Review of Game Week 21

Review of Game Week 21

GW Points: 99
Overall Points: 1,593
Overall Rank: 1,613
Transfers: Walker out, Wan-Bissaka in
Mahrez out, Cancelo in
Sterling out, Rashford in

I opted to use three transfers in one go at the weekend, this was a change in strategy to how I’ve approach most of the season. I can’t say it massively paid off with the team dropping on the overall leaderboard. However, all of my transferred in players did score more points than those I took out. I also think the team is better placed now for the rest of the season with a better balance up front. This leaves 1.8m in the bank with an eye on De Bruyne coming back in before long. It’s slightly concerning that there’s still two game weeks left in the month and I’ve only got one transfer left, so I’m half tempted to hold onto this one unless anyone gets ruled out with an injury over the weekend. 


Another 5 points for Schmeichel 

11 points for Cancelo

8 points and 4 points for Maguire and Wan-Bissaka were better than nothing

31 points for Fernandes was great but almost irrelevant considering his ownership.

11 points for Foden

Another 8 points for Barnes, I’m still delighted with this pick considering his value when I bought him in.

I was relieved that Rashford picked up 8 points as I’d have liked a few more

Decent 13 points for Salah

Potential Issues:

I don’t really see any issues with the team at the moment, other than bringing De Bruyne back in at some point. I’d be happy to run with the team that I’ve got until the end of the month if I didn’t pick up any injuries. 

Tips for Game Week 22

For me it’s a case of studying the fixtures again. It’s worth noting that Liverpool only have one fixture this week. Man Utd, Spurs and Leicester all have decent fixtures with easier Europa League games. I’d imagine it will be harder to pick who will start in these second leg fixtures, with Man Utd and Spurs almost certain of progressing to the next round.

Check out the full fixtures below, I plan to start adding the fixtures for March shortly:

50 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 21

  1. Loving the WhatsApp notifications m8 👍🏻

    My best week of the season so far. 120 points. Just inside the top 200

    1. Thought it might be handy to drop the link in there. Will try and keep it up now as people seem to be finding it useful. 120 points is a top game week. Who did the most damage for you?

  2. Great report Paul, I think this transfers were a very positive move to where the team needs to be, plus you would have been down 15 points without the transfers.

    Massive relief that Gundogan picked up a knock, albeit he still picked up 20 points for the week, I’ve been losing points weekly because of his strong run. Really could do with him dropping off.

    Ole said in his interview about the game next week that he still wants to put a strong side out and carry the momentum after a slightly disappointing run, so hopefully Maguire, Bissaka and Rashford get more game time.

    Looking forward to bringing KDB in, with 1.8m ITB you wouldn’t have the option of swapping Wan Bissaka for KDB so would it be Dias or Foden that has to make way?

    1. Are you tempted to stick Gundogan in when he’s back in the team? I really didn’t see him keeping it up this long and was gutted to see those 20 points as I could have easily put him in. It might have to be Dias, ideally it would be Wan-Bissaka but will see where we are after this game week as I don’t see me putting him in this weekend.

  3. Hi DTT
    Your transfers were a positive and gained you points, if not positions.
    Have you started to look at next months fixtures, have you produced the excel spreadsheet? I for one, find this very useful for halo chossing transfers.

  4. Hi guys
    This is my current team


    I have three transfers left and 0.1 ITB.

    My current concerns, lack of city midfielder and Davies. I could swap Maddison for Gundogen now or I could be very brave/stupid and swap Kane, Maddidson and Davies for Salah, Foden and AWB. What’s your thoughts guys, any other opinions on ways to improve my team?


    1. That’s a really tough one as you’ve hardly go any room for movement. I’d probably stick for the time being if it was me. Not sure I’d take Kane out unless he has got a slight injury.

      1. I was thinking of waiting till tomorrow until Liverpool kick off and see if there is any news on whether Kane is playing on Sunday or not. If he isn’t I may opt for using the three transfers. I feel Salah is scoring more points than Kane atm and it gives me the funds to do the other two transfers, which are improvements.

