Weekend Transfers

Weekend Transfers

Transfers remaining: 3
In the bank: £0.6m

Current team:

Schmeichel – happy with for now. Two clean sheets out of two game is hard to argue with. However as I long term solution I’d rather have Kepa/Ederson but happy to stick with him for now.

Laporte – stick with

Robertson – stick with

Doherty – stick with

Mane – form has dipped but happy to monitor for now. He’s more than capable with popping up at any time with a couple of goals in a game.

B. Silva – happy with

Maddison – happy with based on his value. If I could move him on I would.

Hazard – happy with

Kane – happy with

Salah – happy with

Aguero – happy with

Ultimately what I’m saying is that I don’t really see any transfers that I’d like to make this week. However my huge concern is Richarlison playing against Cardiff as I know he is highly owned in a mini league I’d like to compete in. I could really do with a reason to take out another player to accommodate him. Ideally if B. Silva doesn’t start at the weekend I could do a straight swap for Richarlison. This would then also free up funds to upgrade Schmeichel to Kepa at a later date. This was my plan anyway but B. Silva hasn’t given me a reason to take him out yet. If B. Silva does start, it’s going to be a tough decision around accommodating Richarlison or not. If I could do a straight swap for Maddison I would make this move, however it’s not within budget without downgrading someone like Schmeichel. This would then also cost me two transfers and another couple to get Kepa in.

I’d be interested in hearing anyone else’s thoughts on this dilemma.

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  1. Can’t argue with any of that DTT. Bernardo also has the potential extra game in Europe against Lyon so you have to take that into account also. Not an easy call as Richarlison scored a bullet header for Brazil in the last game and looks in fine form right now. One of those that could basically be a coin flip as to who comes out of the week with the most points.

    I need to come up with a goalkeeping plan also for when Ryan’s fixtures stiffen up. Can’t quite afford Kepa (or any other premium keeper) yet so hoping for a bit of value adjustment over the next few weeks to bring them within range. I can afford Leno but I’m not keen on that Arsenal defence. Come on Ryan my son!

    1. Yeah I was keen to move Leno on fairly quickly as well. The goalkeeper position is going to be a tough one for me. I’m not overly keen on having Maddison and Richarlison in my midfield.

  2. Last month I missed the last min transfer of Leno for Schmeichel, which meant when I used my first transfer of the month I didn’t lose value so could swap Madison for Richarlison. However I’ve stayed with DTT all along and hoping I can remain close by.

  3. I have the funds available for Maddison to Richarlison so it is likely I’ll do that. Everton have 3 favourable home games over the next 3 game weeks. Whilst Leicester have the home league cup fixture giving them an extra game on Everton, they also marginally have the tougher fixtures.

    Looking at the B Silva to Richarlison transfer, so note that City have two extra games to Everton over the next 3 GWs in Lyon and Hoffenheim.

    I’m still toying with the idea of the Kane to Martial switch. Tottenham’s fixtures over the next 3 GWs are very intimidating compared to Man U. Problem is we all know Kane can score even when “playing poorly”, and as Chris pointed out, how long will Martial’s form continue? Never easy!

    1. I’d prefer Kane over Martial. All it normally takes is a goal for Kane to get star man as well. It’s a really tough call with Richarlison. I think if B. Silva doesn’t start at the weekend then I may just do it. However I’ll leave Schmeichel as he is for now and I can always stick Silva back in.

  4. I’ve a few times that B.Silva isn’t available for this weekend, so well worth keeping your eye on.

  5. Do I give B.Silva another run out by straight swapping him for Mendy??…..

    He done sweet FA for the few games I had him earlier in the season, so I’m torn between him and doubling up on my Liverpool defence (I have Robertson), given their fixtures.

  6. Just done Maddison to Richarlison which leaves me with zero in the bank. Will there be any price changes on Friday after the international break? Thanks

    1. Good news for Maddison owners…. The Leicester play maker has returned to full training. Saturday comes too soon for Harry Maguire [knee] while Jamie Vardy faces a late fitness test. “He had a pain in the last game and came back today. We’ll see tomorrow.” #LCFC

      1. Hope Maddison is back this weekend, cld do with him contributing some pts for my team, nice run of fixtures & still in league cup.

    2. Pretty sure there aren’t usually price changes after the IB but I’m sure one of the more seasoned campaigners can confirm.

