Team Selection 2020/2021

Team Selection 2020/2021

After pondering on my latest draft, I’m making a very quick change to my team. I’ve decided to move away from Arsenal defensive coverage as I think it’s too risky and Tierney could be unlikely to bring attacking returns if he plays as a third centre back.

As result I’m bringing in Doherty as we are all aware of his potential for attacking returns.

Aside from this, we will get to see Arsenal’s starting line up at 11:30am. This only leaves us with Willian and Aubameyang to check on. I believe Aubameyang will almost certainly start.

However, if Willian doesn’t start, I’ll be swapping him for Pepe.
If Pepe doesn’t start, I’m going to take a big punt on Barnes, who I’ve had my eye on for most of the build up.

On the assumption that Willian does start. Here is my confirmed starting line up:

Fifth Draft: Team Selection 2020/2021

I’m hoping this will be my final team selection now. I’ve made one quick change from my fourth draft that was published a few days ago. Traore comes in and Barnes goes out. I think Traore has a better chance of scoring well and also potentially has two fixtures in game week 1 so in he comes. I’ll still be keeping an eye on Barnes though as I still think he’s good value.

It’s also worth noting that this is subject to change again and very close to kick off at the weekend. If Tierney isn’t left back and Willian doesn’t start for example, they are both likely to come out for Bellerin and Pepe (if he starts). I’ll post any changes that I make but this could literally 45 minutes before Arsenal kick off on Saturday.

If you’d like to pick up the details on each player, please read the thread below as there’s plenty of detailed justification in these posts.

Fourth Draft: Team Selection 2020/2021

I’ve made another couple of tweaks to my side and I must admit I’m now fairly happy with it. I think it’s flexible for moving through September and I’ve got a clear plan to a stronger team once the Manchester clubs are back in action:

GK: Alisson (Liverpool) – 3.5m
Same reasons as below

DEF1: Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) – 5m
Same reasons as below

DEF2: B. Davies (Spurs) – 2m
Same reasons as below

DEF3: Tierney (Arsenal) – 3m
Points last season: 48
Points per 1m spent: 16
Points projection based on new value: 150 points
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: -102 points
Picking Tierney goes against all of my decision making which is based on stats from last season. Based on his 3m price tag he had a poor points return last season. He could well be a very short term pick but I like Arsenal’s opening fixtures. What I also like about Arsenal, is that we can look at their line up before locking in our final team. This means we’ve got a certain starter before making any transfers if our players make the starting 11. 

MID1: Willian (Arsenal) – 3.5m 
Same reasons as below

MID2: Havertz (Chelsea) – 3.5m
Points last season: n/a
Points per 1m spent: n/a
Points projection based on new value: 175 points
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: n/a
I’ve swapped Ziyech out and put Havertz in, mainly because Ziyech could be carrying a slight injury and also because Havertz could potentially get off to a better start. Based on last season’s stats – he scored more goals than Ziyech so could be a greater goal threat. Based on not seeing either in the Premier League, we could toss a coin between them to be honest so I’m opting for the player who was most expensive for Chelsea to purchase who doesn’t have an injury hanging over them.

MID3: Alli (Spurs) – 3m 
Same reasons as below

MID4: Barnes (Leicester) – 2m  
Same reasons as below

ST1: Salah (Liverpool) – 6.5m 
Same reasons as below

ST2: Kane (Spurs) – 6.5m 
Same reasons as below

ST3: Aubameyang (Arsenal) – 6.5m
Same reasons as below

I’m now much happier with this team. It gives us flexibility and time to evaluate if some of the riskier options play well in game week 1 – Vinagre, Werner, etc. My biggest question mark at this stage is against Barnes. The rest of the team, I’m fairly sure I’ll start with. I could easily upgrade Barnes to any other player I want for game week 1 so I’ll make a decision on that over the next few days. I could even bring in Robertson just for the Leeds fixture. 