        1. It’s a tough one as Salah will only have one game this week. Spurs have two but can’t see Kane playing in the Europa League anyway

  5. Good review and the WhatsApp group is genius.
    I missed one transfer a while back and tried to play catch up ever since! Only 12 points behind you now thou!

    Keep up the good work mate.

    1. Thanks Dan, it wasn’t my idea but glad someone else suggested it as it could work very well

  6. 2 transfers left, I unfortunately can’t get de bruyne back in this month.

    Not sure whether to jump on the Gundo band wagon and hope him and Foden will cushion the blow not having de bruyne in for the moment.

    Would trade out maddison probably. Spurs have nice fixtures, another move I considered was Rashford for Son doubled up with Kane?

  7. Another solid GW DTT. Definitely Man City are hurting you. Your slide from the top 1,000 coincides with Man City’s form but realistically the people above you are risk takers that do not play the long game.

    Having said that, I do feel the ‘eggs in one (Man City) basket’ could really pay off this year, even with Pep’s rotation policy. I personally will be sticking with the varied approach like yourself. I am much happier to have a Maguire playing every game to a Stones who should play every game but doesn’t. Yes people will have both but there’s always someone in place of Stones or Walker that have more guaranteed minutes.

    Looking ahead, you have two options; jump on the Man City bandwagon and either keep pace or drop down with everyone (depending on how City do), OR go against the Man City approach and attack the easy games. I’m thinking Europa league. You already have a few Utd players now but with their goal scoring and CS potential, it will be a differential to all of the Man City teams. Who else could do well? Spurs are through so will rest players, Arsenal are too inconsistent; this leaves Leicester. They had a tough tie but got a CS away and surely have to be backed to do the same at home and progress. They will also play a strong team and the others won’t. Counteract that with the multitude of injuries in their back line; it’s a tough one!

    I think stick for this week and wait what the next few weeks hold.

    Personally, I have Gundogan and if the prognosis is bad then I will swap for KDB if he is playing. If they are both on the bench then I will stick with Gundogan. I think probably Foden for KDB is my preferred option with everyone fit.

    Ultimately, I guess what people want to know is are you going to play the Man City game and at least keep pace or risk it which will result in either a fall or a rise on the leaderboard? Tough when you are trying to help everyone but what would you do if you didn’t have this forum?

      1. Great info. Makes it a lot easier than googling all of the teams! Looking at them you have to say Spurs and Leicester have the best combination of amount and difficulty. Man Utd have a lot of games but you already have a few of them now I guess. Worth looking at Son? Maddison? I think Leicester defenders when fit again could be a good shout to finish the season with. To be fair, they’re keeping strong even with the injuries. Soyuncu Star Man the other day but Fofana has looked tidy and I think Castagne is close to a return again. Decisions decisions. Keep up the good work.

  8. Really difficult to time the KDB transfer, we all know from over the years he’s a must have!
    My midfield is currently –


    3m ITB and 3 transfers left. It’s either Barnes or Gundo for me! Barnes has been a gem this season so don’t really want to get rid of him. I think Gundo will go back to playing deeper so I’m leaning towards him?

  9. I have Gundogan and Foden and am thinking about holding them as long as they both match KDB for points, which I think they will do. It’s all clear and calm now but if Gundogan doesn’t start tomorrow and KDB does I’m sure I’ll start to panic lol. The extra £2M on both of those up to KDB could go a long way elsewhere if needed. I still have 2 transfers and £2m ITB so can react if needed.

  10. Anyone else getting fed up with Salah?
    Liverpool’s form is unreal.
    I have Kane. Rashford and Him.
    Tempted to swap him for Vardy with their games coming up. Liverpool just don’t seem to be making any chances and don’t have that many games.

    What’s everyone’s thoughts?


    1. Yet he is the top scorer in the league and has 199 points.
      Do I wait till they get knocked out of the champions league? Or will that be too late!

