Top 10 Highest Scoring Defenders 2018/2019

With final stats now in place, as the season came to an end a few weeks ago, it’s useful to take stock of the best performing players. This blog outlines the top 10 highest scoring defenders for the 2018/2019 season. Hopefully this information will be useful for team selection for the next campaign.

1. Van Dijk (Liverpool) – 282 points
2. Laporte (Man City) – 230 points
3. Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) – 225 points
4. Robertson (Liverpool) – 221 points
5. Azpilicueta (Chelsea) – 210 points
6. Walker (Man City) – 196 points
7. Alonso (Chelsea) – 193 points
8. Doherty (Wolves) – 189 points
9. Luiz (Chelsea) – 175 points
10. Digne (Everton) – 168 points

Once again we see that teams who finish higher up in the league have more representation than teams lower down. It’s an interesting exercise to look at the biggest point scorers, and this may change my approach next season slightly. I’ve always put a lot of emphasis on attacking players picking up more points. However I highlighted last season that this may have been a mistake. What’s interesting is that 7 of the top 10 defenders were in the top 20 highest point scorers last season. As they are traditionally less expensive than attacking options it could be a good move to invest in a strong defence for the upcoming season. There is also a clear pattern with Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea players appearing the most on this list. Spurs had a decent season yet none of their defenders made the list and both Arsenal and Man Utd were very poor defensively. This is a trend that I see continuing for the forthcoming season. I’m not sure I see Man Utd improving enough to score well defensively – despite investing in Wan-Bissaka and potentially Maguire. Having said that it will be interesting to see player values when they are released as I will certainly need to find a couple of bargains with all of the big names that need to be accommodated. We could really do with finding another Doherty, who racked up an astonishing 189 points.

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