Top 10 players based on points per 1,000 minutes played 2019/2020

How much do we all study previous Dream Team stats from last season when picking our teams? It’s something I personally can’t help but look at to try and gain an advantage.

I’ve recently been trying to spot some of the stand out players. This can be difficult when so many other factors come into play. Game time in particular makes it difficult with some players having much more time than others.

As a result, I decided to sort players by points scored per 1,000 minutes played. Only including players who had a decent amount of game time. Here’s the top 10:

1. Aguero – 88 points per 1,000 minutes
2. Fernandes – 80 points per 1,000 minutes
3. De Bruyne – 76 points per 1,000 minutes
4. Jesus – 76 points per 1,000 minutes
5. Sterling – 75 points per 1,000 minutes
6. Kane – 72 points per 1,000 minutes
7. Foden – 72 points per 1,000 minutes
8. Mane – 70 points per 1,000 minutes
9. Rashford – 69 points per 1,000 minutes
10. Salah – 69 points per 1,000 minutes

For me this tells us a few things:

– Fernandes is going to get a lot more game time next season and could be a must have
– Don’t write off Aguero if he looks like he’s going to get plenty of game time
– Had Kane not picked up an injury he would have scored a lot more points and should do again next season
– If we think Foden is going to have his breakthrough season, he could be a bargain.

If you’re interested in exploring more than just the top 10. You can look all of the figures up on the website or check out the spreadsheet I’m currently working on for next season:

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36 thoughts on “Top 10 players based on points per 1,000 minutes played 2019/2020

  1. never really understood much about stats
    most of my selections are mostly picked on
    month to month team fixtures as well as the teams
    obvious a few other tweaks.
    the good thing is we all share our team selections so
    we should all benefit. ( brilliant )

    1. Absolutely Don, I would say my main drive for picking players is also fixtures and my general opinion on a player and their value. However, I think I’m just getting bored with no fixtures or player values to consider so I’m playing around with the data that I’ve got.

  2. Awesome work Paul. This really helps to identify who we should be targeting next season imo. Jesus is another surprising one given that he seemed to have a substantial goal drought towards the back-end of the season yet still finished easily within the top 5.

    Targeting those City attacking assets should be a sound strategy by this logic.

    1. Aguero in 1st place in these stats, Salah at number 10. Another worrying stat is Mo Salah points tally has decreased season after season. Yet I am more inclined to have Salah over Aguero in my team if they priced the same (as was the case last season). Should I follow the stats or are they a red herring? There are lots of stats, some good, some bad and some of no use at all. There are far too many for me to go through and analyse (hence why they don’t play a little rather than a major part of my gameplay). Stats can be misleading as one stat criteria can suggest picking a certain player whereas another stat may indicate that player needs to be avoided. Example, Lloris had the highest save percentage (nearly 80%) but only picked up just 53 points (finishing 17th in the goalkeeper rank). I always thought of fantasy football like a game of mentality (the person that makes the least mistakes wins) rather a statistically one (where we trying to figure out the magic formula to make gold) but maybe I am wrong as a mathematician won FPL (after original winner got deservedly stripped of the title).

      1. I think we just use them as a guide or a useful insight. I never let stats dictate who I select, I talk about them a lot in the build up to the season, when there’s little else to go on. However, ultimately I want players who are going to get the most points on the board. For me stats are just a small piece of the puzzle. I’d generally base everything I do on upcoming fixtures, player values, my personal view on a player and historical data. I think you have to pull it all together in your mind. I like to have as much information that’s available to me as possible to make an informed decision and I interpret the stats in relation to everything else. This one in particular was useful in confirming something that I already knew – Bruno Fernandes has performed well from a point scoring point of view since joining in January and should be someone to consider next season. I knew this in my own mind, however the numbers help to reinforce this opinion and justify the decision.

    2. I thought it was useful Chris. Obviously all stats need to be taken with a pinch of salt and some common sense but if applied with sound logic, I think it’s a useful tool to have.

  3. Just having a sniff around …and found the following

    Obviously the site isnt live yet, so i can’t guarantee they won’t change things but printed at the moment are..

    “The game is completely free to play with an entire £100,000 in free prizes available to all Managers throughout the season. ”

    “We want to give you the best chance to manage your team as often or as little as you like so you can enjoy the game for longer, therefore this season we have increased your monthly transfers from three to five. ”

    “We have made the decision to not run Weekender for the 2020/21 season. Because of this, we have been able to give you an even better Draft product, and with our (delayed) Euro 2020 game coming soon, there is plenty to look forward to!”


