Review of Game Week 10

Review of Game Week 10

Best Team 

GW Points: 37
Overall Points: 633
Overall Rank: 38,947

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 70
Overall Points: 557
Overall Rank: 208,775
Transfers used: None used

Game week 10 was another half decent week. Good points for 3 of my 5 defensive assets was a nice result considering they are all fairly cheap. Saka continued his good form with another 16 points and Kane continued to bring in consistent points with another 13. My biggest disappointment was Sterling and Bowen. I felt particularly hard done by with Bowen missing the penalty against Liverpool. Had those two performed this week, I think the team would have made a significant jump on the leaderboard. I also thought Salah deserved more than his 5 points against Man City, on another day this could well have been 13. With two transfers left, I was tempted to take Sterling and Bowen out last night, however, I decided to hold fire for the time being as they’ve both got good fixtures and Chelsea in particular need a result in the Champions League. The biggest frustration now that the team is starting to kick into action is that I’m following the same logic as I was at the start of the season but it’s only just starting to pay off. It’s very difficult when playing catch up given how harsh some of the price rises and falls are.

Here are my thoughts on each player:

Ramsdale: 11 points. Very happy with that, shame he’s not also playing in the Europa League but 11 points was a good return. Still one to monitor this weekend though.

Sessegnon: -1 point. Poor result, typically didn’t come on for the clean sheet at the weekend but did come on for minus points against Man Utd. Another one to monitor. 

Dalot: 16 points. Very happy with 16 points from Dalot given his price, worth remembering I started with him from day one so the logic was always there. Stays in my team.

Cucurella: 13 points. Consecutive 13 points for Cucurella, another one who took a while to come good but again the logic was clearly there in selecting him. Stays in my team.

Ake: 0 points. Far from ideal but given that City only had one fixture against Liverpool it was almost to be expected. Stays in my team while he’s getting game time.

Bowen: -3 point3. Really disappointing for his first game week in my team. Had he scored the penalty it could have been a different story, very fine margin. Gets another week in my team but I’m not sure I can afford another price drop if he doesn’t perform. 

Saka: 16 points. Fantastic return from another player who took a while to come good. Had he started the season in this form, this team probably wouldn’t be in the mess it’s currently in. Stays in my team.

Sterling: 0 points. Another poor return and is on the verge of being taken out. He’s a player that should consistently score points but he hasn’t done much since I’ve bought him in. 

Salah: 5 points. Was unlucky not to get more points against City. Need more than 5 points across two fixtures from him though. Will continue to monitor. 

Haaland: 0 points. Season long pick barring any injuries so it’s irrelevant what he scores.

Kane: 13 points. 13 points is a decent return from Kane, not sure why he dropped 0.2m in value. Could have been the blank against Man Utd but that seems a little unfair after the points he’s scored in recent weeks.

Player watchlist

Here are the players currently on my watchlist:

Foden – Sterling to Foden is still a transfer that’s on the cards for me. Foden appears to be in much better form and could be a better long term pick.

Cancelo – would love Cancelo but he’s out of reach for the time being.

Kepa – as I said last week Kepa is bringing in the points at the moment and is giving Potter a reason to keep him in the side. Luckily Ramsdale got a decent return as well but switching to Kepa might be a better longer term solution. The problem is, I don’t really want to waste a transfer on a keeper at this stage of the season.

Jesus – I still think Jesus is a solid pick so I’ll continue to monitor him.

Trippier – another player I had earlier in the season. Took him out due to lack of European fixtures but he’s done well since. Could be a case for having him in November.

Antony – has scored reasonably well since joining Man Utd. Appears to be getting game time in the Europa League. Risky move for me but I’ll keep an eye on him.

Almiron – continues to score well and is good value. One to monitor. 

Mount – appears to eventually hit some form, another one to monitor for the time being. 

Aubameyang/Firmino/Rashford/Nunez – I could make a case for any of these as a third cheaper striker. Firmino in particular has started the season well, is good value and should be certain of game time with injuries to Jota and Diaz.

Plan for game week 11

For my blog team, the plan for game week 11 is fairly simple. I plan to either stick with the team I’ve got or take Sterling out and bring Foden in. With City kicking off first, I’ll be able to check to see if Foden is starting against Brighton. I’ll then make a decision from there. Unless there are any injuries between now and then, I won’t be making any other changes. 

I’m also starting to think ahead to November with regards to transfers. A key consideration in this month is going to be team value. In theory, if we hold all 5 of our transfers until all of the fixtures for the month are over (there are only 2 game weeks), we should be able to use our transfers at the end of the game week to take out players who are going to drop and bring in players who are going to rise. It won’t matter who we bring in due to the unlimited transfers during the World Cup. That could increase our team budget significantly. Another approach would be to bring in players who may play in the EFL cup or be really aggressive with transfers at the start of the month.

