World Cup: Final Position

World Cup: Final Position

After a successful day yesterday – moving up to around 700 on the overall leader board, the final couldn’t have gone much worse. As a result the team ended the tournament on:

Points: 419
Overall position: 2,222

Before the tournament I’d have probably taken this as a final finish but having been through the competition, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed now. Having said that, there were over a million teams entered so it’s not a bad result. I thought the plan throughout the tournament worked incredibly well and with a bit more luck I could have finished much higher. Hopefully this result has put right the poor run I had in the Premier League last season, which was my main reason for entering the World Cup competition.

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Day 21 Review: World Cup

Final Transfer

Neymar out, Griezmann in. Could have tossed a coin between Griezmann and Mbappe but went for Griezmann as he is on penalty duties for France and seems to have picked up points on a more regular basis (rather than just having one good game).

Once again things just about went the right way yesterday, although the transfers didn’t pay off massively. Lovren didn’t get his clean sheet and Rakitic only got 3 points. Trippier did however get a clean sheet and it was good to see Modric get 10 points. The team did move up to 1,511 in the overall leader board but I saw no real movement in the mini league I wanted to compete in. A lot of other people in this league appeared to score very well with blocks of England players – this was a bit of a surprise as it must have required quite a few transfers to make this happen. I’d assumed most people would have been close to being out of transfers by now. This leaves one transfer remaining going into the semi finals. I’ll probably take out Neymar for a French striker. This will give me 10 players in the semi final stage. It’s a bit of a shame I won’t be able to make transfers before the final but the tactic was to use transfers to gain as many points as possible during the easier group games. This has worked to a certain extent with a decent position on the overall leader board but with only one transfer remaining I’d expect the team to start dropping over the remaining four games. I’m pleased with the overall position but frustrated at the same time – I’d invested in players like Muller, Kimmich, Isco, Costa and Alba all of which I’d hoped would reach the semi final stage. Had those players performed as expected I’d hope to have had more points and more transfers. This could have possibly boosted the team to a top 500 finish but it wasn’t to be.

Day 20 Review: World Cup

The first round of quarter finals kind of went to plan. The only player in action for the France/Uruguay game was Lloris and he kept a clean sheet. I’d kind of accounted for Brazil or Belgium to get knocked out with 4 transfers remaining. However I’d assumed it would be Belgium who went. With Brazil going out this does leave me a single transfer short but at this stage, I don’t think that overly matters. There are two options for the remaining transfers:

– Play it safe and go for France/Belgium players as they are already through.
– Risk it and go for Croatia/England players who will get an extra game but may get eliminated.

I’ll be going for a the more risky approach. I’m 11th in the mini league I’d hoped to do well in so playing it safe isn’t really an option. I’m not overly bothered where I finish in the overall leader board as it means very little if you’re not at the top. As a result I’m using three transfers today, hoping that England and Croatia progress:

Miranda out, Lovren in – hoping Croatia can keep a clean sheet and progress against Russia.

Coutinho out, Rakitic in – again hoping Croatia do well against Russia. Appreciate that he’s a yellow card but I think that Rakitic and Modric are the main talents in the Croatia team.

T. Sliva out, Trippier in – this is more of a blocking exercise as I imagine a lot of people will have an England defender for the game against Sweden.

Today is very much make or break. If Croatia go out I’ll have no chance of gaining any ground in the mini league. I’d really like to see them beat Russia after they pretty much played anti football against Spain.

I’ll then have one transfer left which I’ll use to replace Neymar with someone like Greizmann.

A quick note to say, I wouldn’t necessarily follow this advice if you’re winning your mini league. It comes with high risk at this stage. If I was out in front, I wouldn’t be making these transfers.

Day 19 Review: World Cup

Very quick write up as there is nothing really to say with only Kane in action. Obviously everyone is over the moon about England going through but this blog is only about Dream Team so I’m going to focus on that. My plan looked like it was going to work perfectly – Kane got his goal and looked set for star man. He was star man until the penalties started – ahead of Trippier on points. They both took a penalty and both scored but Trippier then goes ahead of Kane and takes star man. I can’t really see how this is possible. There was a lot of talk before the game about putting Trippier in – I didn’t fancy this option as only Brazil and Sweden had kept a clean sheet in the knockout stage and England hadn’t kept one yet in the tournament. Outside of Dream Team the only important thing is that England went through – I just couldn’t understand how Trippier ended up star man as a result of the penalty.

Day 18 Review: World Cup

Really brief update. Today pretty much went to plan. It would have been nice for Lukaku to get on the score sheet and Coutinho to get a 7+ rating but we can’t have it all. The end result is:

Total points: 306
Overall leader board position: 1,996
Transfers remaining: 5

I’m also 10th in the only league I really cared about competing in, which is a bit of a shocker considering I’m within the top 2,000 teams in the country. With only 5 transfers remaining, I’ve only got one planned for tomorrow. That’s Costa out and Kane in. This was pretty much already planned anyway. I’ll take another look at the team when we see how England get on tomorrow. The aim now is to have a team of players who are likely to make the semi finals. Had Spain and Germany performed as everyone expected them too, I hate to imagine how well this team/plan could be performing.

Day 17 Review: World Cup

Transfer Updates

With so few games left and the team being in a bit of a mess after yesterday’s results. I’ve decided I don’t necessarily need a grand plan. My previous plan has changed so many times that it’s hardly worth looking too far into the future as we’ve got no real idea what’s around the corner. However here’s where I’m currently at:

Total points: 268
Transfers remaining: 6

Current team and plan:

Lloris (keep until eliminated)

Miranda (keep until eliminated)
Meuiner (keep until eliminated)
Alba (transfer out for T. Silva)

Modric (keep until eliminated)
Isco (transfer out after last 16 knockout games)
Coutinho (keep until eliminated)
Hazard (keep until eliminated)

Costa (transfer out for Kane)
Lukaku (keep until eliminated)
Neymar (keep until eliminated)

So the plan is to put T. Silva in today and then put Kane in tomorrow. Which was pretty much the plan anyway. I’ll then take Isco out once we can see who has made the quarter finals. Other than that, I can’t see the point in planning too much into the future. The aim now should simply be to get players in who will at least make the semi finals. Which for me is very tricky to predict. France could face a tough game against Uruguay. Brazil have tough games against Mexico and Belgium (hopefully). England have a tough game against Colombia. At this stage I can’t see the point in risking more transfers until we know a little bit more. So the only transfer today for me is T. Silva in and Alba out.

Very quick update as I’ve pretty much lost my enthusiasm for this tournament (although I will see it through). Let’s start with Spain. Where to start. No Iniesta? Maybe they were saving him for the next round but it was a big mistake if they were. Pique giving away a stupid penalty. Russia were never going to score, why try and be clever by raising your hand in the box. Then they keep two holding midfielders on (which they didn’t need) and bring off Costa. On the surface it looked like Costa has a poor game, but in fairness to him, he got no service. They weren’t even trying to create anything for him. I’ve seen a lot of people celebrating that Spain went out – they were the only team who actually wanted to win the game. They dominated the ball and were clearly by far the better footballing side. Russia parked the bus and didn’t deserve to go through. Spain looked in control from start to finish. Ultimately the blame falls with Spain – they couldn’t create anything or break Russia down and were basically poor in the final third. We saw the same with Germany. Outside of fantasy football I’d rather see teams like Spain progress and end up playing against a team who actually wants to play against them. Regardless of this coming back to Dream Team – Isco was the man of the match before the penalty shoot out and this changed after. Not sure how that can happen.

Moving onto Croatia. I went for Modric as I felt like Croatia were most likely to progress and he was most likely to score or get star man. The winner of that game would also face Russia in the next round so thought this was an obvious and logical choice. Despite Croatia going though – he missed a penalty at the end of the game. From a chance he created with a great through ball. If that penalty goes in, he gets star man in my opinion. That situation was exactly why I put him in, and he should have scored the penalty – in my opinion you can only put that down to being unlucky. That’s also the third penalty that’s been missed by a player that I’ve selected.

I’ll create a revised plan and see the tournament through but at the moment I’ve lost interest. No amount of planning, logic and research can account for someone missing a penalty or the better team getting knocked out. For me that includes Spain and Germany.

Day 16 Review: World Cup

UPDATE: Spain out, Modric in

No time to dwell on the Spain game or explain this transfer but I’m taking Kimmich out and putting Modric in. Full explanation (and rant about Spain) will be posted later.

I’ve got mixed thoughts on today’s results. On one hand no clean sheet for Uruguay, no goal for Ronaldo or Messi and both crashing out of the tournament was a good result. However there were a few too many goals for my liking with only Lloris in action. Mbappe getting 20 points was frustrating – especially as I’d originally planned to have him for this fixture (before France rested players against Denmark). Griezmann also got on the score sheet. Messi also picked up points with two assists and a 7+ rating. Ultimately this cost the team a huge number of places on the overall leader board – now at 5,669. I’d be fairly disappointed if I finish outside of the top 2,000 teams so it really comes down to Spain playing well tomorrow. If Costa fails to perform or gets dropped it could spell big trouble – I’m really relying on a clean sheet for Alba or a couple of goals for Costa (ideally both) but I just can’t see it happening. I’d much rather have the points on the board than be chasing a position on the leader board but I can’t see any reason to move away from the plan already in place.

Day 15 Review: World Cup

Updated Plan

Here’s my rough plan until the end of the tournament. Obviously things will change as it can’t all go to plan, but this is what I’ve currently got in mind:

Decent result today. Worked out well that I didn’t have to put Kane in and Belgium scoring took out quite a few clean sheets. The only disappointment was that Belgium didn’t have their clean sheet taken out but I didn’t lose many places on the overall leader board. The result also means that Belgium face Japan before England play Colombia, which is ideal considering I now have Hazard and Lukaku so this avoids further transfers. The only transfer I’m now going to make is removing Kimmich and putting in T. Silva. I then plan to stick with this team until England play next.

Day 14 Review: World Cup

Last Minute Transfer

Muller out, Hazard in

Belgium are through and Hazard is on the bench but I was going to put him in anyway. So it makes sense to put him in now if this was going to be done anyway – as a result I’m doing it now just in case Hazard gets a run out against England.

Transfer Update

Transfers are getting a little complicated, with only 8 remaining I’ve got to be really careful not to run out. The problem faced today is whether to go with Kane or not. We know Lukaku is not playing so this causes a problem. Here’s the conclusion I’ve come to:

– Leave Muller for today and make a decision on this once the knockout stage has been finalised.

– If Kane starts, bring him in for Lukaku. Can’t really afford to miss this opportunity as I’m sure many will have Kane already.

– If Kane doesn’t start. Make no transfers. If Lukaku, Hazard and Kane are all rested. I don’t think it’s worth making any changes until we see the last 16 games.

Basically transfers will only happen if Kane is starting. If so, the transfers will be:

Kane in, Lukaku out
T. Silva in, Kimmich out

If he does start, the best result would be England topping the group. They would then play again before Belgium so we could keep Kane in for that game. If England get through they would then face Brazil so we could take Kane out for this game (could be their last) and move back to Lukaku for a potential three easier games (last 16, quarter final, semi final). Based on transfers remaining a few things could start to cause us problems:

Brazil/Spain going out early – the plan is around both of these going far.
Messi/Ronaldo scoring big in any remaining game. There’s no plan to get either of these back in
France putting in some high point scoring performances, players like Pogba/Griezmann could do some damage.

With so few transfers remaining there’s a lot of risk. With Germany going out, I can’t help but think things are about to start going against the transfers made so far. I’ve had a rub of the green to a certain extent so far and I’ve just got a feeling this luck is about to run out.

If we were purely measuring the success of the team on position in the overall leader then today goes down as a success, as the team progressed to 2,411. However to me it doesn’t feel like a success. I’d hoped for much more from Germany – a minimum for me was a clean sheet for Kimmich. Why they didn’t start Muller I’ll never know – maybe because he was on a yellow card and they were trying to avoid suspension. If this was the case they shouldn’t have assumed they would get past South Korea. Had Germany performed – with Kimmich getting a clean sheet and Muller getting a goal I’m fairly sure the team would be pushing for place in the top 1,000 teams. Now we face only having 8 transfers remaining and two players already eliminated from the tournament. Fortunately the plan I’d put together factored in Germany losing to Brazil in the next round so hopefully I’m not going to run out of transfers. However another shock exit from the tournament will really ruin the plan. My concern is that people who have saved transfers could well start to catch up as I’ve ended up using more transfers than planned.

So here’s where the team is currently at:

Overall leader board: 2,411
Mini league I’d like to compete in: 10th (first place is within the top 10 overall so I’ve got no chance)
Transfers remaining: 8

Basically how I see it now is players coming in, stay in until they are eliminated. I’m going to look at transfers for tomorrow in more detail tomorrow, but initial thoughts are:

Kimmich out, T. Silva in (was already planned)
Lukaku out, Kane in (hoping England get the easier draw and with Lukaku missing the England game)
Muller out, Hazard in (long term pick, I’m not sure Hazard will play against England but I’d put him in on the basis of being a potential high scoring midfielder and he would be in until Belgium go out)

These transfers may rely on the line ups or even the result of the England v Belgium game. For example if Kane isn’t starting – I won’t rush into the transfer above. As it would make sense to wait and see who finishes where in the group. Equally if Hazard isn’t playing, I’ll not make this transfer until I can see which route Belgium are likely to take in the knock out stage. Which we will only know after the game has been played. Also it makes sense not to do the Kimmich to Silva transfer until closer to when Brazil next play – just in case Silva was to get injured in training. I prefer doing transfers on the day the game is being played. I’m a bit undecided at the moment but will publish something more solid tomorrow.

Day 13 Review: World Cup

UPDATE: Messi out, Neymar in

I feel like today is almost make or break for the team. Although it’s done well to be around 3,500 in the leader board, I’ll only see the tournament as a success if I’m challenging for a top place finish in the mini league I’d like to win. At the moment I sit in 11th place. If Muller does well and Germany keep a clean sheet, this should give me a very nice boost. I think Coutinho or Neymar doing well would be good but most people have them anyway. A clean sheet for Miranda would also be welcomed but it’s the Germany game I’ll be keeping a close eye on.

Very quick update for today. Obviously the Messi transfer went to plan but it was disappointing that Lloris didn’t play for France. This moved me back up to 11th in the mini league I’d like to compete in and 3,492 on the overall leader board. I’ve not happy being outside of the top 10 in the mini league but I’m relatively happy with the position on the leader board.

Looking forward to tomorrow – if Germany do well this could give the team a great boost with Kimmich and Muller in action. The only dilemma I’m left with is do I stick with Messi or go back to Neymar. It’s looking likely that Brazil could face Germany but they do have the extra game against Serbia. Messi may only get one more game against France. Any thoughts on this decision would be appreciated in the comments. I’m personally favouring going for Neymar and then sticking with this team for the short term future.

Day 12 Review: World Cup

UPDATE: Revised transfers

With Ronaldo not scoring well last night, I’ve decided to cut my loses with him. I’m bringing Messi in for tonight’s game as a big punt on getting back in contention in the league I’d like to do well in. I’m giving the Mbappe transfer a miss as I hear France are going to make a lot of changes. Having Messi in won’t create problems with the overall plan as I’ll will still have ample transfers left.

Ronaldo out, Messi in

I’ve also roughly planned out to the end of the tournament. I did it on the basis on Spain and Brazil getting to the final and wanted to see how many transfers it would require to get an all Spanish and Brazilian team in that game. Based on the plan it works out at 19 transfers. Obviously I’m fully aware that it won’t go to plan as there is certain to be some shock results. But thought it was useful to share.

Very brief write up for tonight as I’ve not long got home. I only managed to catch the first half of the Spain game. Thought they looked poor – almost not interested, like it was a given they would win. On paper I thought this was a game where Alba would get a clean sheet and Costa would possibly grab a goal but it wasn’t to be. I then noticed that Ronaldo had missed a penalty which topped off a pretty awful day. If I’m honest, I only really put Ronaldo in as damage limitation in case he scored well. I’ve never really rated Portugal, which is why I resisted him despite the hat trick in the last round of games. Wish I’d done the same tonight. I don’t really fancy their chances against Uruguay. I don’t want to make a rash decision but my initial thoughts are pretty much sticking to the plan:

Lukaku out, Mbappe (or Giroud) in – in an attempt to get back in contention with France playing earlier fixtures. If Lukaku doesn’t face England then a France striker gets two games in this time frame.

I’m also tempted to take Ronaldo out for Neymar. Get Neymar in for the Serbia game and then also their first knockout game.

These changes pretty much stick to the plan already laid out but just bring the Neymar transfer back a game. I haven’t decided fully what to do yet but I’ll be posting an update between 12:30pm-1pm tomorrow to confirm the decision.