I also have a route to a stronger team which is set up for the longer team.

Potential game week 2 transfers could be:

Tierney out, Shaw in
Barnes out, Fernandes in

I could be tempted to leave out Man City players for the Wolves fixture, as we won’t be able to see who starts this game due to their kick off time. I could then use a couple of transfers after game week 2 to create this team:

Willian out, De Bruyne in
Aubameyang out, Werner in

That would leave me with 1m in the bank and an incredibly strong and more importantly flexible team. I’d also still have a transfer in the bank. Obviously, a huge amount could go wrong and this plan could go out the window very quickly but at the moment I’d say it’s a fairly solid starting point.

Third Draft: Team Selection 2020/2021

I’ve been working on a third draft this week and have made a couple of changes. Here’s the changes and the reasons behind them:

GK: Alisson (Liverpool) – 3.5m
Same reasons as below

DEF1: Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) – 5m
Same reasons as below

DEF2: B. Davies (Spurs) – 2m
Same reasons as below

DEF3: Vinagre (Wolves) – 1.5m
Same reasons as below

MID1: Ziyech (Chelsea) – 3.5m
Points last season: n/a
Points per 1m spent: n/a
Points projection based on new value: 175 points
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: n/a
I’ve gone Ziyech for Chelsea’s opening fixture. Although I’m keeping an eye on his availability due to him picking up an injury in one of their friendlies. He’s likely to come out for Fernandes or De Bruyne after game week 1.

MID2: Alli (Spurs) – 3m 
Points last season: 103
Points per 1m spent: 34
Points projection based on new value: 150 points
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: -47 points
I’ve switched back to Alli due to Spurs having good opening fixtures. After I pondered this, I felt like having Pepe and Willian was a bit of a risk. However, if they both start first game of the season I may switch back to this approach. As we will have the opportunity to see their line up before confirming our team.

MID3: Barnes (Leicester) – 2m  
Points last season: 96
Points per 1m spent: 48
Points projection based on new value: 100 points
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: -4 points
I’ve moved away from Traore as he may miss the start of the season due to Covid (although I’m now hearing he might be available so watch this space). I’ve got plenty in the bank so I could potentially have anyone I want and it might only be for one week. Barnes does stand out given that he nearly hit 100 points last season but there are question marks next to his game time. What I like is that he pretty much matched Tielemans for points last season with 1,000 less minutes – which suggests he’s got the scoring capability. 

MID4: Willian (Arsenal) – 3.5m 
Same reasons as below

ST1: Salah (Liverpool) – 6.5m 
Same reasons as below

ST2: Kane (Spurs) – 6.5m 
Same reasons as below

ST3: Aubameyang (Arsenal) – 6.5m
Same reasons as below

I would note that we are nearly a week away from kick off but I’m far from settled on this team. I’ve got big question marks next to Vinagre, Barnes and to a certain extent Davies. I think I only started last season with one cheap player and I had a clear plan to take him out. Having three players who are valued at 2m or less fills me with dread. I’d have enough in the bank to swap Barnes for De Bruyne in game week 2 but my biggest concern is Vinagre. The only way I can see to move him on (if I need to) is to downgrade a striker. This is certainly going to be possible with a decent amount of transfers and it might be inevitable. It will probably be Aubameyang that comes out after game week 2 but I’d imagine everything will change once we’ve had a couple of rounds of fixtures played.

I’m very keen to get off to the best start possible and I’ve left enough in the bank to bring in De Bruyne and Fernandes whenever I want them for any of my midfielders. I’ve also got enough in the bank to start with any midfielder that I want – so if anyone has any ideas about who might have a better game week 1 than those that I’ve chosen, feel free to drop some names in the comments.

Second Draft: Team Selection 2020/2021

I must admit I’m struggling to get a team I’m happy with this season. However, I’ve made some changes to my initial team. Feedback suggested that it was a major problem to not have a plan for bringing De Bruyne in and I tend to agree now that I’ve had another think about it.

