kepa (Chelsea) – 144 points
5. Etheridge (Cardiff) – 78 points
6. Pickford (Everton) – 77 points
7. Dubravka (Newcastle) – 71 points
8. Fabianski (West Ham) – 70 points
9. Schmeichel (Leicester) – 66 points
10. Guaita (Palace) – 62 points

There’s one thing that instantly stands out to me from the list above – the huge points gap between Kepa in 4th place and Etheridge in 5th. Kepa scored roughly double what Etheridge scored. This really illustrates the value in having a more expensive keeper from one of the top clubs. It was also interesting to see Alisson make the list of the top 20 highest scoring players in the game – I’ve never seen a goalkeeper make this list before. The question is can Liverpool repeat their run of clean sheets during the upcoming season. For me it’s going to depend on the price difference between the likes of Alisson and Kepa when it comes to picking a goalkeeper. If Kepa is say 1m cheaper than Alisson then I may be tempted to go for the cheaper option. I’m fairly convinced that I’ll go for a more expensive goalkeeper this time around. I made the mistake of going for the dirt cheap Joe Hart last season and it didn’t work at all. I’m also looking forward to seeing how De Gea will be valued this time around. He didn’t even make the list above so I’d expect his value to drop compared to his starting value from last year. However it would have to drop pretty low for me to be tempted. Man Utd were awful defensively last season but they have strengthened at the back already.

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