Planned August Transfer One

Planned August Transfer One

After only one game week, I don’t plan on making too many changes to the team. I think it’s too early to be making changes for change sake at this stage, August will be a long month. My only transfer was one I had already planned for this stage:

Out: Sanchez
In: Kane

Neither player did well during game week 1. However I must admit when I saw Kane starting against Newcastle it worried me. He’s a player who is more than capable with coming up with 2+ goals in any game and I was convinced he would get on the score sheet. He’s also owned by a huge number of other people. A couple of goals would have caused all sorts of problems. I don’t want to be in this situation every week so I’m making a move for him now.

I’ll be making this transfer between 2pm-3pm tomorrow. However if for any reason Kane doesn’t start the game, I WON’T be making this transfer. This is the only situation I can imagine where I won’t make this move so I’d assume it’s confirmed unless Kane isn’t starting. I won’t be publishing another post tomorrow to confirm this.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

194 thoughts on “Planned August Transfer One

  1. Good advice, I’ll be doing the same though I’ll make the transfer now. Sanchez looked out of sorts last week. And hey, the August curse has gotta get lifted for a Golden Boot winner, right?

    Also just for those unaware, De Bruyne’s been ruled out for 3 months. Usually he would be an instant pick for me as he is a points machine, but this season I took a gamble without him and he gets himself injured! So you’ll want to get him transferred out asap!

    1. Glad you think it’s a wise move – I’ve been torn over whether to go for Kane just yet or not but decided it needed to be done. With regards to doing it today – on the very small chance that he gets injured or doesn’t start tomorrow, won’t this mean you can’t reverse the transfer? Or is it reversible the following day as well?

      1. I believe that I still have time to reverse the transfer if I choose to. Rule 5.4: “5.4 REVERSING TRANSFERS Any transfer that is made can be reversed up until the point that either the incoming Player’s club or the outgoing Player’s club have played in the current Game Week or before completion of the Game Week at 06:59:59 every Friday. After this time, transfers cannot be reversed.”

        So I assume that means if I find out Kane is injured at the last minute tomorrow, I could reverse the transfer with no negative impact. It’s a tough call though I agree.

        1. Yeah, that’s how I interpret it as well Brown. I’m working nights tonight so I’ve made my transfers now just in case I wake up after kick-off (Jota and Sanchez out for Richarlison and Kane). Hopefully I’ll be up in time to double check the line-ups in case I need to reverse any if needed.

          1. Hi ya. I don’t think Richarlison is going to play this weekend. Something to do with a calf injury. They’re saying he’s doubtful for starting. Just to give you the heads up. I haven’t made any changes. I’m contemplating bringing in Sterling. Get rid of Sanchez. It’s hard to know. He could come up trumps this weekend against Brighton.

            1. Thanks for he heads up MC, I’ll keep tabs on it and change my transfer if needs be before kick-off. Although most team news predictions sites seem to include him. Also read this on FFS: “Changes appear unlikely elsewhere given the positive nature of the Toffees’ performance in the 2-2 draw with Wolves, with Richarlison passed fit to play for the visit of the Saints.” I’ll keep my eye on the situation though. 👍🏻

        2. Yeah that’s good thinking. I didn’t realise you could reverse if you made the change the day before so that’s useful to know.

  2. You are all right about the Reverse Transfer. As Man United arent playing until Sunday, you can reverse the transfer up until Tottenham kick off.

    Think it is a good move as well DTT. I wrote in another post that Sanchez hasn’t convinced me since he has been at Manchester United, and Lukaku will likely be back this week. Given Mourinho’s comments and actions last season, an 80% Lukaku is his prefered choice front and centre!

    1. Yeah exactly – they could both have decent games this weekend but I think Kane is the wisest choice long term.

  3. If on Sunday 3pm Shaw doesn’t start & Young does I can instantly make a transfer & it would count in the game week

    1. If it’s Shaw for Young yes. Not Shaw for someone who has already played though for GW2.

  4. Interesting.

    Kane is always a tempter but historically dosent warm up until October. He looked very rusty but Ali is on my radar and looked good.

    Sanchez is frustrating to own but has a good fixture (and should score) this week so my plan is to hold before switching to Aubameyang next week for Arsenals amazing fixtures.

    My team smashed it last week with 96 but it was surprisingly only Sanchez and Aguero who let me down.

    1. I think it could go either way this weekend and then they play each other. I can’t risk Kane having an exceptional game due to his high ownership.

    1. Yeah I’d seen this as well. Potential to swap for Lukaku who plays later in the day? Not keen on racing through the transfers though.

      1. With this news of Aquero possibly not starting would you consider leaving Sanchez in and transferring Aguero out for Kane?

        1. That’s exactly what I’ve done Aguero out – Kane in. Risky but Aguero can be so hit and miss especially with rotation added on top of that. My team in the league is MuckyDucks by the way if anyone has any tips for my team lineup I’d be very grateful. Good luck all 😉

          1. It’s a tough call. I’m not keen to move on Aguero just yet. Man City do have a decent run of fixtures.

        2. It’s a tough call – there’s a few things to consider for me. Do we want Sanchez anyway? Could Aguero score more than Sanchez from the bench? Or the same if they both draw another blank? Would we be happy using two transfers and going for Lukaku instead? I generally prefer a striker who plays a central role and he should get a lot of game time.