      I just don’t look through the league anymore thinking, Well his got a hat trick in him.

      Tough Choices

  11. Unless De bruyne plays in midweek & puts on a masterclass, his price will surely fall again, his price differential to Gundogan & Foden could be down to 1.5 mill, midfield is a real puzzle to solve, if finance is not an issue, who becomes the fab 4, Bruno + 3 others, but there are 5 suitable candidates, theirs a case for all, interested to see how everyone is going to play this.

  12. Only one clean sheet between Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd, Leicester, Arsenal and Spurs and yes Man City got it. Time I guess for a guest article looking on the defences of these clubs still involved in Europe. Coming soon to DTT.

  13. Not sure if I made a mistake this game week. I tried taking the opportunity to rise above 2nd place chasing me. I took out Foden and put in Gundo who got nothing. I pray Gundo does get a start again midweek anyway. I think Foden will come back in my team, need to see if Maddison is out to now.

    Rashford and Barnes were great points as they are my differentials to.

  14. Great GW review as always Paul!

    I have to admit this dreamteam causes a lot of stress! Made the decision to to drop Maguire to bring in KDB and didn’t pick anything up. And also Foden was benched. I’m clinging on to my dear life in 1st place and surely to be overtaken tonight. It has had me quite down all week if I’m honest. I don’t know what move to make next.




    I’ve got one transfer left. Kane and Son were a complete letdown at the weekend. As Paul has said Kane probably won’t play tonight. So I’m praying for a Son brace tonight and hopefully something from Foden if he starts.

    2nd place behind me has closed the almost 100 pts gap rapidly over the last few weeks.

    He’s got





    Has anyone got and decent suggestions?

    1. Your team is not in that bad shape Mick! If you stay ahead of your rival then another City defender to block him off could be an option. Just some ideas to think about:

      – Mendy to Ederson
      – a Mid/FW to Stones (no idea who though but he doesn’t have Kane or Son…)
      – AWB to Maguire could help. I think HM outscores AWB long term. He’s had several close headers of late

      Foden and Barnes should help your cause though, keep them. Good luck!

      1. I’m doomed Brad. I’ve only got 0.2 in the bank after bringing in KDB. Son & Kane didn’t even play tonight. I’ll be overtaken tonight

        1. At least Stirling blanked and Stones didn’t get on last night Mick. Does your rival have any transfers left (not that he has fires to put out…)? Fingers crossed Barnes does bits for you tonight!

          1. I’d agree with everything Brad has said. I’d also consider Rashford at some point, he’s returning good points for his value.

          2. Well Brad.

            I’m about 7 points ahead. Bonus Sterling fired a blank and Stones never played. He has no transfers left. I have one. I’m contemplating bringing Rashford in tonight to cover myself before the price change. I could do a straight swap for Son. But Tottenham have Burnley & Fulham coming up. Undecided and what to do. Or maybe drop Foden for Alonso or Azquilicueta maybe? What’s your thoughts? Hopefully Barnes picks up tonight!!!

            1. I’d personally keep Foden mate, think he offers great value still and your rival doesn’t have him. Perhaps Son to Rashford is the move. He does look tired and hasn’t been going wild like he was earlier in the season.

              P.s. with Leicester going out of Europe you may want to move him on next Friday where Leicester will only have 3 March fixtures and the likes of City 5… Bernado Silva or Gundogan I’d suggest ; )

  15. I knew I would put Gundogan in when he went off the boil. With Maddison injured for the price might swap him with Silva, seems to be picking up points and starting alot of games.

    1. That’s wouldn’t be a bad shout! He’ll go up in price and he got star man last night. Gives you extra funds for fresh transfer next week

      1. I’ve been keeping my on Bilva of late and he’s certainly well on my radar!

        Don’t make any rash calls on Gundogan though … If Jesus got his head up and passed he could easily have had another 2 goals this week. His knockdown header assist for Foden’s close volley was also delightful… He’s definitely a hold for me!

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