If you’re interested in the fixtures for the clubs involved in Europe, you can check them out here:

My other teams

I don’t spend an awful lot of time on my other teams so it will be luck of the draw in terms of whether these teams do well or not. I bought Kepa into some of these teams last night to make the most of the price increase. I’ll also bring in some of the other names on my watchlist above to cover those bases.

My best team didn’t have a great week during game week 10, this resulted in a slight drop on the overall leaderboard.  

I took some major risks in my worst two teams but that doesn’t appear to have paid off massively and they probably aren’t worth developing any further as they’ve not even reached the 500 point mark yet. 

As always, for complete transparency, here are my 10 teams:

26 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 10

  1. are you saying in of the next team transfers not sure when.
    you could in theory during the world cup we can change 11 players if we
    wanted to.?

    1. That’s right – we will have unlimited transfers during the World Cup so could come back with a completely different team after the break. Makes team value really important.

  2. I didn’t realise there was unlimited transfers during the World Cup either. Like you said, it would be great to get on board the price swings. The price cuts seem ridiculously harsh this week

    1. Yeah it will be unlimited so it makes team value really important. Need a good run up until the break now to build that budget.

  3. Bit of a tip here for you lads, but if you save November transfers, use them on the last Thursday to take advantage of price changes, then get unlimited transfers on the Friday 😉

  4. so if you wait till the last Thursday you then do 5 transfers
    to any player you want as long as he is going to get a rise
    in price.
    then you get your next transfers what do you do
    bring back the players you want for sat matches.
    also when is the first date when you can use any transfers.

    1. Kinda. The last Thursday before the World Cup, take advantage of any price changes. Then on the Friday because it’s a World Cup year there is unlimited transfers up until 20th December I think is the date … so ye savvy 😉

  5. football is so cruel 5min to go looks like
    I am inline for 20 odd points penalty now only
    getting 5 point man u score zero point. 😭

    1. I know the feeling – although I was only on for 10 points. Very difficult weekend though.

  6. I shall be using my transfers aggressively when the November allocation is available, only 2 premiership games + league cup in November, pity the league cup fixtures weren’t on a Saturday, to see lineups, I can’t keep players who aren’t producing the goods, the aim is to find players who can perhaps score well for those 3 fixtures in November, PTS on the board are more important than keeping players who may or may not go up in price at the end of the month, I’m aware of another 5 transfers in December, with no games till boxing day, so are we saying if you use your transfer allocation for those 3 games in November, you still get unlimited transfers for December, not just the five you would normally get every month.

    1. not sure if this is correct.
      you keep all your transfers till the last Thursday in nov
      then use them on any player you think will rise in value
      then on the Friday after the price change you will get unlimited
      transfers to pick a new eleven.
      not sure that’s correct though.
      if it is the only down turn is through the month of
      nov you could loose lots of value in players you could have
      got rid off.

      1. To my understanding that’s exactly how it will work so if you get lucky during November and your players aren’t losing value, you’re probably better off keeping the transfers.

  7. what do I do with Cucurella and Sterling.
    seems to me they are a waste of money sinking
    in price faster than the titanic.
    Aubameyang gets a 7 how its beyond me.

    1. I have them both also. Remember Cucu went up in value last week, but yes agreed sterling is a real conundrum

    2. It’s tricky. I’m personally thinking Sterling has to go with two transfers left. Cucurella I’m less bothered about as he’d scored 26 points across the previous two weeks and he’s not as expensive.

      1. Haaland, looks injured for this game week. Could be worth taking out and go with 11 fit players and bring him back in next week with the new transfers

  8. Hi everyone just wanted to say that i think its a good idea to to try and build team value with unlimited transfer coming soon
    I am top of the dtt mini league at the minute so happy with that i did win it a few years ago so be nice to do it again 😂 long way i know my teams is on 733 points
    My team value is £59.2m (like having a free haaland)
    anyone else got more team value than this ?

    1. That’s a huge team value, is there anything you’d put your success so far down to in particular?

      1. I think for me is tying to have most of my players playing in Europe so its 2 games a week I know you always like that way too
        Its playing the numbers game you have 2 chances to score points in a week I know sometimes it does not work out that way but over the season someone playing 10-15 games more should score more points
        Also always looking at the injury news i know lots of my friends have players in that are out injured and they just did not know about it because thay do not fellow football as much as me
        And the last bit for me is you need a bit of luck to go with it all

  9. Some serious value that David well done taking advtange of the price changes, I’ve started surge recently with chelsea block and Salah, but price changes not been too good. I’m round about £56m so ye well played

  10. £56m is good going studier i have done 8 teams this year and only 2 of them is better value than £56m

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