Dream Team Transfers – November 2017

Dream Team Transfers – November 2017

With a new set of transfer available on Friday, I thought it would be worth taking a look at teams with the best fixtures during November. Below I’ve listed the teams in order of ease of fixtures.

Man City (5 games)

Arsenal (H)
Leicester (A)
Feyenoord (H)
Huddersfield (A)
Southampton (H)

City have been in fantastic form and have a relatively straightforward run during November. Their most difficult fixture appears to be at the start of the month when they host Arsenal. Other than that they avoid any of the top 6 clubs for the rest of the month. Some players to look at may be:

Any regular defender – they appear to be keeping more clean sheets this season. In my opinion this is because they are so good going forward that they have less to do at the back. Any regular City defender could do well in November.

Sane or Sterling – both players had a fantastic month in October. I’d personally favour Sane as I believe he will start more games. However Sterling is also a good option at a cheaper price. Both continue to get on the score sheet.

Aguero – appears to be in better goal scoring form than Jesus. With City scoring so many goals it makes sense to have one of them at least.

Man Utd (5 games)

Chelsea (A)
Newcastle (H)
Basle (A)
Brighton (H)
Watford (A)
Man Utd also get the month off to a tricky start as they travel to Chelsea. However they then don’t face a top 6 opposition for the rest of the month. Players I’d be looking at include:

Any regular defender – for a similar reason as City, I think it’s important to include a regular Man Utd defender based on the number of clean sheets they are picking up. I’ve currently got Valencia but I’m thinking about cashing him in for a cheaper alternative in Bailly.

Lukaku – he may be on a run of games without a goal at the moment but I think it would be a brave move to take him out. I’m fairly confident he will be back on form before long and this is just a momentary dip in form.

Spurs (5 games)

Palace (H)
Arsenal (A)
Dortmund (A)
West Brom (H)
Leicester (A)

Spurs also have a decent set of fixtures for the month. In a similar way to both the Manchester clubs they only have one fixture against a top 6 club. However they face a slightly more difficult game in the Champions League. Players I’d consider are:

Sanchez – looks good value and with Alderweireld potentially out injured he could get a run of games.

Eriksen/Alli – I’d imagine both of these will finish within the top 10 highest scoring midfielders for the season. There is very little between them. Eriksen has been more consistent but Alli is looking to be hitting form at the moment.

Kane – by far the highest scoring player on the game. For me he’s essential unless he picks up a long term injury.

Chelsea (5 games)

Man Utd (H)
West Brom (A)
Qarabag (A)
Liverpool (A)
Swansea (H)

Chelsea have slightly more difficult fixtures with games against both Liverpool and Man Utd. Their current form is also a little concerning. Players potentially worth considering are:

Cahill or Luiz – both are relatively cheap. However Chelsea can’t seem to keep a clean sheet at the moment. Could be worth a risk as I’d imagine their values will rise over the course of the season.

Hazard – had a good October and will hopefully carry this point scoring form through into November. Could continue to rise quickly if he does.

Everton (5 games)

Watford (H)
Palace (A)
Atalanta (H)
Southampton (A)
West Ham (H)

On paper Everton probably have the best fixtures out of all of the teams discussed. However given their recent form I’ve placed them much further down the list. I personally wouldn’t recommend any of their players at this point in time. However if you’re looking for a cheap defender, most of their defenders are dirt cheap at the moment. This is mainly because they have been so poor defensively. If this doesn’t change it will be a waste of a transfer.

Liverpool (5 games)

West Ham (A)
Southampton (H)
Sevilla (A)
Chelsea (H)
Stoke (A)

The majority of the top clubs have relatively easy fixtures for the month so it has been a little difficult to order them. You could argue that Liverpool should be much further up the list. They only face Chelsea out of the top 6 teams, however do travel to Sevilla in the Champions League. The only player I’d consider is:

Salah – he’s the highest scoring midfielder and his good start to the season looks set to continue. I almost expected his form to drop off in the same way Mkhitaryan’s has. However he is still consistently getting on the score sheet.

Arsenal (5 games)

Man City (A)
Spurs (H)
FC Koln (A)
Burnley (A)
Huddersfield (H)

Arsenal kick off the month with games against City and Spurs. They also rotate quite heavily for the Europa League. As a result I probably wouldn’t make a move for any of their players at this point in time.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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54 thoughts on “Dream Team Transfers – November 2017

  1. I may cash Valencia in aswel for a cheaper player of man u or city. I was thinking of getting De gea someway and just spreading what ever money I can to making a stronger defense. Guess I will see with price changes.

  2. I think I will keep Valencia and maybe I am the only one thinking of bringing in another Man Utd defender instead as Utd have got good fixtures and Mourinho loves clean sheets. Replacing a Man Utd defender for another Utd defender feels like a sideways move, I usually tend to avoid those unless they are injuries.

