March Transfer 1 (probably)

March Transfer 1 (probably)

I plan to take the injured Barnes out today. This needs to be done before Leicester kick off at 8pm. The player I’m looking at plays tomorrow so there’s no point in waiting for team news. Because I only want to make one transfer I’m stuck with a small budget. However, I think this will reap rewards next week. As a result, my transfer is:

Barnes out
Moura in

I’m bringing Moura in as Spurs have two Europa League fixtures over the coming game weeks. I did consider Mount but it’s not possible to get him in with one transfer and he’s missing Chelsea’s Champions League fixture.

I’m making this transfer now but I’ll reverse it if we get any unexpected new that Moura is injured or unavailable within the next few hours but it’s unlikely.

This will be my only transfer this weekend. Unless someone else gets injured. This will take me into next week with four transfers left. I plan to take Salah out (as Liverpool only have 1 fixture after this week until the end of the month). I’ll probably bring in Son. I will then probably bring in Foden for Wan-Bissaka. I’d love to put Foden in for Wan-Bissaka this weekend but it’s not possible without taking Salah out. I don’t fancy taking Salah out until after this weeks fixtures.

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  1. Just some alternative options to give you that extra £0.1m Paul to be able to do AWB to Foden for this weekend:

    Smith-Rowe £1.8m
    Hudson-Odoi £2.3m
    Havertz £2.8m
    Rodri £2.6m
    McTominay £2.6m
    Ndombele £2.5m

    Obviously barrel scraping a bit but for the bigger picture AWB>Foden move

    1. Yeah I’d have liked to bring Foden in but I’m going to have to wait it out. I don’t really like any of the options in midfielder at 3m or below.

  2. I have 0.5m in bank after doing Barnes to moura. Would u do awb to foden this weekend if u could afford it, cos I can. Not sure if to do it or not. Leaning towards yes

    1. I would personally make that move LC. Especially if you also have Maguire already as Utd’s fixtures look tougher this month.

      1. I have shaw Maguire and awb😂done me well last 2 weeks tbh, but playing city I need get rid of one.

  3. Hi guys. Need a bit of advice please. I have been following DTT line up but missed a few transfers and also made some different ones here and there throughout the season, so have a very similar team which is –
    Dias, maguire, walker
    Barnes (swapping for moura mount or havertz) Gundogan, Fernando’s, Foden
    Salah, Kane, Rashford
    2.6m in the bank
    I really want DB in but not sure who I can take out, annoyingly I’m .3 away from being able to swap him for Barnes.
    Do you guys think I should take out Foden for DB? Keep it as it is? Any tips would be welcome thank you

    1. In my eyes you have to put KDB in whatever.
      If you take Foden out. His replacement will cost less and maybe you can upgrade your keeper

    2. I’d see which one of the two are starting. Might be worth swapping if Foden is benched again. Out of interest, where are you on the leaderboard having gone in slightly different directions at times?

      1. Hi m8.
        There’s only 2 John Smiths on here lol.
        I dropped to 227 at the start of this game week. I made some changes to earn me some cash.
        My team atm





        I swapped Foden and Rashford out for KDB and Bale on Thursday night, then Barnes out for Saka.

        Salah is going either today or next week for Sterling I believe.
        I wasn’t to sure who to take out for KDB so took Foden out. I can always put him back in if needed.
        With it being a short month. I have no problem with making 2 transfers straight off.
        I thought I’d take a punt on Bale to see if I can more up the leaderboard.
        I’m 115 in front of my mini league so have a little bit of breathing space.

        I’m kinda happy with my team.
        I should of put Saka in when I spoke about him on here at 1.7 but you live and learn.

        Have a good week everyone

  4. I have to go cheap with a defender unfortunately the way it’s worked out. I want to keep Ederson, was thinking of going to Mendy. I have Kdb in now which I’m happy about.

    Who is a good cheap defender to get in? I was looking a Christensen but I think Silva will take his place. Alonso? Has been in and now out again.

    1. I looked into Christensen, he’s started the last few. Alonso hasn’t scored for a while.
      I don’t think you could be certain either one will start. So my personally, I’d be looking elsewhere.
      Shaw is a good option. Loads of games, a few tough ones but I’m ‘sure’ United will keep a couple of clean sheets in them games.
      What’s the rest of your team?

  5. What makes everyone think Foden is even going to be in the starting lineup? He’s hasn’t brought any pts in the last 3 games or so.

    I have Foden already. But I was going to move him on! I brought in Mount for Barnes. Straight swap.

    Interested in everyone’s thoughts please?

    1. I think he will start after being benched the last few games but he could well flop. I just worry because of his high ownership.

      1. Right oh. I’ll keep him in until I see lineup today. None of my rivals have him. Hopefully he starts today.

  6. Hi bit of help to get kdb in …team Mendy Dias cancelo AWB Maguire Foden Fernandes Moura
    Kane sterling Radford 1.2 in bank ?
    Thinking sterling to son awb to kdb ? Open to ideas cheers

      1. That’s probably not a bad option given the fixtures. If I wanted to get De Bruyne in with your team, that’s exactly what I’d do.

  7. Would ideally like to get back track same team as dtt as I also missed some transfers earlier in season but am only 13 points behind but bit less money I think

  8. Some teams in the league seem to have gained 8 points without their players scoring 8 points. Is there an explanation?

    1. Player transfers are hidden until teams have played. For example if they have put in Tielemens for Foden you won’t see Tielemens in their team until Man City have played their first game week game. It is likely that some teams with 8 points brought in Aubamenyang.

  9. Just as a heads up, I said I would only be making one transfer this week. But I think I’ve come up with a cunning plan. Potentially taking Wan-Bissaka out for Robertson due to Man Utd’s fixtures. Robertson would then make way for Foden next week. Still debating it – will confirm closer to kick off

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