Dream Team Transfers – October 2017

Dream Team Transfers – October 2017

With the international break upon us I thought it would be a useful time to look ahead at teams with the best fixtures during October. This should hopefully give us an insight into which players to go for when using our October transfer budget.

Man City (6 games)

Stoke (H)
Napoli (H)
Burnley (H)
Wolves (H – EFL Cup)
West Brom (A)
Napoli (A)

I found it difficult to split Man City and Chelsea when it came to fixture ease for October. Both clubs have relatively favourable runs. Man City have made an incredible start to the new Premier League season and appear to be in free flowing attacking form but also keeping a lot of clean sheets. I believe it’s essential to have some representation of their players. I’d personally be looking at:

Stones – he’s their cheapest regular defender and their current record of clean sheets is impossible to argue with. I’ve had a disaster by opting for Kompany but if you can afford Stones I’d say it’s almost essential to have some City defensive representation.

De Bruyne – started with De Bruyne in my team but after a fairly slow start I swapped him for Mkhitaryan to free up some funds. De Bruyne has since been in much better point scoring form and is currently City’s highest scoring midfielder.

Aguero – grabbed a hat trick in September and is has exceeded Jesus in terms of points scored this season so far. Had he not picked up an injury I’d have said he was almost essential. Certainly a player worth considering should he recover from injury quickly.

Chelsea (6 games)

Palace (A)
Roma (H)
Watford (H)
Everton (H – EFL Cup)
Bournemouth (A)
Roma (A)

Chelsea have some very favourable fixtures during October, especially starting away at Palace. They have also made a steady start to the new Premier League season. There are a couple of players I’d consider looking at for October.

Hazard – his value is probably as low as it will get, so I’m very tempted to make a move for him now. If he has a good October (with favourable fixtures) I can only see his value rising rapidly. He’s probably the only midfielder from Chelsea I’d consider including at this stage.

Rüdiger – has made a decent start at Chelsea and is probably the only defender I’d consider going for during October. He’s much better value than the rest and Luiz is suspended. My only concern would be his long term selection.

Everton (6 games)

Brighton (A)
Lyon (H)
Arsenal (H)
Chelsea (A – EFL Cup)
Leicester (A)
Lyon (A)

Everton have made an awful start to the new season. They have however had a very difficult run of fixtures. As a result a lot of their players have dropped significantly in value. With additional Europa League fixtures, I think it’s worth the risk of bringing in at least one of their defenders while values are so low. I still probably still wouldn’t go near any of their more attacking players.

Baines – incredibly good value. He will almost certainly be one of the players I go for in October. Despite not picking up many points for the season so far he scored over 100 points last season.

Williams – another good option and his value has also dropped significantly. Now would be a great time to bring him in while his value is so low. He was another defender who picked up over 100 points last season.

Liverpool (5 games)

Man Utd (H)
Maribor (A)
Spurs (A)
Huddersfield (H)
Maribor (H)

Liverpool have got off to a fairly inconsistent start to the new season. They do however have a couple of favourable Champions League fixtures against Maribor in October, and you would imagine both are must win games. I personally wouldn’t go for any of their defenders but they have some good options going forward.

Salah – was probably the bargain of the season when he started at 4m. He has lived up to expectation and is currently the highest scoring midfielder to date. I can’t see him keeping up this level of point scoring form but he’s still a great option when playing so advanced up the pitch.

Coutinho – dropped by many managers at the start of the season with speculation around his future. He’s come back in point scoring form having picked up 42 points in just 6 games.

Mane – another player classed as a midfielder who plays almost as a striker. Got off to a great start but things went downhill quickly when he was sent off against Man City and faced a 3 match suspension. I still see him being up there as one of the highest scoring midfielders this season.

