Top 10 Highest Scoring Midfielders 2018/2019

The 2018/2019 season is now at an end, this makes it a great time to look back at which players performed the best during the campaign. Below I’ve listed the top 10 highest scoring midfielders. This list should help form a base for team selection for next season.

1. Hazard (Chelsea) – 360 points
2. Sterling (Man City) – 312 points
3. Mane (Liverpool) – 265 points
4. B. Silva (Man City) – 223 points
5. Sane (Man City) – 204 points
6. Pogba (Man Utd) – 199 points
7. D. Silva (Man City) – 176 points
8. Eriksen (Spurs) – 175 points
9. Willian (Chelsea) – 174 points
10. Pedro (Chelsea) – 169 points

Once again the majority of the top 10 highest scoring midfielders are made up from players within the top 4-6 teams in the Premier League. I always tend not to look much further than these teams when selecting players and the stats seem to back this up. I think the key to selecting midfielders is choosing those who play in a more advanced role, making them more likely to pick up 10+ goals and a good number of assists. It was also interesting to see a midfielder taking the top spot as the highest scoring player on the game. Hazard is the perfect example of the type of midfielder I’d be looking for – obviously won’t be able to select him next season. For me the name that stands out most on this list is B. Silva. I had him in my team from the start last season and he was a bargain at 3.5m. My only regret is that I didn’t stick with him for the duration of the season as this cost me a lot of points. There are also some other interesting names on the list such as Sane, who was benched a lot a Man City last season but still made the top 10 list due to the impact he made when he did feature. Pogba is also a bit of a surprise entry but he did pick up a lot of star man awards and scored a decent number of goals as the main penalty taker for Man Utd. For the upcoming season I personally won’t be looking much further than most of the names on the list above when it comes to player selection. Time and time again at the end of the season the same names appear and I can see this trend continuing.

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