Review of Game Week 23

Review of Game Week 23

GW Points: 61
Overall Points: 1,733
Overall Rank: 1,326
Transfers: Foden out, De Bruyne in (at the end of the game week)

I was reasonably happy with my progress during game week 23. I scored lower than previous game weeks but managed to climb around 200 places on the leaderboard. I’m slowly working my way back to a top 1,000 finish which I’d be happy with. The main decision I got wrong this week was not putting De Bruyne in for Foden on Saturday. I’d be 10 points better off had I made this transfer (which I’ve done tonight anyway). My biggest issue across the game week was Barnes getting injured. Replacing an injured player is part of the game but at that point Barnes was the 4th highest scoring midfielder on the game and only worth 3m, I found that staggering. This makes him difficult to replace despite how well he’s done for my team. Not ideal, but I’m not going to have to look at either Mount or Moura. Not great as Mount misses the Champions League fixture and Moura is often benched. More on my potential transfers later in the post.


20 points for Maguire and 10 for Wan-Bissaka. Can’t argue with that, both have done OK for me since bringing them in.

A solid 8 points for Dias in a week where Man City struggled for a clean sheet.

6 points for Schmeichel is better than nothing when Leicester didn’t manage a clean sheet either.

8 points for Kane was OK but I’d have liked little more.

Potential Issues:

I’ve solved the problem of not having De Bruyne by putting him in for Foden last night. This creates another problem as I’d like Foden as well. I mainly made the swap because I was going to lose the transfer and thought De Bruyne would go up and Foden would go down so it was worth making. In an ideal world, I’d have swapped Barnes for De Bruyne but funds wouldn’t allow this. 

My biggest problem is who to bring in for Barnes. The shortlist is pretty small due to budget and a lack of options. I’m currently considering Mount and Moura. I can’t consider a defender as I’ve already got 4 at the back. Mount and Moura both have their downsides but I’ve got a feeling Moura might do OK in the Europa League. Mount misses the Champions League fixture and Chelsea could still well go out. 

I also need to take Schmeichel out really. Mendy appears to be back amongst the points with Chelsea keeping another clean sheet last night against Liverpool. 

Tips for Game Week 24

Fresh transfers are now available, and as always I’d suggest not rushing into anything. I’m personally looking at teams who are playing in Europe and still in the FA Cup. This includes Man City, Man Utd, Spurs and Arsenal with the most fixtures. I’ll probably stick with Schmeichel for another game week as Leicester face Brighton, whereas Chelsea play Everton. This will give me one more week to monitor who might be the best replacement. I’ll definitely take Barnes out this weekend, as I mentioned above, I’m considering Moura, Mount and maybe even Saka or B. Silva. I’d like it to be Foden but I don’t think funds will allow this. I’m almost certainly going to take Salah out after this game week though. If we look at the fixtures – Liverpool only play once after the first game week in March due to the way their fixtures have fallen and because they are out of the FA Cup. They haven’t been great recently either so I’ll probably take a punt on Son who might get some game time in the Europa League. This does present another option for Barnes as well – I could take the drastic decision to keep him for this week and hope that I can put Foden back in when I take Salah out. This would give me a very strong team going into the end of March.

As always, I’d suggest studying the fixtures for the rest of the season before making any changes. The link is below:

27 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 23

  1. Nice one Paul. Have you thought about downgrading one of Maguire or AWB what with United’s tougher fixtures and to free up funds to upgrade Barnes?

    I played the pricing last night with my last two Feb transfers switching out Foden & Gundogan (-£0.4) for KDB & Mount (+£0.3). Thus letting Maguire & AWB rise (+£0.4) and will switch one of them out to either Foden/Gundogan this weekend back on a 3-4-3… in my head it made some sense!

    1. My ideal move for this weekend would be Barnes and AWB out for Moura and Foden. I’m 0.1m short again so it’s back to the drawing board. I might just make one change this weekend and take Barnes out for Moura. My plan really relies on taking Salah out for Son. I don’t want to do this until after this weeks fixtures so I’ll hold onto most of my transfers until then.

      1. Have you thought about Nbombele who’s £0.4m cheaper than Moura and only 4 points behind him on 91? He seems to play regularly to give them a bit of balance in midfield behind that attack.

        1. I did think about it but just felt Moura might be more capable of a hat trick in the Europa League (I should be so lucky). Don’t really want either of them to be honest.

  2. Dream Team Progress report:

    Then (at the end of January) : Best team in work league is in 45th position overall, diary team is in 258 and still first in Fiso elite league. Finally DTT mini league team has recovered and marching upwards in the table in 899th position.