Man Utd (6 games)

Liverpool (A)
Benfica (A)
Huddersfield (A)
Swansea (A – EFL Cup)
Spurs (H)
Benfica (H)

Man Utd had great fixtures to begin the Premier League season and have got off to a fantastic start. They face slightly tougher opposition during October as they travel to Anfield and also host Spurs. It’s still worth considering a few of their players.

Jones – the cheapest option from Man Utd’s regular back line but also the highest in terms of points on the board. If he can hold down a regular place he would be a great option considering the number of clean sheets already kept this season.

Mkhitaryan – currently the 4th highest scoring midfielder and he’s also in my team. He’s obviously made a good start to the season but I’ve got a slightly doubt with regards to consistency of point scoring. He also appears to be one of the players who gets subbed later on during the game most weeks.

Lukaku – has made a very strong start and is surely a must have player. Despite tricky fixtures I’d say Lukaku is a player who I will keep for the whole season unless he picks up a long term injury or suspension.

Spurs (6 games)

Bournemouth (H)
Real Madrid (A)
Liverpool (H)
West Ham (H – EFL Cup)
Man Utd (A)
Real Madrid (H)

Spurs have an incredibly difficult run of fixtures during October. However they do have the highest point scoring player to date in Harry Kane. Facing Real Madrid twice and Liverpool and Man Utd is a tough run of games for any team, as a result I’d probably not be looking to bring in any of their players now but also wouldn’t rush to remove Kane either.

Kane – his form during September was outstanding. He grabbed a hat trick and a couple of goals in other games. It would be a risk to remove him at this stage despite the tough fixtures. Ultimately it would probably require two transfers as it would be essential to bring him back in at some point. I would add that if you don’t already have him it may be wise to wait a while to bring him in.

Arsenal (6 games)

Watford (A)
Red Star Belgrade (A)
Everton (A)
Norwich (H – EFL Cup)
Swansea (H)
Red Star Belgrade (H)

Although Arsenal have a decent set of fixtures, personally I’ll be avoiding any of their players. They don’t appear to take a full strength squad in the Europa League which almost makes these additional fixtures redundant. The only player there could be a case for is Kolasinac who is their highest scoring defender to date.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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123 thoughts on “Dream Team Transfers – October 2017

  1. Keep up the good work always follow your write ups what 3 transfers would you do if team was yours?

    Pickford (Everton)

    Davies (spurs)
    Jones (manu)
    Bailey (manu)
    Spares (Southampton)

    mkhitaryan (manu)
    Siggurdson (Everton)
    Countino (Liverpool)

    Jesus (Man City)
    Lukaku (manu)

    Thank you

    1. Tricky one. You’ll almost certainly have to replace Morata as it looks like his injury is going to be over a month. Hazard seems to be the player everyone wants to bring in. However it doesn’t look like you could do a straight swap for these two. Perhaps downgrading Soares (if that’s who you mean) to an Everton defender would free up funds to make this move. You could then save a transfer in case you need it later in the month.

      1. MORATA – SANCHEZ/SANE(4-4-2)

        SIGURDSON – mane or debruyne

        Soares/ Ben Davies ( tough fixtures maybe 1 clean sheet all October ) Want a Man City defender possibly stones or chelseas rudiger

        Have a few mill spare in the bank so could do these transfers concedering the prices don’t change rapidly

        1. Not got enough funds for Hazard? If you’re losing Morata I’d probably make him a priority.

          1. And what would the other 2 be? Do you think sterling and sane are starters?

            Yes I can do straight swap for morata and hazard have about 1.8 spare also

            Davies out

            1 of the 3,

            WhT would you do? Thanks

              1. Personally if I had the choice between these three I’d go for De Bruyne and Mane. Both more likely to get game time than Sane.

            1. I think Sane is more likely to start than Sterling but both are a rotation risk. I’d probably get rid of Sigurdsson and save the other transfer.

  2. Hi,

    What are your thoughts on bringing Coutinho in? Do you think he will most likely be moving come January? If so would it be worth bringing him in still?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. He looks in great form. If I didn’t have bigger priorities I’d certainly consider swapping Salah for Coutinho regardless of whether he looks likely to move in January.