    1. Looks like drawing another blank – very annoying if he does. Could be topped off by Sanchez having a good game tomorrow.

  5. In the words of Bon Jovi, keep the faith, Kane scores in August, need to monitor Richardson scoring heavily & good fixtures to come, wld a 2nd city defender score more pts.

    1. Richarlison is becoming a concern but at least he’s easy to afford but I’m not sure he’s the right choice for the long term.

  6. A drop in the overall leaderboard today…. but not too bad with only one player playing, and him picking up a goal and Star Man!

    Nothing worries me too much at the moment.

    Richarlison has had a good start, but wont be right up there at the end of the season.

    Only 2 players not in our team I think can do serious damage: Hazard and Pogba. Hazard looked a threat when he came on again, he will be in from the start next time out I am sure. With the uncertainty over Aguero playing every week, would you ever be tempted to got 4-4-2 and pick Hazard over Aguero DTT?

    On that note, are you holding back the transfer if Aguero isnt picked from the start tomorrow? There is an argument to bring in Lukaku or Pogba if Aguero is benched. Personally I think it would be a rash move, but if you are uncertain that about Aguero and he isnt a long term option then Lukaku this week could help the momentum of the team!

    1. I would be tempted by 4-4-2, I’d also be tempted by Lukaku. However regardless of whether Aguero starts tomorrow, I may stick with him because City do have good fixtures. I’d only want him back if he starts the week after and I’d tend to agree that it would be a bit rash at this stage. August is going to be a long month so I’m not keen on rushing through transfers until we’ve gathered a bit more information. Do you agree or would you want to replace Aguero if he’s benched tomorrow?

      1. Even if Aguero is benched tomorrow he’s the sort of player who can come on and still bag a goal or two against tired legs. Too rash to get rid at this stage I’m reckoning.

        DMC, you make some very good points; Richarlison may fade as the season progresses, however I think it would be short sighted to ignore Everton’s fixtures in the short term and the form he’s in. Glad I traded in Jota for him that’s for sure, Jota hauled off at half-time. At £2.5m it’s very brave to overlook him at this moment in time.

        Good luck for your teams tomorrow guys!

        1. I agree with CS, Richarlison is too good to ignore and the way he’s going he could score very well come the end of season, especially for £2.5M. Everton have good fixtures , so he has to be transferred in to my side this week, something I wanted to do this week.

          1. I’ll probably look to bring him in – going to review how Burnley get on in the Europa League and Man City’s line up on Saturday first.

      2. Personally I would be keeping Aguero today. I know that you are a big fan of Lukaku though, so wondered if you would be tempted.

        For me, Hazard could become a must have. I think Chelsea will have a good season this year. Their squad is up there with City and Liverpool. If Morata can start scoring and they keep Hazard and Willian (3 big ifs), they are contenders!

  7. I’m still thinking of going 3-4-3 Lowton our Richarlison in (same price) even more tempting now? What do you think ?

    1. Could be tempted by this – might even swap Mahrez for Richarlison (if Mahrez doesn’t start on Saturday) and then Lowton for someone better with the left over money.

  8. Iv’e looked at a few websites this morning & all of them “predict” Aguero to start but it is up to pep. I think we should keep him for now. He cannot be overlooked. I agree with Richarlson being a concern in the short term. Lets see if Aguero starts. If he does it’s a no brainer & we can relax for today
    Thank’s Guy’s

    1. I think if Mahrez doesn’t start that I’ll have to take a hit on it. Worst case scenario is that both him and Aguero are benched but swapping both of them will use all transfers for the month and there’s still two more weekends of fixtures. I’ll be staying as I am today and will review after this game week.

    2. I’ll be looking to review who is starting for City on Saturday. As they play first it’s going to be easy to ship any of their players out who aren’t getting a game.

  9. With De Bruyne defo out & David Silva with hip problems i think Mahrez will start David. All guesses though until we see team sheet.

    1. Yeah potentially after we’ve checked who is starting for City on Saturday. Although they aren’t ever certain of a clean sheet as we saw today.

  10. Atm I’m on 144 with shaw,mane,salah and Robbo to play. If only b silva managed to tap home that chance

  11. Taking stock of 2day, Lowton gets 1 more game on Thursday, then with Man city being so bucaneering they will concede goals, Mendy more than enough, 442 Richardson or Pedro same price, if Mahrez doesn’t start next game he has to go, can’t be carrying anyone, wary of transfers none due till Friday 7th September.

  12. After 2nd September, international break till 15th, two more league fixtures to negotiate, then 3 new transfers, as I said about Mahrez he has to start next week, or Keita looking a good option, we have had a good start, but have to keep the foot on the pedal, what do you think DTT.

    1. If Mahrez doesn’t start, he’s got to be taken out on Saturday. Plenty of options for who comes in – Richarlison, Pedro, Keita would all free up some funds.

  13. Shaw, lowton, mahrez dodgiest looking players atm. United look shite here as I expected them to be. Happy i didn’t go no where near Fred

    1. They will still keep a decent amount of clean sheets and he’s a good price. Although I can see him losing his place anyway at some point so will need replacing. Plenty of options though so I’m not overly worried.