Here’s the changes and the reasons behind them:

GK: Alisson (Liverpool) – 3.5m
Same reasons as below

DEF1: Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) – 5m
Same reasons as below

DEF2: B. Davies (Spurs) – 2m
Same reasons as below

DEF3: Vinagre (Wolves) – 1.5m
Same reasons as below

DEF4: Chilwell (Chelsea) – 3m
Points last season: 110
Points per 1m spent: 36
Points projection based on new value: 150 points
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: -40 points
Appreciate that Chilwell is currently injured but if he’s fit, I like Chelsea’s opening fixture. He’s also got high ownership. If it’s not Chilwell there are some very good options at the 3m price point or cheaper – Azpilicueta, Shaw, Gomez and Tierney so this could easily be any one of those. 

MID1: Pepe (Arsenal) – 3m (Swap for De Bruyne) 
Points last season: 149
Points per 1m spent: 50
Points projection based on new value: 150 points
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: -1 points
Can’t say I’m hugely keen on doubling up with Pepe and Willian but I really like Arsenal’s opening two fixtures. If we are looking for players who may rise in value, these two certainly have a chance. If it doesn’t go well he can be swapped for De Bruyne and he’s only in the team for a week. I think he’s a better prospect than Alli.

MID2: Traore (Wolves) – 4m  (Swap for Fernandes) 
Same reasons as below

MID3: Willian (Arsenal) – 3.5m 
Same reasons as below

ST1: Salah (Liverpool) – 6.5m 
Same reasons as below

ST2: Kane (Spurs) – 6.5m 
Same reasons as below

ST3: Aubameyang (Arsenal) – 6.5m
Same reasons as below

As I say, I’m still not happy with this team and see too many potential problems. I’m partly thinking that I should just bite the bullet and jump on the Werner bandwagon – it would free up some good funds and surely he’s a bargain at 4m. Not that it really matters but Chelsea do have a habit of bringing good strikers to the Premier League for them to then flop. 

The other position I’m debating is the goalkeeper. I’ve always gone for the cheap option but I can’t help but be drawn to Alisson. If I want a keeper from a top club he’s the only choice really. There is the option to drop down and McCarthy was put forward by RR as a decent cheaper option. But I just don’t trust a team like Southampton to consistently do well enough for him to reach 100 points.

I’ve also got my doubts about Vinagre and Davies. At the moment they are going to be hard to replace given their values. I like a solid plan based on clear logic but I’m not sure I’ve found a solution yet. 

I’m sure I’ll modify this team – at the moment it’s based on those initial fixtures with the view of bringing in Man City and Man Utd players for game week 2. I think building team value is going to be important this season as well.

Either way, I’d be interested in your views in the comments below as it’s vital to get off to a good start.

First Draft: Team Selection 2020/2021

With the player values now available I’ve been thinking about a possible starting line up for the opening month of the new season. Here’s where I’ve got to with my thinking so far.

For me it’s obviously going to be impossible to accommodate all of the big names – TAA, Van Dijk, De Bruyne, Mane, Sterling, Aguero, Salah and Kane. As a result, I think it’s more important than ever to squeeze as much out the players available as possible. I’m going to use a formula that I came up with last season to judge the potential of players. It’s a really simple idea, based on a budget of 50m and an aim to finish with around 2,500 points – I’ve decided to aim for around 50 points per million spent. 

This works out at: 

1m – 50 points 
1.5m – 75 points 
2m – 100 points 
2.5m – 125 points 
3m – 150 points 
3.5m – 175 points 
4m – 200 points 
4.5m – 225 points 
5m – 250 points 
5.5m – 275 points 
6m – 300 points 
6.5m – 325 points 
7m – 350 points 
7.5m – 375 points

It goes without saying that this shouldn’t be the only factor that we consider. I can’t see Sterling reaching 375 points for example but at the same time we can’t leave him out just because of this. We need the big scorers in the team even if they won’t reach their point project. The art in it is finding cheaper players who will make room for the big guns.