  3. I am tempted to do three transfers at once. My team for October would be Foster, Baines (for Stephens), Valencia, Matip, Kolasinac, De Bruyne, Hazard (for Mkhitaryan), Salah, Lukaku, Kane and Jesus (for Morata). Looks good I think.

    What does DTT think?

    1. I have Jesus, currently want kdb hazard baines and Jones.

      Will decide which three later but I’m leaning on one defender and the two mids at the moment. Same as you debating all three to drop at once

    2. Looks very strong to me. I’d still be a little concerned about Matip and the lack of a regular City defender but you can’t have it all. With Aguero and Morata out, Jesus looks like the only obvious replacement and you’ve also managed to accommodate Hazard.

      1. How do you feel about Silva over kdb? I was thinking about getting kdb but with the way things went last time and his price I am tempted by Silva some

        1. To be honest I wish I’d stuck with De Bruyne. He looks in good form. I’d still question if his form from October will maintain for the rest of the season but I think he should be up there as one of the highest scoring midfielders. I’d imagine he will outscore Silva as well. If you could afford it I’d favour De Bruyne but this could change very quickly.

  4. Thanks for the useful write up, DTT, with the fixtures listed. Until i can fiddle around with options come Friday, i can’t make any decisions & i’m sure those options will change numerous of times, till kick off !

    1. I’m thinking along the same lines. There is so much up in the air at the moment and prices due to change on Friday that I can’t make any decisions. It may come down to checking who’s starting for certain teams at 3pm on Saturday 14th October.

  5. BREAKING NEWS : Aguero out for six weeks. ( According to the Argentinian team doctor. ) Got him in all 10 teams…..i need 4 transfers in some just to get a starting 11 !

    1. Disappointing news but with Morata out as well. Not many big name strikers left to choose from if you’ve already got Kane and Lukaku. I really wasn’t keen on taking Aguero out but it now looks inevitable.

      1. Given the Aguero news, and seeing that you’re keen on Hazard, are you more likely now to go with the 442 option i suggested, DTT ?

        1. I think I might be forced down this route. I’ve never gone 442 before but it might be essential this time. It’s either that or Jesus but that would leave me without Hazard.

          1. Interesting to see what DTT does next with his team. May need to bring in both a Chelsea attacker and a city attacker (depending on Aguero injury) into his side. Can’t forget about the defence. So 3 transfers in one go? Decisions, decisions.

            1. I can’t see me using two transfers on the front 6. So it’s likely to be a player to replace Aguero and the other two transfers for sorting out the defence.

                1. Those are the three I’m looking at. Not sure at this stage how easy it will be to accommodate them and Hazard or Jesus but waiting for prices to change tomorrow morning before starting to make a plan.

  6. All this talk of Hazard…. I’m not convinced, just yet.

    We all know what he is capable of when on form. He is usually a Dream Team ‘must’ on par with the likes of Kane, but let’s not forget the 2015-16 season!!

    Yes Chelsea had a disaster that year, but I had him from the start and stuck with him throughout, patiently waiting for him to hit his purple patch…xmas came and went, yet still it never happened.

    Think my patience eventually ran out in February and I booted him.

    My point is that unless a player is showing signs of form (like KDB at present), it’s not always wise to weaken other areas of your team to accommodate someone who isn’t necessarily on form.

    This is part of the skill involved in Dream Team. You have to monitor the situation and notice the signs, especially with the presence of price fluctuation. Leave it too long and it’s too late for your budget to accommodate.

    1. Very valid points, Lee. There’s no guarantee of anything in this game. Yes, you would hope him to produce the form, saw very brief glimpses yet. Just come back from a broken ankle. I’m not convinced that Chelsea are going to do as well as last season, but i expect them to be up there.
      It could be the players that don’t bring him in that benefit ? You just can’t predict anything in this game, as is proven week after week !
      All these injuries, just makes it all the more interesting. We’re all capable of picking a team with all kinds of combinations, it’s how we react to situations that counts. One thing is, regardless of football knowledge, you can’t do well, or win this game, without luck.