Day 11 Review: World Cup

UPDATE: Ronaldo or Messi

I’ve decided to go for Ronaldo. For me it’s 50/50 out of which one of these two pick up the most points over the next two games. However I’ve decided to favour Ronaldo this time around. For a couple of reasons – his goal scoring form is better, Portugal have pretty much qualified for the knockout stages and Argentina may go out and Portugal also have easier opposition in the next round. I do appreciate that Messi could well go on to score a hat trick against Nigeria to ensure Argentina qualify and silence the critics but I can’t have them both. This would be a good example of where you need good fortune in this game – for me this is an impossible one to predict so you have to make a decision and hope it pans out. It’s going to have to be Kane that comes out as well. I know Lukaku is unlikely to play against England but the budget doesn’t allow for replacing Lukaku with Ronaldo and I’m keen to save as many transfers as possible. So the only transfer for today is:

Kane out, Ronaldo in

I’ll make a decision later today or tomorrow about Lukaku for Mbappe. I’m not overly keen on using the transfer but if Lukaku isn’t fit to play England I may have to.

On paper today’s transfer couldn’t have gone better. 28 points and hat trick for Harry Kane was a great result. However pretty much everyone made this transfer so I didn’t feel like it was any advantage gained. There’s still a game to be played but the team ended up dropping slightly on the overall leader board. I’d mainly put this down to other people going stronger with England representation – anyone who had Stones or Lingard would have had a significant boost. However it was a relief to see Panama score, a clean sheet for England would have seen an even bigger drop on the leader board.

Looking forward to the final group games. It’s approaching time to decide which players from Spain, Portugal, France or Argentina are worth going for based on their knockout games coming sooner. Here’s where I’ve got to:

– Happy with Spain representation, no changes required.
– I think France are through but they have a tougher final group game. Also do they have a certain goalscorer? I’m not sure they do. So may be worth giving their players a miss.
– This leaves Argentina and Portugal. I don’t overly rate Portugal but Ronaldo is always going to be a big threat. They need a result against Iran. But not as much as Argentina need a result against Nigeria. They have however looked very poor and may not even get a knockout game if they fail to qualify. I wouldn’t put it past Messi to put in a man of the match performance though.

So the big dilemma is Ronaldo or Messi until the quarter finals. Any views in the comments section would be appreciated.

Day 10 Review: World Cup

Today couldn’t have got off to a better start with a couple of goals for both Lukaku and Hazard. This propelled the team in the overall leader board to a position I’m much happier with. Having the feeling that Germany were going to reproduce their usual form, I decided to bring in a German defender (as already planned) and figured out that bringing in Muller now meant I’d get an additional game out of him rather than waiting. This backfired with only 3 points picked up between them. Frustrating really as I didn’t think Sweden were much of a threat and with how many touches Kimmich got in the Swedish half I thought he may have scored the 7+ rating. I cant argue with Muller only getting 3 points as he rarely looked liked scoring. However we do now have the advantage of having an extra game from both of them against South Korea.

The German result tainted what had been a very successful day but regardless it still leaves the team in a decent position:

Transfers remaining: 12
Total points: 191
Position on overall leader board: 4,911

There’s been some frustrating results but I still think all has gone to plan really. As a result I’ll be sticking to the plan with Kane coming in tomorrow:

Hazard out, Kane in

I’ve not actually deviated away from the plan previously suggested. I’ve just rearranged the order slightly to get an extra game from Muller. Here’s how I see things going forward. I’m sure this will change but based on how the bookmakers see each group finish and how I see current form this is how I see the rest of the tournament panning out:

Everything is certain to change given the unpredictability of football, however it’s still useful to see it laid out in this way. With this plan I’d still have a healthy number of transfers remaining at the quarter final stages and I’m questioning if it’s even worth making the Mbappe and Messi transfers (which will ultimately save two from being used).

Day 9 Review: World Cup

FINAL UPDATE: Last Minute Transfer

For the reasons below, transfers for the Germany Sweden game are:

Neymar out, Muller in
Gimenez out, Kimmich in

This means a change of formation to 4-4-2. Makes sense as we get two games for Muller compared to Hazard’s one game (which he may miss anyway, with a slight injury)

FURTHER UPDATE: German Transfers

Looking at the plan for the rest of the tournament. I was going to go for Muller for his games against South Korea and then the knockout game. I was planning to make this transfer before Hazard plays again. However as Hazard has now played I’m wondering if it would be worth bringing Muller. So the rest of today’s transfers would be:

Gimenez out, Kimmich in
Neymar out, Muller in

Then tomorrow:

Hazard out, Kane in

This get us an extra game for Muller without using any additional transfers. Very short notice but I’m wondering what other people think of this? I’m currently just going with Kimmich but considering this as an option. Thoughts within the next half hour would be appreciated.

UPDATE: Transfers today

I’ve had a rethink regarding today’s transfers and think I’ve come up with a solution to get a German defender but keeping enough budget to bring Kane in tomorrow.

As the plan was to take Neymar out for someone like Messi. I can simply swap Neymar for Kane and bring in Kimmich for Germany today in place of Gimenez. As the table below shows, this can work without using any additional transfers:

This will get two games for the German defender compared to one for Uruguay. Even if I decide to skip the Messi transfer and bring Neymar back in this hasn’t cost us any additional transfers. I can imagine at this point no one would see the value in bringing Messi back in for the Nigeria game. I agree they’ve been poor but we’ve also got to remember that Messi won’t want to crash out of the tournament in this fashion, especially with Ronaldo grabbing the headlines. It seems unlikely to be would anyone put it past him to put in a man of the match performance against Nigeria and allow Argentina to seek into the knockout round?

Regardless of that, the transfers for today are:

Gimenez out, Kimmich in (unless Hummels starts, in which case I’ll go for him)
Suarez out, Lukaku in (I’ve already confirmed this one)

I’m uncomfortable with having no German attacking players in the team but it’s another one of those games where I’ll have to risk it and give them a miss. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Muller do well today though.

Quick review of today’s action and an update on the overall progress of the team. From my point of view today couldn’t have gone much better. A clean sheet for Miranda, a goal and star man for Coutinho and a goal for Neymar exceeded my expectation. The result is 27 points for the day and a total of 153 points scored. With 15 transfers remaining this is a decent position to be in.

Despite the strong start, there has been some frustrations. My plan has gone pretty much perfectly so far and I’ve had plenty of luck along the way. Two late goals falling to my two Brazilian players for example, a deflected goal for Costa, Gimenez getting a late winner resulting in 18 points in one game, 13 points for Pogba for a goal that got taken away from him and so on. My point is, pretty much every move I’ve made has gone well. Based on the transfers I’ve made I couldn’t really expect to be on more points than I’ve got. However here’s where I’m currently sitting in leagues:

Overall leader board: 12,045
Competitive mini league (150 entries): 18th
Dream Team Tips mini league: 3rd

As I think I’ve had a lot of luck and have scored well with pretty much every transfer I’ve made. It’s really disappointing to by 18th the mini league I want to be competitive in. Also sitting outside the top 10,000 of the overall leader board doesn’t make me feel like I’m winning or doing well. Although at the same time I don’t think I could have done much more so it’s becoming very frustrating. I do have a feeling that a lot of teams above me are racing through their transfers but I believe it’s impossible to check how many people have used. Hopefully this may give me an advantage as the competition progresses, but it’s better to see points on the board ultimately.

Regardless of the frustrations, I’m going to stick with the planned measured approach. I’m a little undecided on tomorrow’s transfers at the moment. Here’s where I’m currently at:

– Suarez out, Lukaku in. I think this transfer should go ahead as I favour Belgium over Uruguay in the long run.
– I think Sweden could be stubborn for Germany to break down. As a result I’m NOT going to transfer Hazard out for Muller as planned. I’m going to hold onto the transfer and keep Hazard for the time being.
– The third transfer I’m now undecided about. The plan was to swap Gimenez for Hummels. However Hummels is likely to miss out through injury. I can’t go for a different (regular) German defender as I won’t have the funds to put Kane in for the Panama game. So the choice is to either stick with Gimenez for another game or go with a Belgium or England defender. At the moment I can’t decide. I believe there is a chance Hummels may still play so I may wait until tomorrow to decide. There is also the options to swap Gimenez for a midfielder and change formation. Reus or Draxler would be available within the budget. Any thoughts on this third transfer would be appreciated.

Day 8 Review: World Cup

Really brief update on today’s games and plans for tomorrow. I only had one player in action today – Lloris, who kept a clean sheet so couldn’t ask for much more than that. I was tempted by Messi or Griezmann but decided to resist using another transfer. This worked out quite well and I’m glad I didn’t have any Argentina players in my team.

As far as tomorrow goes. I don’t plan on making any changes. I think Miranda, Coutinho and Neymar is enough cover for Brazil. So I’ll hold fire until the weekend with regards to transfers.

Day 7 Review: World Cup

Very brief update on today’s results. Very happy with the Spain game – points scored for Costa, Isco and Alba all worked well. Delighted with Suarez getting a goal and star man. This projected the team in the overall leader board and in some of the mini leagues I’m entered into. I’m still a little behind where I’d want to be, however I’m hoping others are racing through their transfers without a real plan of action.

I stuck with the decision to go without Ronaldo – after 5 minutes of the Portugal I was sure this was going to backfire massively. Fortunately Ronaldo only picked up 8 points. I feel like I’ve dodged a bullet with that result.

My plan was to stay as I am for tomorrow. I won’t be going for Messi as Croatia could be a tough fixture and it could all go down to Nigeria game for Argentina (where I may consider Messi). My next transfer will be to take out Suarez (planned for Lukaku). The only temptation I have for tomorrow is Griezmann as France face Peru. However I’m not sure this is worth a transfer.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I’m particularly interested in if people think it was a good move to not include Ronaldo and if anyone is making any changes tomorrow.

Day 6 Review: World Cup – Transfer Plan Reviewed

Update: having pondered overnight, I’ve decided to just go with Costa for today’s transfer. As I’ve got a fairly busy day this may be the only update I can make on this post. If this changes I’ll update.

With the first round of fixtures now complete I thought it would be a useful time to review the plan for the rest of the tournament. There hasn’t been any real surprises (other than Germany losing their first game) but I think the plan needs to be tweaked slightly now we’ve seen everyone play. I’ve also tried to look a little further ahead by planning how many transfers may potentially be used by the end of the first knockout round.

Here’s where I’ve currently got to:

This would give a total of 53 appearances and use 13 transfers to take us up to the quarter finals.

The key points for me are:

– Getting Costa in for Spain’s remaining group games and their knockout game which will be early in the calendar.
– Argentina may be desperate for a result against Nigeria so thought it might be useful to have Messi for this game. They then also play their knockout game fairly early on.
– Having Kane for the Panama game.
– I’ve put Mbappe in but this could easily be Werner. I went for Mbappe as he will have two games to Werner’s one. This one is also quite far into the future so things could change by then.

The potential problems:

– Neymar could be injured, which could open the door for Ronaldo but this would cost another transfer.
– Germany could end up crashing out and may face Brazil in the knockout stage but it’s risky avoiding their players. Do we stick with Hazard or go with Muller as planned.
– Everything could change after the next round of group fixtures. With the plan above, at that point I’ll have used 9 transfers. They will be rapidly running out at this stage if things were to change significantly.

My concern at this stage is racing through the transfer budget. It’s very easy to make a case for pretty much every striker who has done well already and switching them up between each game. However this is going to use up the transfers very quickly. The difficulty is knowing which ones to go with and which ones to resist. I managed to resist Kane last night which cost me. But also managed to resist any transfers today which seems to have paid off. If I stick to the plan above, I’d be happy with 7 transfers going into the quarter final stage, however something won’t go to plan and I’m sure I’ll end up having to use a few more transfers. Running out won’t be able, however at the same time it’s important to squeeze as many points out of the group stage as possible – while points are easier to come by.

It’s proving a tricky decision. At this stage I’m certainly going to go for Costa to replace Lukaku. The big dilemma is sticking with Neymar or going for someone else (Ronaldo). I’d be interested in hearing other peoples thoughts in the comments below.

Day 5 Review: World Cup

Just a quick write up after today’s games. Based on my initial plan for the tournament everything went to plan. Lukaku came in and got two goals (18 points) and Hazard also picked up 5 points. At this stage I still can’t see a reason to move away from the plan for transfers. Although I may go for Costa for the Iran game.

Having said that – Kane grabbing two goals really cost me quite a few places in a mini league I’m entered into. The difficulty is that football is impossible to predict and there’s only a limited number of transfers. As a result some transfers will be wasted (Muller, having Messi to start) and some opportunities will be missed such as Kane this evening. If I went after every potential opportunity I’d have to swap strikers for every game and I’d quickly run out of transfers. The overall winner will end up being the person who takes a punt on certain players and each one pays off by good fortune rather than precise planning in my opinion.

Day 4 Review: World Cup – Second Transfers

Today kind of went to plan. It was good to pick up 16 points with Coutinho and Neymar although I don’t think Brazil played that well. Putting Muller in was a waste of a transfer and Germany never really looked look scoring. However I can’t really regret this based on Muller’s goal scoring record in the World Cup. On another day it could have gone another way.

The plan from the start of the tournament seems to be going fine so far. As a result I’ll be sticking to the planned transfers tomorrow:

Pogba out, Lukaku in
Muller out, Hazard in

I may not have chance to confirm this in the morning but at this point in time those are the moves I’m going for.

Days 1-3 Review: World Cup – First Transfers

UPDATE: Slight change of plan to the below.

As I’m taking out Messi, Griezmann and Pogba over the next couple of days regardless of what happens in today’s games. Rather than making three transfers today, I’m just making two. This is more of a logistical change rather than tactical as ultimately I’ll probably end up the with the same team. However today’s transfers which I’ve just made are:

Messi out, Neymar in
Griezmann out, Muller in

This is a change to 4-4-2 and gives me a bit of thinking time ahead of tomorrow’s game for Belgium. The only reason I was bringing in Lukaku today was because I couldn’t afford Muller in for Pogba. But if I’m taking Griezmann out anyway, then I may as well buy myself another day for the Lukaku transfer in case anything changes. At this stage I’m still going for Muller despite this being a bit of a waste of a transfer if he does nothing against Mexico, however with only 8 transfers planned for the group stage I think I’ll be OK for transfers and I think it’s important to keep up the early momentum.

I’ll be sticking to my plan outlined before the tournament kicked off and plan to make my first three transfers tomorrow morning in preparation for Brazil, Germany and Belgium playing their first game. I would make these changes tonight however I believe it won’t be possible to reverse them tomorrow if certain players aren’t playing so I’ll play it safe and do them in the morning.

A quick note on progress so far

Overall I’ve had a decent start with 40 points scored. Highlights have been Gimenez picking up 18 points and Pogba picking up 13 points. I thought Pogba was fortunate to get the goal awarded to him and to receive the star man award but happy with this as he was only in the team for this game.

The margins between success and failure are very small. I’d have expected Messi to score his penalty – this miss probably cost me 13 points as I’d imagine he would have took the star man award with this goal. I thought Isco had a brilliant game as well for Spain. His shot stuck the bar and on another day could have crossed the line.

Has everything gone to plan?

Yes, is the short answer. I’m yet to regret a decision and so far it’s pretty much panned out how I’d hoped. As a result the transfers I had already planned will go ahead as planned tomorrow:

Messi out – Neymar in
Pogba out – Muller in
Griezmann out – Lukaku in

This will allow me to shape the team I’d like going into the rest of the group stages. The only concern I’ve had so far is Ronaldo. I didn’t expect him to get a hat trick against Spain – perhaps a goal but not a hat trick. With Morocco and Iran to play I’m concerned how many goals he might get in these games.

A quick reminder of the plan for transfers can be seen below:

Feel free to leave any of your own thoughts in the comments section below. It would be interesting to hear how others are getting on at this early stage.

953 thoughts on “World Cup: Final Position

  1. Will your changes get confirmed in time if you leave them tomorrow morning?… As in how long can you leave it before you can’t make the changes? (Sorry newbie here)

    1. I’d assume it’s up until kick off. I’m off out early on so I’ll probably do them when I wake up. As far as I know you can make changes on the day as long as no ones played.

    1. “An eligible transfer will take immediate effect and will occur if you transfer a Player out for another Player where neither the outgoing Player’s Country nor the incoming Player’s Country have played during that Match Day.”

      Doesn’t mean an awful lot to me. But I’ve taken it as meaning you can take a player out and swap him just before kick off as long as neither player have played.

  2. very detailed and a forward thinking team plan i am very impressed…i questioned some of your logics last season but boy this approach so far is spot on…..ive gone for 2 german defenders and the 3m forward werner…coutinho and marcelo for brazil tempted to use your logic and bring neymar in for messi and like u have to plot and plan ronaldo for the next 2 games he could do major damage i think….love the posts…keep it up and good luck for tommorows games

    1. Glad you find it useful. I’m still not completely sure it’s the best approach as I’m not absolutely smashing it already which is frustrating but it seemed like the most logical approach at the time. It’s always difficult to predict football accurately but hoping to have a good tournament. Ideally have a good day tomorrow.

