Sun Dream Team European Games: Champions League and Europa League

All club based fixtures are included in the Dream Team Season game. This includes everything from the EFL cup to the FA cup. And also European games such as the Champions League and the Europa League. This is also extended to include qualification games for both European competitions. This has proven a good opportunity to pick up some extra points at the start of the season as English clubs usually have a team who need to qualify for the Champions League and Europa League.

Due to these games being included I often pick players from teams who are heavily involved in Europe, and in particular the Champions League. Teams in this competition tend to have at least 6 group game fixtures during the early part of the season. Squad rotation is also not often an issue as managers take this competition very seriously. There is more of a risk involved with picking players from teams associated with the Europa League. Many managers choose to rest players in this competition.

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  1. I believe so, I’m going on the principle that Everton and Liverpool’s European qualifying games will be counted.

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