Top 10 Highest Scoring Defenders 2019/2020

With final stats now in place, as the season came to an end a few weeks ago, it’s useful to take stock of the best performing players. This blog outlines the top 10 highest scoring defenders for the 2019/2020 season. Hopefully this information will be useful for team selection for the next campaign.

1. Maguire (Man Utd) – 231points
2. Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) – 210 points
3. Van Dijk (Liverpool) – 197 points
4. Robertson (Liverpool) – 170 points
5. Doherty (Wolves) – 169 points
6. Wan-Bissaka (Man Utd) – 164 points
7. Pereira (Leicester) – 164 points
8. Azpilicueta (Chelsea) – 144 points
9. Tarkowski (Burnley) – 141 points
10. Boly (Wolves) – 136 points

Once again we see that teams who finish higher up in the league have more representation than teams lower down. With the notable exception of Man City players – this could be due to the vast amount of rotation within their team. It’s also interesting to see Maguire topping the table, with only Wan-Bissaka from Man Utd players making the list. I’d put this down to the amount of games he played compared to others on the list. He is also top of the list of most appearances and minutes played of any player across the season – this combined with playing in the Europa league created a winning formula. Perhaps this is a clue for next season, that we should be looking at defenders from clubs from teams in the Europa League. This is reinforced with Doherty and Boly making the list from Wolves. I would add that this season we noticed less defenders making it onto the list of the top 20 highest scoring players – this suggests we might need to spot a bargain next season at the back more than ever. It’s also worth noting that Azpilicueta once again made the top 10 list, as he did last season.

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