Dream Team Transfers – December 2017

Dream Team Transfers – December 2017

As I’m short on time, I’ve decided to reduce this blog to just the fixtures for December rather than the write up around players to look at as well. Hopefully it is still useful to see which teams have the best fixtures during the month.

Chelsea (9 games)

Newcastle (H)
Atletico (H)
West Ham (A)
Huddersfield (A)
Southampton (H)
Bournemouth (H – EFL Cup)
Everton (A)
Brighton (H)
Stoke (H)

Spurs (8 games)

Watford (A)
Apoel (H)
Stoke (H)
Brighton (H)
Man City (A)
Burnley (A)
Southampton (H)
West Ham (H)

Liverpool (8 games)

Brighton (A)
Moscow (H)
Everton (H)
West Brom (H)
Bournemouth (A)
Arsenal (A)
Swansea (H)
Leicester (H)

Man Utd (9 games)

Arsenal (A)
Man City (H)
Bournemouth (H)
West Brom (A)
Bristol City (A – EFL Cup)
Leicester (A)
Burnley (H)
Southampton (H)

Man City (9 games)

West Ham (H)
Shakhtar (A)
Man Utd (A)
Swansea (A)
Spurs (H)
Leicester (A – EFL Cup)
Bournemouth (H)
Newcastle (A)
Palace (A)

Arsenal (9 games)

Man Utd (H)
BATE Borisov (H)
Southampton (A)
West Ham (A)
Newcastle (H)
West Ham (H – EFL Cup)
Liverpool (H)
Palace (A)
West Brom (A)

Everton (8 games)

Huddersfield (H)
Apollon Limassol (A)
Liverpool (A)
Newcastle (A)
Swansea (H)
Chelsea (H)
West Brom (A)
Bournemouth (A)

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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35 thoughts on “Dream Team Transfers – December 2017

    1. He’s a good option but his form hasn’t been great since his hat trick. I’d still fancy Aguero to score more over the season.

  1. Have to agree phil also clean sheets <alonso or christean for bailly ?
    Sterling for sane ?
    Morata for either lukaku or sergio ?
    Then free up funds to replace either pieters or baines ?
    Exciting times over the next few days
    DTT has got the last few windows spot on…in DTT we trust !

    1. Do we know how long Bailly is out for, wld b advantageous to keep a man utd defender, not sure about dropping Sane for Stirling, waste of transfer, to have both a possibility.

    2. I’m not sure about using the transfers up so quickly or doubling up on Chelsea defenders. We could afford Walker to replace Bailly if we really wanted to make that transfer. I’m considering not making any at all for the first game week.

      1. Unless I’m mistaken dtt man city have 3 games the first game week. May be a good idea to use one to capitalise on this

  2. For me its sane he is in a rotation method team
    Dele will more likely play every game only my view tho

    1. I agree, Alli has been average of late but when got he starts and I like Tottenham’s December fixtures.

  3. Pogba is back and has transformed United’s ability to win games and so far comfortably.

    I know we haven’t had Sane in long but I’m tempted by the transfer Pogba>Sane.

    Possibly free up a little transfer £ for Baines (Injured but unsure for how long)

    1. I agree about Sane’s form and Pogba is probably a better option but I’d like to ideally hold onto the transfers for a while. If Bailly and Baines return from injury quickly I don’t see the need to remove either of them at the moment.

  4. Agree with what is being said in terms of Morata for Aguero…. Not an ideal move, but frees the funds we need, and Chelsea have a nice run of fixtures. That will free up £2.4m

    I know that Spurs have had a bit of a wobble, but Sanchez is still looking a bargain at £3.7m, and might drop in value in the next few hours. He could replace Baines.

    PhysioRoom.com is reporting Bailly due back 02/12

    With current prices…
    Sergio > Morata
    Baines > Sanchez
    … Leaves us £0.3m in the bank and 1 transfer remaining

    Pickford, Bailly, Sanchez, Cahill, Pieters, Sane, Hazard, Salah, Kane, Lukaku, Morata

    I reckon that is looking pretty good, and a transfer saved for an inevitable injury/suspension in a long December! That said, I dont think we need to rush transfers this time round. Might be worth holding them for a week or so, if Bailly is back, everyone is fit and scoring…

    One comment to end… Arsenal have a good run of fixtures… I wouldnt be suprised off the back of the Huddersfield smashing if that is the start of the little streak they have every year, just something to keep in mind, as since the dropping if Laca, we havent mentioned Arsenal players at all!

