Top 10 in form players

With fresh fixtures approaching in January, I thought it would be useful to take a look at the current top 10 in form players. This is based on the average points scored over the last 5 games.

Moura (90 total points – 3.6m)

Really frustrating from my own point of view that Moura tops this list. I bought him in a few weeks ago and then took him out when Covid hit the Spurs squad. At the time I was caught in two minds as he’s not a particularly explosive player anyway so thought it best to remove him. Typically he comes back with a couple of goals. Might be one to consider if you’re on a budget for the rest of the season.

Jorginho (92 total points – 3.4m)

Jorginho was another one I considered a few weeks ago, his recent form has pretty much been down to the huge number of penalties that Chelsea have had. If you had him for this period you would be over the moon, however, they aren’t going to keep getting penalties at the same frequency for the rest of the season.

Sterling (89 total points – 4.7m)

After being out of favour at Man City for quite a while, Sterling is another player who has recently hit a good run of form. With the likes of Foden and Grealish now being out of favour and Mahrez shortly off to the AFCON, Sterling could be a decent option going into the New Year.

Ronaldo (126 total points – 8.5m)

Ronaldo makes it onto this list based on the fixtures he played before Man Utd had a Covid outbreak. He’s been in my team since he returned to the Premier League so I’m personally hoping he scores big over the coming weeks ahead.

Mahrez (129 total points – 6.3m)

Mahrez is a strange player when it comes to Dream Team points. He’s always one of the highest scoring players in the game but often faces lengthy spells on the bench at Man City. He’s been performing well recently when he’s been involved but will shortly be off to the AFCON.

Saka (79 total points – 3.8m)

A big part of Saka making this list would have been the 18 points he picked up against Norwich yesterday, having said that he’s consistently picked up positive points in the four games previous to this. 

Tierney (49 total points – 3.3m)

I was slightly surprised to see Tierney on this list but looking at the stats, he has scored well over the past few weeks. His points total isn’t very remarkable for this stage of the season but he did have a lengthy spell on the sidelines previously. Arsenal do seem to be more defensively strong this season but I’m not sure I trust them for much consistency.

Maddison (94 total points – 3.6m)

Maddison has been in fine form for the past month or so and he doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon. He’s almost reached 100 points and with Leicester still involved in Europe he could be a great pick.

Dennis (67 total points – 2.5m)

If you’re looking for a real bargain Dennis could be an option. Personally, I’m not sure he’s someone I’d pick myself as I’d question his consistency, along with Watford themselves. Strikers are a valuable position so I’m not sure I’d want to pick one who is only on 67 points at this stage in the season.

Alexander-Arnold (137 total points – 6.5m)

TAA is having a fantastic season and I’d put him in the same bracket as the three elite defenders in this season’s game – alongside Cancelo and James. He’s also in good form and I’d expect this to continue until the end of the season with Liverpool wanting to challenge in every competition they are still in.

7 thoughts on “Top 10 in form players

    1. I agree, was very tempted a few weeks ago when I noticed he was on around 50 points, thought that was a good return at his value but didn’t think he would keep it up

      1. im thinking of taking out Ronaldo/ Mane and Grealish
        for Kane, son, Moura. no its a risk but I am a risk taker.

        1. I’m considering either Kane or Son with Salah to come out. Brave to triple up on Spurs

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