    1. I pretty much have. I’m stuck with Baines now – there’s no point in even trying to replace him. I just hope the only thing they can do is improve.

    2. Can see Everton conceding in most of their games so unlikely to bring in one of the defenders. Watford are better away than at home so fancy Richarlison to do well. Palace not great but least showing fighting spirit so Zaha to cause problems. Not seen the Europa group stage but with Everton already out, nothing much to play for here plus Atlanta will be confident given their previous result against the toffees. Now, Southampton could be a clean sheet but the saints will feel this game will be winnable and will attack. West Ham have good fire power with Hernandez making a nuisance in the Everton penalty box.

  3. I took darmian out last month now scored 31 points last month as abit part player so worth it even though not regular starter. Smalling and blind also look good cheaper options

    1. Bailly looks good value at 5.2m as well, but it still won’t give me enough to replace Mkhitaryan for Sane.

  4. My top team is now worth 68.2m. Wow.

    Think I did the right move in swapping Jesus for Alli. 0.6m swing my way.

  5. Thanks for fixtures / write up, DTT. As i expected, i’ve had to use up two transfers to get Kane back in, with no budget left.
    Need a good think today, as to what i’m going to do with my other nine teams ?

    1. It’s going to be a difficult month. Having fallen behind it’s now incredibly difficult to play catch up. Really struggling to get rid of Mkhitaryan.

      1. I’m in the same boat.

        Current team on 714 points:





        Priority is to get Mkhi out.

        Moving forward i’d also like to get Aguero in my team. However the only way i can do this is;

        Valencia for Luiz (or someone 3.8m or below??)
        Mkhi for Sane?
        Lukaku for Aguero

        This leaves me with Jesus for the remainder of November, then transfer out after.

        Or do i look at trading Mkhi for someone with less value, and then trading Jesus for Aguero?

        Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

        1. Difficult one but you’re obviously flying with over 700 points on the board already. Have you got any money in the bank? The only player I’d be looking to take out at the moment is Mkhi. The rest of the team is fairly strong.

  6. DTT ,
    Would you consider swapping KDB for Sane or is this just a wasted transfer and is it worth swapping Jesus for Alli . Sane or Alli , which is the best pick or do I take both. Any advice welcome .

    1. I’m ditching kdb for sterling/sane. Will also be ditching Jesus but am wondering if I should hold fire on him for a week as he may well start on weekend due to being rested. What do you think about this option?

    2. If you’ve got De Bruyne I think you’re in a decent position anyway. I’d probably be more concerned about Jesus but it depends which other strikers you’ve got. I’ve got Aguero, Lukaku and Kane. If I was going to change Jesus I’d probably rather swap him for Aguero than Sane.

  7. I have Cahill and kolasinic and will only be able to rid myself of one.

    Cahill is dropping value fast while kolasinic is a very good price at the moment. Which one would you say is the more pressing transfer at the moment.

    Currently planning on ditching kdb, Jesus and one of these defenders.

    1. I’m going to hold onto Cahill. Purely because I can’t see him dropping much lower and surely they have to improve. Fairly decent fixtures as well.

  8. Good Option Tech ,If Jesus was a regular starter I would not be considering a transfer but you never know if he will start. Man City seem to be playing now with one striker , Sterling and Sane .Alli will start every game and Spurs are playing well. Do I take your advice and leave him in for another week , if I take him out now he will score I know it. Who do you favour Sane or Sterling for KDB, never thought I would be considering this move but the midfield are so strong for city. Could keep KDB and bring Sane in instead of Alli .

    1. It’s funny you say that. I’m done with kdb but considering sane/sterling/Alli as viable options in midfield. Likely picking two of them for kdb and Jesus

  9. I have kept Cahill and cashed in on Kolasinac for Stones. Kolasinac has been rested for the Europa games so far . I hope Chelsea start to play better with Kante back. My transfers decisions seem very similar to yours

    1. Yeah I expect chelsea to find form also. Did you not feel walker was an option at a lower price? Good fixtures nailed on and possible attacking returns.

      Interested in why you opted for stones over him

  10. Hi I am hoping to tap into everyone’s experience and knowledge to decide if I need to make any changes at all this weekend – I was planning to sit on things this weekend and look at changes after the international break as it’s only 1 weekend anyway. Currently top of my league with 705 points – team is;


    De Bruyne


    0.4 in the bank and all my players except baines have increased in value nicely since i bought them (lukaku , jesus and KDB on my radar for change perhaps after internationals) Any advice/thoughts would be appreciated

    1. Looks a strong team. I’d agree with not making any changes yet. A lot of people will need to use up transfers straight away so you could put yourself in a good position if anyone gets ruled out over the international break and you still have three transfers in the bag.