  14. I might go for lowton out for richarlisson/madisson and then shaw out for joe Gomez (Liverpool)

    1. Would be a good option. I’m personally waiting until Saturday to make any decisions but agree there’s some work to do.

  15. Looking at everton fixtures, they also have a league Cup game on the 28th at home to Rotherham, whether Richardson wld play that is doubtful as they are away to Bournemouth on the 25th, we might not need to find funds for Hazard if Pedro retains his place, Burnley’s squad is not big enough to play most Thursday’s & Sunday’s, they will do well to keep a clean sheet, let alone beat Olympiakos over 2 legs, 343 with a goalscoring midfielder with good upcoming fixtures is the way forward Richarlison/Pedro.

    1. I like the idea of having Chelsea representation in my team as I’ve been impressed with them plus they have a good run of fixtures coming up and will be in Europe soon.

    2. Could well be a good option – Lowton was a short term choice with additional games. The logic was there – with two clean sheets out of three games. For me today logically looked like it was going to be another. Burnley have a good home record and Watford hadn’t scored away from home since January.

  16. What about Mina the new giant at Everton , he’ll score headers from corners won’t he? Is he available yet? Worth considering ??

  17. On fantasy premier league I got an assist for Aguero, 2 assists for Mendy and an assist for Shaw. On dream team we get 1 for Mendy and that’s it. Bit frustrating. Surprised Burble shipped 3 at home today and don’t get me started on Man Utd. Absolute shambles.

    1. Didn’t see the City game but thought the same about Shaw – must have been an assist. I was surprised Watford scored – first away goal since January and this would typically be against the team we’ve double upped on defensively.

  18. I think theirs a case if Mahrez does not start next week, we can go Lowton & Mahrez out, Pedro & Richarlison in, that wld only leave a week to negotiate before new set of transfers on 7th September hopefully attaining no injuries, wld leave 2 million in bank to monitor B. silva & Hart, Man utd defence hopeless 2day, cld be more than just a bad day at the office, we will know more when we see there team sheet for next game.

  19. Just got back from being at Gloworm festival (with zero phone reception! Argh!) What a result for Aguero. I can imagine the managers without him in their team have their head in their hands right now.

    Shock results for both United and Burnley though which takes the gloss off things a little today with Shaw and Hart in my team. Hopefully just blips but it puts these players on my radar for near future transfers. Going to stick with B.Silva and Arnautovic also in midfield for now. Seeing Arnautovic given penalty duties adds another string to his bow but I’d like to see West Ham pick up as a team sooner rather than later. Would appreciate any thoughts on Arnie as it seems not many others on here have him?

    Not having Hazard worries me somewhat so i May have to think of a way of getting him at some point. I’m also liking the look of Maddison too. Trippier could also tempt me at some point given that he’s potentially wrestled free-kick duties away from Eriksen. The spurs defence looking a little shaken at the moment for me though.

    66 points so far from GW2 with Robbo, Mane and Salah to play tomorrow (which is probably the case for most of you guys too). 👍🏻

    1. I avoided Arnautovic purely because of his price tag. Had he been 3m I’d have gone for him but thought there were better options at 4m. Not so sure now with Mahrez being benched yesterday. A lot to think about with a good number of players scoring well this weekend.

  20. What do u think of shaw out and Gomez in? I only have one transfer remaining but my other players are all doing very decent as I’m currently on 142

    1. It’s a tempter especially with United playing Spurs next. Having said that I would expect a big reaction from United next week and it wouldn’t surprise me to see them turn Spurs over. You’d expect Liverpool to win comfortably against Brighton too.

      I too have only have one transfer left and I’m wary of blowing it too soon though. Food for thought.

      1. I might just go for it. United only have 2 games before we can make more transfers. Tottenham and then Burnley away. Liverpool have palace, Brighton and Leicester. 1 extra game

        1. Ah no I got that wrong. Gomez won’t be counted for the game against palace but still 2 easier games. Gives me more time to think about it

          1. I’m personally sticking with Shaw for no but fully expect him to lose his place before long. Not sure who I would replace him with at this stage though.

  21. If one or two transfers are to be made this forthcoming week, I know we will not see or know the Man city line up till close to kick-off on Saturday 12.30, but is Friday the start of player’s price changes, game week 3, players of interest are envevitably going to rise, unless transfer or transfers are made before then, if left till after Friday will eat into existing budget.

    1. Pretty sure it’s after 3 weeks the price rises come into play, so it’ll be end of game-week 3

      1. Allrite my team at the moment is
        On 132 pts
        4mill in the bank
        2 transfers left
        Getting very annoyed with peps Russian roulette midfield was thinking of taking mahrez out and bringing in miki due to Arsenal’s easy fixtures, when they click they will score a lot of goals, can’t have a midfielder who plays half an hour here and there! Was also thinking of upgrading Willian to hazard but sarri prob won’t start hazard till after the next game according to what he’s saying any ideas/suggestions! Are others also getting annoyed with pep’s midfield!

        1. I’d be looking to get Mendy into your defence also. The guy’s a machine and I predict him to be the highest scoring defender this season. Only a matter of time before he gets his goal let alone the clean sheet, assist, Star Man possibilities. Great player.