  7. Anyone wanting to see an ex PL footballer behave in the most bizarre fashion. Search YouTube for “Patrice Evra Chicken”. Can’t see many people accepting his Christmas dinner invite this year! 🤢

    1. Saw that earlier today, such a bizarre clip! Evra might be enjoying a nice bout of salmonella flowing that!

      1. He made another bizarre video recently involving an egg. Can’t for the life of me think which came first though… 😉

  8. One of our fellow DT players who I follow on Twitter (Mark Rose, having a great season so far) asked the official DT Twitter account about when the deadline is for this month for transfers. Here’s the answer he received:

    “Hi mate. You’ll need to use up the existing transfers you have now before the 1st December, otherwise they’ll sadly go to waste! However, your three new transfers won’t be available until the 7th December. Okay?”

    End of the month and they’re gone then. Get tinkering guys…

    1. I appreciate this has come directly from dream team themselves but I really don’t think this is right. It states in the rules that the transfer period for November ends December 7 at 6.59.59am. After the 0.3 price rise debacle at the start of the season it’s anyone’s guess what is correct, i’ve asked for clarification and if I get any i’ll keep you all posted

      1. Cheers District. Just wanted to put it out there to make sure nobody got burnt and lost valuable transfers (if indeed it is correct). 👍🏻

    2. That’s strange, I thought we could use them right up until the new ones are credited.

  9. Due to Mane’s form and that they have PSG later this week.
    Would you consider dropping him to release funds?

    1. It’s a move I’ve made but I didn’t make the decision lightly. The way I see it is that Mane is very capable of having an explosive week and getting a double digit haul. He’s also very capable (as we’ve seen recently) of blanking for a few weeks running. I brought in D.Silva for him as he seems to be a reasonably sound bet for consistent returns at the moment. He seems to tick along nicely bringing in 5, 8 or possibly more points hauls. Things can always change though and I can see this particular spot being a D.Silva/Sterling/Mane rotation depending on form and fixtures (for me anyway).

    2. I dropped him some time ago for sterling. it’s worked out for me but it could easily have gone the other way.

      Go with your gut on this

  10. Matt Doherty has recovered from a facial injury and he will be available to face Huddersfield on Sunday. Jonny Otto does not require knee surgery, but he is expected to miss six weeks of action. #Wolves 💪👊

  11. PEP: @BernardoCSilva cannot play this weekend. The injury is not a big one but he cannot play this weekend. @benmendy23 will be out for 10-12 weeks. #WHUMCI

  12. I’ve been looking at the fixtures coming up over Christmas and I’m getting really tempted by a little formation changing transfer. With the European games taking a break soon, I’m tempted by Gomez to Arnautovic after this GW. West Ham’s fixtures: Newcastle, Cardiff, Palace, Fulham, Watford.

    Pellegrini has also recently confirmed he seems to be completely over his knee “niggle” he had over recent weeks. I reckon he could do some serious damage in those fixtures. With the heavy fixture schedule, could Gomez get rested over the December games? With Arnautovic being the Hammers talisman I’d have thought he’d start every game. What do you reckon guys? Worth a punt?

    It would mean though that I’d be rustling around the bargain bucket of goalkeepers to replace Ryan mid December though. I could always cash in on Arnautovic further down the line when fixtures stiffen up though and upgrade my keeper further down the line. Anyway, food for thought. 🤔

    1. And beyond those fixtures it’s: Sot, Bur, Bri, Ars, Bou, Wol up until end of Jan so it’s only Arsenal to play from the regular ‘top 6’ sides in those 11 fixtures in Dec and Jan. i already have Liverpool defensive coverage also with Robbo. It’s appealing to me even more now. 🤔

      1. I’m a big fan of that transfer Chris, while Arnie can blow hot and cold west hams fixtures are ppmaajw the best of anyone’s over Xmas

    2. That’s a good spot Chris, I’m of the same opinion as DTT, not overly keen on having Maddison & Richarlison in midfield, will be looking to off load Maddison on December the 7th, unless he produces some decent pts hauls from now till then, Arnautovic currently 4.8, out of my price range, will have to look elsewhere

      1. I’ll have to end up going for Richarlison and Maddison with B. Silva out. However I’m keeping the other two transfers and will decide after the weekend if I want to bring Siva back in or upgrade Maddison or Schmeichel.

  13. If I was to make 2 initial transfers in December though, I could ask myself which pairing through out December & beyond would score more pts
    Option 1
    Option 2
    As you rightly say, there will be a break in Europe soon, so if I select Ederson, he wouldn’t have those extra games.