    Now: Best team in work league is in 41st position overall, diary team is in 281 and still first in Fiso elite league. Finally DDT mini league team in 1055 (loss of interest as concentrating on top two teams, experimenting as put Aguero in so a few bad moves but now going to sort it out in March). The overall aim is to repeat last season’s record: 80th, 453, 540 with top three teams. Got 100 quid with cousin on getting top 100 finish at the end as he said my 80th finish was done to luck not skill.

  3. To get De Bruyne in I am taking out Barnes and a defender. Which will leave me with one of the pairings below, which do you think will perform better?

    1) Stones + Wan Bissaka
    2) Cancelo + Davies


    1. I’m always nervous to take out Cancelo personally. Man U fixtures get a bit tougher over the next few days, I’m considering myself how well AWB might do.

  4. Ederson



    Any advice?
    Thinking of going
    Ederson – Mendy (to get some funds)
    Gundogan – Kdb
    Then I have the Barnes issue to deal with, such a blow losing a him as dtt said for the price.

    1. you could bring in pereira at leicester? he’s classed as a defender but playing in midfielder on the right wing. will be leant on more with Barnes out, and the next 2 league games for leicester are decent

    2. Barnes being 3m is far from ideal. I’m personally likey to take a punt on Moura with the Europa league games in mind

  5. I done my swap last night and took Barnes out for Moura. Spurs have some decent fixtures this month and Moura has been playing really well and looking a goal threat with him playing in the number 10 role. I’m hoping he will start on Sunday as Dele started last night against Fulham.

    1. He’s fairly high up on my list as well so I’ll be considering bringing him in for Barnes at the weekend.

  6. I’ve got nothing left to replace Barnes so i’m even tempted to take a punt on Alli? what do you think DTT.. In favour atm and i would have to take sterling out for Salah to get mount in.

    1. I’m looking at Moura rather than Alli myself. It’s probably the only change I’ll make this week

    1. Thanks Ryan, glad you’ve found it useful. I should have done it a long time ago

  7. Reading up on RR’s article on keepers & defender’s makes for interesting reading, I aim to put Ederson in, but am still concerned about them conceding as I have Cancelo & Dias, they are sure to go through in champions league, which means further games, but how many times does he get a rating of seven, he never has much to do, you would take 5pts every game though, Mendy/Chelsea have a tough 2nd leg against Athletico, they score 1st & it’s game on, Lloris annoyingly is doing well, & is in my rivals team who has cut my lead down to just 9pts, it’s a shootout between the 2 of us, Spurs & Arsenal should play strong teams In europa league, as they are both struggling to make top 4, I’m going to take Salah out this weekend for Son, it’s a worry as he can still be prolific, but Liverpool currently are all over the place, to summarise
    Sit tight with the other 3 transfers, short month, are other dreamteam managers still going with 3 City defensive assets.

    1. Ederson is a good pick as he is the most likely to start for City for most of there games.

      1. Ederson is a good pick and I’ll be taking Salah out as well. But I’m not brave enough to do it this week when they’ve got Fulham and Leipzig

    2. I have

      And won’t be making any changes to them.
      City are the best team around.
      The other teams only get the ball for 40% max. Less ball, Less chances in my eyes.

  8. Morning lads,

    My team currently is



    Maddison – > B. SIlva / Moura

    Vardy -> Salah
    Rashford – Bale

    I went strong with Leicester assets, fixtures looked good and was still in Europe, how wrong was I. Vardy 0 points from 4 games, Maddison got injured, Schmeichel done OK but thought he would of done better. I’m actually looking at bringing Salah in for this game week and taking him out next. Its not something I usually like to do but with a short month i think its justifiable. I was quite surprised to see that some are looking to take him out before this game week … crazy IMO, then again you may think the same about my decision to put in Vardy so yes what do i know ha. I’m also looking at bringing in Bale although im quite surprised i haven’t seen his name mentioned as potential transfer. 3rd change will be to move Maddison on for B. Silva / Barnes. I am going to stick with Schmeichel for one more game week I think and see how the land lies then.

    Good ‘luck’ lads !!!

    1. Looks sensible to me. I’d probably consider Son over Bale though if funds were to allow it.

  9. To get Ederson in this week, I have to take out Salah, I’m hoping Son can at least match Salah this week, Crystal Palace & dinamo Zagreb are good fixtures, add to that 2 fixtures for Ederson, + not leaving Schmeichel in for another week with just one fixture.

    1. I think it could go either way. Salah could easily flop or have a huge week, as could Son. Pretty much the toss of a coin.

  10. Cheers Paul. Great GW as always👌🏻

    What makes everyone think Foden is even going to be in the starting lineup? He’s hasn’t brought any pts in the last 3 games or so.

    I have Foden already. But I was going to move him on! I brought in Mount for Barnes. Straight swap.

    Interested in everyone’s thoughts please?

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