October Transfers & Fixtures 2018

October Transfers & Fixtures 2018

With a new set of transfers quickly approaching I thought it would be worthwhile looking at upcoming fixtures for October. Hopefully this will help with planning transfers and getting the right players in for the best games to ensure maximum points.

Liverpool (4 games)

Man City (H)
Huddersfield (A)
Belgrade (H)
Cardiff (H)

Spurs (5 games)

Cardiff (H)
West Ham (A)
Man City (H)
West Ham (A) – EFL Cup

Arsenal (5 games)

Fulham (A)
Leicester (H)
Sporting (A)
Palace (A)
Blackpool (H) – EFL Cup

Man City (5 games)
Liverpool (A)
Burnley (H)
Shakhtar (A)
Spurs (A)
Fulham (H) – EFL Cup

Chelsea (5 games)

Southampton (A)
Man Utd (H)
Burnley (A)
Derby (H) – EFL Cup

Man Utd (4 games)

Newcastle (H)
Chelsea (A)
Juventus (H)
Everton (H)

Personally I’ll probably hold my three transfers for the first week in October (unless I get an injury). The term I’ve currently got is performing well and I can’t see any reason to change anything at the moment. I’ll certainly be looking at Luke Shaw but given that Man Utd are playing Newcastle, I may stick with him for the first week of the month. I think holding my transfers initially during September worked well – granted I missed out on the Hazard hat trick. However many people used their transfers straight away and were then stuck with Mendy and Pedro. Fortunately for me this panned out quite well and it forced my hand in terms of my own transfers. I ended up being able to take Mendy, Pedro and Van Dijk out for Laporte, Maddison and Hazard. Had I raced into using my transfers I’d have took B. Silva out instead of Pedro and this would have cost me at least 18 points. As a result I’ll probably stick to the same tactic during October.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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106 thoughts on “October Transfers & Fixtures 2018

  1. Yeah, I agree with your tactic DTT of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I was one of those who got burnt with Mendy and Pedro although I have been quite lucky in my ML in that my rivals have not been able to fully punish me and my lead at the top is still reasonably healthy. It could and probably should have been a lot worse.

    I mentioned it on the last thread about replacing Hart on GW9. What are your thoughts DTT on who could be a good replacement?

    1. Leno or Kepa for me. Although both are a fairly big upgrade. I could switch Luke Sure out for a Wolves defender and then get Leno in. But Kepa may be out of reach without losing B. Silva.

  2. must congratulate you DTT ,this time last year u were well off the pace…..your team is very very solid

    1. Thanks Darren, very happy with the start this season compared to last time around.

  3. DTT and Chris any ideas what i should do transfer wise this week
    help would be a great asset to me
    robertson shaw luiz
    mane maddison moura hazard
    sergio salah abyang (arsenal)
    …i have £1.4m in the bank

    1. I’d be looking to move Shaw out after the Newcastle game if I were in your shoes for someone like Doherty (good defensive and attacking stats).

      Are you tempted to get Kane back in yet Darren? He’s starting to look more of a menace now.

      Moura seems to have gone a little quiet but I’d give him more time as Spurs could be without Alli and Eriksen for a while so he should have less rotation risk.

      Apart from that, your team looks decent enough to me. Good luck with your decisions mate. 👍🏻

    2. I’d try and get Kane in. Maybe by downgrading a defender or midfielder to Doherty?

  4. I agree, I won’t be making any transfers this weekend as the fixtures are pretty good for my existing players.

    After the international break I will look to move on Hart and Shaw. This will not be an easy task to get the players in you want. Ideally with Liverpool’s fixtures I’d try getting in a defender from them but that would me downgrading Moura to potentially Richarlison to accomodate.

    Initionally I was thinking of bringing in Doherty and Patricio as a straight swap but a lot of people in my mini league have heavy liverpool defenders.

    Very tough decisions as always.

