Top 10 Highest Scoring Strikers 2017/2018

With the 2017/2018 season now at an end, this is the perfect time to examine some of the stats around the best performing players to give us an insight around who to pick next time around. Below I’ve examined the top 10 highest point scoring strikers.

1. Kane – Tottenham

Points: 376
Games played: 48

With 376 points from 48 games, Kane could be essential once again for next season. He also exceeded Sanchez’s total of 348 from last season. It was another consistent goal scoring season and I can’t see why this wouldn’t continue. He will certainly be one to watch for next season.

2. Firmino – Liverpool

Points: 280
Games played: 54

He finished 9th during the 2016/2017 season on the list highest scoring strikers but has significantly improved on that with 100 more points last time around. Depending on his starting value he may be worth considering if he’s significantly cheaper than the likes of Kane, Sanchez and Aguero.

3. Aguero – Man City

Points: 277
Games played: 39

Aguero had a decent season at Man City, however as part of a team who won the league title I’d have expected a few more points on the board. This can probably be put down to a few injuries and rotation with Jesus. I’d expect this to be a problem once again for the forthcoming season.

4. Lukaku – Man Utd

Points: 254
Games played: 50

Lukaku once again makes the top 10 highest scoring strikers. He seems to score goals season after season at a consistent level, although I’d have probably expected a few more this time around with more game time at Man Utd. If he’s a decent price again he could be a good option although he is likely to miss the start of the season after a good run in the World Cup.

5. Son – Tottenham

Points: 192
Games played: 53

Spurs had another good season, however Son’s point scoring form seems to have gone a little under the radar once again. He’s been in the shadow of the likes of Kane, Alli and Eriksen but could be worth considering for the start of next season with some Spurs players likely to be rested after a long World Cup. He could also be a good option if your budget doesn’t stretch as far as Kane.

6. Vardy – Leicester

Points: 174
Games played: 42

I was a little surprised to see Vardy sneak into the top scoring strikers for the season. He’s the only player outside of the top 6 clubs to make the list but having looked at the stats he did scored 20 Premier League goals. He might be worth considering next season if he’s a decent price but he wouldn’t be top of my list as essential.

7. Sanchez – Man Utd

Points: 171
Games played: 40

By his standards Sanchez had a relatively quiet season so he was another player I was surprised to see on this list. With the transfer between Arsenal and Man Utd this probably didn’t help in terms of getting points on the board. If he can recapture his point scoring form from the 2016/2017 season he could be one to keep a close eye on. We already know some key Man Utd players are likely to be given an extended break after the World Cup so Sanchez could be the best option for their attacking representation.

8. Lacazette – Arsenal

Points: 153
Games played: 38

It took a while for Lacazette to get going at Arsenal but he still ended up with 14 goals in the Premier League with a slightly better finish to the season. If I were to pick an Arsenal striker for next season at this stage I’d probably favour Aubameyang, who netted 10 times in just 14 games.

9. Rashford – Man Utd

Points: 150
Games played: 51

Rashford seemed to rack up a decent amount of points considering he only got 7 Premier League goals and was mainly used as a sub at Old Trafford. He’s clearly a big talent but unless he’s getting regular game time next season he’s probably not a player I’ll be looking at just yet.

10. Jesus – Man City

Points: 147
Games played: 42

Making the top 10 list for strikers may appear like a decent result for Jesus. However for me, it’s not enough points on the board for a striker at the title winning team. He missed a few games through injury and was rotated with Aguero at times but I’d still want to see him with at least another 100 points over the course of a season. He may come at a decent price again at the start of the season but I’m not sure I’d be tempted until he starts scoring on a more consistent basis.

The top 10 highest scoring strikers is another list dominated by clubs who finished in the top 7 places in the Premier League. In particular the top 4 strikers show the importance of having strikers who are capable of scoring 20+ goals in a season. Their points totals are huge compared to the rest of the list and having these players could win you a mini league by themselves. I’ll personally be looking towards the same strikers for the start of next season.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Highest Scoring Strikers 2017/2018

    1. Ah thanks – didn’t realise. Assumed 4th place in the Premier League always had to qualify. I’ll update the post. Do you use Facebook? I’ve recently set up a group. It would be good to get you involved.

      1. Rules have changed now. Top 4 English sides automatically go to the group stages of champions league now. So see little point of putting Firmino, Salah and Mane for extra games (worked a treat for my teams last season).

        I don’t use Facebook or Twitter (not into social media) but wish you all the best for the new season. I enjoy the seasonal game. It’s tough, hard marathon to the finish. I am aiming for a top 100 finish. One goal I would like to achieve. Good luck.

        1. I’d be over the moon with a top 100 finish so that would be some achievement. I’m keeping the majority of the discussion on here so not to worry if you don’t use social media, I can’t see the way the blog works changing over the season so should be the same as last time around.

  1. Son might be missing for the start of the season as South Korea are taking part in the Asia games.

  2. Good stuff DTT.

    Let’s not forget that Kane doesn’t score in August anyway!!.. bound to break that duck at some point, but I’m not sure it will happen this year following the WC!

    1. It’s hard to imagine when he will be back with Spurs. They’ve got a lot of players who went far in the World Cup but I think it’s going to be hard to accommodate Salah and Kane this season.

      1. I’ve never understood the length of ‘rests’ the claim to need!!!

        Yes, we went far in the WC and there will be some tired legs, but they have a month till the prem kicks off!! Surely a month is more enough to rest up!?

        The are , after all, professional sportsmen!!.. lazy gits! ha ha!

        1. No I agree – a month should be more than long enough and it’s going to make that initial selection very difficult. From looking at some of the prices already released it’s going to be tough enough already.

          1. They need the time according to FIFA. Players may return of their own choice I believe. I would imagine a few will be early, Pickford for one,kane maybe but certainly some of spurs defence

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