I’m also considering the usual factors that have been important across previous season’s – points scored last season and upcoming fixtures. I’ll also consider if a player has gone up or down in value compared to where they finished last season and points per million spent. 

This year there are three huge complications for picking a starting 11. We now have 5 transfers for the month, prices are going to rise and fall by up to 0.3m per week and the two Manchester clubs don’t play in game week 1.

That’s a lot to consider, and if you throw Mane and Sterling now being strikers into the mix it gets even more complicated. My view at this point in time is that we don’t start with any players from the Manchester clubs. I want to get off to a good start and there’s five transfers available for a short month so I can’t see the value in playing it too safe. This could create a bigger problem, for example if we pick someone like Dele Alli with the eye on swapping him in game week 2 for Bruno Fernandes. What if Alli grabbed a brace in game week 1 which should see him rise in value for a couple of weeks? We could then be tempted to stick with him and he could potentially blank in game week 2 and 3, while Bruno could score big. I think it’s a situation we will have to just run with for the time being and see what happens but there is a lot to consider.

If it helps, I’m using two spreadsheets to help my decision making:

Tracking early fixtures –
Player stats from last season (including these season’s values) –

Both are manually collated, so be aware there could be mistakes in them.

Here’s where I’ve got to so far in terms of picking that starting 11. It’s worth keeping in mind that I’ve picked this team with one eye on bringing in City and Utd players as soon as required.

GK: Alisson (Liverpool) – 3.5m
Points last season: 89
Points per 1m spent: 25
Points projection based on new value: 175
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: -86 points
I can’t believe how cheap Alisson is. He didn’t score well last season but he had a fairly lengthy injury. It was not on my radar to pick a premium goalkeeper until I saw his price. I was considering the likes of Patricio/Schmeichel/De Gea/Lloris expecting them to be cheap. The later three are 3m each – only 0.5m cheaper than Alisson. This kind of forces my hand. We know Alisson scored over 200 points during the 18/19 season so I believe he’s got a change of reaching his points projection of 175 points. I can’t see many other keepers doing this. I may have to rethink this if I need to free up funds, but at the moment it feels like a no brainer. It’s also a good example of when to ignore the stats from a previous season and just use your own logic.

DEF1: Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) – 5m
Points last season: 210
Points per 1m spent: 42
Points projection based on new value: 250
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: -40 points
I expect TAA to be at least 5m so no real surprises that he came in at this value – although he could have easily been more expensive. I think it’s an OK price although he has gone up slightly from where he finished last season. I think it would be a big ask for him to reach 250 points, however I think he should break the 200 points mark – which I’d be happy with. Early days but his ownership is currently very high making him a big risk to exclude.

DEF2: Robertson (Liverpool) – 4.5m
Points last season: 170
Points per 1m spent: 38
Points projection based on new value: 225
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: -55 points
Robertson starts at the same value that he did last season, which is 0.6m higher than he finished the season. By his standards he didn’t have a great season last time around as he failed to reach the 200 points mark by 30 points. We know he’s got the potential to exceed this though with over 200 points on the board in the 18/19 campaign. He’s been over 225 points in the past and I think he’s got a chance of doing this again.

DEF3: Vinagre (Wolves) – 1.5m
Points last season: 25
Points per 1m spent: 17
Points projection based on new value: 75
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: -50 points
Vinagre is obviously a cheap enabler. I believe he’s currently covering for Jonny who has a long term injury. If he’s a certain starter for Wolves at 1.5m then I’m more than happy for him to start in my team. We can’t really use last season’s stats to compare him to anything as he played very little but Jonny picked up over 100 points. Wolves have some very nice fixtures during September and October as well.