    1. Yeah I’m looking at Doherty myself with the intention of changing Hart but it won’t be an easy decision.

  5. Team is looking in good shape. The 3 big hitters up top (I am sure Salah will explode soon, he started slowish last season as well), as well as Mane and Hazard in midfield and a back line of regular starters in top 6 clubs across the board! I doubt many other teams could compete. Now is the time that the big blocks will start crumbling and the long game takes shape!

    I think the balance between the defence and the midfield is better than last season.

    I agree with everyone else. I wouldnt be rushing into any changes. I dont think that there is any better option than Shaw for the price either. Unless we are looking at Wolves players, but do we think that Wolves players will score more than Shaw if he stays in the side? Maguire is one to keep an eye on as well, he is one that WhoScored.com seems to like!

    1. Yeah I’m liking the more balanced team this season – tried my hardest to resist going too weak defensively. I’d agree about Shaw and he seems to be playing well despite the rest of the team not performing. Happy to just monitor how things go this weekend and then decide after the international break.

    1. You mean in liverpool or spurs game? Well Robertson was on his way until the goal went in so unfortunately no star man. Then in the spurs game im guessing Messi earned the starman award (in terms of ratings) . Don’t quote me on it but it does happen where the starman doesn’t necessarily get earned in the champions and europa games? Especially if the players ratings dont warrant it.

  6. De Bruyne will potentially be someone to look at during October if he fully returns. Could be a point of either trading Mane or Salah, however I agree I going to stick for the first October fixtures.

    1. Yeah I won’t be rushing to bring him in. I’ll probably wait and see how many other people gamble on him in my mini league first.

  7. Hi guys,

    This is my team with 1m in the bank:

    Gomez, Alonso, Robertson, Laporte
    *Pedro, Hazard, *Lucas*
    Salah, Aguero, *Lukaku*

    I think DTT hit the nail on the head regarding punishing early transfers , I used 2 right away and put in Hazard and Lukaku, but with Mendy getting injured I replace him with Laporte.

    For this month coming up I have highlighted the players I think I need to move on.

    Pedro is a maybe as I am hearing he may feature against Vidi, but he will be on squad rotation and not sure his form of start of the season will return. Lucas again is a maybe he is playing but his form has dipped, got close to scoring yesterday though. Lastly and the must to go is Lukaku, dont even need to go into the reasons why!

    The issue I have is I want to get Kane in, but alot of money is tied up in defence. So getting Kane in would require 2 transfers but I think it would be worth it against a poor Cardiff defence; he has already scored 3 goals this GW! But moving Kane is could waste a transfer as my defence is not what i need to change.

    Any help would be great.



      1. Cheers Chris! I think thats a good shout.

        I am a bit concerned about using 2 transfers so early though! Another thought I had was Salah direct swap with Kane. Liverpool have Man city next and then its an international break so could figure out a way to get a liverpool attacker back in. Lukaku to Firmino for example.

        1. Yeah, I think that could work. Salah isn’t pulling any trees up right now so I can’t argue with that. I’m going to give Salah a bit more time in my team though but I understand your logic.

    1. It’s hard to tell exactly how much you need to free up to get Kane but I’d consider downgrading one of your defenders to Doherty until you’ve got enough funds for Kane. Then leave one transfer in the bank.

  8. Woke up this morning to a nice surprise of being top of the mini league i am in (out of 75) with the same team as DTT!

    I agree, don’t try and fix what’s not broken. I like the idea of trying to have players from the top 6 clubs as in the long run surely they will out perform others.

    Yes UTD aren’t playing well but at least Shaw picked up a clean sheet, whilst he is still in the team is there much point in transferring him out? I can’t see many options around that budget.

    Same goes with Heart? Without sacrificing any of the other players who is a similar value that would outscore Heart?

    1. This is the challenge to a degree with having a cheap goalkeeper. But if you look at the top point scorers of this season as well as of previous seasons keepers have never been near the top (De Gea apart).

      I have ederson and I am kind of regretting having so much money tied up in defence. With only 3 transfers a month it always feels like a waste to switch a keeper unless there is an injury.