        2. I’m thinking is Pep going to keep rotating his midfield or will he just stick? I mean he left Sterling on the bench so form doesn’t seem to be the priority?

          I think he believes with the amount of quality, he can afford to keep his midfield rotating without disrupting the flow. Didn’t seem to show yesterday, although it was Huddersfield.

          I’m not sure just to stick with my midfield of B. Silva and Mahrez and access either Shaw or D. Sanchez?

          1. I’m sticking with them at least until we see who is starting at the weekend (as they play first). If they both start, I’ll stay as I am but if Mahrez is benched again he may have to go for me. I think Shaw will lose his place at some point without doubt but there are some decent options – D. Sanchez, Young, Luiz

        3. I’m finding the rotation fairly annoying but I think it was to be expected. There’s a case for swapping Mahrez for someone like Richarlison (for me) but then City will have two additional fixtures next month with the Champions League getting underway. I’d probably want to move Wilson on if I was you at some point soon.

  22. I think I’m going to see the city line up first like you say then maybe swap Shaw for Richarlison as same value and a potential for more points from the midfielder.

  23. I’ll tell you something, listening to the radio commentary on Palace Liverpool, I’m seriously considering Shaw for Wan-Bissaka. He looks such a threat getting forward and solid in defence. Great pace to get up and down. Decent fixtures coming up too. At £1.5m too………what’s not to like?

    I’m really not trusting the United defence at this moment and the whole feel of the place seems off. I can honestly see Mourinho going one way or another some time this season.

  24. Put the kiss of death on him there didn’t I? Straight red for bringing Salah down when going through. Still very much on my radar though. That’s just a one match ban isn’t it?

    1. He has had a very good game! He looks quality. They were raving about him in Palace first game as well. Think Palace will be up around the European spots this year…. they look good!

  25. I may opt for Hennessey if Burnley go out of the Europa league. Palace have decent fixtures coming up to.

  26. Just had alert on my phone saying Mane got Star Man. That was late in the day wasn’t it? Though Van Diyk had got it. Does the final decision sometimes come through this late?

    Great news though and another five points!

      1. Mane ended up with 8.4 according to the match centre. It still has Van Dijk as Star Man in that section though. Mane definitely given the points anyway so that’s all that matters.

        Anyone think Wan-Bissaka will play away against Swansea in the League Cup in GW3 being as he’ll be suspended for the Watford game? Still wondering if that would be a better option than Shaw v Spurs? Or should I hold out for a week and risk it with United’s leaky defence? Will we see a response from United?Thoughts most welcome.

        1. I would say he would defiently play in the cup.

          For my move I’m personally thinking of moving Shaw out for Richarlison/Pedro? And going with a 3 man defense. Thoughts?

          1. Yeah, I made the change from Jota to Richarlison this week, glad I did. I’m also 3-4-3.

            There is an argument for Pedro also as he seems to fit into Sarri’s style of play and seems to be one of his favourites. Both players at £2.5m and great value at this moment in time.

            1. Both good value but will Richarlison’s good run come to an end? No European football in September and other teams will have two additional fixtures. It’s a tough one because everyone will be going for him so it’s worth following suit to stop others getting ahead. However personally I can’t see him scoring massive points over the season.

  27. Just looked on Mane got a rating of 8.5 and Van Dijk got 8.0 so all legit that’s great news!

  28. I too have this predicament!

    I’m thinking about making a change this weekend, but cannot decide on:

    Jota out – Richarlison In
    Arnie out – Alonso In

    Being a hammer, it pains me to say, but I can’t see West Ham getting a point until Oct/Nov!! Their fixtures are just awful from Sept onwards and I believe they will struggle with their next 3 too (Arsenal, Wolves, Everton).


    1. I think that would definitely be an upgrade. Richarlison is one I can’t decide about – obviously on form but I could see that run coming to an end at any point.

  29. Looking at the overall leaderboard, a lot of teams have 2 or more of Liverpool back 5, & sevaral of them have Richarlison & Pedro, will he keep his place when Hazard returns, strategies change by the week, I think we have settled on the front 3, so upcoming Arsenal fixtures maybe become irrelevant, referring to possible acquisition of Aubamayang, looking forward to ur next post, & seeing what plans you have to move the team forward.

    1. Liverpool do have 3 away fixtures in September though, including trips to Spurs and Chelsea, so that won’t continue.
      Everton, Chelsea and Man City have the best September fixtures from what I can see.

  30. I agree that Richarlison probably won’t continue this form for the whole season, but that’s what transfers are for. It’s about getting the right players in at the right time and right now Everton have some juicy fixtures coming up meaning he could score heavily over the next few weeks.

    Hazard has begun to show glimpses in his cameos that he’s as hungry as ever. I’m personally beginning to devise a strategy to get him in during the next set of transfers. It’ll take two transfers unfortunately though to be able to fund it. He’s potentially such a heavy points scorer though I think it could be worth it in the long run. Anyone else thinking of ways to bring him in?

    1. I agree.

      The only reason I’m contemplating Richarlison is because of player price fluctuation gains. He will go up for sure, although I believe it will only be 0.1, per week.

      There was talk of an instant 0.3 jump which would be an accumulation of the weeks since the season began, but I don’t recall players jumping up 0.9 when the rises started last year (when it was 0.3 maximum).