    1. Me personally think you are waisting a transfer bringing in muller for one game !!! Why not just bring in hazard !! Surely panama is a far easier game than mexico!!thus saving what cud be a crucial transfer!

      1. I agree to a certain extent. I was doubting this transfer as well. It’s going to the same for Lukaku and effectively it uses two transfers. I want Hazard for the Panama game but my worry was that Muller could do something against Mexico. I might have another look at my transfers to see what saving this one might do for the rest of the tournament. Anyone else got any thoughts on this?

    2. Bringing him in instead of Griezmann for two Portugal games while Griezmann only has one for France. I’d then consider bringing Griezmann back in but it’s a difficult one as Ronaldo isn’t going to keep scoring hat tricks.

  3. Good start by DTT. Everything going to plan.

    My team on 55 points. Notable successes have been Golovin and Gimenez getting goals and star man awards. The good news is that my team is top of DTT league for the time being.

    Being critical of my team, I regret putting in Lucas Hernandez in my team. I will always make mistakes, just to got learn from them and improve in the future. My lack of Brazil and Germany players needs to be looked at. My concern is that Neymar may not be 100% fit but very risky to go without.

    1. It’s a great start. Any thoughts on going from Pogba -> Muller -> Hazard -> Muller potentially a waste of a transfer by putting Muller in just for today’s game?

      1. Well, in my team I looked at this and thought I will start with both Muller and Hazard in my team. I didn’t fancy the Muller to Hazard back to Muller move myself. I aim to keep Muller for three games at least and Hazard for his first two. Although I don’t Coutinho but then I can’t have all the players I want in my team.

        1. No exactly – it was a difficult one. I’ve got a fairly decent plan for transfers so think I’ll just stick with that for now.

  4. No Germany cover is a worry and it could go ether way today. I think Ronaldos form means he’s a must for the next 2 games.

    1. Yeah I initially didn’t have Muller in but then changed it to ensure he’s in for all three group games but it is a bit of a waste to put him in and then take him out and then put him back in again.

      Ronaldo should be an easier problem to solve. I was going to put him in instead of Griezmann. During this time Ronaldo gets two games and Griezmann plays once. There will always be the option to put Griezmann back in after Ronaldo’s two games.

        1. I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to transfer them out under the same rules.

  5. Watch my transfers and learn.If I put a player in he will have his worst game in years.Always happens.Thinking Griezman-Naymar-Lukaku-Ronaldo for next 3 transfers.Will see what happens

    1. I know the feeling at times. My worst example was last season when I took out Morata (who then scored a hat trick) for Aguero (who then got injured in a car crash).

  6. Neymar’s lack of competitive fitness to me is a concern. Not a straightforward pick for myself, also thinking will he be rested for the final group game. As Brazil’s talisman, he will be under pressure to perform. Will he be tightly marked like Messi yesterday? Messi not happy at Iceland tactics.

    His high ownership makes it dangerous to go without though. Plenty to ponder.

    1. I tend to agree but it’s mainly avoiding the risk for me. I also prefer an out and out striker like Kane, Lukaku and Costa compared to players who come a bit wider or deeper than Neymar, Messi and Griezmann but for me it’s about avoiding the risk as you say with such high ownership.

      1. Yeah, in 443 formation I do prefer the player in the centre position. My mistake last season was going for Sanchez who plays wide and deeper rather than Lukaku who sticks in the middle and gets all the goals and points.

        1. Great form by DTT’s team. Rising high. The preparation has paid off nicely. Big points from Neymar and Coutinho.

          1. Cheers, it’s been a half decent start. Not 100% happy though – obviously the Brazil game was a good result but disappointed with Messi, Suarez and Muller the most but I guess it’s a bit much to ask for them all to pick up decent points in their first game.

  7. You thinking of leaving any French players out of the team 4 as they seemed to look so poor ?

    1. Might go Ronaldo rather than Griezmann for the second games. Will probably stick with Lloris though and Pogba has been taken out today.

      1. I think France will be better in the next game attacking wise. Could see a change in formation with Giroud and Griezmann upfront as 4-3-3 didn’t work at all so they might play 4-3-1-2. their defence I am not sure about. Lloris is a keeper that never convinces me (makes a lot of mistakes) and the French miss Koscienly at the back. Their full backs don’t convince me either.

        1. Yeah it’s good to have the option of having Ronaldo for two games while Griezmann has one as well. Very difficult to predict but it’s useful to have a rough plan.

        1. I’m planning to have him for their last two games – can’t fit him in at the moment without multiple transfers.

            1. I’ve got no idea to be honest. I just thought he seemed like a good goalscoring midfielder – historically anyway but I’m sure that will change today.

            1. I know nothing about him at all. I wanted him on the basis of Germany going far in the competition and him being their main goalscorer if he plays up front for the duration.

  8. greizmann for muller confirmed or have had a rethink ?
    i think having adequate transfers in the bank come later part of the tournament is key here…..and ronny was not part of ur orginal plan may be wise to uturn that one….only my opinion

    1. Yeah I think should have enough transfers. Still plan to have half left and got to remember the easier games are in the group stage. It will be easy enough to get Ronaldo in – just go for him instead of Griezmann when making that transfer.

    1. I’ve decided to stick him in and go with it. So probably 0 points today now.

  9. i opted for werner for 3m thought for the price worth a punt dont know too much about this dude but playing in that german side figured out he’ll get chances

  10. If we are planning on bringing ronaldo into the team instead of greizman will we even be able to afford him?

    1. I think Ronaldo is 7.5m. Griezmann is 6.5m and the team value is 49m so this should be fine.

  11. But we’ve got Suarez in the team with neymar and Lukaku up top. Not sure who ur thinking of dropping out for ronaldo there

    1. Wanted Werner/Neymar/Griezmann (or Ronaldo) as the front three before long. Only wanted Suarez for first two games and don’t want Lukaku for long either.

      1. I’m guessing ur aiming to get ronaldo into your team for week 3 so then u would have to drop out with Lukaku, neymar or Suarez going by ur table plan

        1. If I was going to get him in, it would be for the Morocco game in place for Lukaku. Suarez would come out for Werner (not sure about this one based on today’s performance but it could mean Germany play a strong side for their last two games of the group).

          1. Na I’m gonna leave Lukaku in for 2 of the Belgium games and Suarez/cavani for the Saudi Arabia game

  12. Hi mate I’ve seen you speak about it above, but just wondering if yourself or anybody else knows for defo if you can do the transfers in the morning or not?

    1. None tonight – I’ll probably do Hazard and Lukaku in for Pogba and Muller tomorrow.

      1. How can u do Lukaku and hazard in for Müller and pogba if neither of them are strikers mate ?

          1. Hi DTT, are you planning on getting Ronaldo in for tomorrow? If so, who would you sacrifice?

            1. I’m undecided at the moment – I’ve posted an update about it at the top of this post. If I were to do it then it would be for Neymar but I’m leaning slightly towards not going for Ronaldo at the moment.

    1. I avoided the Mexico game for German representation but couldn’t resist putting Muller in. Wish I hadn’t now and was tempted to leave him out this morning. That was a disappointing result – even more so if they end up playing Brazil in the next round now. Brazil was a better result in terms of points but they didn’t play that well. Spain have been the best team I’ve seen play despite the draw.

      In terms of the overall plan/approach to the tournament (from a Dream Team perspective), I can’t see any reason to move away from the initial plan. With the exception of looking at if it’s worth bringing in Ronaldo rather than Griezmann.

      In terms of the mini leagues I’m in. I’m currently seeing people above me having success with “blocks” of defenders. For me if you’re only entering one team this is a huge risk – for instance any Germany, Spain, Brazil, Argentina or France blocks would have been taken out.

  13. Not sure if to do Müller-hazard-Müller or Müller-de bruyne-Müller . What’s ur opinion mate

    1. Tough one, you could probably toss a coin between it and whoever you pick the other will probably go on to score and get star man. For me I wanted Hazard because he plays more advanced and seems to score more consistently at club level.

    1. Just published latest thoughts at the top of this post but sticking with Hazard for tomorrow.

    1. Might not be a bad move if you’ve got plenty of transfers. I personally won’t be just for one game.

  14. If Ronaldo is worth consideration for Iran & Morocco, then surely so is Costa against the same opposition, especially with a midfield supply line that Spain have, Werner may improve but for the extra outlay Costa is the better option, Mario gomez may also effect werner’s gametime.

    1. Costa might be a better option – Spain looked good to me. Undecided about the next round of games at the moment.

  15. Thinking of doing Di Maria to Hazard and Griezmann to Lukaku today – I see Belgium getting a sack-load against Panama. Any thoughts?

  16. Also trying to work out how to get either Ronaldo or Costa in on Wed. Ideally would let Suarez play Saudi then ship him out, but I think he plays the same day as Spain & Portugal so this wont be possible. Not keen on dropping Messi as his underlying stats were good against Iceland?

    1. I’ve already taken Messi out as they’ve got Croatia next. I’m planning on swapping Lukaku for Costa potentially considering they have Iran next. Depends who your third striker is if you don’t want to lose Suarez or Messi?

      1. Thanks DDT. Yes, 3rd striker will be Lukaku, so him to Costa or Ronaldo could work. Do you think there is danger that Ronaldo will be man-marked out of the game? At least with Spain, there is quality all over the team?

        1. Difficult but I’m hoping he can’t score three every time he plays. I’ll probably go for Costa.

    1. I’d considered it but decided it was too many transfers – went for Hazard and Lukaku as today’s transfers.

  17. i was just going to say the same ben DTT anybody tempted to throw harry in just to cheeer us on that little bit more ?
    or have we been here before !
    love peoples thoughts before 19:00hrs

    1. I can see him scoring but it’s one transfer too many for me. The only person I could take out for him is Neymar.

  18. Whats your next lot of transfers DTT?….. Loving the blog by the way, really useful and helping out a lot, keep up the good work.

    1. Glad you’re finding it useful. I’ve been left with a bit of a problem after today. I was looking at taking Lukaku out and putting Costa in for the Iran game, however I can’t keep swapping strikers around for one game at a time otherwise transfers will quickly run out. Also I planned to put Werner and Muller in but Germany didn’t have the best of starts. At the moment I don’t need to make any transfers tomorrow so I’ll have a day to think about it. I can’t see my plan changing much from what I’d planned before the tournament.

    1. It can only be Lukaku unless I drop Neymar. I can’t drop Suarez as they play on the same day and I want him for their next game but it’s a tough choice after the way Lukaku performed today.

  19. I wish I was as organised as DTT. I am making my team up as I go along. Nice to have a plan. Otherwise, those transfers will go quickly.

    1. Even with a plan it’s incredibly frustrating. Make a little bit of progress and then that instantly gets taken out. If I don’t have an exceptional World Cup with all this planning I may give up to be honest. I think to do well every single transfer needs to be a hit which is almost impossible and I only really enjoy taking part if I’m winning. Have you used many transfers yet?

      1. Used 3 transfers for my team – Danilo, Jesus didn’t pay off. Lukaku transfer did good but watching him in the first half I thought I wasted another one.

        What is your idea of an expectional World Cup? Problem I have in fantasy football is that I tend to get bored easily playing a safe game. I get enjoyment when one of my risky picks pays off. Like Golovin, didn’t know much about him but read a lot about him and put him in my team. Maybe not the best way to play the game but I like the Maverick part. I currently thinking of going without Brazil players for my next set of transfers. Suicide!!!

        1. I like to just play to give myself the best chance of winning which is probably a less risky approach. A minimum for me for the World Cup would be:

          Top 3 in the league we are in.
          Top 10,000 overall
          Top 10 in a mini league I’m entered into (this league has a lot exceptional players in – including previous winners of the entire game) but only around 150 teams entered.

          Based on the amount of research and time I put into it this shouldn’t be much to ask but at the moment I can’t see it happening. Anything outside of this I’ll probably see as failure.

    1. Should do well but another one that I’m giving a miss as it would be too many transfers.

  20. What are we thinking for the transfers for today or ready for tomorrow’s games dtt?

    1. It might be Costa for Lukaku but I’ll probably do it tomorrow. I like to do it on the day because it can be reversed up until kick off. Not making any transfers for today’s games.

  21. This plan is going well for me, please update asap if you decide on any changes

    1. I will do an update this evening but no transfer plans for today’s games.

  22. I know as you have said above u will update us later but I just want to know what u are thinking. I’m thinking about bringing in the Spanish

    1. Pretty much certain that I’ll go with Costa – I’ll be happy with Alba, Isco and Costa as Spanish representation.

    1. Not sure how serious the injury is. Read it was just a precaution that he left training and that he will train as normal tomorrow.

    1. Not sure how serious the injury is. Read it was just a precaution that he left training and that he will train as normal tomorrow. But Ronaldo is tempting. The problem is transfers are going to quickly run out. There was a case for Lukaku, Kane, Lewandowski and now Costa and Ronaldo – the problem is we can’t have them all. It’s knowing which ones to go with and which ones not to go with.

  23. Swap Neymar and Lukaku for Ronaldo and Costa??
    With Neymar being injured (not sure how serious), seems logical and Costa smashed his last game and Lukaku doesn’t play until the 23rd… thoughts?

    1. Costa definitely – not sure about Ronaldo myself. I imagined Brazil going far in the tournament and it looked like Neymar wants to be involved in everything when they played the other night. If he’s fit to play I think it might be a transfer too many as we can’t have every decent striker in every game they play.

      1. Ended up leaving Ronaldo out, with Neymar said to be back in training it seemed like the right choice and I’m happy with the decision, 8 points at the cost of 2 transfers, it wouldn’t have been worth it

        1. Yeah I did the same. Thought after 5 minutes that it was going to be a big mistake. Thankfully it turned out OK and the Spain game went very well.

  24. Right about Lewa! Is there an update coming tonight mate? Followed since the start

    1. Yeah I’ve tried to look a bit further ahead and reviewed the long term plan. Will post up my thoughts shortly.

  25. Ive been questioning how important transfers will be for the later stages of the competition. So far I’ve used 4 so far and like you i originally planned for 8 during the group stages but with costa, lakaku, ronaldo and kane all now scoring a few and with relatively easy games coming up for these players, wouldn’t it be more beneficial using transfers switching these big hitters about for these games rather than tougher ones in the knockout stage?

    Would the plan be for the knockout stages be as simple as transferring players out of your team as they are eliminated? Considering your team will most likely already contain a few players from the group stages that will go all the way to the final, isn’t 12 remaining transfers excessive?

    1. Agreed – I’ve just published a reviewed plan. I’ve added a couple more transfers in without going too overboard. I think it’s important to get the balance but think 12 remaining transfer is too many considering as you’ve said points could be easier to come by in the group stages. I still think it’s important to save some though as many will run out and I’m sure by the end of the group stage everything will have changed. For example we may lose Brazil or Germany if they end up playing each other straight away.

      1. A lot of teams got a herd of Brazil and Germany players. Real game changer if they meet in the last 16. Looks very likely to me.

        1. Massive game changer if they do. Which is why I’m trying not to blow my transfers too quickly but it’s proving tricky to hold back. Any thoughts on my new rough plan that I’ve published? Obviously it’s only rough at the moment but 9 transfers with only two games played for everyone feels a bit high to me.

          1. Your plan is very impressive. Full marks. I’m tempted to copy it myself but will play it my way which is making it up as I go along. This planning takes a lot of effort and time. Well done.

      2. Just read your updated plan. Pleased you agree with using a few more transfers. Also agree with how you’ve not planned to use too many on defenders or midfielders. I think that part of the team is pretty well set up and should be fairly easy to manage going into the knockout stage.

        Just on costa, i may put him in but I’m not that convinced. Or more accurately, I’m a bit ignorant about his recent form and potential in spain shirt. Don’t think his international record is that great?
        I tend to see him as someone who “does a job for the team” rather than a prolific goal scorer. Though he is very short odds for anytime goalscorer against iran. Thoughts?

        1. Didn’t particularly rate him either but thought as a team Spain looked good and he should get plenty of opportunities. When I have seen him play he always seems to score but this is mainly at a club level. My main concern with him is his attitude – always a risk of getting sent off especially with VAR.

  26. Brazil doctor says Neymar back in training tomorrow. Got time to recover for next game. With Brazil drawing their first game, under pressure to win. Need Neymar. Plus highest owned player in the game so if he starts, could be another transfer used to bring him in.

    1. I’m with you on this one. As tempted as I am by Ronaldo – I like to think Brazil will go further in the competition so could be valuable transfers saved. I also read that he will train tomorrow. The way he played the other night – he wants everything to go through him so could score well across the tournament. It’s a tough choice because every day there are players who are tempting to bring in. It’s knowing the ones to resist.

  27. For me I can see Costa getting a few more goals tomorrow, I will be using my transfer to bring him in.

    1. Yeah I’m going to do the Costa transfer. What about Neymar for Ronaldo though? Personally slightly favouring holding onto Neymar to avoid keep tinkering.