    2. Yeah I’d agree completely. Happy with both at the moment so happy to just see what happens this weekend.

  9. I will be eagerly waiting to see if Mendy starts, but I’m assuming he will be missing again! If he is, then I will have no choice but to make an early substitution.

    I realise that an International break then follows, but I need to bolster my side since I’ve been playing with 9 players for the last 2 weeks!!

  10. Personally I would keep Pedro for the cost. He will definitely start a minimum of 2 games and be involved in the prem fixtures as well.

    Certainly see how he performs this pm if included.

    I don’t own hazard currently so am doing a straight swap for mane

  11. Potential Hart replacements for GW9.

    Dubravka – Newcastle, although they have been poor this season so far the fixtures do improve for Newcastle for a good period of time so it’s a chance for them to improve their form and Benitez like a solid base.

    Fabianski – West Ham, they have also had a bad start but seem to be getting it together recently and are looking pretty solid. From GW12 they have a good run of fixtures so he is definitely one to watch.

    Patricio – Wolves, they look a very good outfit, even against the big teams they have faced so far. Strong in defense and controlling the game, more expensive than the others but a solid keeper.

    It’s going to take a big decision to choose but I’m interested to see what others are thinking.

      1. Now you’ve put the Leno idea into my head Lee I’m struggling to get him out of my mind! Those upcoming fixtures do look nice and if he does well, maybe he’ll keep his place when Cech is fit again. Two Clean Sheets in a row too have certainly brought him higher up in my list of GK targets. The value changes have been pretty generous for me this week so I’ve cashed in on Pedro to bring in Doherty, giving me the funds to hopefully bring in Leno for Hart next GW if I decide to go down that route.

    1. I’d only be interested in Patricio out of those three. Leno and Kepa could be the others to look at.

  12. Hi

    Any advice please – I have 1 transfer to use tonight for September so need to use it – 700k in bank – 2nd in my league 7 points off top.


    ban wissaka

    B Silva

    kane salah Aguero

    thinking of upgrading from hennessey to leno and using 500k but got a feeling that with leno might drop 100k tomorrow as average is still only 2 something so could do maybe do that transfer tomorrow and save 100k perhaps, unsure. During October also need to get a way into the chelsea back four and luiz is cheapest option or rudiger and looking at laporte. Like DTT I cant see any panic in using any transfers the 1st weekend although double palace defence is a worry – all have good fixtures (apart from liv/man C players)

    Any advice guys – what would you do with my last transfer today please?

    1. Palace have horrendous fixtures coming up so you might want to address your current Palace double up defensively.

    2. Missed this comment until today but I’d have probably put Leno in if you had a transfer left over. Looks a decent upgrade.

  13. Any help anyone can give me. I have 1 transfer left and need to use it before tonight. Players thinking of getting rid of are salah, shaw, richarlisson, mane?? Have 1m in bank already .

    1. I wouldn’t get rid of any of them just yet to be honest, who else have you got in the team?

    2. I wouldn’t be in a rush to sell Liverpool players just yet. After City, fixtures improve for them.

    1. Arsenal stand out for me if Leno is going to play every game while Cech is out.

  14. I’m unsure what to do, I feel I need to make transfers but not sure if actually should and just stick with what I’ve got as I’m top in all 4 of my mini-leagues.

    My team is:

    Shaw, Laporte, Robertson
    Hazard, Mane, Pogba, Richarlison
    Lukaku, Firmino, Aguero

    If I do make any subs then I’m tempted to take out Lukaku and Pogba just because of United’s poor spell and put it Lacazette/Aubameyang and David Silva.


    1. although Man U have been rubbish, I think keeping them for Newcastle would be a could be a very good differential….

      Then reasses after that as I expect lots will transfer them out before the weekend

      1. Yeah, I agree Dan. Would be crazy to lose and United players when Newcastle are the opposition as they should have enough to beat them. Beyond that though I would be looking to offload them. Juventus in Champions League (shudders) 😬

          1. Good call about transferring after the Newcastle game, think that’s what I’ll do, although the way Man U are playing it could easily be another poor performance from them, especially if Lukaku continues to stand around and do bugger all!!