    2. I agree with the analysis. For me it’s a little bit too soon as well but it looks like I’ll need to replace Aguero as soon as possible. Hazard appears to be the best option at the moment with Morata also on the sidelines with injury.

      1. Yes, getting Aguero out is a priority.

        My team is:

        De Gea
        B. Davies
        Alexander Arnold



        My weaknesses are the obvious ones in Alexander Arnold (who I think is yet to keep a clean sheet) and Fernandinho, who granted picks up points for good ratings, but not much more than that.

        Against my better judgement, it looks like I will have to mess about with some performing defenders to strengthen these two weaknesses!..

        1. I’d completely agree with your thoughts. Those are you’re only two real areas of weakness. It would be a difficult choice to drop Otamendi or Valencia. If you were going to drop any of your defenders I’d probably drop Davies as Spurs have some tough fixtures in October.

          1. DTT,

            Not a bad shout on losing Davies.

            Tempted to take a punt on Hazard now that his price has dropped to 5.8, but it would be a risky one….

            De Gea, Davies and Fernandinho for
            Cech, R Holding and Hazard

            Not sure if Holding will get first team selection, but Arsenal have some favourable fixtures and he is cheap.

            This still leaves the problem of having Alexander Arnold in my team, but it’s hard to replace a player of such low value.

  7. Hi, what changes would you make to this team for October? Thanks






    1. Assuming you’ve got nothing in the bank, I’d probably swap Firmino for Jesus (better fixtures and good amount of game time with Aguero missing). Then I wouldn’t be in a rush to do much else. Daniels, Matip and Hegazi are obviously slight areas of weakness but I don’t think it’s worth swapping Matip out when he’s only worth 3m at the moment. If Liverpool could get a couple of clean sheets, possibly against Maribor then his value might start to go back up.

  8. What transfers would you do in October. I have 1 transfer left before Friday.

    De Gea



    1. That looks quite a good team, as it is. How much budget do you have, if any ? Bakayoko will pick up some points, but will he be an higher scorer ??
      Defence very solid, given that it’s not a block, or semi block. Forwards, i think you can definitely leave as they are.
      ( I assume “Davies”, is Ben Davies, Spurs ? )

      1. I’d agree with Anthony’s comments. Very strong team but can’t see Bakayoko being a big point scorer. With regards to transfers you’ve got a very solid back line which I’d imagine has done you well so far. If you wanted to change Bakayoko, you would probably need to downgrade a defender significantly which might not be a wise move if they are performing well already. If you were to do this Davies has got tricky fixtures so could be an option. If you’ve also got a transfer that you don’t really know what to do with. You could simply use it to swap Otamendi for Stones and save a bit of budget.

        1. Ok thanks for the advice wanted to get rid of Bakayoko Davies and Soares to bring in hazard.

        1. Hope it works out for you, but some of these transfers will be impossible to achieve no matter how hard you try & may be a case of settling for plan B, C or D.

          1. Feeling like getting rid of Soares £3.2m -1 points last game week getting in Simpson £1.7m (Leicester) 8 points last game week. What do you reckon?

  9. Great article once again, really appreciate your efforts and love reading it.

    Interested to hear what changes you’d made on this team;

    0.1m in the bank

    Foster (west brom)

    Davies (spurs)
    Blind (man u)
    Valencia (man u)
    Ogbonna (West Ham)

    mkhitaryan (man u)
    Erikson (spurs)
    Salah (Liverpool)

    Jesus (Man City)
    Lukaku (man u)
    Kane (spurs)

    1. That’s a tough one as I can’t see many obvious transfers with only 0.1m in the bank. I’d stick with Foster and I’d also be happy with the front line. Ogbonna is definitely a weak link but there aren’t many other options around the same price tag. You would need to downgrade someone else to be able to replace him with a better option. You may not need Eriksen based on tough fixtures for Spurs. So you could look at downgrading him. I’d personally want Hazard in this position though. If it was my team I’d be tempted to ship out Eriksen for Hazard, then look at downgrading Davies or Blind and using the funds to replace Ogbonna.

