Review of Game Week 22

Review of Game Week 22

Best Team 

GW Points: 98
Overall Points: 1,477
Overall Rank: 5,510

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 95
Overall Points: 1,425
Overall Rank: 14,028
Transfers used: Salah out, Kane in
Casemiro out, Saka in

Game week 22 was another successful week. 95 points scored was a decent return and this resulted in a jump on the leaderboard of over 5,000 places. Frustratingly one of my transfers paid off but the other didn’t. I’d have been better off points wise sticking with Salah for one game, compared to Kane for two but who would have predicted that given their recent form. Saka turned out to be a decent transfer as he picked up 13 points. It was also great to see De Gea, Shaw, and Rashford all hitting double figure scores. Mahrez, Almiron, Fernandes and Haaland all picked up decent points as well. Having said that, I’m still considering moving Almiron on now, along with Schar as Newcastle’s fixture volume is reducing compared to teams involved in Europe. They also don’t appear to be keeping as many clean sheets in recent weeks. Man City look like the team with the best fixtures and it might be a good time to bring De Bruyne back in, if I can manage that within my budget. 

Player watchlist

My watch list isn’t huge at this stage of the season as we tend to know who is going to be the highest point scorers. The players I’m currently considering are: De Bruyne, Dalot, Ake, Akanji, Odegaard, and Salah. Although my team has performed very well since the World Cup so I’m not inclined to change too much for the sake of it. 

Plan for game week 23

I’m not entirely sure what my plan is for the weekend yet, which was why I didn’t make any transfers last night. With Man City playing Forest before Newcastle play at the weekend, I may look at team news before this fixture and bring in some City players for Schar and Almiron. This might be a tough decision though as I won’t have enough in the bank to bring in De Bruyne AND a City defender. I’ll ponder it until tomorrow and will likely make a decision in the morning.

If you wanted to view the fixtures on the horizon, you can check out my planner below:

4 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 22

  1. Think KDB is a must for Almiron and whoever you think also for Shar are will be pretty good choices 👍

    1. Shame De Bruyne ended up missing the Champions League game but it was a good start with 8 points against Forest.

  2. I dropped Tripper to raise funds for KDB and swapped for Almiron and brought in Ake. But also waiting on line ups.

    1. Frustrating week for those City defenders, a clean sheet in the Champions League would have been a good result.

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