            I’m going to stick with Hart I think, prob just transfer Pogba and Lukuka out for those mentioned after Newcastle game.


          2. If I knew how to do it I’d add one but I’m not overly skilled in web development so have to run this from a wordpress template.

    2. Lacazette for Lukaku I’d say would be an upgrade with current form (and Arsenal’s fairly decent fixtures) I’d wait till after the United Newcastle game though.

      Pogba to Silva would also be an upgrade currently but again, I’d wait till Newcastle are out of the way.

      I’d also be worried about Hart’s fixtures after the next GW too as they become pretty tough.

      That would ultimately mean blowing all of your three transfers for GW9 though which leaves you vulnerable to any injuries, suspensions, exclusions etc. Not an easy decision for you I’m afraid. Good luck with whatever you decide! 👍🏻

    3. I’d be tempted to stay as you are for the weekend and then reevaluate after the international break. Unless of course you can get Kane in for the Cardiff game this weekend.

    1. Just watching the game and he started bright enough with most attacks going through him. Chelsea as a whole have been poor second half, hopefully Hazard can spark up some magic.

      If Morata is a Premier League standard striker then I’m a worse dancer than Theresa May at a Tory Party Conference.

      1. Looks like I could be a worse dancer than Theresa May at a Tory Party Conference then. Chelsea 1 Vidi 0. Morata. 😂

    2. Thinking of Pedro out for Doherty and going 4-3-3, paving the way for a Hart upgrade GW9. I feel that I’ve been bigging up Doherty so much lately I’d look like a fraud if I didn’t get him in. As long as Mendy comes back, which is looking increasingly likely, I’d be pretty happy with my team then. Still scratching my head over which keeper I’d go for though.

    3. I put him in as well earlier in the season. The injury forced me to take him out otherwise I’d be stuck with him.

      1. Just thinking what to do 1 transfer left for this month then I think I’m going to have to use all three.
        Ederson – Dubravka/Fabianski
        Lindelof- Doherty
        VVD- Robertson

        Or keep VVD and change Richarlison-Maddison

        1. As much as I’m a fan of Robertson, I’d be tempted to pause that particular transfer for now (if you can afford to financially?) I got badly burnt last month (Mendy/Pedro) using all my transfers right away and I’d avoid doing that if I were you. Can’t argue with the others (I’d imagine the Ederson one has to happen to fund the others?)

  15. Hi all. What time do price rises kick in and transfers become available?

    I.e. Can I get a change in with October transfers before prices increase?


  16. I’d imagine it would be midnight tonight for both but don’t quote me on that. I very much doubt you’d be able to sneak in your October transfers before any price rise.

  17. Just been looking at the ratings last night. For the Liverpool match in the Match Centre section it says that Robertson got the Star Man award and scored 7 points, yet when I look at my team section, he’s only got 3? What’s going on there then?…

    1. Balls, ignore that. His rating was 7 not his points. D’oh! Numptys like me need an edit button DTT…

      1. Having said that, it still doesn’t explain why he didn’t score 8 (3 for 7 rating and 5 for star man).

  18. Ok, I’ve made my first transfer of the month this morning and I’ve taken Pedro out for Doherty (switching from 3-4-3 to 4-3-3). For some bizarre reason, Pedro’s value has risen to £3.1m so I thought I’d cash in while the going was good. I just had to get Doherty into my team as I think he could be the differential of the season.

    This move also frees up some funds for when I want up swap Hart for another keeper (GW 9). Since Lee has put Leno into my head I’m really considering going for him now. As Lee pointed out, Arsenal have really good fixtures and they have both European and League Cup fixtures still to come. Two Clean Sheets on the bounce for him too now so maybe Arsenal are adding some steel to their rearguard at long last? Would love to hear any other opinions on Leno as an option?

    1. Yeh, I am very tempted by Leno, but as I said previously, the only issue is that he will likely need to be changed again when Cech returns.

