Review of Game Week 24

Review of Game Week 24

Best Team 

GW Points: 75
Overall Points: 1,625
Overall Rank: 4,828

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 91
Overall Points: 1,596
Overall Rank: 7,899
Transfers used: None used

Game week 24 was another half decent game week for the team – a rise of around 2,000 places on the leaderboard and 91 points was a good result. For the first time in a long time, every player in the team picked up at least 5 points so for once it was 11 players contributing with no blanks. I was particularly pleased with Ake and Akanji picking up 11 and 7 points. I felt unlucky that these two didn’t give me instant returns last week with City conceding just 1 goal in games they should have won easily. I’m not massively convinced they are worthy of a place in my team longer term, and I may look like defenders from teams in the Europa League during March. My Man Utd players continue to perform well, and I’d put their form down to my quick rise on the leaderboard since the World Cup. De Gea and Shaw have been decent for defensive points. Fernandes has been a regular points scorer from midfield and Rashford has been magnificent. Saka is a player who has gone slightly under the radar but I think he’s been a good pick since putting him back in. Salah has been a bit of a thorn in my side since I took him out for Kane, but it’s generally a toss of a coin between them. Salah wasn’t scoring when I had him and now Kane isn’t scoring much since I’ve had him. I could swap back, but it could then go the other way so I’ll probably hold tight for now. 

Player watchlist

With fresh transfers in what is a fairly short fixture month in March, I may well make some early changes. The players I’ve got my eye on are Odegaard, Gabriel, Dalot, Saliba, Zinchenko, Casemiro and Salah. It’s difficult to add too many more to my watchlist at this stage in the season as we generally know who is going to score well and who isn’t.

Plan for game week 25

I’ve purposely not made any changes before prices change as I’m happy to wait to see who is starting at the weekend. With City only playing once this week, I’m tempted to take out Ake or Akanji or both of them for Arsenal defenders. They’ve got some decent fixtures ahead in March and hopefully, they play a strong team in the Europa League. With Liverpool only having one fixture, I won’t be bringing in Salah this week and Kane has two fixtures. I’m finding it difficult to make a case for taking any of my midfielders or strikers out as the team has been performing well, so I’ll probably stick with this front 7 for at least the first game week of March.

4 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 24

  1. I agree with your thought Ake and akanji only 1 game week and others out their with 2, gonna be another tough decision who’s going and who’s coming in, waiting on your decision gonna be manic this month

    1. Glad I kept them as Arsenal defenders conceded as well and it’s them who I would have bought in. Shame it wasn’t 8 points each though.

  2. Hi Paul

    Good article and knowledge, as always. Can you update your fixture spreadsheet, now the FA cup games have been entered, can you add Aprils fixtures too. I use the spreadsheet a lot, for planning my transfers.



    1. Hi David, no problem – it was on my list to do, I’ve just updated it.

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