      As for Hazard, it’s difficult to draft him in if you have Aguero, Salah & Kane. Something has to give, and as you say, it will be at the expense of two players.

      1. Might be wrong Lee, but last year I think the price increases & decreases started the week after the season started at 0.3.

    2. Chris, looks like Hazard will not start till week after next, looking at pts per million will he substantially score enough pts to justify his price, will he replace Willian or Pedro who are considerably cheaper, how is ur team performing I’ve read ur posts along with other’s, you have added useful info to this site.

      1. Hi David, my team as it stands is:

        Robertson Mendy Shaw
        Mane Arnautovic B.Silva Richarlison
        Salah Kane Aguero

        Currently on 166 pts with £0.5m in the kitty. Very pleased so far in my first season playing Dream Team. Big thanks to Paul and the other posters though who have been invaluable in helping my decisions.

        As I mentioned previously the next transfer I’m looking at (last one for this window) is Shaw out for Wan-Bissaka. Really like the look of this kid and could be a great source of points for a bargain price.

        Moving forwards, I’m looking at potentially moving Arnautovic and B.Silva out for Maddison and Hazard. We all know about Hazard. Maddison looks an exciting prospect too. I can see him getting a few goals from set pieces and Star Man awards for Leicester. It’ll be a few weeks before I can do that though. I’ll also consider swapping my keeper in that window depending on how Hart does with his points haul.

        I’m probably looking too far ahead in all honesty as a lot can happen between now and then I guess it doesn’t hurt to have these ideas for the future?

        1. Chris that’s a good score, especially in your first season, must admit I don’t know much about Maddison & Wan bissaka, seen him against Liverpool looked like an athlete, you have to take a punt or two, not just go for the obvious, weeks 3 to 8, look good for Leicester, Man city, & Leicester, best of luck with your choices.

        2. I think it’s good to have an idea of transfers you’ve got in mind. It would be good to get Hazard in but I’m not sure about Maddison. Saying that I’m not overly convinced by B. Silva either. Plenty to work on over the next week or two.

    3. I totally agree with your thinking, all this “will he score long term” theory is flawed, because to me it’s all about picking on form players and Richarlison is certain that. Plus like you say, that’s what transfers are for if they start to under-perform.

      1. I didn’t really mean long term. I literally meant he’s had two good games but wouldn’t surprise me at all if he now goes on a run of 5-6 games without a goal.

        1. It would surprise me with the fixtures they have, plus he’s basically playing as a forward.

    4. I can’t see a way to accommodate Hazard just now. With regards to Richarlison, I think it’s good to get players in who are in form but ideally before they hit form. I’m not sure how long this patch of form will last for him – wouldn’t surprise me if he just disappeared off the point scoring radar for a few weeks now.

      1. I am starting to think Pedro would be the best transfer in, because then extra fixtures and there’s lots of them, will come in very handy.

        1. Yeah I’m thinking the same. But who does Hazard come in for? I’m assuming Barkley maybe? Hopefully not Pedro.

  31. What is the system on player price rises? Will there only be 0.1mil increase? Or will there be higher increases on the better performing players?

    Also I agree I think Hazard will be a good recruitment if we can pull it off? I opted the a same for Mane which I happy with of course.

  32. Hi all I’ve never posted on here before but find all of your thoughts intriguing, I to have been thinking Wan Bissaka looks a top player for a cheap price, also I think getting Hazard in at the right time while keeping your front 3 plus mane would push your team on no end in your mini leagues and have a good advantage over your openents.
    Only way I can see it is:

    Robbo Wan-Bissaka Mendy
    Keita Richarlison
    Hazard Mane
    Salah Kane Aguero

    Do any of you have any thoughts on this please?

    1. You’re in the right place Will. This site has been invaluable in helping guide me. There isn’t much to criticise about that selection you have there at this moment in time.

      With Keita though, whilst I really like what I’ve seen from him from a purely footballing point of view; Very dynamic, good energy, can pick a pass etc, I’m not sure I’ve seen enough to be convinced he’ll chip in with enough goals. Time will tell I guess. I reckon we need to be looking for at least 15 goals from the midfield positions.

      Looks a good team though Will if you can achieve it. 👍🏻

    2. It’s really difficult to accommodate all of the top players but I agree that it’s worth looking at. The team that you’ve come up with is probably one of the best ways to get him in but I’d have question marks next to Keita, Richarlison and Wan-Bissaka over the course of the season. Very difficult to move on at those prices as well.

  33. Cheers Chris, Yeah i agree Keita may be one of those players who plays well but doesn’t score well (Kante for example) im just struggling to find a way of incorporating hazard in, which may not be something I need to address right now but it won’t be long and I’d like to get him in ahead of everyone else in my mini league.
    The other option could be Pedro which gives me 3.5 to upgrade Keita, defence, GK.. I’m still drawn to hazard though. I suppose what ever we do we will need to see players prices first after game week 3. Do you know if the price will increase/decrease factoring all 3 weeks or just the last week before changes?
    (Could a player potentially increase +3 during first changes?)

    1. Yeah, I agree Will. As Hazard builds up his minutes and eventually starts games, I can see him being a must have player.