    1. Not overly to be honest. But if Germany are to progress one of them needs to step up for their last two games. I worry this may be Muller based on his previous record at World Cups. On the other hand Hazard could do well against Tunisia. Could go either way. What are your thoughts?

  28. hi DTT…failed to do any transfers the last couple of days due to work commitments at crucial stages so the white ball firmly behind the black for me now ! in regards to transfers they all look detailed costa for lukaku no brainer….ronny for neymar a 50/50 call hazard for muller …i think muller is a shot fox looked his age last game..but i dont see belguim progressing too far tho….kane in for panama also sits well…..spain should keep a clean sheet tmrw….few people have 2 and 3 urg defenders which given there fixtures is this a concern or do you feel wasting transfers because of there ability to progress too far….i have loved ur approach and detailed progress
    keep it up

    1. Ronaldo/Neymar is a difficult one could go either way. Brazil surely favourite to go further in the tournament though if Neymar remains fit. I could save a transfer and stick with Hazard for the time being. I agree Muller didn’t look great, never looked like scoring to be honest but he’s only 28 so shouldn’t be his age. I wish I’d have gone for the Uruguay keeper from the start but won’t be bringing in any of their players, as you say hopefully the won’t progress too far.

  29. 2 other things
    1, is there anyway of tracking ur opponents current used transfers ?
    2, if Muller or hazard a little a fully fit dele worth a punt given our next opponents or do u feel gareth may rest him ?

    1. I don’t know of anyway of tracking transfers. I’m not sure about Alli – they’ve got the easier game coming up but I’m hoping for a long term pick. As you say he may not also be fully fit.

  30. Personally I’ve used that extra transfer with Ronaldo and I’m gonna resist the Muller swap. I understand your reasoning behind it but I just don’t see muller recreating what he’s done in past world cups. Good luck though man, will still be following for updates.

    1. It’s a tough choice. I’m assuming you’ll transfer out Neymar but will you put him back in? I may miss the Muller transfer as well but I worry about having no German attacking representation. They will surely bounce back.

      1. Yes I will put neymar back in, he was really going for it in the last game so expect him to pick up points. I understand what you mean with that german attack, hoped for promising signs from werner after that first game with his price being so good. Draxler seemed to show better potential for points after the first game than Muller, could be one to watch but really will be a tough choice. Going to stick with my gut instinct for now and hope it pays off, just got to watch that transfer limit haha.

        1. Haha that’s the problem – I’ve never played an international competition before and it’s very tempting to keep dipping into those transfers.

        2. I thought Draxler was poor. Wouldn’t be surprised if him or Ozil are dropped for Reus next game. Kimmich looked brilliant and more dangerous going forward than Muller and Draxler.

  31. ‘long term pick’ you saying were not gonna win this thing ? lol
    ronaldo is tempting very…
    apart from isco countiho theres no one that stands out score machine wise in midfield james of columbia was a choice but he is not fit and columbia are rubbish@
    be interesting what you do tommorow just go with your gut feeiling u have started like a train

    1. Haha I wouldn’t fancy many England players as a long term pick. I’ll have to decide in the morning, Costa for certain and Ronaldo might have to be a toss of a coin. My gut says save the transfer at the moment though.

  32. I think Ronaldo looked unstoppable and a man on a mission. If he can score 3 against Spain he can bang a few in in each game against Morocco and Iran.

    1. Yeah he certainly did. But they are pretty much a one man team. I wouldn’t put it past him to score as many as you say though.

  33. Portugal’s remaining group fixtures (Morocco and Iran) make a very good case for Ronaldo’s inclusion. Considering the same team won the euros I doubt it’ll be a wasted transfer in the long run.

    Neymar definitely doesn’t look fully fit (with the amount of fouls he suffered and limping out of training) so I think Brazil will be the Coutinho show, with a mix of other goal scorers all picking up Neymar’s points.

    It’s a gamble, but sticking with Neymar involves more risk given what we know.

    1. I do completely agree but I think they could both do well in their last two games of the group. So I think it’s literally a 50/50 decision as a result thought it made sense to save the transfer. On Portugal though, they did win the euros but we can’t forget they got through their group in third place having drawn all three games against weaker opposition.

  34. Just read it Neymar pulled up with the same foot he fractured recently. He was only kicking a ball during in some light drills.
    He did come back and try to carry on training though. I reckon he’ll play against Costa Rica it’s just if he’s 100% isn’t it. He may give up corners to Willian/Coutinho.

    1. Yeah they’ve not given much information but they said he will train today. Hopefully it doesn’t come to anything.

  35. It is my first time reading your articles and my first time doing Dream Team, so a quick learning curve! I decided to follow your team as it seemed a sensible and logical approach and so far it is paying dividends – I am first in 2 ML’s 🙂

    On your transfer plan, I looked from the finals backwards to determine how many transfers would be required to maximise players in the later stages of the competition – I calculated that max 7 transfers would do it for the semi’s and the final (I can explain this further if required). With 4 transfers done so far, that leaves 9 between now and the end of the quarter’s.

    On that basis, I am tempted with the following remaining transfers:

    20/06 – Lukaku -> Costa
    20/06 – Neymar -> Ronaldo (Neymar possible injury plus Ronaldo prolific start)
    23/06 – Suarez -> Lukaku
    (I believe that Belgium will go far so planning to hold Hazard; not convinced by Germany yet)
    24/06 – Lukaku -> Kane
    26/06 – Kane -> Messi

    This would then leave 4 transfers for the last 16 and quarter final’s, which would be determined at the time.

    What are your thoughts?

    1. Looks like a good plan. I’ve been looking at my plan again today which I put together before Neymar’s injury concerns. Should Neymar be fit and should Brazil look likely to reach the final – what would be your thoughts on when and how to bring him back in?

      1. I haven’t thought it through that far yet but with 7 transfers to use for the semi’s and the final, Neymar (or others) can come into the Team and players get knocked out. There is a risk of course that a team like Brazil get knocked out unexpectedly and we have 3 Brazilian players in the team – a degree of hedging would be required in the later stages of the completion based on form and opponent.

        1. If they end up facing Germany in the next round as well that could be a problem. I think the team is fairly well spread at the moment though. I think a lot will change before we even reach the knockout stage.

          1. A lot of the transfers for the final group games will depend on who is fighting for what and the likely Last 16 draw. I appreciate that it is a risk going for so many transfers in the group stage.

            Here are some interesting stats – in the last world cup, on average there were 2.8 goals scored in the group stages (26 clean sheets out of 48 games) compared with 2.1 in the knockouts (10 clean sheets out of 15 games), but that included a Germany 7-1 Brazil result; taking that one out and the average was only 1.7 goals (nearly half of the group stage). So the goal scorers did better in the group stages and the goalkeepers and defenders seem to do better in the knockouts – which is something I recall you or someone else mentioning on an earlier thread.

            So far in the first round of games in this WC: 2.4 goals scored per match (9 clean sheets out of 16 games). The stats are backing a similar trend to WC2014.

            1. Appreciate the stats – thanks for digging those out and completely agree with what you’re saying. I’ll have used more than half of my transfers by the end of the group stages so I’m following the same principle that players should score higher during these fixtures. I’m just trying to be a little reserved with some transfers – not having Ronaldo backfired slightly today as he scored and points on the board are what matter. However it could have been a lot worse. I think there’s a case to be made for all of the big strikers – Suarez, Ronaldo, Costa today. Then Neymar, Kane, Lukaku, Messi and Griezmann coming up. The problem is you can’t have all of them for every game so it’s going to be about getting the right balance and knowing when to make transfers. I think I’ve probably got this wrong twice – not getting Kane in and maybe not getting Ronaldo in today. However if Neymar plays and does well for Brazil against Costa Rica I won’t be as bothered about missing Ronaldo out today.

  36. Hi DT,

    Not been about for a while. Didn’t even realise you were doing a team for the WC, but thanks for the effort you’ve put into it.

    I have done a team. Not doing great at the moment. Only on 83 points and about 20 off the two leaders in my ML of 26 players, but what I find astounding is the leaders attitude towards their subs!!

    For example, the guy winning made 6 changes ahead of today’s games (Portugal, Uruguay & Spain). I’m not sure how many subs he has made since he only shot to the top after scooping 70 points in a single hit from the Belgium England games recently played where he had 7 Belgium players (including their entire back line).

    The guy in 2nd has already made 12 subs and we aren’t even a week in!!

    I’m trying to be disciplined with my subs (have used 5), play my own game and not get pulled into their strategy, but at the same time I don’t want to lose too much ground.


    Finally, from finally catching up with your previous posts, it seems that my late entry into your season ML disgruntled RR somewhat.

    I would like to add that I didn’t enter my ‘best team’ in a bid to nab the victory in the closing stages!! For a start, I only ever do ONE team and in all honesty, I completely forgot to enter it into the league I was invited into.

    I join many leagues, including a lot of the celebrity ones, so a scroll bar for the leagues I’m in, is activated. It wasn’t until I scrolled to the very bottom one day and noticed that I hadn’t joined your league.

    There was no cynical intention on my part to irritate or cheat other players and in any case, you’re only awarded points from the date that the ML was created (which wasn’t until Oct / Nov anyway), so I wasn’t gaining any points advantage…. In fact, I wasn’t even aware of other entrants or their points tally until I joined, so for all I knew, I was joining a league where I could have been half way down the table!

    Much to RR’s joy no doubt, My entire back 5 were rested for the final game of the season (I assume my Utd players were rested for the FA Cup final) and typically all of their respective teams kept clean sheets, so I didn’t win anyway… If RR wants to call that justice for his cynical view of my entry, so be it.

    It was just for fun. Unlike my other leagues, there was no money involved, so I’m not quite sure why anyone would get so upset??

    1. Yeah I’m trying to go down the disciplined route with transfers and even skipped Ronaldo today which backfired a little but could have been a lot worse. I think a lot of people above me have been going through transfers very quickly as well but it’s a bit annoying that you can’t tell how many people have used. Hopefully in the long run it will catch them out. I’ll leave you and RR to debate the mini league from last season. The only point I’d add is that the mini league wasn’t even set up from the start of the season anyway so everyone who entered simply put in their best team anyway – it was never a level playing field and as you say just a bit of fun.

      1. I’ve just been keeping a count (as much as I can) of the main threats within my mini league and taking screen shots of their teams. It gives you an indication of where you are and how much advantage you have.

        Yes, you can live with losing just points from Ronaldo. It’s when it gets 13, 18+ it becomes more difficult.

        What points are you on now?

        Regarding RR. There is no debate as far as I’m concerned. I just wanted to voice my view that my entry wasn’t as cynical or calculated as he seems to think. As you say, it was just a bit of fun.

        1. I think I’m on 82 which isn’t ideal but I do have Costa, Isco, Alba and Suarez to play today so hoping the Spanish will play well. Unfortunately missed out on Kane’s 18 points after bagging Lukaku’s 18 which was frustrating but it’s proving an interesting tournament.

          1. Similar to me. Ronaldo just put me onto 91, but I have Cavani, Isco, Costa and a Spanish defender (undecided who to bring in yet) for today.

            I’m also kicking myself for not bringing Kane in. All day, I had every intention of bringing him in, but changed my mind at the last minute as I had a feeling we would struggle against Tunisia!

            2 goals from Cavani today would negate that poor decision as it would have been him who I would have subbed out…. :0

  37. Hi DTT,

    Didn’t realise you were doing a World Cup DT. Nice one.

    I’m doing one myself, but haven’t started that well. Only on about 90 points.

    I’ve only just caught up with your previous posts and it seems we have a disgruntled RR about my late entry into your Season ML.

    RR – I can assure you I didn’t enter my ‘top team’ in a bid to snatch victory in the closing stages. For a start, I only ever enter ONE team, and I enter loads of mini leagues, including many celebrity ones (with the same team), so completely forgot about the DTT league until one day, I scrolled to the bottom of my leagues list and realised I hadn’t joined.

    In any case, you can take ‘justice’ from your cynical view that my entire back line was rested on the final day of the season and typically all of their teams kept clean sheets… oh well, it was only for fun anyway. Lighten up dude!!..

    The important thing for me is that I won all 3 of my paid Sun leagues and both of my Telegraph leagues. They are the ones of importance for me… £££ 🙂

      1. As you said though best time to score is early on as it’s easier games I just don’t think France will play well as they was dog poo last time out

        1. No I agree that’s why I took him out. Hopefully they do very little again tomorrow as well.

  38. Good call with costa today mate I think leave him in his in quality form atm

    1. Spain generally look good so I think it’s a fairly solid choice. They’ve dominated both games really but faced Iran basically parking the bus tonight. They may create more chances for Costa when a game is more open.

  39. How comes Gimenez got 7 rating and the clean sheet and only got 5 points? Where’s the extra 3 he should have got

  40. This is my response to the posts regarding me above:

    It seems that Len H is sad at not winning DTT mini league. Sounds like sour grapes to me. To others, maybe the mini league was for fun but from the moment I entered I took it seriously and I enjoyed that it was a competitive mini league at the top end and was decided in the last game in the season.

    It brings me satisfaction to have won DTT mini league, I’m not going to lie and say it didn’t mean anything or I didn’t care. I enjoy all my success whether mini leagues for cash or honour. I am passionate about fantasy football – it gives alot of emotion in my daily life – that’s why I have contributed a lot of good positive information on this blog. I had a few negative moments on this blog but nothing personal towards anyone and because generally I didn’t agree with some of DTT’s player selections last season.

    Winning is a good feeling but I don’t necessarily see losing as a bad thing. I keep a note of all my transfers last season, the ones I got right and the wrongs I got wrong. One or two I deem unlucky but those are very few usually me selecting a player and them getting injured straight away. Also, as a decent fantasy football I realise that I am going to win every mini league I enter. There are people out there with more experience and a better understanding of fantasy football. All I can do is do my research, observe and make conclusions. If someone beats me, I accept it (I might not like it) and say well done. It’s nice to respect your opponents. I lost out on a grand on TFF (I was leading till the last week of the season crawling my way to the summit) and the first thing I did was to say congrats to the winner.

    I like to take this opportunity to say well done to Jase and Baller (SOTV) for their performance in the mini league and either would have been worthy winners of DTT mini league. They gave my team a tough battle and I can tell they are very good fantasy football players. Best luck to these and others for the future.

    As for DTT’s comment that the mini league was not a level playing field. Well I didn’t set up the league or made the rules. It wasn’t my fault. A challenge was issued, I accepted. I’m sorry. I wanted to win and I thoroughly enjoyed the mini league. I worked hard and I feel I earned 1st position fairly. If others didn’t feel I deserve to win the mini league please let me know?

    I am kind of disappointed that DTT didn’t acknowledge my win on his blog. Maybe I wasn’t a worthy winner. I don’t why I am so unpopular on this blog. Maybe it is a sign to quit.

    People are always impressed by money earned in fantasy football. Not me, I don’t play the game for money, passion drive me. The money in fantasy football is not going to change my life. I have more respect for people who share their experiences good or bad on fantasy football. I really learn from them.

    1. Correction to above post : Also, as a decent fantasy football player I realise that I am not going to win every mini league I enter.

    2. I didn’t say anything negative and I didn’t even think about the recognition side of things. I set up a mini league at the start of last season with over 150 teams entered – I think you found the blog after this was set up so missed out on joining. The second league which you won was set up quite a few weeks into the season and only had 20-30 teams entered so I didn’t really think you’d be bothered about winning that one. I couldn’t even tell you who won the other league without looking it up. I’d assumed whoever won probably had enough satisfaction from just winning and didn’t need any public announcement. While on the subject of recognition – there’s been 30,000 hits on this website in June but not one person has hit the donate button. I invest my time and money to keep it going but I get no real recognition for that. But that doesn’t bother me. In fact I’ve only had one donation in 2018.

      And no ones unpopular on here – I appreciate all comments and I’m not bothered if I get criticism but I’ll always give my opinion back. We haven’t had a cross word since the end of the Premier League season so not sure why you think you’re unpopular.

    3. Ha ha, no sour grapes here and sorry to disappoint, but I’m not ‘sad’ at not winning DTT’s league. As I mentioned before, it was free and was just a bit of fun….to most people at least.

      I also realise that you only won because my entire back line was rested on the final day of the season. These things happen in Dream Team. It’s out of everyone’s control, so we just have to deal with it.

      I won all four of my leagues which carried monetary value, so those were more important to me.

      This comment says it all though:

      “I am kind of disappointed that DTT didn’t acknowledge my win on his blog. Maybe I wasn’t a worthy winner. I don’t why I am so unpopular on this blog. Maybe it is a sign to quit.”