      1. I don’t think David was saying that Tech to be honest. I presume Hart is his existing keeper and he’s considering Hart for Ederson or Maddison for Arnautovic. 👍🏻

    1. Does it have to be Hart? Could be other budget keepers with a better chance of clean sheets? A decent budget keeper in a well organised team with good fixtures plus Arnie would score more than Ederson and Maddison I would have thought during December/January.

    1. He’s not cheap I’ll give you that, but with those fixtures he has the potential to explode during this next couple of months. West Ham’s midfield now appear to gelling better also so he could be in for a bumper few weeks. With his classification being as a midfielder I just think I’m not going to be able to resist this one. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Keep it coming. 👍🏻

    2. An alternative option could be Anderson. £1.7m cheaper than Arnie and has the potential to also pick up points with West Ham’s favourable fixtures

      1. Yep, I’d also expect Anderson to score well during this period.

        Having Arnie up front there on his own though, being classed as a midfielder in DT, and with those fixtures? The potential is huge as long as he stays fit.

        It’ll feel like having two extra strikers in my midfield with Richarlison there as well.

        1. Agree with that, just trying to weigh up the cheaper alternative.

          B Silva for either Arnie or Richarlison now I’ve taken a look at WH fixtures! Will however most likely be the latter: cheaper and 3 fancied home games from their next 4.

          Would have been a straight Maddison to Richarlison swap had it not been for the forced B Silva transfer

          1. With B.Silva definitely being out, I’d probably make the same switch too. No reason why you can’t go Richarlison to Arnie further down the line though? Good luck Dave. 👍🏻

            1. That could definitely be an option for GW16 when Everton have City and then Spurs the following week.

              Could be a switch to Arnie, or use the funds to upgrade Ryan to anyone but Ederson (in terms of funds)

              Food for thought anyway!

  14. Reading a lot about Arnautovic and whilst there are positives, there are some negatives that bring an element of doubt about bringing him in my team:
    – whilst upcoming fixtures look good, his current form is not good. Reasons could be:
    – Ongoing knee injury: maybe restricts movement and shooting power, played international games so did not have a rest. Not been training between games. With a busy period of games coming up, he might miss games as finds difficultly playing two games a week.
    – Unhappiness: talk about moving from West Ham has surfaced this week. Could he go into sulk mode? Will he disrupt the dressing room atmosphere? I usually like to select happy players if possible in my teams.
    – Another negative is price: 4.8m is on the expensive side for me, my main team is not value rich and bringing him in requires all available funds and makes it difficult to strengthen other areas of team. Also price is on the way down not up so may make a loss on this investment if things don’t improve.
    – Striker rotation: Andy Carroll back in training and together with Hernandez and Perez provide competition for places. So Arnautovic could miss games for a rest. Could feature against Newcastle away and then miss Cardiff at home which is not ideal.

    So a few negatives that do concern me about Arnautovic but he is on my shortlist. I looking at the Maddison- Arnautovic move myself next week. So maybe the positives mentioned by others out way the negatives. Will see how Arnautovic does against Man City this weekend.

    1. Yeah, some valid points to consider there RR. Pellegrini spoke earlier in the week about his knee problem not being an issue anymore so I’m hoping that’s the case.

      If he does want a move in January, I’d imagine he’d be going out there all guns blazing in an attempt to impress the top teams. To go into sulk mode would serve no real purpose for himself and a potential move away.

      If he does start to miss games for a rest then maybe I’ll have to consider shipping him out again but at this moment in time I think it’s a gamble I’m prepared to take. He’s the talisman of that club right now so he’ll take some shifting I’d imagine by the likes of Carroll and Hernandez.

      Great input as ever RR. 👍🏻

  15. Yeah, when it comes to player selections, I tend to look at the pros and cons of the player I want to bring in and also the player I am taking out. Maybe I am overthinking but it’s something I like to spend time on and this strategy usually pays off for me (when I get it right).

    Probably the reason I am slightly against the Arnautovic move is that bringing him in my team just uses up all my funds in the bank and I can’t really plan any other transfers. Things just get a bit messy from a tactical point of view on my team structure. I tend to plan two or three moves ahead. Anderson might be more appealing to me as he has form and is slightly cheaper so gives the flexibility my team needs.

    Also with regards to my low team value, I feel I have to shop for bargains and still like to have some change left over whilst my richer mini rivals can easily buy the high priced products. A bad start this season has proven very costly this season compounded with the first 0.3m price change.

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