Review of Game Week 21

Review of Game Week 21

Best Team 

GW Points: 30
Overall Points: 1,379
Overall Rank: 8,743

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 30
Overall Points: 1,330
Overall Rank: 20,840
Transfers used: Anthony out, Casemiro in

Game week 21 didn’t really go to plan, mainly due to Casemiro getting sent off and Man Utd then failing to keep a clean sheet in two separate games. This resulted in a slight drop on the overall leaderboard. On this basis, I can only assume most other people didn’t score overly well this week either. My 30 points pretty much came from only two players – Fernandes and Rashford so I’m expecting to lose value across a number of players tomorrow morning. My biggest disappointment of the week was Salah once again failing to pick up any points, I’d been eyeing up Kane as a potential replacement and of course he goes on to score against City. I’ll almost certainly be looking to make some changes tonight and at the weekend, I think it might be time to move Salah on (Liverpool only have one fixture this week) and potentially Casemiro because of his suspension.

Player watchlist

At this stage in the season my watchlist isn’t huge. I’m strongly considering bringing in Kane. I’m also looking at the likes of Saka, Odegaard, Ake and De Bruyne. In some of my risker teams, I may bring in a complete City block due to their easier fixtures on the horizon.

Plan for game week 22

I’m going to switch Salah for Kane tonight – Salah only has one fixture this game week and is likely to drop in value. Kane has two and is likely to rise in value. I’m then tempted to swap Casemiro for Ake but I’ll probably wait until the weekend to make this move as both are likely to drop in value anyway. Longer term, I’ll probably swap Almiron for Odegaard or Saka (depending on budget). 

If you wanted to view the fixtures on the horizon, you can check out my planner below:

5 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 21

    1. It certainly will be, not sure I see Man Utd getting past Barcelona. If they go out, might need to move on some of their players.

  1. Hi Paul
    Do you not think Ake will go up in price, as he got 18 points in his second to last game?

    1. Maybe but I’m torn between him, Saka and Odegaard so I’m happy to wait until the weekend.

  2. I took a chance swapping Shaw to Ake
    paid of my thinking is man city have good fix
    so have united but I think united are faltering a bit at the moment.

    my back 4 are de gale James who actually rose in value. Ake and Burn.

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