Dream Team Best Player Picks 2023/2024

Dream Team Best Player Picks 2023/2024

In the build-up to the 2023/2024 season, I thought it would be useful to look at some of the best player picks. These are players that I’d expect to be up there as the highest scoring players come the end of the season. Budget won’t allow us to accommodate all of these within one team but these are my predictions about who I think will come out on top for each position.


I don’t like to spend too much budget on a keeper as we can easily predict that they aren’t going to score huge points like someone like Haaland might. However, with additional points up for grabs for keeper this season that might strengthen this position. Either way, there’s only a handful of keepers that I think will score well:

Ederson – a constant in Man City’s defence and is certain to score well again.

Alisson – outscored Ederson last season despite Liverpool being poor. He will be up there again this season.

Onana – I may be jumping the gun here as he’s not officially signed yet but I’m keen to see Onana’s value if he does sign for Man Utd. If he’s cheaper than the other premium’s I’ll almost certainly start with him.

Pope – with Newcastle in the Champions League, he could have a big season.

Martinez – a bit of a punt but if he plays in the Conference League he could score big and will be cheaper.


Two defenders instantly jump out for who may top this list next season:

Trippier – I couldn’t see the appeal for him at the start of last season and Newcastle surprised me. Luckily I quickly realised I was wrong and with Champions League fixtures he should do well again.

Alexander-Arnold – he’s a certain starter for Liverpool and I can’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be up there as a huge point scorer next season. He did OK for points last season despite Liverpool not being at their usual standards.

Beyond Trippier and Alexander-Arnold, I’d expect some of the below players to not be far behind in terms of points come the end of the season:

Shaw – has consistently been good for the past few seasons and I’d expect the new scoring system to favour him.

Stones – if he continues to drop into midfield he will pick up a lot of bonus points.


There are two obvious choices in midfield for me and I’d be staggered if they aren’t both up there come the end of next season:

De Bruyne – the new rating system will favour him and he’s very consistent. Will almost certainly be in the top 5 midfielders.

Fernandes – scored well last season and if Man Utd continue to improve he will do well again.

Beyond these two is becomes more difficult but the below should also do well:

Saka – is getting better and better. Should have a big season with additional Champions League fixtures as well.

Foden – if he can get consistent game time I’d expect him to score over 200 points.

Mahrez – always scores well across the season despite less and less minutes.

Odegaard – can only imagine the new scoring system favouring him even more.


When it comes to the best picks for forwards next season, the same names jump out based on previous scoring records. I’d predict one of these will be the highest scoring striker:

Haaland – I think he will be highest scoring player next season.

Salah – should do well again, depends if he plays in the Europa League or not.

Kane – will still do well but question marks against him based on no European football.

Rashford – if he can maintain his form since the World Cup he could even finish higher than Salah and Kane again.

This blog only focuses on the potential highest scorers for each position. The game will be won or lost on the bargain players that fit into your team around these big names. Check out my other blogs for more information on those players.