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Very quick post regarding the World Cup game which is approaching. I’ve just set up a mini league for the competition but I’ve decided not to post the PIN publicly. It’s just for fun but I’d rather keep entries to regular views/contributors to the blog. This way we should all be able to identify who we are competing against which should make for some good friendly rivalries.

I’d rather each player only enter one team. This is purely to make the league fair for everyone involved. I’ll personally only enter a single team and if others were to enter 10 and just develop their teams which get off to a better start it’s not a level playing field. So ideally pick your favourite team and if we all enter one it should ensure everything is equal. I’d also suggest that for this league, everyone enters their own team rather than following my team – purely to make it more interesting. I’ve also not played the World Cup game before so am far from an expert.

If you would like to join, please leave a comment below and I’ll send over the PIN via email. If you’ve already expressed an interest I’ve probably already sent over an email with the PIN.

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      1. I’ve followed your site every now and then for past year or two, as I get more competitive in my work’s mini league. Would love to join your league too. I’m on 78 points this morning (Wednesday). Especially want to see how I do against RR!

      1. I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to transfer them out under the same rules.

  1. Found your fixture difficulty table really useful. Would like to join the mini league if possible.

  2. I personally think there is only a handful of regular contributors to this blog. To name them: myself, Dan, Darren, Dean, Anthony (not mostly positive, think he is a windup merchant), Jase and one or two others but mostly these are names that come to mind.

    I think entry to the World Cup mini league should be based on contributions and not just someone saying ‘I want to enter your mini league’ and then they do well or win it and you never hear from again until the next mini league is launched where they repeat the same message. I think there was 20 people in the last mini league and most of them I didn’t know or if they contributed anything at all to this blog. I think username should be linked to team name so I who is who.

    Also, to make it fair no entry after the competition started. It was annoying that someone entered their highest ranked team in DTT premier league in game week 33 so that they could go top. It was nice that this team did not win and that my winning team was present from the beginning and played by the rules. I would like to think I was a worthy winner as I have made several good contributions to this blog – on strategies, player selection.

    Admittedly, I am seen as a critic but that is the nature of my personality – I also critical of own decisions if they don’t work and feel constructive criticism makes me stronger. I don’t agree with DTT opinions all the time, I have different views on playing the game but I have great respect for the time he has given to this blog. He didn’t quit when his team was not doing well which shows that DTT can be successful at this game.

    1. I’d agree that I think it should be regular contributors. I think there’s a few more names that I’ve seen across the season as well as the ones you’ve listed – Tech, Callum, Lee, AA and a few others. I’ve already sent out the PIN to a few people so it might be difficult to attribute everyone to a username on here but I’d imagine the group is going to be fairly small so I think it should be easy enough to spot who is who.

      I won’t be sending out the PIN after the competition starts so no entry after the start of the tournament is a good shout. I think last year I ended up setting up a league because the blog didn’t have much momentum at the start of the season and I wanted a league for a lot of regular contributors as they missed out on joining at the start of the season. That shouldn’t happen this time around. Being a critic isn’t a bad thing, it wasn’t meant as a dig. It would be a pretty boring blog if everyone agreed with each other.

      I’ll send you over the PIN now for the league.

        1. That would be great – unfortunately I don’t have a system for sending email alerts though.

    2. Don’t see the point of going with two Russians, RR. They won’t go through to knock out stage, so that’s two transfers having to be used up.

    3. Sorry, RR, you went with one, that’s presently scored you 12 points.

      Don’t understand teams on leaderboard going with Russian blocks, it looks good starting with 39pts, possibly, but when you’ve got to use up transfers to replace, 7 or so players, then it’s a pointless.

      1. Yeah, went with one Russian player Golovin who scored me 16 points in one game. Not bad for a player only costing 2m. My strategy was to bring in one Russian player and then transfer him out after the second game before the other teams play their second game afterwards or possibility of keeping for later matches.

        I read about the hosts Russia and came to the choice between Golovin and Dzagoev. The latter at 2.5m was one of the stars of Euro 2012 with three goals but then I was concerned about injury record causing him to miss Euro 2016 and 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup.

        Golovin first came to my radar in last season’s Europa league game when he came up against Arsenal at the Emirates. He scored a brilliant free kick for his club that Thursday night. I watched the whole game on TV and Golovin produced a great performance. So was I surprised he scored that free kick today? Not really because I seen that the player has quality technical play on the ball. He is Russia’s best player and linked to the biggest clubs. Nice bargain at 2m. My research paid off.

  3. Regular reader,virgin poster but I’d like to enter to see what standard of a player i am against like minded people.Could you please e-mail me the pin.Thinking South Americans might have a good tournament

    1. I’m not too sure about Argentina. Think Brazil should go the distance though. I’ll send over the PIN for the mini league via email.

  4. Hi DTT, great website & blog. Been a ‘silent’ observer for a while but interested in your mini-league if you could send me the PIN please?

  5. Brazil are looking very strong at the moment, I have a feeling that France could do well in this tournament if Pogba can get his act together.
    If you could send me the PIN for the league that would be great

      1. I have read your blog with interest fir a while now, it has helped me enjoy success in other mini leagues. Could I plz enter this one? Thanks and if there was one dark horse player to keep an eye on who would you go for?? Cheers and keep up the gr8 work.

        1. Absolutely – I’ll send over the PIN. It’s difficult to pick out one player but at 3m Werner with Germany could be a good selection. If he gets a regular game. Reus could also do well at a decent price.

  6. Get me involved please!!

    Like to think i contributed abit last season, SOTV was my team and will be again.

    Also glad RR won the mini league and not the late entrant.

  7. All the big hitters in the mini league ! gonna be a great couple of weeks at present going 443 as well
    clean sheets most probable early doors….swapping the big strikers around in group stages a big must as well…..looks like most are adapting that policy as well…and avoiding england players….bring it on !

  8. Hi, I was in your premier league season and kept up last season with the blog. Am I alright to join too?

    Thank you either way!

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