      I suppose this isn’t a problem if your team is looking good and performing in all areas.

      I’ve noticed many people who had September subs remaining yesterday and didn’t know what to do with them. There seems to be a counter-intuitive desire to use all subs, even if you don’t need to.

      1. Also, if you discard this weekend’s fixtures where Hart faces Huddersfield and Leno has Fulham (both capable of a CS), their remaining fixtures for October are as follows:

        Hart – City & Chelsea (2 games)
        Leno – Leicester, Sporting CP, Palace, Blackpool (4 games, potentially)

        2 tough games vs 4 easier fixtures. Seems like a no brainer, although I’m not sure if Leno will definitely feature in the Blackpool game if he has become their first choice in Cech’s absence. They may well resort to Ospina for this match?

            1. Ah ok, well surely they have a new reserve 3rd choice replacement keeper?

              I’m not sure if they would want to play their first and only choice against Blackpool?

    2. He’s near the top of my list – I’d only want him, Kepa or Ederson at the moment and I think the latter two are too expensive for me to accommodate.

  19. Nice to see Hazard come off the bench last night and pick up a 7+. Anyway, new set of transfers, new headaches! Current team below:

    Wan Bissaka
    B Silva

    I’ll be looking at moving the following out:

    Hart – served me well so far but I can’t overlook Leno at Arsenal, especially given their fixtures. Also looking at Kepa but would need to compromise my team elsewhere for the funds.

    Wan Bissaka – came in for Mendy to free up funds for Hazard. Paid off nicely but Palace fixtures cause me concern. Potential straight swap for Docherty of Wolves, although they have Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea all in the next six weeks.

    B. Silva – still have concerns over the rotation policy at City so B. Silva will always be on the transfer radar. Fraser at Bournemouth has some good October fixtures but goes downhill after that. Lamela for Spurs would seem a good swap at the moment.

    Salah – just not quite got in to the rhythm yet has he? He needs to hit form soon otherwise his funds will be invested across the team. I could swap for Laca and upgrade both Hart and Wan Bissaka, but I know as soon as I do that he’ll bang in a hat trick or two!

    Very doubtful i’ll make transfers before this weekend’s games. Likely to leave it till after the international break.

    Thoughts welcome please!

    1. I used my last transfer for september last night to upgrade hennessey to leno as now he has got his foot in I think he could be a permanent fixture and I think Emery is getting his message across to the team now – i am pleased with the move. The only other keeper I like is Patricio

      Regarding October transfers I will see how this weekend goes and who comes back after international break before committing to any transfers as comfortable with team for this weekend with fixtures in place

    2. Can’t really argue with any of your thoughts there Dave. With Salah though I just feel it will come. His underlying stats are still good and he’s getting himself into the right places he’s just not putting them away.

      Glad to see you’re looking at getting on the Doherty train with me! 😉

      1. Agree with you about Salah. It’s weighing up the potential points return with him vs the upgrades available with the extra funds.

        Laca / Wilson



        Hard to swap Hart for Leno without raising the funds elsewhere in the team. VVD for Luiz / Gomez is an option. Going for Gomez means I’m still doubling up in Liverpool defenders which could be a wise move with their fixtures after City

    3. Makes sense to leave until after the international break. I’d only make changes during the first week of new transfers if I had an injury. I’m looking at the same players in my team Hart, B. Silva and Salah. Won’t be removing Salah in the near future but Hart and B. Silva may go for Leno/Kepa and Doherty.

  20. What do people think of Moura to Gomez for GW9 ? It seems a strange one but I can see clean sheets for Liverpool during that period?

    1. Could be a good shout that. Gomez seems to have cemented his place alongside VVD and the pair seems to work well together. I watched the Liverpool Napoli game the other night (boy did I choose the wrong game to watch) and Gomez reads the game so well and is very quick to react to danger.

      Liverpool’s fixtures improve post City so you’d expect a few CS. The only down side I can see to Gomez right now is his lack of attacking threat in terms of DT points. For the price though, to get a defender from one of the big teams he’s probably the best there is.