      It seems you really have some attention issues. DTT… any chance you can send RR a little cup with a winners banner?… 😉

      1. I decided not to waste my time and energy replying. I want to move forward. My feud is over. In my spare time, I like to read and write my thoughts on fantasy football. Not insults about me. I think I play fairly, no excuses from me, I accept good luck and bad luck equally. I am no expert, I don’t find this game easy.

        Anyways, I hope DTT the best with his blog and wish success to others in the game.

        All the attention should go to DTT as it’s his blog and he does a brilliant job. I will hit the donate button to appreciate his efforts.

        1. Lastly, DTT no need to feel bad about overall league position. I suspect most teams above have used about 12-15 transfers already. So stick to the plan.

          1. I suspected the same thing but still got to play catch up at some point, which could be difficult. I just feel like I’m one player/bad result away from tumbling out of contention of winning anything. I’ve just got a feeling a lot of people might take a punt on a player that I don’t go for and I’ll end up paying for it. Like Ronaldo – most people went for him and luckily he didn’t score massively. If he had I’d have dropped massively.

        2. I think moving forward is the best approach – there’s no reason for any feuds on here. We are all working towards the same goal so should aim to help each other out. A bit of friendly rivalry is fine though, who doesn’t like a bit of competition. But I’d say everyone should try and keep it that way (friendly). I agree that you play fairly – there’s no way not to play fairly in this game. When I said it wasn’t a level playing field I simply mean’t the league wasn’t created from the start of the season, which is my own fault. With regards to the donation – you really don’t need to. I don’t expect anyone to do that, and I’m not sure if I’ll keep it going for the Premier League season yet.

          1. Totally agree with you both.

            A feud was never my reason for commenting. I was merely stating my position as it was assumed that I joined late with cynical intentions.

            Water under the bridge as far as I’m concerned. I love this thread. It’s very insightful for all of us, experienced and newcomers alike.

            Great work DTT

            1. Totally agree. Maybe I went overboard myself. Fantasy football brings joy and frustration but mainly not in equal amounts but we all love the game no matter what happens. How this blog carries on forever.

  41. DTT, If looking to ship Jimenez out for Hummels, is it worth paying the extra half million for Kimmich, or even doubling up on Brazil as they have Costa rica & Serbia to come, but as you rightly suggest Germany cld play Brazil in last 16.

  42. I think leaving Ronaldo was very brave and the right thing to do, looking at the points yesterday and the tournament as a whole. If you look at the players and teams as one, like you did, Costa/Spain look really good and will take some beating. Portugal look ropey and are completely carried by Ronaldo, which surely cant get them past the quarters…..(i said that in the euros too but not again!?? haha)
    I am not making any transfers today as i think France looked disjointed and unorganised. I’m not even confident of multiple goals or a clean sheet for them.

    1. Had the same thoughts about Ronaldo but he does seem to keep scoring. Hopefully they won’t last long.

  43. Argentina are playing later on today, can someone confirm that I can transfer Messi into my team, or is it too late?

  44. Don’t know if anyone else is having an issue but the latest post 19th June isn’t showing right for me

    1. Just checked – it seems to be displaying OK for me. What issue are you facing and I’ll try and get it sorted?

    1. Depends who your front three are currently I think. Be dangerous not to have at least one striker for France, Argentina, Brazil or Germany.

  45. My front three at moment as it stands Ronaldo, Suarez, Costa

    How would you play it, currently done 7 transfers at moment but kinda sticking to ur plan throughout and on 140 points

  46. Yea I fancy Neymar, bit worried with the dodgey foot though! Lukaku in for Suarez. Neymar in for Ronaldo. And you seem pretty happy with Humells

    1. Yeah although I wouldn’t put it past Uruguay to keep another clean sheet. Germany could end up playing Brazil in the next round so everything is a little up in the air with them at the moment. They didn’t look great at the back against Mexico.

  47. I can hold fire on changing a defender. More concerned with forwards. I’m more for Neymar to be dropped in as I think Brazil go further than Argentina and Messi

    1. I’d agree with that, Neymar sounds like he’s fit for tomorrow as well.

  48. Just to let you know mate I haven’t been able to view any of your recent comments due to the website. When I click the link it send me here and I can only view what you’ve put for day 5 etc. Shame really.

    1. Ah that’s annoying. Try refreshing the page and that might clear it in the future and I’ll see what I can do my end to stop it happening.

  49. Glad of your blog dtt, in Ibiza for the week, so having a 5 minute check on the hotel lobby computers each day, gone for Messi today , keep up the good work, im leading my work m-league so far , cheers 🍻

    1. Can’t keep going through transfers. So I’ve decided to give this one a miss. I’m sure he will end up doing well but I planned to get him in for the Nigeria game.

  50. Hi mate,

    Can’t see some of this thread for some reason so apologies if you are repeating. What’s the transfer plan for tomorrow?

    1. Which bits are you missing? I’ve not published an update today about transfers for tomorrow yet but don’t think I planned on making any with Neymar, Coutinho and Miranda already in the team.

  51. Hi
    I wonder if you could help?

    If say I had 3 German players in the knockout stages and Germany got knocked out could I then transfer out those 3 players and replace them with 3 players from teams that have got through to the next round.

    Also, is there a limit to the amount of players that you can have in your team from any one country.


    1. There’s no limit on the amount of players from one country and you can transfer players out once eliminated as long as it’s not for a match later on the same day – as far as I know.

  52. Confused with all the updates on the same thread and hundreds of comment lol, what’s your line up at the moment fella?

    1. Haha it takes forever to set them all up as individual posts but I’m on my team in the table plan still. It’s


      Suarez will go next.

    1. Unsure yet – the original plan was to take him out for Hummels but Uruguay have defended well so tempted to keep in.

  53. Are we going Jimenez to Hummels 2moro, I expect to see a vast improvement in the Germans, need Reus to start, otherwise possibly transfer out.

    1. That was the plan but I’m not 100% sure yet. They don’t play until Saturday evening so I’ll probably decide closer to the time.

        1. I’ve had a look into this. From what I’ve read it sounds like it could be your browser “saving” the older copy of the blog in your phone or laptop settings. If you refresh the page does it bring up the most recent post? If not, can you email me over a screen shot of what is happening to

  54. Morning,

    How many transfers you got left mate? And are you sticking Lukaku in today?

    1. Got 15 transfers left. I’ll be going for Lukaku probably, but not today. I’ll wait until Saturday to put him in.

  55. Current forwards, Costa, Mbappe, Ronaldo… I have adjusted tiny bit to your plan! 12 Transfers left on 158 points.

    Trying to see who would get who in last 16 hard to judge. What would you do

    1. Difficult one but you’ve got a decent points total so I’d just carry on what you’re doing.

  56. DTT, unsure what to do with Jimenez, want to try & get another 2 group games out of a defender, looking at Hummels or Miranda, have Neymar, Coutinho, & Marcelo, big possibility Germany to play Brazil, only have Reus as German representation, have to make decision 2day b4 1o’clock.

    1. On balance Hummels might be a good shout. If you have four Brazilian players and they do meet Germany and then go out it would be 4 transfers to take them all out. Although purely from a point scoring point of view Brazil may score better in terms of clean sheets until the knockout round.

    1. Haha at work unfortunately. Sticking to the plan today though. No transfers required.

      1. We still thinking of making 3 changes tomorrow or tonight . Muller, lukaku and hummels or are we changing ?

        1. I’ll update later but almost certainly sticking with Hazard for another game. Questioning Hummels but will confirm this evening.

  57. Surely your not going to be putting Messi back in, also is it worth keeping hazard in for one more game, do you think muller will perform(I dont think he will)

    1. I’ll post an update tonight. But no – unlikely to go for Messi now unless it looks like Argentina might turn it around. Depends on the result of today’s game. Also agree about Hazard and likely to stick with him for now.

  58. You know Hummels has a neck injury and isnt playing against Sweden? Whats the plan without him?

    1. I didn’t know. Was planning to post an update shortly so I’ll think about what I want to do.

      1. Awesome, i was looking at kimmich but i couldnt swap lukaku to kane for the england game so unsure.

        1. That’s exactly the conclusion that I came too. I think getting Kane for that game is more important than getting Kimmich. I’ve just posted a more detailed update so any thoughts would be appreciated.

          1. I agree with the plan but i started with 4 midfielders insfead of alba so its even more difficult to decide what to do with Gimenez, think i may keep him until the next game as Uraguay have been defensively sound so far and maybe Hummels after that if hes fit and Germany are back to theyre winning ways.

            1. Another thought i had was Gimenez to Kimmich and Suarez to Lukaku, then Transfer hazard out after the Belgian game to make funds for kane as Belguims next game is England.
              Just not sure about who to replace him with.

              1. Difficult one because that’s going to cost two transfers to get Kane in rather than one. Could be a good idea though but trying to be as savvy as possible with the transfers available. I’ll have a think over night.

            2. They’ve looked very strong at the back. I was going for Hummels rather than Gimenez purely because Germany now have two group games whereas Uruguay obviously only have one. It’s another tricky decision.

  59. Hi DTT. Reckon we need to do a recap as it looks likely Germany will play Brazil. Now we kinda have an idea of who’s gonna progress will you be changing much

    1. Everything is going to plan (to a certain extent) but need to rethink a little bit. Not too much though. If they play each other I think that’s fine. It’s not a given that Brazil will win. Germany have only played one game after all.

    1. Just posted it. Only made two decisions so far – stick with Suarez to Lukaku transfer and keep Hazard rather than bringing in Muller. Other than that I can’t decide about the other transfer at the moment.

  60. What about Vertonghen or Alderweirald, to double up with Meunier, should reach the last 16 at the very least, not entirely ideal as they have England in the last group game.

    1. Yeah that might be a good option. Although I think they’ve had their easiest group game but should get a decent last 16 tie. I think I’ll ponder over night.

  61. If a change to 3-4-3, Rackotic comes in for consideration, minimum quarter final, but has played a game more, already have Reus, hope he plays 2moro, shame Uruguay & Spain play on same day, cld of looked at Caravjal alongside Alba.

    1. Yeah it’s not an easy one. None of the options seem ideal other than Hummels. I could go for Reus as well but it’s a risk considering how strong Uruguay have been at the back. If Gimenez gets a clean sheet against Russia and Reus doesn’t score against Sweden or South Korea it will be a complete waste.

  62. DTT don’t get disheartened by league position, people have been hammering he transfers and it’s a marathon, not a sprint! Haha
    I agree about saving the Hazard to Muller transfer. Sweden will be tough, can see a 1-0.
    Have you considered Trippier for the transfer? England have surely got to keep a clean sheet against Panama and with Germany possibly not finishing top we could have a half decent run to the semi’s? He’s on corners and the best crosser of the ball with good assist potential?
    Not sure I’d go for another midfielder instead, a lot of points coming from defenders rather than midfielders.

    1. Yeah defenders seem to be doing well and I guess we might know more about where Germany many finish after today’s games. Trippier could be a good shout. Are they sticking with 3 at the back do you know? I know he played well in the first game but if they change formation I can see Walker playing right back. Stones might be a decent option as well?

      1. Yes England are definitely sticking to the 3 centre backs and two wing backs for the tournament. Trippier will keep his place too.
        I like your new plan for Kimmich now you’ve sorted the extra funds. He’s the best wing back around I reckon 👍🏻

        1. Yeah I can’t imagine him being dropped if that’s the case but favour a German defender at the moment. Might not be for too long if they do end up playing Brazil though.

          1. Yeah Germany’s last 2 fixtures are better too. I’m winning my mini league so I’ll hit the donate button after this! Ha

            1. Haha there’s no need to donate but glad you’re doing well. Not sure if I’m going to do the blog for the Premier League season yet.

  63. Footballs coming home so let’s stick trippier in their. Created 6 chances last game from rwb and on most set pieces in the form of his life

    1. He did play well so I think this is worth considering. I’ll have a think. If we did go down this route the transfer doesn’t need to be done until tomorrow so happy to see how today pans out.

  64. DTT & Gents.
    Been folllwing this slightly and on 190 points, 10 transfers. Current forwards jesus neymar costa! Anybody recommend any suggestions what to do . Do I drag Ronaldo in. Or do I save transfers

    1. Blimey that’s an impressive score. Were there any transfers or certain players that managed to get you so many points? I’d be tempted to lose Jesus but have you got the funds to bring in someone like Lukaku?

  65. I say we make sure we have another defender playing today to rake up the points along with meunier hopefully

    1. Who did you have in mind? Got to be someone from Belgium really? Can only afford Hummels from Germany if we want to put Kane in tomorrow.

  66. Hi DTT. Only changes I done from your plan was I had lukaku and Kane when they scored a brace and had jesus. My options are lose giminez add muller midfield and lukaku for Costa or just swap jesus to lukaku and I have money left over then! Really tough decision as I would like costa back if I put lukaku in for him today an muller

  67. Just need to know really before Belgium play.

    Lukaku in for Jesus and have money left over.

    Lukaku in for Costa – giminez our for Muller with them no money left and will have to put Costa back in for lukaku

    1. I think it could go either way. You’re probably in the best position to make the decision. I’d personally probably play it safe and just do Jesus for Lukaku. But on the other hand it would be nice to have Muller – it worries me that I’ve not got him today. You’ve done well up until this point with your changes so I’d probably go with whatever you think is best.

  68. Yeah on 10 transfers at moment, most of them below me have done more than be apart from one guys on 170 who’s only on 7 transfers.

    I may just go for Luaku and muller with Costa and giminez going. Muller may play upfront. Probs our costa back in which will lead me to 13 transfers made.

    1. Sounds like a plan. I’ve not been sure throughout the tournament if it’s been worth saving transfers or not so it will be interesting by the end how it all pans out.

    1. Can you see the update at the top of the blog? Some people can’t so just checking if you can. I planned to go for Lukaku and Kimmich. As I don’t think it will effect the plan long term. Obviously if Hummels starts I’ll go for him.

      1. Oh yeh cheers mate and is 7 enough transfers left for when we get to the quarter finals ? Just checking because that is what I’ll be left with

        1. I hope so. With the team we’ve shaped I think we should have most players still in. A lot of people appear to have used a lot more transfers. Also might give the Messi transfer a miss so that will save one.

    1. I think so. Published an update this morning. Is it showing for you at the top?

    1. Couldn’t have gone better. Just a shame they both went off. A hat trick for either would have topped it off nicely.

        1. I think you’ll need to refresh your page or clear the cache on your browser. I’ll put a note at the top of the blog about this I think because quite a few people are facing this problem.

    1. I’ve been looking into this in more detail. I believe it’s to do with individual’s devices caching or saving a copy of the post in their browser. Basically it’s the browser trying to speed up the loading of the page by saving a copy – which isn’t helping at all with people who come back on a regular basis.

  69. Muller move makes total sense if you think they will win tonight and not get knocked out of the competition!

    1. Haha that’s the big risk. I notice not many others have him though so it’s less risky playing it safe. I don’t think it’s a given that they win tonight though.

    1. Still can’t decide. I’ve done Kimmich. Will decide on Muller within next 10 min. Any thoughts?

      1. I’d say yes because Martinez said hazard lukaku are both doubts for England game anyway . Bring muller in and don’t teally matter if he fucks up because hazard will be swapped tomororw anyway

        1. That’s a good point. I hadn’t realised he was an injury concern. Tempted to go for it.

      2. Hey DTT, Muller would be a good differential as not many in my mini leagues have him.

        But I m not convinced by the Germans to be honest. I am bringing a defender in for cover.

        How many transfers do you have left?

          1. 13 left if we swap muller in and I’d say we should. Low risk but high reward if it comes off

            1. 12 left I think if we swap Muller but I planned to bring him in anyway. I’m leaning towards going for it. Not really taken any risks yet so think it might be worth a punt. Not convinced I’ll bring in Mbappe or Messi yet either so may be able to save transfers there.

          2. Good stuff, how many are you planning to have left for knockouts?

            Great updates on the blog by the way, very useful 👍

            1. I was hoping to have used 13 by the end of the last 16. Which isn’t ideal but no point saving them and being out of contention too early on.

    1. Just done it. Small risk but could make it a very good day. Still get the South Korea game as well and as Luke pointed out Hazard may be rested against England so this could be a no brainer.

  70. If Germany don’t win tonight their as good as out so let’s take the fucking risk !!

  71. yes i like the plan everything you have done so far as worked go for it …..also kane tmrw looks good i am very very impressed with ur detailed approach thinking this world cup very…onwards and upwards

    1. Hopefully it pans out well. As you say everything has pretty much gone to plan so far. Hoping this isn’t the first big mistake but based on the position we are in think we’ve got to try and keep up the momentum and go for it.

  72. As I’ve said if muller does not do anything we haven’t really lost anything as hazard won’t be playing the next game anyway and Kane is coming in for him tomorrow

    1. Exactly – appreciate the speedy comments. I hadn’t clocked that Hazard had gone off with a niggle and may not have made the transfer as I was assuming he would play against England.