      1. If 442 becomes a real option, & as already stated by some people already, Hazard might need till November, lets go with the form player, he’s on his game now & that’s Coutinho, he may have one game less than others with Liverpool out of the league cup, but the top teams will rest their big names, Saleh might b on the wane of late, but at the start of the season it was deemed the way to go with mane, Saleh, & in some cases Firmino aswell.

        1. I’m not sure I’d be too keen on having both Salah and Coutinho. Completely open to looking at our options at this stage though. I’ll put up a blog looking for feedback after prices change on Friday and hopefully we can collectively come up with the best option.

      2. OK,

        How about;

        Option 1
        Erikson for Hazard
        Davies for Danilo

        Leaving 2.8m to transfer Ogbonna out for;

        Joel Matip 2.7m?
        Ashley Williams 2.7m?

        Option 2
        Erikson for Hazard
        Blind for Stones or Bailly??
        Ogbonna for Baines?

        Welcome any feedback.

  10. Keep your eye on KDB. He has resumed training with Belgium despite a niggling hamstring injury…..

  11. Hi currently on 594 points!! My team is pickford.rudiger.kosalinac.valencia.b.davies…salah .debruyne.mikiterryan.jesus.luckaku.kane!!! I’m thinking of swapping mikiterryan for hazard but have to get rid of a defender who wud u suggest??? No money in bank!!

    1. With 594 points you should probably be the one giving out the advice. That’s a good total. I’d keep hold of Valencia, but could lose anyone one of the other three if you really wanted Hazard. Davies has tougher fixtures in October.

  12. Have front 6 of

    Salah Mikhi Eriksen
    Jesus Lukaku Kane

    I need to sort out defence so will probably need to break this 6 up!! Salah and Mikhi have had good starts but for me both starting to fade slightly recently. Eriksen is a recent addition and i’m not convinced with fixtures for next month! Jesus a recent addition but (and i know you’ll think this crazy) he’s the 1 out of the front 6 that has more pros for staying than anyone. Lukaku and Kane have being on fire but i’m not convinced that their value will have grown by month end!!

    I have Matip and Baines at the back and want shot of the pair however they’re going nowhere at their current value

    1. I’d agree Jesus is a good option. There aren’t many other strikers to consider with Aguero and Morata both being out injured. Would you not be tempted to swap Eriksen for Hazard?

      1. In a word ‘yes’ to Eriksen for Hazard….def a move i’m considering. Coutinho is another option. I’m really trying to find value here (aren’t we all) with regards to recent form and upcomig fixtures. Problem with swapping Eriksen for Hazard is that this won’t free up much cash for defensive issues.

        That’s why even though i’ve a decent front 3 i’m looking at either Kane or Lukaku out and maybe the likes of Martial or Hernandez in short term but with intention of a quick buy back ‘if’ finances go my way!!

        1. It would be a risk move. It’s either going to pay off a lot or cost you. Most other people will have Kane and/or Lukaku. If they have a good month and you don’t have them, you could easily fall behind. I’m not considering swapping either of them.

  13. While aguerro is out is sterling nailed on?

    His stats are pretty good and he plays a very advanced position.

    Also cheap as chips and if playing for 6 weeks in aguerro absence can only go up

      1. Sane doesn’t look as good on the stats for me, he’s had a decent few games but a small sample size will skew data, sterling is a much safer bet.

        The following are his pl stats I believe, I don’t have the overall

        Sorry for format lol.