  21. I’ve got two teams. First one is on 373 points and is as follows….

    Shaw Gomez Robertson
    Sterling Hazard Pedro Maddison
    Lukaku Aguero Firmino

    With 3.8 million in the bank i was thinking of bringing in Kane for Lukaku?

    The second team is on 307 points and is…

    Mendy Rudiger Wan Bissaka
    Mane Sane Lamela Richarlason
    Salah Kane Aubameyang

    With 2 million in the bank. I was going to take Mendy and Salah out for Docherty and Aguero?


    1. Mendy should be back this weekend mate so I reckon I’d be leaving him in if I were you.

    2. I’d almost certainly bring Kane in for Lukaku. Not sure about the other team – looks like Mendy might be fit to play at the weekend so I’d keep an eye on line ups.

  22. Hello,
    I haven’t been doing to well this season and i need some help with my team.
    My team:
    Sanchez, vertonghen, alderweireld, robertson
    Mane, pedro, hazard, richarlison
    Aguero, firmino
    I have 0.5 mill in the bank,
    Im thinking of switching up my Tottenham defense and bringing in laporte, gomez and trent alexander.
    Any tips would be great.

    1. Probably worth holding onto any of the Spurs defenders against Cardiff but I’d agree shipping them out after would probably make sense.

  23. Hello,
    I haven’t been doing to well this season and i need some help with my team.
    My team:
    Sanchez, vertonghen, alderweireld, robertson
    Mane, pedro, hazard, richarlison
    Aguero, firmino
    I have 0.5 mill in the bank,
    Im thinking of switching up my Tottenham defense and bringing in laporte, gomez and trent alexander.
    Any tips would be great.

    1. Yeah, I can imagine that Spurs defence has held you back somewhat. Trippier is probably the only Spurs defender worth having at the moment for his attacking threat.

      I guess you are where you are for the time being though mate. The one transfer you need to make straight away is Vertonghen as he’s out injured. I couldn’t argue against any of the defenders you name. Also bear in mind that it looks like Mendy could be back at the weekend also. I’d save your other two transfers until after the international break (Spurs do have Cardiff after all so good chance of a clean sheet) and review your situation then.

      Pedro may not start on Sunday but you’d imagine he’ll get some minutes so he may score points. All the other players should start I’d guess. Long term, have you considered downgrading your keeper to a cheaper one to enable better investment of the rest of your team?

      Anyway mate, good luck with your decisions. 👍🏻

  24. Hi guys
    Has anyone considered bringing Lamela in? With Alli and Eriksen injured he’s sure to get game time, plus spurs have decent fixtures. Any thoughts?

    1. Just how long are Alli and Eriksen out for though mate? As soon as they are back Lamela may struggle to keep a starting berth.

    2. Not someone I’m looking at myself – can’t see him being a regular for long and Spur’s don’t appear to be flying at the moment. Saying that they do play Cardiff this afternoon so he could easily grab and couple and the star man award.

  25. After reading others thoughts on Leno I’ve taken out Hart for him, I did need funds for him so I’ve pulled the trigger and made all my 3 subs!! I’m going to stick with Lukuka and sacrifice Firminho.

    Hart, Pogba, Firminho = OUT
    Leno, Lamela, Kane = IN

    I’m happy with these tbh, hopefully I’m not too premature 😏

  26. I’m thinking of transferring Pedro out for Lamela, can I wait till two o’clock tomorrow when the teams are announced to make my transfer or does it have to be made before tonight’s game?

    1. david you can wait till tommorow
      sun dream team different format to FPL which has to be done 1 hr before the first match kicks off your safe doing tommorow morning.

  27. 1 transfer left – £7mil in bank, Ozil for either Hazard or KDB ? I’m thinking if KDB does do something his value will go up and no one has him yet, whereas a few ppl have Hazard in my ML.. I’m forward planning with KDB, thoughts ??

    1. I’d have gone for Hazard – I won’t be considering De Bruyne until he’s a regular starter.

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