DEF4: B. Davies (Spurs) – 2m (might be Shaw/Ake/Mount shortly after)
Points last season: 43
Points per 1m spent: 22
Points projection based on new value: 100
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: -57 points
If Davies can hold down the left back position at Spurs he could be a decent starting choice for the season. Spurs have got good fixtures and a potential Europa League playoff fixture. He didn’t score well last season but at 2m I think he’s worth a risk. I’ll have money in the bank to switch to someone like Shaw, Ake or Mount if this gamble doesn’t pay off.

MID1: Alli (Spurs) – 3m (might be Bruno Fernandes shortly after)
Points last season: 103
Points per 1m spent: 34
Points projection based on new value: 150
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: -47 points
Bruno Fernandes is my first choice for this position but obviously he isn’t playing in game week 1. I wanted a Spurs player as they’ve got a good start in terms of fixtures and could have Europa League qualification playoff fixtures to play during the month. I don’t really trust any Spurs players to do well consistently over the season and I may switch Alli to Moura. Either way I can’t see either being in the team very long so we don’t need to worry about their points projection.

MID2: Traore (Wolves) – 4m 
Points last season: 202
Points per 1m spent: 51
Points projection based on new value: 200
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: +2 points
What a season Traore had considering he started at 1.5m. If he can stay fit (shoulder injury) then I could see him doing well again. He was one of the very few players who managed to beat their point projection based on their score from last season. He appeared to be a star man magnet, even from the bench. Wolves have very good fixtures early doors.

MID3: Willian (Arsenal) – 3.5m 
Points last season: 185
Points per 1m spent: 53
Points projection based on new value: 175
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: +10 points
Willian is another that jumps out based on his points projection and points scored last season. He’s consistently scored well over the past 4 seasons and I like Arsenal’s opening two fixtures. He’s a good price point as well as he could easily be swapped for someone like Foden, Ziyech, Pepe, Mount or B. Silva. 

ST1: Salah (Liverpool) – 6.5m 
Points last season: 251
Points per 1m spent: 39
Points projection based on new value: 325
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: -74 points
Salah is a little underpriced for me compared to De Bruyne and Sterling. We know Salah is capable of being one of the highest scoring players in the game and I like his first fixture against Leeds. I can’t see him reaching his point projection target but that goes for most of the big point scorers. It’s also interesting to see Mane classified as a striker. I can’t see the value of him at 6.5m in direct comparison to Salah – as Salah has outscored Mane in the past three seasons. The only possible case I can see for having Mane is alongside Salah but then who do we leave out?

ST2: Kane (Spurs) – 6.5m 
Points last season: 220
Points per 1m spent: 34
Points projection based on new value: 325
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: -105 points
We’ve already identified Spurs as having a decent start in terms of fixtures and there’s potentially additional Europa League qualifying games. Granted Kane might not play but if he hits the ground running in the Premier League he could be a wise choice. I believe he’s currently in quarantine, which means he will miss a good chunk of preseason, which is far from ideal. I’ll see how it goes but he’s certainly on my radar at the moment. His points were also disproportionately low for last season as he missed a lot of games due to injury, which resulted in a heavy -105 points total under his projection.

ST3: Aubameyang (Arsenal) – 6.5m (might be Sterling shortly after)
Points last season: 230
Points per 1m spent: 35
Points projection based on new value: 325
Difference between points projection and points scored last season: -95 points
I’ve only really picked Aubameyang because I like Arsenal’s two opening fixtures. Although he did very well for me towards the end of last season, his form can be a little patchy. What’s interesting is that he scored only 10 points more than Kane despite playing around 700 minutes more last season. 

So this is currently my first draft. With the plan of bringing in Bruno Fernandes, Sterling and a 2.5m option in game week 2. I think it’s a fairly solid starting 11 with some sound logic applied to the players selected. I would say that it’s not really backed up by previous stats which always worries me – most of the players got no where near their point projection but I feel like most of them have a chance of doing better this season. My biggest concern is that this team simply can not accommodate De Bruyne as well – which could well be a huge error. I’m sure this won’t be the team I settle on to start the season but at the moment I just can’t see a way of getting De Bruyne and Sterling in the same team. I’d be interested to hear how others are getting on with their initial team selection in the comments below.

