Season Game Unlimited Transfers

Season Game Unlimited Transfers


Given the team news, I’m starting back with this team:


I assumed that the game week would end as usual on a Friday, however, for some reason it won’t. As a result, anyone who is picked today will be locked in until after the boxing day fixtures.

This has made me rethink my teams for tonight. Worth noting that I’ll be revising this with a short window as we need to confirm teams by 7pm but I’d not expect team news for the Leicester game until around 6:45pm.

Here’s my thinking so far.

If Maddison doesn’t start but Amartey does. I’ll be going with this team full of Man City, Newcastle and Man Utd players:

If Maddison does start, I’m likely to go with this team:

If neither Maddison or Amartey start, I’ll be scrambling around to try and find a cheap defender to see me through to the next game week.

Either way, whoever I go with tonight, I will ultimately swap De Bruyne/Maddison for Saka, then Rashford for Kane and Burn/Amartey for Saliba.

It’s back to reality after a very successful World Cup game – I had a plan and stuck to it, ended up with an overall finish of 1,470, which I’m delighted with given that everything was documented in advance. 

If only my season game had gone so well but I’ve now got a mammoth uphill struggle to achieve a respectable finish in this game after a poor start.

I’m obviously going to utilise the unlimited transfers and I’m also going to make the most of another 5 transfers for the remainder of December. 

To account for this, I’m going to work backwards by planning my boxing day team and then working backwards based on the additional EFL Cup games this week. 

I’d be happy with this team as we approach boxing day:

A few points to note, I’m aware that Dalot is currently injured but if he is fit I can bring him in. I think it’s a decent balance of players who have done well this season so far and players with good fixtures during December. 

If we work backwards on the basis of having 5 transfers in December. I’m going to want to target the EFL Cup fixtures, where we should be able to see starting line ups for the first games before confirming our teams. I’m mainly interested in an additional Leicester player for these fixtures as they face MK Dons. I’m likely to go with Maddison over Saka if he starts and a Leicester defender instead of Saliba. This means taking Kane out, but he’s not playing before Christmas anyway. I’ll swap him for Rashford and I’ll swap Dalot for someone like Shaw.

This would give me a team similar to this:

This gives every player selected a chance of playing in the EFL Cup fixtures this week. I can then review how I’d want to approach the Premier League games on boxing day when the time comes.

Other teams

In some of my other teams, I’ll be much more aggressive with transfers. I will probably go for whoever plays up front for Leicester in a few teams and maybe even a few Wolves players. It’s all going to hinge on who starts tomorrow evening though.

20 thoughts on “Season Game Unlimited Transfers

  1. It’s bonkers that they haven’t added Man Utd’s Alejandro Garnacho isn’t it. I’m looking at loading up with Man U players to start with.

  2. Remember United won’t have Varane or Martinez till the new year with both be at the World Cup till yesterday.
    I have De Gea and Dalot but I’m tempted to move Dalot on till the others return

  3. Last point.

    Will Fernandes return to his old form now Ronaldo has gone!

    I’m gonna start with him ( instead of Foden) and Rashford for the extra game.

    Not sure about my defence due to Arse not having a lc game.





    1m itb

    Currently on 854

    Any thoughts men?

    Any thoughts men?

    1. Looks good, I’m not starting with Arsenal players due to them not playing in the EFL Cup though.

    1. I’m thinking Foden and De Bruyne with Amartey just for the first game week. I’m not sure Maddison will start tonight.

  4. Had a massive change of heart.

    De Gea




    I’m gonna use United’s extra game and with them playing Forest the game after I think it’s worth a punt on them.

    Will change players if they don’t start their games.

    Got 5 transfer this month as well so can always switch back.

    I’m also wondering what Liverpool team is gonna turn up after the break

  5. My budget isn’t that great but seriously considering Firmino what with Diaz and Jota long term absentees.

  6. Basically if any of your team play in the league Cup, you’ll have them for boxing day too, you won’t be able to change those players till Friday 30th

    1. maybe im not correct.
      any players put in tues wed and thurs you will be able
      to change them after the last game thurs night
      for games on box friday, hope I am right.

        1. I assumed the game weeks would run as normal but they don’t. Jim is right, whoever you pick tonight, you’ll be stuck with them for the Boxing Day fixtures as well.

  7. Fancy Mahrez to get some game time after not playing in the World Cup. He can be hot/ cold though. Also fancy Podence for wolves against a struggling gillingham team…any thoughts

  8. the old dream team star man robbery
    as usual. should have been Rashford
    by a mile. TV gave it to him as well.

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