      As David mentioned previously though, who would he eventually replace? You’d think it would be one of either Pedro or Willian, so that might put the Pedro option in jeopardy? I think playging all three behind Morata would leave them too exposed in midfield so I can’t see that happening, unless they played one of them as a false 9 and dropped Morata.

      It’ll be interesting to see which direction Sarri decides upon.

    1. Just waiting for the game week to end. I can’t see Burnley doing much in the Europa League so maybe Lowton out and Richarlison or Pedro in. I’ll also be monitoring if Mahrez starts for City on Saturday.

  34. What are people thinking of Aubamayang for this weekend?

    Ive currently got the obvious Kane Aguero Salah as my front three, but think with the games arsenal have coming up he’d be a worthwhile signing?

    Not an arsenal fan either….. am a palace fan and AWB is a great shout at rightback – especially if our red card appeal gets upheld!!

  35. Anyone think it may be worthwhile switching Kane out for Aubamayang considering the fixtures coming up?

    I have the obvious Kane/Salah/Aguero front three – but think with Arsenals upcoming fixtures it may be worthwhile?

    And im not an Arsenal fan – im palace – and if AWB’s red card gets overturned hes a great shout

    1. Wow Ben and Ben M must be twins! 😉

      Auba has to hit the net soon I’d have thought. Would be a brave move but may pay off. I’ll be sticking with Kane personally. Kane needs one or two chances to score whereas I think Auba needs three or four. You’d think with the fixtures that Arsenal have coming up though, they would create lots of chances so you may be onto something.

      Have Palace appealed the red card then? RH said that he thought it was the correct decision post match?

      If AWB does serve a one game ban, would you say he’d play against Swansea in the League Cup in GW3? Thanks in advance Ben. 👍🏻

      1. Aubameyang would be my 4th choice striker, with Lukaku 5th but I think with a few other players with question marks next to them I’ll probably leave my front 3. With two transfers left – I’m more concerned by Lowton and Mahrez at the moment so these two might take priority.

  36. I think that this weekend could see most people with the Kane/Aguero/Salah combo lose a bit of ground on other people in their leagues, as I believe that Hazard is likely to start and score, Auba is likely to score and surely it’s a matter of time for Firmino too.

    Kane is away to Utd, who granted looked weak against Brighton, but Spurs have had two easy opening fixtures, so this will be more of a test. Also his strike rate against top six sides isn’t fantastic.

    Aguero could get on the score sheet once again against Wolves, but I don’t think they will be as easy as Huddersfield were.

    Salah faces a confident Brighton fresh off a good Utd win. They may provide more resistance than some think.

    1. Have you got these three up front at the moment? I’d agree that Kane might draw a blank but I’d imagine City and Liverpool will see off Wolves and Brighton. It’s tempting to make changes but I’ve got other players I need to look at ahead of them. Mahrez and Lowton are concerning at the moment.

      1. I think mahrez plays this week and it’s still a long game. I’m going to save transfers and try and squeeze that extra money before the prices change.

        If you drop 3 players who go down and grab three who go up that’s a difference of 0.6 on your overall value

        1. When would you make these transfers to make the extra money, Straight after this weekends games?

        2. Yeah I’m going to stick with Mahrez if he starts which will leave me with two transfers.

      2. Yes, I have that combo.

        I’m not changing it either. What will be, will be.

        I only have one sub left and am likely to use that this weekend losing Jota for Richarlison.

        If I get an injury before the next lot of transfers, it’s only one league game, so I think it’s worth taking a risk given Everton’s fixtures.

        I took a risk last week and used my 2nd sub losing Mahrez for B.Silva. In hindsight, I should have done the Jota/Richarlison transfer then because I’d be 10 points better off, but when Mahrez was benched and Silva was playing in a central leading role, I could see him getting more than a mere 3 points against Huddersfield… and he probably should have!

        1. Yeah I was disappointed that he didn’t get more points against Huddersfield. I’m not sure I see him being an overly high point scorer across the season but I’ve left him in for now because he seems to be getting game time.

  37. Anybody looking to the advantage of the Carabo Cup fixtures this GW? Looking at the fixtures, Fulham have a good week ahead. Fancy them against Burnley at home, and also a home match against Exeter. GW 4 against Brighton as well.

    With Man Utd and Spurs faxing each other this week, and then away games in GW 4 is there an argument for a quick transfer?

    Not a tactic I have used before, but am looking at moves like this in one of my teams this year, just to experiment. Thoughts?

    1. I used to try and take advantage of these fixtures when the game week ran from Monday to Sunday but it’s harder now to predict who will start in these games. Personally I won’t keep it in mind too much purely because I think the best players are likely to be rotated anyway so it’s a complete lottery. Having said that I may well experiment with this in some of my other teams.

  38. Dtt, dont u think mahrez out for Pedro makes sense? Leaves 2m in the bank which is also very useful

    1. It makes sense but not for me – unless Mahrez is benched again. I’d rather take out Lowton for Pedro (assuming Burnley don’t do well tonight).

    1. Just before prices change – which would be this time next week for making the transfers (I think).

  39. Lowton to Joe Gomez could be a good shout, he has got 8 points in both games played and is a decent price at 3m, however will he keep his place when Lovern is back?