    1. Neymar out, Muller in
      Gimenez out, Kimmich in

      The tomorrow:

      Hazard out, Kane in

    1. Yes absolutely. This is looking like backfiring dramatically but think it was worth a punt.

    1. Yeah poor again today. The way Sweden played didn’t help – thought they deserved to be beat. I’ve tried to watch as many games as I can and I’ve seen a lot of teams parking the bus. I guess you can see why when Belgium beat teams like Tunisia in the fashion that they did today when Tunisia came out to play rather than defend. It’s still pretty frustrating to watch when one team wants to play and the other offers very little other than 11 men behind the ball. Most of the time Sweden didn’t even have a way out, they offered pretty much nothing.

    2. Hasn’t looked the best mind but I’m gonna have to stick with him to save on transfers. Hopefully will start pulling his digit out against Korea. Great updates DTT

      1. Yeah it wasn’t a great transfer but I’ll be sticking with him as well. It was pretty much a free extra game tonight.

  73. Just the 1 transfer tomororw we thinking mate ? Just Kane up top instead of hazard or muller

    1. Yeah just the one change. I’ll be taking Hazard out. Germany and Muller have a lot to prove and play for against South Korea.

  74. What do you think about Pepe at 1.5m put him in Monday , Portugal have at least 2 more games, really frees up some £ to potentially have Neymar ,ronaldo and Costa

    1. I’m not sure about Portugal and have raced through the transfers today. I’m fairly happy with how the team looks so can’t see me changing too much that I haven’t already planned out before the knockout stage.

  75. with pts at a premium any advise on swapping meunier of belgium for trippier for todays game ?
    should in all honestly be a nailed on 5 pts and both could progress quite far not much in the team in my opinion
    feedback welcome

    1. It’s a good shout but I’ll probably pass purely because I’ve raced through the transfers recently. Could always do this after the group stage.

  76. It might be worth saving the messi and mbappe transfers. There will be 3 germans/brazilians to get rid of after the last 16…

    1. Exactly my thoughts. Mbappe is less crucial but you wouldn’t put it past Messi to pop up with a few goals and Argentina seeking through against Nigeria.

      1. Got my eyes on messi for that game too. I’ve wasted a transfer on him for croatia but think I’m going to roll the dice with him again despite argentina being so poor. Looking at the final group games, id say messi would be the favourite to rack up most points. Maybe ronaldo against iran and costa v morocco, though iran have really impressed me defensively. Muller/reus against south korea too.

        1. Absolutely agree, also if Messi were to have a good game and Argentina do get through. They would play their last 16 game before Germany, Brazil, Belgium or England so there’s the potential to get 2 games out of Messi while these other players only get one.

  77. also lukaku and eden likely to be rested thurs against england might be worth a punt trippier from meunier or waste of transfer DTT ?

    1. Yeah I read they both ‘injured’ and due to be rested. I’ve got both think I’ll try take at least one of them out ASAP probably

    2. I don’t think it would be a waste but maybe a little unnecessary. I think I’ll keep my back line as it is until any of them get knocked out now.

  78. Hi mate after some advice, I’m top of my league by 30 it’s right now and used 9 transfers, I’m sure the people in 2nd 3rd have used a little bit more than me but they both have Kane and Sterling, I can’t afford Kane with one transfer. Do you think I should do 2 to get Kane in?

    1. I’d probably want Kane in but not sure if I’d want him at the cost of two transfers. Do you not have a striker valued over 6m to swap for him?

      1. Only Ronaldo and Neymar over 6m but I really want them Both in for their next game and then it would be an out-in-out situation which will use 2 transfers anyway

        1. Yeah it looks like two transfers might be your only option then. It’s your call when you’re doing so well already. I’m definitely going for Kane.

  79. DTT, is their a case 2day, to put in a England defender, probably Tripper, has assist potential, foolish not to play him against Panama & Belgium, taking out Meunier, they didn’t look solid against Tunisia.

    1. I think there is a case for it but for me personally I’ll be saving the transfer. Can always go for him at a later date. Meunier looked good despite them being a bit weak defensively. I’m happy with the back line until someone gets injured or knocked out.

  80. Ouch!

    I’ve followed your every moved and sitting nicely at the top of my league but…..
    Just check my team and the Hazzard to Kane swap disnt go through!

    I could cry! All top 5 in my league have put him in.

    Any advance after the England game would be appreciated.


    1. How annoying. I guess you could still follow the plan if you wanted to because I’ll probably take Kane out before long anyway.

      1. Thanks for the update DTT

        I haven’t done a world cup team before and I’m surprised how much time and effort you’ve put into it. Your smashing it, well done buddy.

        What do you think I should do with my extra transfer? Is there a player I can pick for a game and then transfer out to fall back inline with yours?

        Whatever I win in my dream team league there will definitely be a few beers donated to you for all your hard work.

        Effort equals rewards

        1. Had to put the time and effort in to put right a poor Premier league season. I can’t stand to not win at something so this short competition suits me well.

          In terms of the extra transfer. Might be worth saving it as I can’t see an obvious move at the moment.

          1. Thanks for the advice.

            I’m still going to follow your every move even tonight’s.

            Just a thought,
            Now that I have an extra transfer and depending on who you bring in tomorrow, do you think I should bring in Messi after Ronaldo just for the one game? he would be replaced by Neymar following your transfer guide? if you bring in Mappe it frees up the extra I would need.

            Basically its my free roll of the dice to catch up in the league? if not ill hold on to it for longer.

            1. Could go with Messi if you wanted that free roll of the dice – it makes sense as he simply has to perform.

  81. looking at ur provisonal transfers
    mbappe for lukaku
    messi for kane
    neymar for messi
    they look sensible…however any plans for ronaldo who could hurt people he plays tmrw night vs iran
    and if they top there group they have a quick turnaround most probably with game sat night potentially v russia or are you going to resist ?
    love your thought on this

    1. Difficult one – for me it’s a choice between Ronaldo or Messi for this transfer. Any thoughts either way?

  82. difficult i see in your long terms plans and quite rightly u want to have max left for the kos but could u for the sake of 1 more go
    kane out for ronny messi in for ronny leave then neymar as they play probably play mon 2nd v germany me feels …mbappe for lukaku still going ahead?i know uts 2 free hits but v denmark then most pro ably the argies isnt a goal glut its hard and difficult to plot a real way forward at this stage very hard !!!!!!!

    1. Not sure about Mbappe now but I do think the transfers are being used up a bit too quickly. At the rate we are going we will have very few left if things change quickly. Let’s not forget we will probably want Hazard, Lukaku and/or Kane back at some point.

  83. Messi is the goat through and and through however in this tournament ronaldo has outplayed him big time plus the rest of Argentinian players have been wank also, it’s ronaldo for me and if you don’t or him on I think you’ll pay dearly what do you think ?

    1. Difficult to say. I thought that when everyone said put him in before the Morocco game. Managed to resist and it didn’t really cost me. Take your point though – he could very well get more goals against Iran.

  84. out the two i agree just worried messi could score a ciuple and grab star man v a very average nigeria however if everything goes to form sat 30 june should read
    france v argies
    russia v portugual so on that basis ronny…

    1. Yeah I just don’t rate Portugal but equally I’m not really favouring Argentina either. It’s a very close call. Just think it could go either way and don’t want this to be the decision that ends up costing me the lead I’ve built.

  85. DTT any forward thinking for tommorows games ?
    also no neymar ? is that a worry u could afford jesus but to be honest he aint pulled any trees up this tournament so far

    1. I wouldn’t go for Jesus, it would be another transfer I’d rather not use. Same with Werner. Neither have really looked like scoring – although both being in good teams they easily could within the next few games.

  86. or even werner for lukaku for the korea game…but another dude thats gone awol this world cup

  87. Ronaldo over Messi all day for me. I can see him doing better against Iran than Messi against Nigeria. They’ve got an “easy” last 16 game if they win the group or finish second while Argentina will likely have France. I can even see Argentina going out, they have supposedly ceased power from the manager and will pick their own team? That is ridiculous! haha

    1. Haha completely agree based on the current form. To be honest if the fixtures didn’t favour Portugal and Argentina in terms of the order they will be play I’m not sure I’d favour either of them. They are both 20/1 to outright win the tournament. I’d favour players from Brazil, Belgium and Spain if we were looking at long term picks.

    2. on the other hand, is there no way of getting both in? instead of the Mbappe transfer?

      1. I wish there was but unfortunately not. I’ve tried to work around it but it’s just not possible.

  88. so at present
    kane out for ronny
    mbappe for roman
    roman a major doubt for england game …that would mean 2 extra games for him before lukaku plays again ?
    keeper defence midfield looks sorted

    1. That’s looking like a good plan. There is Neymar as well and ultimately we are going to want Kane at some point again. Don’t think these transfers will last.

  89. whatever you have done so far its gone to plan i have faith that n the morning afyer a full nights sleep you will come up with a cunning an baldrik !!@

  90. DTT your wall chart reads
    mbappe for lukaku
    kane for messi
    messi for neymar
    ….is this still ur plan but ronny instead of messi ?

    1. I’ll confirm any transfers before I make them – the chart is my “rough plan”. At the moment I’m leaning towards Ronaldo over Messi and I’m not sure about Mbappe. It’s going to use up two transfers and he might draw a blank in both games.

  91. Hi DTT,

    Great approach so far. Can I ask what’s your hopefully team will be for last 16 and how many subs you hope to have left?

    Oh and I would say Ronaldo has to come in for tomorrow’s game

    1. I may go into the last 16 with around 10 transfers remaining. I’d plan to go into the last 16 with:


      I might then put Neymar in for Ronaldo once Portugal have played and it’s hard to ignore Kane. I’m yet to decide to be honest.

      1. With this plan, I’d swap Lukaku for Ronaldo/Messi, due to his injury he is likely to miss his next game, whereas Kane will be playing.

        1. I’d like to do that however not possible within the budget. It would make sense to get rid of Lukaku first but it can’t be done without making transfers.

  92. Going to swap Kane for Ronaldo, as I can see Ronaldo bagging some goals.

    From what I’ve read, Lukaku has a ligament injury and won’t be playing on the 28th, but I’m not to sure if I should go for Mbappe or Pogba. Edging towards Pogba.

    I still have Hazard, so if there’s no sign of him playing his next match by the 26th, I can swap him for Messi.

    Currently the same lineup as team 6, except I have Hazard instead of Muller.

    1. I think I’ll go for Ronaldo as well. Did you miss the Muller transfer or did you just not fancy him to do well?

      1. Not rated Muller so far, so thought I’d give him a miss, Kroos would have been a better choice in my opinion, but decided to save a transfer

        1. I wish I had but at the time it looked like a chance to build some momentum after Belgium scored me plenty of points. Hopefully he does something against South Korea. I only preferred him to Kroos because he plays in a more advanced position.

          1. Reports say Lukaku is likely to play against England, “no further damage with Romelu Lukaku’s ankle injury”. So I’ve left him in my team and swaped Kane for Ronaldo

            1. I’ve done the same. Where did you read that though? Someone else has just commented that he’s out.

              1. Was originally on twitter with the quote… But I can see him playing as he’s their main goal scorer and neither England nor Belgium have really been tested yet

              2. Daily mail, “Martinez says initial scans have cleared Lukaku of any tournament-ending injury, but admits there will be no decision over whether he plays against the Three Lions until Wednesday.”

  93. Well, it’s time already – the first round of group-stage fixtures is nearly over, so get ready to make your World Cup fantasy football transfers.

    1. He is but it’s so close to call. Form, goals scored and opponents being faced all point to Ronaldo. But you can never rule out Messi which is the problem I’ve got. Can’t have them both but logic says Ronaldo.

    1. Not sure about Mbappe. Could get two games from him compared to none for Lukaku (if he doesn’t play against England). Tough call as it will use some more transfers. Will decide tomorrow though.

  94. i think as we start to enter the kos important that transfers not wasted those who are already down to single figures could be forced into a cul de sac come last 8 and last 4

    1. Exactly, each transfer has been vital and a few have gone astray for me. Kimmich, Muller and Messi the first time have all been disappointing but can’t expect them all to pay off. I think having a rough plan has worked well and hopefully the advantage of that will start to kick in when people lose their remaining transfers.

  95. I will have to go by a fantasy football mantra that has done me well over the years when considering Ronaldo vs Messi – “form over fixtures”. Ronaldo is the man in form. Messi is however world class. Nigeria looked poor against Croatia (as did Argentina) and they just need a point to secure second place.

    My team atm looks fairly similar to yours:
    Gimenez*, Miranda**, Meunier*, Alba**
    Hazard*, Coutinho**, Isco**
    Ronaldo**, Costa**, Kane*

    I have 12/20 transfers remaining. Those with a * have all ready qualified. Those with ** have pretty much qualified baring shock results in the last round of games. I don’t have any GER cover, but that will change. Tempted to hold the transfers now until the quarter final’s baring injuries. Any further thoughts??

    1. I’d probably hold them to be honest. Although I might be tempted to look at Hazard – who may not play against England. Could get two games over this period of time. I’m assuming you had Lukaku over the weekend? Be interested to know how many points you’re on because your team is very similar but it looks like you haven’t made some of the transfer which didn’t pan out well for me.

      1. I’m on 217 points and yes I had Lukaku on Sat and changed him for Kane on Sun

    1. I’m going for Ronaldo. Haven’t decide about Mbappe but I’ll put up a post in a moment.

    1. I won’t be taking Muller out as they play South Korea in a must win game.

  96. DTT,

    How many transfers do you have left?

    I only have 9 and am fighting the urge to put Ronaldo in later… I say ‘fighting’ because I think they could give Portugal a bit of tough time.


    1. I’ve got 11 left – wasted a couple at the weekend with Muller and Kimmich but hoping they pick up points against South Korea now. I fought the urge for Ronaldo in the last set of fixtures but I’m going to have to give in this time. I can’t risk not having him for two games when he’s such a popular choice, even though I don’t rate Portugal. Leaves me feeling uncomfortable about not having Messi against Nigeria but we can’t have them all. I guess my thoughts around fighting the urge for your team would be based around how many points you’re already on and what the rest of your team looks like?

      1. Thinking the same, can’t not stick Ronaldo in he will have one eye on the golden boot, are you going for a Lukaku swap for Ronaldo with it looking like he is missing out on the England game?

        1. I would if I could but I’m 0.5m short of being able to do that as a straight swap. As a result I’ve had to take Kane out.

      2. So let’s bring Ronaldo in. What are the plans for Lukaku as he is doubtful for the England game?

        1. Tough call – could get two games out of someone else if Lukaku misses that game so could be forced into a transfer. I’ll look this evening but might have to be Mbappe or someone like that.

  97. sounds like gimeniz is out of the game today with injury. I have him too, any thoughts on if we should use a transfer to remove him?

    1. I took him out for Kimmich over the weekend and have no plans to get him back in.

      1. What player would you recommend putting in instead of giminez? For the same price?

          1. I replaced Giminez with Pepe to release funds elsewhere. Star Man, nice but gutted that Portugal conceded a late penalty.

            1. He looked a bargain at the start of the tournament but I’ve never really fancied Portugal to do well.

  98. The way I see is that this week ideally I would want two of these three upfront for my team:

    Doubtful that teams will already have all three of the most expensive players in the game (but it is possible).

    We could use transfers to get points all three players. One possibility could be to do Ronaldo->Messi->Neymar but not ideally unless you have a lot of transfers remaining. I did this move in game week 1 with one of my teams.

    Now, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil have not qualified for the next round so no chance that these strikers will be rested and most likely to play 90 minutes. All three take penalties and free kicks for their country, think Messi and Neymar take corners so that may lead to assist points (but not a major deal).

    Another consideration is ownership. Ronaldo and Neymar currently at 40%. Messi at 20%. Playing a safe game, I know which players to get. Messi at 20% might put people off but he has got to be the best differential player in the game right now. He is a player that if he hits big (very capable of doing this) then you could make big strides in overall rank.

    1. Great analysis – I’m with you on ideally having two of them. I’m happy with Ronaldo going into this evenings game but I ultimately want to end up with Neymar. I think the difference between the three of them is the distance they could go in the tournament. Both Portugal and Argentina are 20/1 outsiders to win the tournament and Brazil are still favourites. If Portugal end up playing Uruguay in the next round I may take Ronaldo out and bring in Neymar for the Serbia game and then stick with Neymar until Brazil go out or win it. Having Messi in between would be a transfer too many for me though.

      1. Lukaku and hazard confirmed out of the England game, will that change who you sub now?

        For example I have now subbed hazard and lukaku for Ramos and Ronaldo meaning I can keep Kane

        1. If I could swap Lukaku for Ronaldo I would but I can’t do that within budget. So it doesn’t change anything for me – where did you see Lukaku was out? Someone else has just said he’s fit to play.

      2. Not the way I would do it as Ronaldo plays last 16 game first. Yes Uruguay tough but Ronaldo is still a dangerous player not to own as he takes a large number of shots at goal. High ownership a big factor. I would like two of the three players for the last 16 games but Brazil and Argentina both are not guaranteed to qualify yet. Brazil have a tough game as Serbia is a pretty good team unlucky to lose to Switzerland.