        Sane sterling

        Price 8.3 7.9
        Minutes 62.0 80.3
        Min/Pass Received. 2.2 1.9
        Baseline BPS 8.0 12.0
        Penalty Area Touches 6.3 10.0
        Min/Goal 186 80.3
        Min/Attempt 23.3 21.9
        Shot Accuracy. 25 36.4
        Conversion 12.5 27.3
        Min/Chance Created 31 40.2
        Big Chances Converted 0.3 1.0

          1. I couldn’t decide between so I brought in both along with also bringing in Jesus (my next transfer) in one of my teams. Potential to be my best team.

              1. Team is De Gea, Jones, Davies, Bellerin, Kolasinac, sane, salah, Sterling, Lukaku, Kane and Morata. On 573 points. Might do Jesus for Morata and Hazard for Salah but this depends on funds.

                1. That’s a really good team & score, RR & i think your possible changes are good too….i wish i had that team.

  14. Do the players prices still change this week and next? International break and no club games

    1. They will change on Friday. But I assumed they would stay the same on Friday 13th as no one would have played a domestic game during that week.

  15. DTT what will be better options?
    My team:
    Pieters Kompany Valencia Bailly
    Hazard Mkhi Salah
    Kane Lukaku Jesus
    2.5mln in bank and 1 tranfer left. I’m thinking to upgrade Mkhi to De Bruyne and wait for next month to change pieters and Bailly for Baines and Azpilicuete or just spaw Pieters to Baines now? Or maybe something different?

    1. I’d be tempted to swap Pieters for Baines. Or getting rid of Kompany. Mhki for De Bruyne would be something of a luxury transfer, as in you could probably get away without doing it. So I’d probably make a change now which is more essential, that could save you a transfer in October should you need it.

  16. Hi . But if advice please . 1 transfer to use out of sept today ( checked with dream team support and it’s fine ) on 518 points and team is ;





    £1.2 in bank , thinking of taking Ali out for KDB with this transfer – leaving 800k in bank . Then October foster in for lossi ( hudd have some tough games and think they are starting to creak) that frees up 600k allowing possibly hazard in for Mikh ? Unless injuries force me to do anything different . What do you think ?

    1. All sounds like a good plan to me. Alli would be the one I’d look at, Spurs have tough fixtures for the month. What about Hazard instead of De Bruyne? That would give your front 6 a nice balance and Chelsea have decent fixtures.

      1. Thanks for your advice as always – my thinking is to get KDB before he gets away as too expensive cost wise – tomorrow he will go up to £6.6 milland Ali go down prob so using a lot of budget there. Wheras today it’s just 400k difference but hazard is coming in at some stage – it’s just when. Thanks again

  17. I’m thinking of going gung ho with my “Llorente” team…..a 3 forward attack of Arsenal players….Sanchez, Lacazette & Giroud ( Walcott ? ) for October….still having to keep, Mendy & Knockaert.

  18. Valencia has been added to the rotation according to reports.

    Another one I need to keep an eye on, hoping it’s just the odd rest rather than a full rotating pair

  19. What is your worst scoring team ? This is mine on 401 pts.


    0.5m in the bank.

    Think i’ve definitely got to bring in Hazard & go 442. Hoping i can get two decent strikers in & leave Mendy till November ??

  20. I’m stuck atm… Mendy getting injured hadn’t helped.




    I might leave my front three as they are… Any advice on sorting the defence or midfield?

    1. I’d agree with Dan, if you can do Eriksen to Hazard and Mendy to Stones that would be a good move. I’d also look at swapping Ogbonna for Baines.

  21. DTT, looking to pick up hazard and stones.

    If I get in before price changes I can grab kdb and have 0.1 in bank or sterling and have 2.4 in the bank.

    What do you think sterlings chances of being nailed in aguerro absence are and what would you pick?