    1. He’s only 2.5m – I think he was a better option at the start of the season however I can see him losing his place eventually.

  40. Gomez was playing rotation with TAA last season and favoured for 70% of the games. TAA was more of a bit part player.

    This season though, that seems to have changed. TAA looks to be a permanent placement meaning that Gomez has to fit in around the team as a floater.

    Not sure I’d go with him given the uncertainty of starts.

    1. Gomez is a cb mate. Last season he was filling in at rb when Trent wasn’t there and clyne was out. This year after the good start with vvd I reckon he will keep his spot in front of lovren.

      1. Hi Luke,

        Yes, I know he is a traditionally a CB, but it never made any sense to me last season to rotate him with TAA when TAA wasn’t even injured (maybe they was nurturing him?).

        TAA was more than capable of holding the RB position on a permanent basis allowing Gomez to play his normal position but you rarely see them both in the team at once.

        Personally, I don’t rate Lovren that much and would always play VVD and Gomez, but I’m not sure that Klopp sees it that way.

  41. With the price rises who decides these? Is it some guy’s opinion or will there be an algorithm based on the stats?

    1. I don’t think anyone really knows – it always appears to be a bit random but I’d imagine it’s an algorithm.

  42. What are your guys thoughts if Lowton and Mahrez need to be replaced before the weekend?

    Would be a fairly unlucky scenario . . . But would 343 be an option with the likes of: Pedro and Mkhi coming in?

    1. 3-4-3 with Pedro replacing Lowton seems like the overwhelming consensus.

      I’d stick with Mahrez for now personally. I wouldn’t want to use all the transfers now with GW 4 also to play. The only caveat I would make to that, is if anyone thinks that Richarlison will play against Rotherham? Everton face Bournemouth, Rotherham and Huddersfield before the next transfers.

      If Richarlison plays in all 3, then I think it makes sense to transfer Mahrez out (Richarlison will also rise in value). If not, then I think that Mahrez could still pick up points against Wolves and Newcastle

      1. I’m keen to stick with Mahrez, just hope he starts. If he doesn’t it’s difficult to make a case to stick with him. Lowton needs to go in my opinion, it’s got to be for Pedro or Richarlison. Could toss a coin between them in my opinion.

    2. Lowton needs replacing in my opinion, purely because I think it’s too much to double up on Burnley defenders.

  43. Lowton benched tonight! That really has turned out to be a frustrating move! I know why it was done, with the thought of the extra “2” fixtures that (including the one that never was)…. But it really hasnt paid off…. to make matters worse, Heaton is back in the sticks as well!

    1. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise but not ideal. I think Lowton needs to go – too much risk doubling up on Burnley defensive players.

  44. I would like everyone’s opinion I am in the same position as most….. Lowton to richarlison or Pedro I’m thinking Richarlison he has good fixtures and he is the star man in the team…. Pedro is doing well but will he be the key man for Chelsea when hazard plays. I would like to know all your thoughts

    1. The more I’ve thought about it I just have a feeling it’ll be Willian who eventually makes way for Hazard. I hear Sarri is a big fan of Pedro and given the way he’s started the season, I reckon he’ll get the nod over Willian.

      Both Pedro and Ricarlison have good fixtures ahead so it’s a tough call.

    2. My only favouring towards Pedro is that he’s playing in a better team and they have two Europa League fixtures in September whereas Everton have none. It’s a complete lottery knowing which one to go for.

  45. I reckon both the League Cup and even the European ties might frustrate a few of us in the coming weeks as I would be amazed if most teams don’t rotate their squads heavily.

    As DMC mentions above, Everton play Rotherham next week. I’d be amazed if the likes of Richarlison start though. Maybe they’ll come on if things aren’t going to plan but most will be fringe players with the odd mainstay thrown in to offer some stability I’d imagine.

  46. Doris stokes, she was a clairvoyant, that’s what we need, but the fact is Lowton is a gonna, & a possibility of Mahrez not starting is a distinct possibility, so then the question is do we put Richarlison & Pedro in, 2 million in bank, Hart & B. silva to ponder over, Hazard inclusion looms on the horizon.

    1. Hopefully Mahrez starts and that solves that problem. If we are pushed into making both transfers then it’s a tough call between Pedro and Richarlison or going for one of them and a stronger defender – Van Dijk or Stones for example.

    1. I’ll put up a post about the game week tomorrow. Transfers will be:

      Lowton out for either Richarlison or Pedro

      If Mahrez is benched he may then be replaced by either Stones/Van Dijk or Richarlison or Pedro (whichever I’ve not gone for when replacing Lowton)

      1. DTT, 15th September onwards liverpool’s fixtures take a turn for the worse, as for Stones, I’ve said before City are so cavalier they will crush most teams but cld concede occasionally, Pedro & Richarlison cld be option.

        1. Not sure I’m keen on having both of them but agreed that Liverpool’s fixtures don’t look too good and Stones could also be a rotation risk. City do have a decent run of games ahead though.

  47. What game week do we get 3 new transfers? I read its the first Friday of the next month? Didn’t it used to be from the 1st of the next month?

    1. It is the first Friday of the month so this time around it will be from 7th September.

  48. Looking around the Internet it’s more likely Sarri will stick with Pedro as RAM and Hazard will be back in for Willian. This is purely based on form though? It’s a shame Everton kick off before, although away to Bournemouth won’t be a runaway though.

