Review of Game Week 34

Review of Game Week 34

Best Team 

GW Points: 129
Overall Points: 2,438
Overall Rank: 1,242

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 119
Overall Points: 2,386
Overall Rank: 2,599
Transfers used: Rashford out, Kane in
Saka out, Gundogan in

I’m delighted with how game week 34 went. My best team and my blog team both had very good weeks. I’m only really interested in my blog team but it would be nice to finish as high as possible with my best team as well. In that team, I took a punt on Wilson that paid off massively, but do now only have 1 transfer left in that team so I’ll be riding my luck until the end of the season. Coming back to my blog team, it was a brilliant week all round with a decent jump on the leaderboard. After a really poor start to the season, it’s looking like I may have a respectable finish, which isn’t easy when you decide to just put one team on the line and publish every decision in advance for the whole season. I felt like I got very lucky during the week to a certain extent. My main priority was to get Kane in for Rashford. I didn’t have enough funds to do that, so I had to make a second transfer. I wanted to take Saka out as he’s of high value and I wanted to bring a City player in. If I had the funds to get Foden, Grealish or Stones I’d have picked any one of these ahead of Gundogan, but I didn’t, so I took a punt. I really didn’t expect Gundogan to have an overly good week and it wasn’t a move I really wanted to make. However, it paid off massively. His ownership is fairly low and he grabbed 22 points during the game week. It’s the perfect time in the season to get such a massive slice of good fortune. I’ve also got three transfers remaining to attack the last few fixtures of the season.

Player watchlist

As with recent weeks, my watchlist isn’t huge due to very few fixtures remaining. However, Man City are looking like the team to focus on as they are on the treble and in great form. Having said that, it will probably be the route that most people go down so it may not pay off massively. Either way, if I had the funds, I’d be looking at the likes of Grealish, Foden and Stones. I’m not sure I’d be looking to bring anyone else in from other teams at this stage. I think the opportunity for that was with Wilson last weekend. 

Plan for game week 35

With three transfers remaining and very few fixtures left it’s tempting to make some changes this weekend. However, when I look at my team on paper it’s hard to justify changing too much. Other than Kane and Salah, my team consists of only Man City and Man Utd players  – both teams have a double game week this week, and others don’t (other than Chelsea). I could argue that if Rashford is fit, he may be a better option compared to Kane or Salah given that he will have a double game week. Although this doesn’t always mean more points. It would be a dangerous move to take Kane or Salah out on this basis, as I believe both are in better form than Rashford. It’s an easy decision if Rashford doesn’t start at the weekend so I’ll review line ups when we get closer to kick off. 

I’ve updated the fixtures spreadsheet below, this is manually put together but should now cover all fixtures until the end of the season:

4 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 34

  1. I’m with you all the way. Last week was a blinder took 40 points more than anyone else in my league and shot me up from 4th to 3rd in the money. Hopefully this will continue I’m sure the other 3-4 teams around me will be looking at my next choice, as they still have 3 transfers left, so it’s gonna go to the wire and be really close on the choices everyone picks, but I’d be happy just to stay put, and be their or their abouts at the end

    1. Tricky game week just gone after such a good week last time around. I’d be very tactical about who you pick based on your mini league with the final three transfers rather than following my team as it’s more important to look at who the people around you have.

    1. Hi David, not sure at the moment to be honest with the games in June being included in game week 36 I’m a bit at checkmate.

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