    1. If you’re confident you can still afford Hazard and Stones in October then I’d go for De Bruyne over Sterling. I’ve got no real idea if Sterling will play in Aguero’s absence. I still get the impression he may be rotated a little.

      1. Only just realised I don’t get transfers until after price changes. May not be able to pull this off

  22. Right what do you think to this.

    Current team:

    De Gea



    Change Soares for Simpson (Leicester) before Friday 7am.

    Then when we get transfers bakayoko for hazard and Ben Davies for Baines? Then leaves you for a spare transfer?

    1. Looks like an improvement to me. Always good to have a transfer in the bank as well.

  23. Transfers are in.

    I’m taking hazard.
    Leaves me with a choice after price changes.

    Can grab kdb and have 0.2 in bank with need to get rid of mendy

    Or grab sterling and have 2.5 in the bank with a need to get rid of mendy

    What do you think?


    Valencia mendy kolasinic ogbonna

    Mkhi Eriksen Salah

    Kane lukaku Jesus

    Any better options?

  24. Got Simpson in before 7am this morning.

    So team looks like

    De Gea



    Thinking of doing this what are your thoughts

    Baines for Davies
    Hazard for Bakayoko
    Coutinho for salah

    All transfer then used and no funds in the bank ?

      1. Not sure really. Either Salah or Mkhitaryan. Or are we just changing them for the sake of it?

        1. Mkhi is not playing that well and man u have sliding fixtures from here, I thought Salah had a better chance of scoring going forward, with his pace he is the most forward playing pool player and gets alot of shots off.

        2. Only just noticed I could have hazard and kdb if I drop Salah instead of mkhi.

          Choices are going to be the end of me

          1. Yes I could do that too.
            But only defender I would look at getting in for under £1.5 is Wimmer

            Wimmer for Davies
            Hazard for Bakayoko
            KDB for Salah

  25. HEADS UP!

    There wont be any price changes next Friday as no games have been played. Just in case some of you think you will be priced out. You can hang fire until the first k.o on the 14th.

    1. Abby, is this confirmed by SDT? Do you work for them? You seem to have a lot of inside knowledge 🙂

      1. Its confirmed by keeping track of the formula and price changes. When a player doesn’t play his price doesn’t change the following week. Have a look and see for yourself.

        1. actually no! ignore that. if you make changes now you wont be able to reverse after next Friday. So best wait.

    1. Risky doing them now with internationals still to play. Remember to reverse before Friday if need be!..


  26. I think October is going to be a very tactical month…

    With Hazard being so low, and a lot of people forced into getting rid of Aguero, a lot of managers are going to strengthen areas of their team where they are weak….

    Trick is to think long term, and make sure that we can slot Aguero back in when fit… that is where others will trip up and where we can take advantage.

    In summary, my thoughts on Oct. Transfers (taking a gamble on Kompany fitness, latest reports suggest that he will be back 14th Oct)

    Option 1
    OUT: Aguero, Pieters
    IN: Hazard, Baines

    Pros: Leaves a transfer in the bank for any issues encountered during the month. Leaves enough money to easily bring Agurero back
    Cons: Keeping Ogbonna

    Option 2
    OUT: Aguero, Pieters, Ogbonna
    IN: Hazard, Baines, Luiz

    Pros: Strengthens the back line considerably (Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City, Everton)
    Cons: Maxes out the bank. Would need 2 transfers to bring Aguero back

    Option 3
    OUT: Aguero, Pieters, Mkhitaryan
    IN: Hazard, Baines, De Bruyne

    Pros: De Bruyne back in the team, becoming a must-have. Enough money to bring Aguero back
    Cons: Keeping Ogbonna

    Option 4
    OUT: Aguero, Pieters, Ogbonna
    IN: Hazard, Baines, Williams

    Pros: Strengthens the back line (Man Utd, Everton, Man City, Everton). Money in the bank for Aguero
    Cons: Although back line is strengthened. Everton are still not looking convincing. Struggling to find a major con, other than bringing in De Bruyne or Luiz with the 3rd transfer seems more logical than Williams!