        1. If it was a choice between Neymar (Serbia and potentially Germany) and Ronaldo (Uruguay) for the games in brackets surely you’d favour Neymar?

          1. Neymar on a yellow card so on suspension tightrope. Germany very resilient side so I don’t personally see Brazil being the favourites especially if it goes to a penalty shootout.

            1. That’s useful to know, didn’t know he was on a yellow. When do these get scrapped?

              1. Think after the group stages. Coutinho also on yellow card and Muller as well. Don’t really want players missing games in the knockout rounds.

                1. It would be disappointing to lose players through suspension but with a tight transfer budget I think I’ll have to cross that bridge when I get to it.

    1. Really didn’t go to plan – makes me want to throw in the towel. On paper I’d have expected a clean sheet and at least a 1-0 win for Spain. Ronaldo misses a penalty as well.

  99. seems ronny v messi backfired
    if messi lovers see him turn it on tmrw could b bad news….spain also looked woeful….could u go messi in for ronny and bring in an argie defender for alba or are we still discplined with original plan and not panic ?

    1. If Messi fails then Neymar lovers are going to be happy. I wouldn’t touch no Argentina defender. Argentina could go out and then more transfers used up.

      1. true…..DTT team thus far has had the rub of the green gonna b interesting what menoveres he makes tmrw….. very interesting

      2. I’d agree with that – the only Argentina player I’d go anywhere near is Messi.

    2. I won’t panic – certainly won’t go for an Argentina defender but fuming after how things have gone tonight.

    1. Question marks straight away on Ronaldo but Diego Costa could be the bigger problem. Very poor tonight and not a good sign when his replacement scores.

      Not heard anything concrete on Lukaku but he might also be missing this week.

      1. Yeah I thought Costa was poor. I only caught the first half but very disappointing. They have been the best team I’d seen so far but thought they were awful from what I saw.

    2. Yeah I’ll post in a second – will be a brief one as I’ve been at football.

  100. difficult with the ko
    germany v brazil
    argentina v france
    most probable
    so lots of potential players to come out already overloading more a logistical bloody nightmare !

    1. Yeah I’ll have to have a longer think in the morning. Struggling to see how to turn it around now.

  101. Really tough to hold back and not to use the transfers isn’t it , maybe that’s the key , hope e eryone ejse uses them. At start of quarter finals how many ideally do you want left ?

  102. ddt if ur going a french attacker i would wait till the line up confirmed sources are saying france are going to make wholesale changes including lloris also mpbappe may be rested wth france already qualified and denmark needing a point could be a dour game thoughts welcome

    1. Could be even a Denmark win as they will be at full strength. So France vs Croatia can’t be ruled out. I don’t think managers are bothered about third game or finishing first or second in the group if they have already qualified. Unless Greizmann is playing I might avoid the French attack today.

    2. I’ll probably avoid that transfer to be honest if France are resting players. Might just go Messi then Neymar.

  103. Well, in the end (and much to my annoyance), I too gave in to temptation and brought Ronaldo in last night.

    Missed Pen, booked and two subs down as I had to bring in a cheaper midfielder in Kante to accommodate Ronaldo.

    Very small positives are:
    Ronaldo got a 7 rating. -4 would have been even more frustrating
    Portugal managed to scrape through.
    Spain’s last minute goal means Portugal have the tougher fixture of Uruguay which suits me having 3 Spanish players to just 1 Portugal

    Still disappointed though. I’m having a pretty crap tournament, but am somehow 3rd in my league of 26 (£25 a man). The guy above me in 2nd dodged two bullets from Ronaldo and Costa last night, even luckier because he only has 1 sub remaining and has held his position! Amazing game!!!…

    1. Really frustrating night – hoping to make up for it today but could end badly again. Thinking of taking Ronaldo out for Messi in an attempt to claw back some points. Any thoughts?

      1. I think that Argentina could struggle against Nigeria tonight.

        That said, if you have the subs (as you do… I only have 7), it might not be a bad move because looking at their 5 previous meetings, a lot of goals have been shipped by both sides!

        Argentina are just ahead with 3 wins to 2, but what’s of interest is that Nigeria are winning in terms of goals by 11 to 10…. 21 goals in 5 games!!

        Of course we have to consider what is at stake here and realise it’s a World Cup game and not a qualifier or friendly, but if it follows suit, there could be goals.

        1. I just fancied taking a punt on Messi given last nights bad results. Based on the transfers I’ve got planned I felt like I had enough to give it a go. Hopefully it pays off – unlike the Ronaldo transfer last night.

  104. When you do the update , can you post your current team? It all got a bit confusing !

        1. For today? I’ve literally just pressed publish so you’ll need to refresh the page.

          1. dtt with ur plan of attack spain and brazil players and with hugo not playing today would it now be worth bringing in the brazil keeper for the extra game for tmrw ? as u were planning to do the swap after the first kos with neymar from messi tmrw 0.5m profit and already having 0.5 in the bank this transfer could b done…just food for thought

            1. Don’t want to continue to race through the transfers and didn’t have time to check the French line up so had to stick as I was.

  105. very detailed DTT, a spain v brazil final hopefully now and should finish the tournament on a high
    spain gotta step up tho looked poor last night

  106. Hi DTT, good article. I see you are heading for a full set of players for the final – does the 3rd place play-off game count in Dreamteam? Would you consider having any players in this game if it counts?

    1. I hadn’t even considered this but now you mention it, that’s a good point. I’m assuming it will count but I don’t really know. I won’t be saving transfers for it though.

  107. i dont think last world cup its counted if my memory serves me could be wrong !
    DTT thursdays transfers
    kane for lukaku
    hazard for muller
    could may well be shelved as both may not play if led to beleive
    i would take a rain check on that and wait till the line upsannouced thurs tea time….i am liking ur ploy tho i knew baldrick would come up with a cunning plan

    1. I’ve already got Lukaku and Muller so no real transfers planned for Thursday. Depending on what happens tonight the only transfer I’ll consider is Messi out and Neymar in.

    1. Any plan to replace Loris on the basis of this or do you think its a waste of a transfer??

      1. I didn’t manage to check the line ups so had to stay as I was. Disappointing that Lloris was rested and they keep a clean sheet.

  108. In what was a dire game, no Danish defender got a rating, but Varane got star man, with two more 7 ratings for French players.
    Gave & took a rating of Schmeichel within the last few minutes of the game. Danish defenders deseved a rating, especially with Varane getting one. e.t.c. Who scored is an absolute joke !

  109. What’s your final thoughts on Messi? Must have in the team or can you see him flopping again?

    1. I’ve put him in – not convinced he will do well but we know he’s capable. I can see them going out tonight.

  110. Is there any confirmation the third place playoff will count? Can’t seem to find a definite answer anywhere.

    1. I couldn’t see an answer within their rules but assumed it would count.

  111. i will fire an email off to them for conformation,however i think u will find 3rd and 4th place play off u tend to find teams put there 2nd teams out so not benefit really

    1. Yeah I’ll post shortly – revised transfers though? Thought the plan looked fairly solid haha. There’s only one decision to make – stick with Messi or go with Neymar for Serbia?

  112. naymar i think looking at the argies tonight there race is run now france will be fresh on saturday i can see them winning that one….we keep hugo in for that one or go with brazil keeper tmrw ?

    1. Happy with Lloris until France go out. I think he was only rested today. Can’t risk going too heavy with Brazil in case Germany knock them out (should they meet in the last 16).

  113. in that case yes neymar for messi
    i think the argies back 4 as more holes in it than a tramps vest…i can see the french taking them out

    1. Good stuff – everyone seems to think this is the right move so I’ve just done it.

  114. I personally think that Neymar should come in. Argentina do not look good and we are only seeing glimpses of Messi to be honest.

    1. It looks like most people think this is a sensible move so I’ve just confirmed it.

  115. Difficult one. Going for neymar means having 3 brazil players in the team who could very well be eliminated by germany in the next round or worse still, by serbia tomorrow night. I think the general consensus among the press is that kane will start against belgium so that should be a transfer getting him back in. Maybe save the neymar one for hazard/lakaku next round or perhaps one of them starts against england.
    As much as i think france will knock argentina out, messi seems to get a rating for just walking out onto the pitch. Been looking at during his games and if he gets a goal or an assist, he’s pretty nailed on for a starman.

    1. With Neymar being owned by so many other people I didn’t fancy risking it so I’ve put him in. In an ideal world Kane and Lukaku are rest tomorrow night but I’ve got a feeling Kane won’t be which is going to cause problems.

  116. i think brazil will win tmrw and edge germany just….i would be suprised gareth played harry in a dead rubber game golden boot or not he needs to protect his main asset for the knock outs and also give others a feel for the tournament just in case there required later on down the line

    1. Yeah that’s the problem with not having Kane for the Belgium game. I think he will play too but I was hoping he wouldn’t.

  117. If indeed Brazil play Germany in the next round, I am not sure Brazil will make it past Germany. The Germans are known to get better as the tournament goes on, I believe the pressure may be to great for Brazil to avenge the thrashing in the last world cup.

    1. I think it’s one that could go either way – as a result I’m not going too heavy on either team until that fixture is decided.

  118. I think Messi for Neymar is a sensible move. I think France will KO Argentina and Neymar has an extra game which they need a result in. Likely star man and on pens against a big rough Serbian team.

    1. That’s what I thought – I’ve just confirmed it so hopefully he plays well.

  119. Logic points towards getting Neymar in the team. One of the most dangerous players not to own. High ownership so if he scores well, big fall in ranking.

    1. Seems to be the general consensus that it’s a decent idea. I’ve just made the transfer. Think this afternoon is make or break for my plan – need Muller to do well. I’m not overly hopeful about that one.

    1. I’ve gone for Neymar – Brazil have got more to play for against Serbia.

  120. I’d say we take messi straight back out because even though they got through they looked shite to me. Put neymar in

    1. Most people seem to think that’s the best way to go. I’ve just confirmed this as my only transfer of the day.

  121. Any further thought on Neymar? I have been looking at it more this morning and think that Neymar would be a good move. What do others think?

    1. I left him in simply because I had no choice. Disaster of an afternoon really.

  122. I think leave Muller in, he’ll come on with a decent amount of time left and play the next game. They know Korea are shit haha

    1. I left him in as had no choice – was at work with no way of checking.

    1. I don’t have the opportunity to check line ups in the afternoon so missed this. No idea why he was left out – he was on a yellow card but very foolish if that’s why he was benched.

  123. Germany get 6 minutes injury time & then try & get away with a clear goal…..and just as i’m typing South Korea score again. Well deserved ! I hate the Germans. Always been big heads !

  124. Fuck the Germans 😂time to put some english boys in cos it’s fucking coming home

  125. Apart from not getting german returns this afternoon, Germany going out now could be good long term (Assuming brazil get through later). Opens up the brazil section.

    1. Before South Korea scored I was on for jumping up to 7th in the mini league I’d like to win. Gutted that clean sheet went.

  126. Have to laugh at the people that even considered Muller. Muller Rice has long been on the “sell off shelf”, for the last few tournaments. Germany played with no energy, from the first game.
    Hoping Belgium put a strong team out against England. ( I’m so patriotic ! )

    1. I agree that Germany have been poor but I do hope picking up on Muller isn’t a dig at my selection?

      1. DTT, you’ve got a bit of an insecurity complex…..i didn’t even know you had / have Muller. I don’t read every 400 + post on here. I haven’t got the time. It’s just a general comment that Muller & Germany, have been poor from the off, regardless of who has got him in their teams.

        1. Haha no insecurity complex I was just basing it on your track record of inflammatory comments but that’s fair enough if it was a coincidence.

          1. I think i’ve made about less than half a dozen comments on your World Cup blog, DTT none of them inflammatory.
            You continue to try & paint the wrong picture of me. It’s an opinion. You have to start accepting opinions, rather than constantly jumping to the wrong conclusions. I couldn’t even tell you, three players in your team, at present & probably won’t have any idea of who is in your team on July 15th ! ?
            I’m more interested in my own teams.

    1. Yeah staying as I am with Neymar. Shame we can’t take out eliminated players even if they’ve played on the same day.

        1. 8 left – thought I was in a great position. I said it was make or break based on the Germany game and I think they’ve ruined any hopes of having an excellent overall rank by the end of the tournament. Although I’ve only got two of their players. How you getting on for transfers?

          1. The most i’ve used is 9. Which is presently my best scoring team on 181 pts. I think i’ve got 4 teams, still with 20 transfers. Shock !

            1. I’ve got a few like that but they’ve got about the same amount of points – 20. I’ve only progressed the teams which started well because 10 is too many to manage.

                1. Haha yeah more than 20 – 88 points is my lowest but I’ve not touched the team since the start.

                    1. I’ve given up on all of mine other than the top three teams. If they aren’t within the top 10,000 by now I’ve pretty much knocked them on the head.

  127. Looking at replacements for Kimmich, Thiago & hernandez for France only 2 million, as for Muller Pogba possible semi final, others Rackotic, Modric, Perisic.

    1. Thiago sounds good to me or a Spanish defender. I’m hoping they both go the distance. With Muller I was thinking Hazard at this point. I know he probably won’t play tomorrow but got to be a goal threat in their remaining games.

    1. Haha it was absolutely gutting. If they had performed as they should I’m convinced I’d be within the top 1,000 teams at this point. I literally can’t stand losing either so it’s not been a good day.

  128. Aw I’ve had a nightmare, my transfer of Messi to Neymar didn’t go through because of my shite internet signal while out.
    I’m better off leaving Messi to play France then swapping him aren’t I?
    Just hope he scores what Neymar does tonight 😖

    1. Ah that’s annoying – I’d do exactly what you’ve suggested and stick with Messi until they’ve played France.

  129. Yeah only option now isn’t it. I was fuming. Thanks for the reassurance, I nearly knocked my Mrs out for making me do a bbq and not having time to check it when the line ups came out 😂

  130. Lukaku confirmed not playing tomorrow, Muller gone. Kimmich gone. How do you see it going now DDT any plans in place yet for how you are going to navigate through???

    1. It’s getting very close to the point now where you don’t want to be transferring anyone unless they’ve been eliminated or injured isn’t it. Looks like it might worth moving to Lukaku to Kane transfer forward to tomorrow. Also hoping he scores 3 and Belgium score 4 with their reserves out so we’re in the easy half…haha

      1. That’s exactly the thoughts I’d had. Bring Kane in earlier than planned and basically pick and team and stick with it now until teams are eliminated.

        1. Yeah that’s the only way to have a chance at a decent amount of players for the final and to be able to ride out a surprise KO. I’d definitely advise against knee jerking the Germans out for someone else just because they got a group game left to play.
          Kane will be a great shout tomorrow if Martinez follows through on resting 10 players like he said! He really doesn’t want to win the group does he.

          1. It’s a good point – I don’t think we can afford to pick players now who aren’t long term picks. I’ll try and stick to the plan already in place but just bring some of the transfers forward.

            1. Yeah I still think it’s likely Brazil Spain final at the minute. With missing the Messi – Neymar transfer I’m more short of funds, I might have to go straight to muller – Silva and miss Hazard out to allow money for Kane. Ideally Kane, Hazard and Lukaku don’t start!

              1. If they are all rest, I’d make no transfers. It would be a shame to go straight to D. Silva for you because if Belgium finish second in the group they are going to have an easier run and I’m likely to want Hazard for this run. I’d be tempted to try and get a cheaper defender in.

    2. I’ll put a post up shortly. The transfer plan probably won’t go up until lunch time tomorrow as I’ll need a think but it won’t change much from what’s already planned.

      1. I think they said the England game is coming a day too soon. I think he will be fine for the next game.

      2. He had a scan and it showed “no further damage” to the ankle injury he had at the end of season. He must have been struggling in the first few games with the existing damage too (barring the 4 goals) I doubt he will miss the KO game, but he won’t be 100%. A 100% Kane going for the golden boot against a weakened Belgium with a completely different defence that hasn’t played yet and De Bruyne and Hazard on the bench, looks a lot better to me than a semi injured Lukaku. If England win and get knocked out by Brazil, the original transfer plan for Kane out can be brought forward, not costing anything…

  131. Tricky with tonight’s result, no one expected Eyal to be knocked out of the tournament , I’m putting adam in now he’s single again, he’s expensive but think has potential to score big.