  11. I think we are in a really difficult position at the moment, but do agree that Mikhi is the weak link in the team.

    I havent heard anyone suggest downgrading Lukaku as a possible solution (maybe because it is a crazy suggestion!). However, Manchester United are getting goals from all over the pitch. Between Rashford and Martial, they have only not featured in one game this season, when Martial was an unused sub against Southampton. Knowing how many goals Manchester United get in the last 10 minutes of games, even not being regular starters, they will be among the top point scorers this season.

    Downgrading Lukaku for Rashford would free up funds to swap out Mikhi for Sane. I would be tempted to make these swaps now and wait with the final transfer.

    If the final transfer was used to swap Valencia and Bailly, then we would have £1.3m in the bank at the end of the month. I am hoping that given the fixtures Baines value increases, but not holding my breath! Then we have a nice buffer to make a decision on Baines or Pieters upgrades for December…

    Just my thoughts, and thought I would add something that has not been mentioned (or at least I have not seen!) Welcome the barrage and name calling for my ludicrous ideas! ha ha ha

    1. I’d not even considered this as an option. It would certainly help with resolving the issue with getting Mkhi out for someone like Sane. However I think it comes at a huge risk, Lukaku is out of form, but most people have him. Should he go on a run of scoring most weeks or grabbing a hat trick, we would find ourselves in a tricky situation for getting him back in. I think it’s inevitable that he will start scoring again soon. For me it’s a bit too risky.

  12. Who would you keep out of valencia or phil jones? Both seem to get rested / rotated.

    Going to be replacing with kyle walker to free up funds and get some man city defensive coverage.

    1. If you’ve got the opportunity to keep one or the other I’d probably hold onto Valencia. I think over the season he’s less likely to be rotated as much as Jones.

  13. Foster
    any other thoughts on transfers welcome please

    1. Any funds for swapping Mkhi for Aguero? Potentially swapping Valencia for someone a little bit cheaper depending on funds? Potentially Sanchez or Bailly

      1. Looked at going for strengthening whole team via Valencia holding foster out and in Milner courtois Sanchez in. So team would be

  14. Is it worth swapping kdb for sane/sterling/Alli? Would free up 1m for next month, but he was banging in the points a month ago..

    Also who would be the better option between Kyle Walker and stones?

    1. Definitely worth swapping kdb, I think. And I would choose stones over Walker, less rotation as I noticed Danilo started ahead of walker the other day and has more goal threat, stones has bagged a few in the champions league

    1. No worries Wayne. In terms of for who it is a little more tricky and depends who you have upfront. I would favour Sane, but Alli tends to score in bursts and he got a double against madrid.

      The advantage of wanting to swap like for like (city player for city player) is the fact that you can see the lineup and then make the direct swap on Sunday, whereas alli would need to be swapped today.

      Also depends if you are also taking price value into account. I see sane, sterling and alli’s price rising next friday irrespective of what happens this week, whereas KDB needs to get starman i think to have the same price let alone an increase (kdb’s price dropped 0.3m yesterday) – so i am thinking this week is the week to do the transfer – still no concrete idea how pricing works!

      As for myself, my front 6 is:

      hazard, KDB, salah
      Jesus, Kane, Lukaku

      What do you think I should do?

      Tempted to do kdb -> sane then jesus -> aguero, it would leave me with £0m in the bank so would need to do the change this week as a price change in the wrong direction prices me out. However, aguero played the full 90 in champs league, so i wonder if jesus will start tomorrow. Stress! lol!

  15. I would personally make that change Sane plays every game and makes at least 2/3 chances per game and as you say his value is only going to rise – KDB plays deeper this season and I find a tad inconsistent. With aguero it’s a no brainier – a team with Lukaku Kane and Kun upfront – need i say anymore ?

    1. This is very true Frank! Great thing is I can always do the changes now, then reverse them if Sane/Aguero doesn’t start the match. Even if they don’t start, I still think its the way to go to lock them both in for November,

  16. Yeah I’m not convinced by Jesus – for the price you pay and the output he gives. Your front 3 is something not everyone will have as well. I think you should do the transfers and also look to cash in on Salah maybe later in month

  17. DTT are you posting november transfers today or most likely tmrw

  18. I would opt for

    I think i posted earlier in week
    Pickford will outscore foster and he’s cheaper
    Sane will also outscore mikth
    Valencia and bailly will be close
    So its an alround upgrade again with an international short month again i think we can bite the bullet and make all 3 now
    I do feel once dyche or sam comes in during the international break everton will shore up defensively both pickford and baines good options for the available prices out there
    Good luck in your decisions

    1. I’ve been convinced by several of you that this is the best move. So these are the changes I will make.

  19. Any one any advice on my team with 2 transfers left 0.7 in the kitty? Worth changing before price changes Tomoz


    Love you point of views? I thought either

    Holding ,mkhitaryan- morata,Keane or Jesus Christiansen

    Or bolster defence
    Holding,Jones – alonso,Cahill

    1. Not sure how your budget is looking now but Jesus and Christensen could have been good moves.

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