Some initial thoughts on Team Selection for 2019/2020

I wanted to get this thread started despite the game not being officially out yet. We’ve seen some early prices revealed and fixtures were also announced today so thought it would be useful to get the discussion flowing with regards to team selection.

This post had over 800 comments last season, we’ve got a shorter window this time but it would be great to beat that number.

I’ve not had a detailed look at fixtures but I’ve already noted that Man City and Man Utd won’t feature in game week 1 which is really frustrating but hopefully we can use this to our advantage. There is also going to be a bigger increase or decrease in player values weekly with a possible 0.3m in each direction. There are also going to be 5 transfers per month. I personally don’t mind this change. I prefer to keep on top of transfers to create an advantage – and never felt like 3 was enough to rotate players effectively. As a result, I typically always saved my transfers in case of injuries and often had some left over. 5 transfers should allow me to take more calculated risks.

I must admit I’ve stayed clear of any player prices other than those that have been officially released. Of those that I’ve seen, I’ve made two early observations:

Mane and Salah are both 6.5m and both strikers. Salah has outscored Mane in the past three seasons so logically I can’t see Mane making me team this season unless I had both players. They are currently on a completely level playing field other than potential points they could score and as the numbers suggest – Salah always scores more points. Obviously these records are made to be broken but we can only go on what we’ve previously seen.

Of the early bargains, Willian stands out. There is a shortage in midfield with Mane and Sterling now classified as strikers. Willian has consistently picked up over 150 points in the past three seasons. For 3.5m this could make him a bargain if he gets lots of game time at Arsenal.

That’s about as far as I’ve got so far but if the game is out tomorrow, I’m almost certain to have a first draft team done within the next couple of days. 

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1,086 thoughts on “Team Selection 2020/2021

  1. Just to get in early… Good luck everyone! Can’t wait to help each other out throughout the season!

    1. Looking forward to it Brad. Hopefully the game will be out tomorrow so we can start planning.

  2. I think the Salah argument is a sound one, although if/when Liverpool come across a tricky run of fixtures it might well be worth switching to Mane, as Salah can often underperform against the big 6 historically.

    With regards to Willian, you can’t argue with his returns season on season and for that price could be worth it. The thing that works against him from the outset however are Arsenal’s PL fixtures. Of the opening 7 fixtures, included are:

    man city
    man utd

    Are you planning on starting without any City/United assets for GW 1 Paul? I wouldn’t have considered it with 3 transfers but with 5 it is tempting…

    1. I’ll certainly be making better use of my transfers. It’s hard not to be tempted to work the fixtures given it’s a shorter month and we got 5 transfers to use. Always keen to get off to a good start. Spurs look like they’ve got a couple of decent fixtures to start and the potential Europa League playoff round.

      1. I’ve gone…
        For opening day sound any good dtt?

        1. Looks good to me – who’s your keeper though? And keep an eye on Chilwell as he could be injured.

        2. Allison in goal mate yes aware on Chilwell. Might go. Mount if Chilwell doesn’t start Ive just gone this route as hoping Werners stock will rise and I can bring salah in without too much sacrifice. De bruyne and fernandez will def be in week two for pepe and troare

