Review of Game Week 29

Review of Game Week 29

GW Points: 25
Overall Points: 2,115
Overall Rank: 1,384
Transfers: None used

Game week 29 was another fairly poor week. A score of only 25 resulted in a drop on the leaderboard which is far from ideal at this point in the season. I was hoping to keep the momentum going for a top 1,000 finish. Chelsea keeping two clean sheets certainly didn’t help, especially with Mendy being benched twice. However, I expected that to do more damage than it did to my overall position. I am still glad that I held back a couple of transfers as this week showed how quickly key players can pick up injuries, with both Kane and De Bruyne missing their second fixtures of the game week. I’ll need to monitor both this weekend but it makes sense to move them on if they are injured, hopefully others are stuck with them if they are out for a while but I’ll need to check for an update.


The only real positive from the game week was Kane picking up 18 points. Rashford’s 5 points were also welcomed but not a huge return. 

Potential Issues:

My main issue at the moment is the players with potential injuries – De Bruyne and Kane. The problem is, I don’t want to take them out if they are only going to miss one game week as it’s going to require another transfer to bring them in. Ideally they both feature at the weekend.

Another slight concern is Salah not starting against Leeds. Liverpool have a decent fixture against Newcastle at the weekend, and if he starts I’d like to keep him for that game. Liverpool also have a decent run of Premier League fixtures in May. I just need a good reason to keep hold of him.

My other concern is the Man City defenders. Cancelo isn’t starting enough games for me and although Dias is, City aren’t keeping as many clean sheets as they were. I may look to replace one of them with a Chelsea defender, if I don’t need to replace any of the injured players. 

I’ll obviously need to keep an eye on Mendy being benched as well. I can’t really understand that one, especially for the Premier League game.

Tips for Game Week 30

There’s still a couple of game weeks left in the month, but my main advice is to keep an eye on those injuries to Kane and De Bruyne. I’m personally hoping they will both be available as I don’t want to take them out to put them back in. I’d also be interested to hear how other people are approaching the last few weeks of the season. Will you be aggressive with your transfers during May or saving them for the cup finals at the end of the month?

Also apologises to those who commented on last week’s blog. I’m moving within the next week so I didn’t have a chance to reply to most of the comments. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

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  1. Great review as per usual mate….KDB seems fine he’s been training with the team today and looks good for Sunday.. kane is a different matter he has not been training at all and looks like he will miss Sunday’s game.. still a gamble moving Any off them on tho..How many games will kane actually miss!!!.. you are totally right about cancelo he was peps star man now not getting a game..strange..

    1. It’s a difficult one, if Kane doesn’t play but he looks like he might be back within the next week it’s hard to make a case for removing him. But at the same time we are so close to the end of the season that we need to grab points where we can.

  2. Going to take a risk with Kane & hope he just misses the 1 game, they have Sheffield utd next weekend, which could be a mauling, last transfer this week Ieanacho out, he’s served me well, but only has 2 games left this month, in Rashford who barring injury has 4 games, being more attacking & bolder has paid off in the last month, hope I’m lucky enough for it to continue, get through to May transfers, & can use them more strategically.

    1. The good old strategy HOHO comes into play. Interesting to note, Rashford didn’t train yesterday. It might not stop him from playing tomorrow but he has been carrying an injury for a while now. There is a chance he might make it worse, that’s why he has been protected in games by being subbed in his last 5 games.

      I brought in Iheanancho as well but I am quite reluctant to take him out even though Leicester have two games left. Sometimes I look at form over number of fixtures – a player can score more points in two games over a player playing four. There is a popular belief that more games equal more points – true in the FPL and TTF games where points are given just by turning up in games – but it doesn’t always work out like that in the Sun game. More games mean more rotation, risk of injuries and being tired affecting performances.

      No doubt Senior Man is in top form and being trigger happy. Palace and Southampton next (both teams have nothing to play for and concede a lot of chances). I watched the Leicester-WBA game and Leicester were so good with Castagne, Tielemens, Maddison, Vardy creating plenty of chances for Nacho. I was disappointed he only scored the one goal as easily could had grabbed a hat trick with 8 shots at goal. Furthermore, Nacho is top of the goal scoring chart for minutes per goal above Kane and Salah.

      Iheanancho is a good upside chaser in that he is explosive, highest number of dream team points scored since the manager changed formation to 3-4-1-2 (with Barnes and Maddison injured) to accommodate the two strikers and the best thing about Nacho: differential at 4.5% (he was 2% two weeks ago) with good form and fixtures – an excellent combo. You know I love my differentials as they can propel your teams up the rankings.

      Nacho certainly helped me rise up the ranks this week with my best three teams in the top 500 and my highest in 28th. I don’t think I have in me to let him go (just yet).

      1. How far are you from the very top? You must be starting to think about the possibility of winning the whole thing? I’m not sure I could handle the pressure of being in the running for that 😂

        1. 100 points off the top but Andrew Ferguson would be the deserving winner having been top for many months. Plus I don’t think I have the game style to win the competition. You need to have the right balance between attack and defence. I usually verge on the attack and chase differentials when I am better off playing a safe move. But the risks make the game make it interesting to me and keeps me interest going especially when I am writing. I try to my info as informative and interesting as possible so I found the likes of Kane and Salah a bit boring and why the likes of Iheanancho have more appeal to me even at the cost of doing well in the game. My aims and ambitions are a bit more achievable: get one of my teams in the top 100, win mini leagues, write some decent stuff on the game and most importantly finish above you in the DTT mini league. Your team is a good reference point in knowing whether I am a good season or a bad one.

          1. I noticed you’ve had another good week on the leaderboard. I think we will all be routing for you if you are in the running to win the whole thing as we get closer to the end of the season.

  3. As per usual all excellent pts RR, noted, yes Rashford has had some niggling injuries of late, if he’s on the bench for the league game I may reconsider, because he’ll definately start in the Europa league semi final.

    1. The move from Iheanancho to Rashford might be the right one (I have been wrong before and no doubt I will be in the future). I just wrote a few things above maybe to talk myself out of it (I might do the same move next week). Your reasons might be correct and more logical as Rashford is one of the top point scorers in the game.

  4. It might be a coincidence but the big clubs have struggled since ESL announcement: Liverpool draw, Chelsea draw, City and Spurs found it tough to win, Arsenal lose. Will be interesting to see how Utd do. With emotions still high and board and fan unrest and can affect players (Tuchel said it was a distraction and reason why they didn’t win vs Brighton), will it have an impact this week? Maybe the smaller clubs are more motivated as they feel let down. Outside influences having an impact on dream team scoring.

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