    1. In an ideal world Mahrez starts on Saturday and then we get the see the Chelsea line up on Sunday before making a decision on the Lowton to Pedro transfer.

  49. I’m thinking of swapping Lowton for Pedro and as I currently have Willian instead of Mahrez, I’m thinking of swapping Willian for Mkhitaryan as I don’t want to double up on Chelsea coverage and like the idea of getting some Arsenal attacking coverage in my team (with plenty of favourable fixtures coming up) without having to drop Kane, Salah or Aguero to get Aubameyang in. Leaves me with no transfers though. Thoughts..

    1. I think that’s an upgrade to your team. Whilst there are fewer midweek games at this moment in time (less risk of injuries) I reckon it’s worth being aggressive with your transfers. If something doesn’t feel right, change it. I made that call after GW1 changing Jota for Richarlison and Sanchez for Kane and I’m glad I did. Saving up our transfers will get us nowhere if our players are returning 0 points.

    2. Sounds like a sensible move. I’ll also be going for Pedro this week if he’s starting.

  50. Hazards the one we actually want isn’t he ?
    Pedro and Richarlison have consistency concerns. Anyone worked out how to get him in??

    1. Not for me at the moment without losing a big name. I’m happy with my expensive players in Salah, Mane, Kane and Aguero. If one had to go it might be Salah but not just yet.

  51. If you look at the top teams winning at present, they have sacrificed a big hitter.

    The top two have sacrificed Salah, which has allowed them to have very strong back lines.

    Personally I want Salah in my team, but there is certainly a case for going with Auba over Salah to accommodate Hazard or a stronger defence.

    After all, who is going to get more points in the course of the season:

    Aubameyang & Hazard
    Salah & B. Silva

    1. It’s a hard one to call – I personally can’t see Salah doing what he did last season and I’m not a huge fan of B. Silva. I’d probably favour Aubameyang and Hazard once the season has really got going. It another one of those which could go either way though.

  52. I’m concerned about my lack of Arsenal coverage for the coming weeks (they have some juicy fixtures coming up potentially) and I may rethink my strategy as a short-term measure. Here’s my team as it stands:

    Mendy Robertson Shaw
    Mane Arnautovic B.Silva Richarlison
    Salah Kane Aguero

    I have one more transfer left this month and have £0.5 in the bank. The move I’m considering is B.Silva/Arnautovic out for Mkhitaryan. Seeing B.Silva playing right wing-back last weekend really put me off him. I thought he’d be the lynchpin of the attacking midfielders, maybe he still will be but I’m not prepared to gamble on him for much longer. City do still have decent fixtures ahead though.

    I could instead make Mkhitaryan a straight swap for Arnautovic. Seeing Arnie take the penalty last week filled me with some hope, but West Ham have some horrendous fixtures coming up so he may have his work cut out to score well. If I could get a general concencous from you guys I would really appreciate it. Who would you take out B.Silva or Arnautovic?

    Thanks guys. 👍🏻

    1. The Mkhi transfer seems an improvement however he is a very up and down player, sometimes capable of providing a few assists in games to going missing. That seemed to be the case last season just like Ozil.

      Regarding B. Silva he seems to be keeping his place, maybe see what the line up is and then make your choice? (they play first) With City anyone can score lately especially away to Wolves.

    2. Hi Chris,

      Our teams are identical but you have Richarlison where I have Jota.

      Because they are virtually identical, I know where you’re coming from.

      My options are either Jota for Richarlison or Arnie for Alonso.

      Either way I need Jota out of my team, but at present I’m more concerned with Chelsea coverage than Arsenal coverage. The only Arsenal player I would want is Auba, but that would mean sacrificing one of my strikers which I don’t want to do at the moment.

      Auba is certainly top of everyone’s sub list in the event of an injury to their main strikers.

      My general feeling is to keep Arnie for a bit longer and lose him in September. I know WHU have terrible fixtures, but there’s always the chance of a pen.

    3. I’m personally going to wait and see how Arsenal react to their poor start. I’m not sure any of them are consistent enough to know when they might score well or draw a blank. I’d be tempted to stick for this weekend.

  53. That makes perfect sense, but trust me.. I can see them beating WHU 3-0+ this weekend!

    They will look like a different team to their opening fixtures.

  54. Thanks for the input guys, all very much appreciated! 👍🏻

    Just had a Dream Team notification and they have selected 5 ‘baragin’ players whom they recommend to get in before there price goes up.

    As I would imagine these players are dead certs for a price rise, B.Silva is staying in my team for now. The other players they list are:


    Now being as Maddison is part of my plan to get Hazard into my team next window I’m going to bring him in for Arnautovic. West Ham’s fixtures stink at the moment and even a Hammers fan previously said he was considering taking him out.

    That should give me guaranteed price rises on B.Silva, Richarlison and Maddison. Anyone else tempted now by the players on that list? I really like the look of Maddison so I’m going to take a punt. It may backfire but fingers crosssed he delivers on his early promise.

    1. I’m only really tempted by Pedro or Richarlison at the moment to replace Lowton. I think Gomez will find himself on the bench before long.

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