          1. It is hard to see Werner doing anything other than rising but I’m going to give him a couple of games first.

  3. Yeah, early days, this is where I’m at, can’t see beyond the Liverpool block of Robbo, TAA, & Allison, if 442, then perhaps add Tierney with Vinagre, will Ake play alongside Laporte, keep an eye on the possible acquisition of Koulibaly, mid price midfielders, William could be longterm selection, with it being a shorter starting month, other midfielders just for 1 week only could be Ziyech, Traore, Maddison, which in game week 2, could be changed to Foden, De-bruyne, & Fernández, upfront so many to choose from, Salah & Kane, last position up for grabs.
    Mane- Salah gets the nod, probably.
    Stirling–that’s a big starting price, risky leaving him out
    Werner- at that price brave man not to put him in, hugely impressive stats for goals & assists,
    Agguero, coming back from injury, if he hits top form a pts machine, week 2 consideration
    Ings- can he replicate last seasons exploits
    Vardy- will this be the season his legs go, has he still got it.
    Aubamayang–he’s the main man, decent opening fixtures, Arteta starting to kick this team into shape, possible team to keep an eye on, this season,
    Man-utd front 3, week 2 onwards, best of luck picking 3 out of that lot.

    1. Always great to get your early thoughts David. 👌🏼

      It’s very difficult to look beyond that Liverpool block 3 isn’t it. They’ve been underpriced imo and I’d put my mortgage on them being valued more than that by the end of the season (as long as they can all pretty much stay fit). Hard to make a case for Ederson or Laporte at the price they are compared to the Liverpool boys. If Koulibaly came in at £3.5m though I’d be tempted. The full-backs will no doubt have the usual Pep roulette situation.

      Of the “other” midfielders I really like Pulisic if he’s going to be fit. Took him a while to settle in but crikey he looks some player now. Could make a mockery of that £4.5m price tag.

      1. This is my downfall of not watching enough football. With Pulisic I just saw a slow start in terms of points coming through. You think he will do some serious damage this season if fit?

        1. I will avoid Pulisic myself, very injury prone but if you got 5 transfer a month no harm in wasting some.

        2. With Mane and Sterling moving to Forwards, Pulisic is one of of not the highest PPG last season beyond KDB and Fernandes.

          Looks likes he’s missing start of the season, but if he’s fit then I’ll be looking to get him in the team

    2. Those three striker positions are going to be the tough part for me. I’m half tempted to just use my transfers to rotate around these positions all seasons – getting the big names in for the right games.

  4. Arsenal opening fixtures, perhaps not as great, but Aubamayang on new contract, & on the crest of a wave atm.

    1. They’ve got a good first two weeks if we wanted to move their players on after that.

  5. Yeah, good shout on Pulisic Chris, don’t think he’ll be fit for start of season, but when he is, big expectation for him to match or even better what Hazard achieved at Chelsea, he has the skill set though, bit skeptical on injuries he picks up, could be part of a midfield 3, that you pick & stick with, Fernández, De bruyne, Pulisic, with Willian or Foden being the other member of a 4 man midfield.

  6. I’m also wondering if Ben Davies (£2m) could be a decent shout to gain some early season value too. Rose seems to be leaving I’ve heard leaving Sessignon as his only real competition?

    Max Aarons looks set to join as well so it may well be worth keeping an eye out for his price as I hear Aurier is leaving too.

    1. You’ve certainly put Ben Davies on the radar for me, especially given Spur’s opening fixtures.

  7. How is everyone approaching the start of the season?
    I can’t decide if I’m going to leave out players from the Manchester clubs and then bring them in for game week 2. The problem is – if the players we take out perform well they are likely to go up in value.
    We could just start with the strongest team we can build but this could put us behind after game week 1.

    1. I think I’m going start without United and City assets for GW1 and then just reassess then before GW2. I’m wondering if a flexible approach is worth considering?

      For example, If one midfielder blanks GW1, out he comes for Bruno GW2. If two blank, the other comes out for KDB. The difficulty arises if your initial selections score well and look to be rising in price. I think I could be prepared to leave out KDB maybe (temporarily) for those first two City fixtures to gain some early value should those initial picks perform.

      It sounds risky and I’ve not thought it through properly yet but it wondering if it could be a worthwhile calculated gamble.

      1. I was thinking about doing the same but had the same problem. What if those players start well and then you want to hold onto them for a rise in value. It would be typical for a cheapie to score well in the first game week and then we stick with him and someone like Bruno grabs a brace in game week 2 but we don’t bring him in because of the other players first performance. Such a pain that the Manchester clubs aren’t playing game week 1.