    1. Haha I’d like to pretend I have no idea what you’re referring too but I’d only be fooling myself if I did.

    1. Yeah I was thinking T. Silva just because he’s the cheapest option and it would free up funds for Kane.

      1. Fagner is available for 2.5m if your struggling for funds. Unless Danilo is making a come back.

  132. Hi DTT love the blog as it is helping me a lot! I went a bit off piste after I missed one or two of your posts but still fairly similar team. However for strikers I have Costa, Messi and Griezmann. Keeping Costa and Messi but can’t decide if I should swap Griezmann for Kane for today – however with France and Argentina playing Saturday I find it a really difficult decision

      1. Gerry I am in the same boat at you with my forwards and transfers, if Kane start s today I will swap him for Greizmann

        1. Thanks Singh, is very helpful to just get a further opinion. I think it makes sense with Kane looking better in front of goal and going for Golden Boot. Will hold off until they announce the starting lineups but if he is playing will swap them around and looks like Belgium will not be playing their best team

    1. Yeah that’s one that could go either way. Whatever I suggest you can be sure that the opposite will happen. The best outcome would be Kane not starting tonight. However if he is I’m not sure what I’d do in that situation. If France get past Argentina they may make the semi finals so it would be a big call to drop a player who might get that far.

      1. Thanks DTT – I’ve had a further rethink and I’ve decided against the transfer – even if Kane starts I think it is best keeping this transfer back and get points of hopefully Messi and Griezman. Transferring Kane in really is damage control as the other people in my mini league has him in their line ups but they are running out of transfers and I’d rather use this later on

  133. I think bringing in Kane for Lukaku is a good move. I can’t wait to see the Belgium lineup. If reports so far are correct, it looks like it will be a watered down team. That could also help with having Kane in. Silva looks a good move for Kimmich too. I don’t have much spare time today to keep close to this but will post if I can.

    1. I’m just about to do an update. I think Kane has to come in if he’s starting. I’d rather both managers just rest all the players because the key to this is knowing who is going to play when in the next round.

      P.S. thanks for the donation – really appreciated.

        1. I did, and absolutely no problem to start following if I do the Premier League season. I’m fairly sure I’ll do one this season but can’t guarantee a good result – had a terrible season last time around.

  134. Have you considered going 3-4-3 and swapping Kimmich for a Midfielder?

    4m and below options:

    Cuadrado (Will have at least two games as Columbia still have their last group game).

  135. DTT, I’m 0.5m short for swapping Kimmich for T Silva, I’m looking at other defenders 3 and don’t like the look of them. Can’t afford Spain, can only afford Fagner from Brazil who might get dropped when Danilo’s fit again so was thinking 3-4-3 Paulinho? Still sticking to the plan with having a Brazilian..? What would you suggest?

    1. That might work but can you save the transfer now if we aren’t going for Kane then re-adjust after Messi has played.

  136. So looks like a very much changed Belgium side being put out this evening. What are we thinking about the transfers? Still worth doing the Lukaku to Kane transfer just in case?

  137. I was thinking that we should bring him in anyway as knowing our luck they will bring him on and he will score a brace. What do people think?

    1. I’m not bringing him in – it’s a risk but Lukaku could end up playing again before Kane.

    2. its a tough one leave him out and he will come on 2nd half and gra a couple..put him in and he does not come on england lose then we miss out on lukaku playing before england next…this is where i feel calculated judgment is key last 16 and a bit of the rub of the green…DTT has a weekend coming up hoping messi and ronny do minnimal damage…get past the weekend with damage limitation and then cheer on spain and brazil….thats the plan but this is cup football theres a load more twists and turns to come…this is where shit becomes real

    1. As Darren has pointed out. Might as well put Hazard in now as I’ll put him in anyway so I’ll do that

  138. both lukaku and eden on the bench….temptation to bring in eden for muller now ?

      1. If he coming in anyway then surely best to put him in now in case he comes on…no brainier if you ask me👍

  139. yep..finishing 2nd now means playing columbia who no fools…top the group and its japan i get the feeling tonight will start nicey nicey then the last 20 all the big guns will appear for a free for all….and lukaku dont forget he wants that golden boot too…
    muller out hazard in for me

    1. Yeah I’ve just done it – hopefully Kane doesn’t come on and score.

    1. Personally prefer Silva at this stage. I think he’s a little more likely to get a clean sheet than Paulinho is to get a goal but there’s not a lot in it.

  140. not for me silva over pauilinho all day long clean sheet chance and also aerial threat for a goal from a set piece…no brainer for me

    1. The only concern is that clean sheets could be slightly harder to come by in the knockout stages. If a team goes 1-0 up the other team will be more likely to throw bodies forward to try and get a goal back. Also if it goes to extra time and a goal is scored during this period, it then takes out the clean sheet. However on balance I still agree that Silva is the better option.

  141. ddt 7 transfers left
    kimmich out for silva

    one transfer that may have to be made if france lose to argentina you can bring the brazil keeper in earlier than billed ?
    hopefully france beat argentina
    spain beat russia
    brazil beat mexico
    belguim beat japan
    and of course we beat columbia
    …..but football dont work like that……lady luck as been with you so far still hopeing for 11 players in the final

    1. Yeah I think that change would make sense if France were to go out. The result tonight was ideal as it leaves us with some good transfer options. I can’t see a change being required other than Kimmich until England play. Very happy with how the team is set up for the first knockout games so it mainly comes down to luck now for those games.

  142. 10 transfers left, need to start using them, maybe been a bit to methodical, I’ll get my crystal ball out, might double up on spain defence with Caravjal, for Russia game, & then Reus out for maybe French or croatian midfielder. France to go a round further, but croatian mid better than say Pogba.

  143. Does anyone know if last nights scores have been updated correctly ?? For instance Hazard got 3pts according to but it says on website DNP.
    Looking at “view match”, they haven’t even got Belgium players listed !

  144. Looking at Argentina vs France, who has the best potential for pts Mbappe, Pogba, was looking at a croatian midfielder but feel France might go deeper into tournament.

    1. I’ve mainly avoided France because I couldn’t pick a consistent point scorer. I’d always tend to favour a striker though and was going to go for Mbappe at one point myself.

  145. DTT, as ur next transfer is Kimmich to T. Silva, still undecided on Pogba, Modric, Rackotic, Perisic, my rival has a 25pt lead on me & has Modric, worried about the Messi factor, they cld knock the French out.

  146. DTT i have a mate at work who bet me £50 he could do a dream team to beat urs hands down i accepted currently on the same pts tally but he has 2 extra transfers than u his tea comes to dead on 50m
    and is
    urg keeper
    same midfield

    whose in the box seat with ronny and messi spare tmrw for him ?
    and what are our pitfalls and our greatest strength to oust him…by the way he’s a cocky guy as well
    i would love your insight into this…as parting with £50 to him would hurt my pride rather than my wallet !

    1. Haha you took that bet after my performance over the Premier League season? That was a brave move. You sure he’s only got one team and isn’t just picking his best team out of 10? Hate to say it but if he’s got two extra transfers and he’s got Ronaldo and Messi then he’s definitely got the upper hand. My team is easy to beat if you follow it closely because I publish my thoughts in advance so I basically give away my plan.

  147. argies lose tmrw
    portugual lose tmrw
    still a chance with both ronny and messi gone we have a gentlemans agreement he wont block ur team as he knows it first hand any real intent and bet void……..thanks for the vote of confidence i have faith in you still

  148. Hi mate I’ve got 9 transfers left and got Neymar Messi and Lukaku up front right now, do you think I should put Ronaldo in for Neymar or can you see Ronaldo being quiet or even going out?

    1. I think that game is very close to call and Ronaldo is even harder to predict. If he’s capable of getting a hat trick against Spain then he could do the same again. I think it’s a risk not to include him but at this stage it’s a risk to use a transfer on him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go out but I equally wouldn’t be surprised to see Ronaldo score and take them through. Virtually impossible to predict.

  149. Hi guys I finished 364 position overall in the premier league last season but I’m doing nowhere near as good in the World Cup format I’m enjoying reading all the posts and comments where did you all finish in the premier league season and what’s the plans for today’s transfers if any??

    1. No transfers today for me. Had an awful Premier League season finished just under 50,000 I think. How are you getting on with the World Cup?

    1. That’s not too bad. Only 20 points or so behind. That could change within one day. I find it difficult to benchmark a good finish. What would you class as a good result for an overall finish on the leader board?

  150. dtt hopeing messi and ronny are queit today and both get knocked out…may the rub of the green continue.

  151. I am fighting with the choice of swapping Kimmich dor Silva or going 3-4-3 and replacing him with Modric. I have been very impressed with the Croatian team and can’t see them coming unstuck against Denmark. Did you ever consider this as an option?

    1. I did consider it but I think Modric is 4m? Which means I wouldn’t be able to afford my Kane transfer.

  152. DTT, have 3 Brazil player’s, & 3 Spain, with one defender in each, have to change Kimmich, unsure whether to go T. Silva, or Caravjal, looking a tough decision, see Spain beating Russia but perhaps conceding, if progress possibly Croatia, then France, but there again Brazil have Mexico, & maybe Belgium & hopefully England.

    1. You could probably toss a coin between them. I’ve got both of them on my list depending on when other players get knocked out. Personally be going for T. Silva first.

  153. Hi DTT
    I have been following your blog closely and been really happy with the advice you have given so far. It has certainly gone a long way to my position in a friend’s mini league.

    My team is pretty much like for like with yours other than I haven Kane in instead of lukaku.
    I’m conscious that lukaku is chasing the golden boot, on form and has Japan up next.

    I have 6 transfers left. Would you transfer lukaku in for this game and then Kane back in to align the team with yours again, or would you keep the transfer in the locker?

    Any advice will be great,


    1. Difficult one – depends where you are in the mini league. If you’re clear at the top and people below you don’t have Lukaku then I’d probably hold the transfer. If you need to take a few risks to catch up with the leader then I’d probably bring him in. Belgium are probably one of the only teams with an “easier” opposition in the last 16 and as you say he’s chasing the golden boot.

  154. Thanks DTT
    I’m top by about 30 points, but second and third place have a lukaku in their teams and I’m pretty certain they have more transfers in their lockers than I do.
    It’s a really hard decision because I guess it will be using two transfers for the one player and game. I can just see him Bagging at least one or two goals.

    1. I’d probably prefer to have him and have one less player for the final. Having a team full of players from both teams in the final might not that much of an advantage. If both teams score there’s no clean sheets and only one player can get star man but at the same time you won’t want to run out of transfers in case of any shocks.

      1. Thanks DTT
        I think I’m going to stick him in and hope we do not encounter too many twists and turns on route to the final. I think you have a solid plan in place and so far you have come up trumps. Fingers crossed it continues.
        Cheers for the advice

  155. DTT really unlucky with Mbappe being dropped in the last game and not in our teams today. Never expected that off him today though. He was fantastic.
    Might be worth that spare transfer to get him in against Uruguay?

    1. Possibly – although not sure Uruguay will offer them as many chances. Will see how the next few days pan out.

      1. True. Their defence is a lot more solid. It’s just his pace and they way they countered today. I can see them giving Brazil real problems if they finish their chances. Looking forward to a Costa hat trick and clean sheet for us tomorrow 👍🏻

  156. Hi DTT,
    Thank you for spending the time to research and post your thoughts and battle plan it has helped me a lot with my team. I’ve made some different decisions in places some good some bad but generally I’ve done Ok.
    I’m currently sitting at 11 transfers remaining and 245 points total.
    Muslera / Danilo / Miranda / Alba / Pepe
    Coutinho / Hazard / Isco
    Neymar / Messi / Mbappe
    Obviously I can get rid of Pepe & Messi but I don’t want to rush the transfers and bring someone in who only has a single game left in them!
    I would like to bring Costa in but is it too much risk at this stage he can be hit and miss. I would love Lukaku for the Belgium game and Kane for the England game but I can’t risk having them all. Also I need to get rid of Danilo and Pepe really they are dead wood. Any advice would be welcome. Not sure, so worried about Costa! The two people below me in my league both have him but are over 60 points below me. At the moment I’m thinking I will hold off on the transfer and see what today brings I the event Spain lose!

    1. Looks like you’re doing well if you’ve got 11 transfers left. I wouldn’t be too worried about letting go of them now though – most of the easier games are gone and it could be getting harder and harder to pick up big points as teams face tougher opposition. If you’re 60 points clear at the top and have more transfers than people below you, then I’d probably just block their teams and you can’t really lose. So if they’ve got Costa, I’d be tempted to have him as well. If they’ve got Lukaku, then I’d definitely have him. You’ve got a fairly solid base team with players who should go far so can’t see you running out of transfers. Ultimately I can’t really see the value of having a final team split in half with players in the final – if both teams were to score then there would be no clean sheet bonus and there’s only ever going to be one star man award. I am working towards this myself but if I run out of transfer – I won’t overly worry about it.

      1. Would also rather use transfers now for games like lakaku v japan than save them so i can have an entire team playing in the final. Lakaku v japan or busquets in the final, who’s likely to rack up more points?? I think the objective is surely getting the bulk of your team to the semis as opposed to everyone in the final. Then your players are available for 2 games inc the 3rd place play off.

        1. Yeah completely agree. If I’m left with transfers for the final then I’ll use them but it’s not a priority.

  157. Spain are awful. They don’t have a player capable of running past anyone. Costa transfer was a waste, but why take him off ! ??

    1. I’ve got no idea why they took him off – appeared almost arrogant to me. Like they assumed they would score – I’d have left him on and played two strikers. They didn’t need two holding midfielders. It was like they thought the goal was going to come but it never did. I don’t know what it is with these big teams leaving it so late and then going out. If they played with a bit of urgency from the start of the game they would have easily beat them.

  158. I think we will have to take costa out sooner rather than later. I can see fucking aspas starting over him next games

        1. Nope, we can’t take Isco out before tonight’s game. Would have to be Kimmich

    1. No time to dwell on the Spain game. Kimmich to Modric make sense? Or would this be a rash reaction decision?

    1. No time to dwell on the Spain game. Kimmich to Modric make sense? Or would this be a rash reaction decision?

  159. Are we doing Kimmich to Modric, Rackotic, or Perisic, for 7pm kick-off, when changing formation is it player out first, change formation player in, or formation change first, player out, player in, thanx.

    1. Can’t remember how to do it to be honest. Do you think the transfer makes sense?

  160. I already have t.silva so I can swap alba for Modric but that still leaves me with Isco and costa what would you advise 6 transfers in total left

    1. I’ll think about it long term but you can’t swap Alba for Modric today.

      1. I personally think Croatia will have at least 3 more games.. so to me it does.. would never of bet Russia knocking Spain out though 😳

        1. Yeah I wouldn’t worry about whoever gets them in the quarter final though. They offered nothing other than parking the bus. Spain just had no player who could make something happen. If Pique hadn’t given away a stupid penalty that game was over.

  161. I think leave it until tommorow you’ve got three players to take out it would be wasting another transfer putting Modric in

    1. It is but I’ve pretty much got nothing to play for now. I’m going to risk it I think.

  162. Kimmich to Modric is a great idea now. They have an easy route to the semi’s hes their main man, peno taker and good for star man.

    1. That’s what I thought. Should be good as long as they can get past Denmark. I’m going to go for it

    1. Same – makes perfect sense at the moment but so did Spain beating Russia.

  163. Okay I am too but I’ve already made the Kimmich to t.silva transfer you taking out the Belgium defender you think that’s wise ?

    1. They should beat Japan and maybe get a clean sheet. Can’t see them getting past Brazil though.

      1. So you think maybe not swap the Belgium defender for Modric and skip this transfer ? I’m so undecided got like 5 mins to decide lol

        1. I don’t think I’d make the transfer for a player still in the tournament.

          1. Your right I’ve left it alone I’m winning my league at minute don’t want to make any rash decisions

      2. I can see Belgium beating Brazil. ( That’s if they get past Mexico, first ? )

        1. Wouldn’t surprise me either, it’s becoming too hard to predict.

  164. I have put Modric in, he is capable of getting points and he does take their penalties I believe.

  165. Decided to chance it and take Belgium defender out and put modric in. Fingers crossed!

    1. I was in the exact same predicament I did the transfer then undid it then read this comment and did it again god sake it best pay off now lol

  166. I’m currently top of my league with 278 points with second place having 201. I’ve got 5 transfers left….and Denmark have scored 😮

    Today isn’t my day.
    By the way DTT thanks for all your hard work and tips. I really appreciate it

    1. Hopefully Croatia can progress – neither team look great at the moment.

  167. I hate Costa, I knew bringing him in was a mistake but he is just such a wildcard!

    1. I’ve swapped Costa for Kane and put that Belgium defender back in for alba with 3 transfers left and still Isco to take out

    2. He did very little for me and I’ve had him since their second game. I don’t blame him though – in fairness no one could even get the ball through to him. He should have still been on the pitch at the end.

    1. It was still the right move for me. Logically whoever wins this game then plays Russia. Croatia were favourites and Modric was probably most likely to score or get star man. If they go out it’s just bad luck.

          1. What was I saying about bad luck. That was the reason for putting him in – he would have got star man and they would have gone through for that. Wouldn’t surprise me if they lose on penalties now.

              1. I said the same before he took it. Its been downhill since I put those German players in. Not one thing has gone the right way.