Review of Game Week 23

Review of Game Week 23

Best Team 

GW Points: 73
Overall Points: 1,550
Overall Rank: 4,595

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 80
Overall Points: 1,505
Overall Rank: 9,855
Transfers used: Almiron out, De Bruyne in
Trippier out, Ake in
Schar out, Akanji in

Looking at the overall leaderboard I can’t be too unhappy with how game week 23 went. The team has broken into the top 10,000 and has risen by over 4,000 places this week. This is a great result with the team continuing its forward momentum since the World Cup. However, it was also rather frustrating when it comes to the transfers I made. I knew it was a risk bringing in two Man City defenders given their recent form at the back. But I thought it was a risk worth taking to get De Bruyne in. Typically Man City conceded a goal in both games this week and both defenders will also face rotation. De Bruyne then also missed out in the Champions League through illness, but at least he picked up 8 points against Forest so I was slightly better off for making the transfers. Elsewhere in my team, it was another good week for Rashford, Mahrez, Saka, Fernandes, Shaw and De Gea. Swapping Salah for Kane has been another frustrating one – when I had Salah he wasn’t scoring and Kane was, as soon as I made the change, Kane stops scoring and Salah starts. It’s pretty much a toss of a coin between those two and it’s just not gone in my favour recently. 

Player watchlist

As I’ve used all of my transfers for the month, I don’t currently have a watchlist. However, if you’ve got transfers remaining, Man City, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal and Man Utd all have a double game week this week. Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal appear to have the best fixtures. It might be a good time to bring in Arsenal players as they will be back involved in the Europa League in the next round.

Plan for game week 24

My plan for game week 24 can only be to sit tight with the team that I’ve got – as I’ve used all of my transfers. As mentioned above, if you’ve got transfers to use, Man City and Arsenal could be the players to go after. The likes of Saka and Mahrez have been scoring well recently. Odegaard could also be another cheap option. I’m now going to hold fire until we get our March transfers. If City fail to perform defensively this week, I could well be looking at some very early changes.

If you wanted to view the fixtures on the horizon, you can check out my planner below:

2 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 23

  1. Thanks for that, not much fun in my league as top teams has Salah and TAA in there’s still about 25 points over the 2 game week, but like you said Kane v Salah when one’s scoring the other isn’t but hopefully results will go in my favour eventually. Keep up the good work Paul well done

    1. Thanks Ingo, the team is going in the right direction but it’s a shame a couple of goals here and there have cost us points in the past couple of weeks. Hopefully it will keep rising up the leaderboard in the run until the end of the season.

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