    1. I like the idea of swapping Aguero for Hazard. I think Ogbonna is essential to transfer out as well. I can’t see him getting much first team football. I’ve just put up a more detailed post about plans for October and calling for feedback. I’m not convinced Kompany won’t need to go as well. Even if he’s fit I’m not sure I see him getting in the team.

      1. I was going to add as a footnote that Pieters and Ogbonna are interchangeable. Neither of them have done us well. But agree, if that is the way you are going, there will be no challenge from me!

        Kompany is a tough one, its frustrating, but I think even if he plays rotation, I cant see a City/United player to replace him with that will score higher, without dipping too much into the bank – and feel like we need some City coverage in the defence. If we are gambling on any player, personally he would be my choice.

        As always though, will support you with any decisions you make 🙂 We are coming from 2 different viewpoints, but think both points of view are valid.

    2. Dean , i like option 3, only one weak link in team, if Kompany gets back in team, getting aguerro back in, who will have to b dropped.

  27. Looks as though a shift to 442 might be better for October as Aguero and Morata both out and better vale in midfielders.

      1. In a similar position in most my teams so be going half and half i think. Bringing in Haz to shift to 442 and bringing in Jesus in some teams 433. I think your transfers are good and v similar to mine. Stones, Davies, Martina, Hazard and Jesus will be coming in to a few of my teams. I bought in Baines and Keane last month ahead of their good run – gambled on them picking up some good form on their fine run of fixtures but that didnt work. Nevermind they are still good value and I believe will come good sooner rather than later.

        Team is in a bit of mess though Aguero Kompany Ogbonna and Pieters and you will have to make 3 transfers from the off and hope for the best. I will be doing the same in a few teams,

  28. Fiddling around with transfers like everyone, thought i had more concrete idea’s of what i wanted to do, now just feeling confused & hapazardly going in any direction ! I wonder how many times i’m going to change my teams before next Saturday ??

  29. Hi all.
    I am in a works league where we can only transfer 3 players 3 times a year. This week is the first window, next is mid January.
    Current line-up is:-
    Matip Valencia Trippier Nyom
    Gueye De Bruyne Alli
    Jesus Lukaku Kane

    Thinking of taking out Trippier Nyom and Gueye
    And replacing with Duffy Zouma and Salah
    Thoughts please, many thanks John

  30. Hi there,

    I’d be interested in your thoughts on my team.

    De Gea


    De Bruyne


    I’ve obviously got dead wood with firmino, Rooneys not been much better. Any thoughts on changes?

    1. I’d swap Firmino for Jesus. Then I’m not sure what you can do with Rooney based on your budget. The only player I’d really want in this position is Kane but I’m assuming that’s way out of budget. I’d probably consider downgrading Bellerin to bring in a better striker.

      1. I can swap bellerin for Baines or Ashley Williams.

        Mikitaryin for Willian

        Firmino for Kane

        But that sadly means i’m Still stuck with Rooney.

          1. That’s what I’m considering doing. I’ve never gone 442 before but I think it’s a toss up between Hazard or Jesus in terms of who will score more this month and that’s my two options.

  31. Hi Guys, just read thru everything and your coming up with things I would never think of.
    my current team,
    Williams, Maguire, Hegazi, Walker
    Pogba, Salah, Mkhitaryan, Eirkson
    Kane, Lukaku.

    thinking of doing- Pogba for Hazard, Erikson for Sane and Hegazi for Monreal.
    Still keeping 442 due to striker shortage although was thinking that Sanchez could be worth a punt.
    Any thoughts would be greatly received

    1. I’d be tempted to do Pogba to Hazard and Erikson to Jesus. I’d favour Jesus to score more points than Sane.

      1. I did look at that, but needed to free up some cash to sort out my back four. Didn’t want Hagazi and Foster in the same team.

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