  4. What I did see today on the sundreamteam, new player pricings for the start of the new season due middle of August, so that could be this weekend coming. I hope that’s false information regarding transfers being increased to five a month as oppose to three at present, I also would add the increase & decrease of player’s every Friday, should go back to 0.3, the current 0.1 has made it too easy for dreamteam managers to practically have any player they want, if any rules are to be changed they should be making it more difficult not easier, we shall see, the mistakes made last season alone were to many to mention, they need to be sensible & cautious to any upcoming changes made or dreamteam managers will move on to a different challenge other than sundreamteam.

    1. Full text on their site is titled why have we changed how transfers work? so unless they do an about turn it will be happening

      Why have you changed how transfers work?

      We want to give you the best chance to manage your team as often or as little as you like so you can enjoy the game for longer, therefore this season we have increased your monthly transfers from three to five.

      1. Not sure I’m a fan of the increase in transfers to five if I’m honest. It was one area I honestly didn’t have a problem with.

          1. Well, I always thought that the sun will increase transfers but I expected 4 per month rather a big jump straight to 5. It would appeal to the casual player whereas the dedicated player will have more decisions to make and so may spend more time. I am now likely to reduce my number of teams I enter. I rather the sun said three players per club rule instead.

  5. I must admit I am not in a happy mood right now with no fixture list available (no idea what matches on sky or will games be watched like in project restart). Also the game not launched, hopefully it be done in good time and not the last week of August. To tell the truth, it won’t surprise me if they launched a week before the season starts. At least they could give us a start date.

    1. I read somewhere mid-August for game launch mate so hopefully not too much longer.

      In the meantime go and check out that Spanish commentary on the Wolves/Seville game when Traore runs at the defence (I liked it in my Twitter account so you should see it there). I guarantee it will cheer you up mate.

      1. Thanks Chris, watched the clip and it made laugh. I been busy writing a piece that will hopefully posted here.

    2. I’m hoping the game will be out as soon as possible. Even if we just had a PDF with player values like we did last year.

  6. Does anyone know how long the 2020/2021 dream team season will last, will it be ten months as usual or will it be reduced under the current circumstances?

    1. Not heard anything tbh honest Chris. I’m guessing it’ll end in the “normal” way of after the CL final.

  7. More additions for prize money for the 2020/21 game

    1st £75k
    2nd £15k
    3rd £5k
    4th £3k
    5th £2k

    1. Thanks for the info Frank. 👌🏼

      Decent first prize that, but one hell of a drop off after that. Oh well, I’d better go and win the thing then. 😳😉

  8. With the new five transfers a month rule, I think it’s going to be more important than ever to “play” the fixtures this season, especially for the non-City/Liverpool assets.

    There will also be times when patience will still be rewarded. It’s a fine line between knowing when it’s time to move a player on if they’re out of form and sticking with them before they go on a points scoring spree.

  9. Breaking news…

    Price changes this season will now be +/- £0.3m rather than last seasons £0.1m. They will also be worked out on the previous 2 game weeks not 5 like it has been before. 🤔

  10. Arteta has been talking about how he wants to play Willian behind the striker. Could be a decent “under the radar” option? Would he be on free-kicks do we reckon?

    1. He’s consistently scored well in terms of Dream Team points. So he’s difficult to rule out. It’s always hard to know how much new signings will play though – we all expected Pepe to play more than he did at the start.

  11. I’ve also heard that Sterling and Mane are going to be classed as strikers! That will put the cat amongst the pigeons. 🙃

    1. I think building team value will be important this season with the +/-0.3 price increases/decreases. If player prices are based on their form over 2 weeks surely they won’t change till after gameweek 2.

      1. So to clarify, will the prices/drops RANGE between 0.1m and 0.3m each week? I’ve only ever played with the 0.1m format you see? Thanks in advance. 👍🏻

              1. Going through my SDT archives, in 2017/18 season when the price changes occurred in game week 4 : I had De Bruyne price decrease by 0.2, Mane price increase by 0.2, Lukaku price increase by 0.1, Kane price by 0.3 and Firmino increase by 0.3.

                1. Thanks for the reply RR I must be getting confused in my old ag e🤣. So if you don’t get on a bandwagon quick enough it will cost £££ to catch up.

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