    1. I’d agree with your analysis Dean, I don’t think it’s worth rushing into these transfers either. I’m tempted to not make any for the first game week in December but will keep everyone updated.

  5. Shearer and Ian Wright did a piece where they looked at lukaku and found he was playing out of position in the current team and doesn’t really get touches in the box.

    With this in mind and man u playing man city and arsenal next he could drop in value and it may well be a smart time to off load him for someone we expect to gain value. If he starts fireing after that we can always grab him at his new cheaper price.

    1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42126006

      This is a pretty decent article. Opta and BBC Sport have been tracking a new statistic on “expected goals” based on where shots are taken from basically. Lukaku’s drought coincides with Pogba’s injury and Mikhi drop in form. What this article explains, is that Lukaku is not getting the delivery or in the right positions to score (I assume that Shearer and Wright were referring to this)

      In his first 7 games, RL was expected to score 6-7 goals and scored 7. In his next 6 he was expected to score 2 and netted 1.

      With Pogba back from injury, I am hoping this is the catalyst to Lukaku getting back on the scoresheet

    2. I’m not keen on dropping Lukaku. I think it’s inevitable that he will start scoring soon. The only time I’d drop him is if he gets dropped for Ibra or gets a long term injury.

  6. Is anyone looking at Arsenal defenders,? They have great December fixtures, are on form and have some bargain valued players. Koscielny for example?

      1. That’s right Mark, the blog is mainly aimed at fixtures in December but in hindsight I should probably include fixtures that fall in the same transfer period.

  7. DTT any thoughts on a couple of transfer dealings late this evening ?
    A couple of good suggestions posted on this forum
    Look forward to your thought process

    1. Still thinking about it but I’m fairly happy with the team at the moment if everyone is fit.

  8. every team has another game on 3rd January which isn’t written above, Januarys transfers start on the 5th january

  9. Bailly still sidelined and jose no idea of return date as he is still missing from training
    Gotta be worth looking at an alternative…..cant help thinking its kompany all over again
    Keep putting the inveitable off and losing valuble pts while we dither

    1. Yeah I’m considering just putting Walker in. He’s likely to get more game time over the season regardless of injuries as Bailly is more of a rotation risk.

  10. My team is currently
    De Gea
    Baines Matip Luiz Hegazi
    Eriksen Sigurdsson Hazard
    Aguero Kane Lukaku

    Matip, Baines and Luiz all doubts with injury, Eriksen and Hegazi been poor and I evidently need to get Salah in, in a tricky situation any help would be good?

    1. At the moment I have gone with Morata in for Aguero, Aguero rotation is annoying me and needed to free up funds, Ive swapped Baines for Cahill and David Luiz for Davinson Sanchez.
      What are your thoughts??

  11. Fred – I think you should keep Aguero he is the differencial… who are your other 2 strikers ? Lukaku/Jesus needs to go as Morata has a good month of fixtures ahead

  12. Having looked at todays fixtures the only transfer I’m considering making this game week is Bailly out and Walker in. I think Walker will get more game time over the season even when Bailly is fit so it could be a good long term choice.

  13. Walker for bailly good call
    Anybody think in the month of dec
    Morata may outscore lukaku ?
    ….and with a current £1m profit

    1. I’d rather hold the transfer than replace Lukaku. He’s more than capable of having a big month at any point.

  14. Can anyone give me advice on who to take out and with who ? I got 0.5 in bank:

    D Silva


    I’m thinking Lukaku for Morata as Morata is on form full of confidence and has easy fixtures and Lukaku is the opposite ? And what about Silva ? Maybe Mane ?

    Cheers boys

  15. How about a midfield of hazard Sane and Sterling ??? Doubles up on city but threat from both of them ?!

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