    2. I’ll be leaving the Manchester players out for the first week, and look (hope) for opportunity to build/not lose value.

      With 5 transfers and a short game month, I think it would be a waste to have them in from the start.

  8. All valid picks in your team DTT. What I would say is that Arsenal’s fixtures get tough after the first couple of games. Werner has high ownership, as does de Bruyne and you could fall behind very quickly if they both hit. Granted that could go for anyone you don’t pick but they are two of the top 5 most selected in the game currently, I know you take that into account. Having said that I don’t currently own Werner either

    1. Yeah I’d be moving Aubameyang on very quickly. Willian – I’m not sure. He could be a very underpriced player for the season. I am worried about the lack of De Bruyne and I’m sure I’ll end up doing something about this before the season starts. The only players that I can see that I can downgrade to accommodate him are Alisson, Robertson or a premium striker. Which I’m struggling with to be honest.

      1. If its only one of KDB or Sterling then I would go KDB. There is a blessing of forwards to choose from, Aguero, Kane, Salah, Mane, Aubamayang, Martial, Vardy all of who I don’t see being that far away from Sterling whereas I see Fernandes and KDB to go well clear of rest of the midfielders.

        1. It’s a good point Ricky. I’m starting to sway back towards KDB now and it seems like everyone thinks it would be a mistake to leave him out.

  9. How come you’ve gone with 4-3-3?
    On another post you said previous winners all have a 3-4-3 set up.
    You looking at changing after wk 1?

    1. Purely because I had 2.5m left for a defender or midfielder and likes the sounds of B. Davies for 2m. I then like the look of Shaw or Ake for 2.5m but this could equally be Mount of Moura. I do a series of drafts before the season starts so this is almost certainly not the team I will start with.

      1. Do you foresee Moura getting that much game time Paul? I think it might be limited somewhat as I think he’ll be behind Bergwijn, Son, Alli in the pecking order and there’s also Lo Celso and Lamela who are attack-minded midfielders. I think he may only be a bit part player for Spurs this season.

        1. I’d agree with you on that one Chris – I can’t see him getting the game time which is why I opted for Alli. I’m now questioning if it’s worth having three Spurs players. Ironically, they may end up playing less point scoring games in September as one of the Europa League qualifiers (which doesn’t count) interferes with the EFL Cup.

    2. 100% that will be why, Dan. Just a funny start due to Manchester teams not playing so spurs and arsenal come in for GW1.

  10. not a lot being talked about Son or Hojbjerg
    son for me is not that far behind kane but is cheaper.
    Hojbjerg looks a good buy.
    I no yesterdays game was only a friendly but he apparently
    played well.

    1. After lockdown son looked like he was playing tucked against the wing compared to his usual cut in style.

    2. I think he scored twice didn’t he? Its a good point. He’s not a player I’ve ever owned but when others have he’s done some damage

      1. I am a big fan of Son, 20 goals a season with plenty of assists. Mourinho is a big fan as calls him ‘Sonaldo’. A dangerous player who could feature heavily in the cup and Europa league games allowing Kane to be rested for league games.

        1. It’s a tough one considering how many options there are in those striker positions.

    3. I’m not sure Højbjerg is a good fit from a Fantasy Football perspective. He’s more of a defensive midfielder so unlikely to score that many DT points I’d imagine. However, his arrival at Spurs does improve the desirability of the Spurs defensive assets though.

  11. Great post again.Plenty of food for thought.Perhaps week 2 you could swap a striker to Greenwood who you’d think would get his points per million and then swap Alli to Dr Bruyne.I’d be mighty scared not having the probable season too scorer not in my team

    1. Yeah it’s a big concern for me as well but then if we have Sterling, we could take out Kane or Salah who may well out score De Bruyne

  12. Just to let you all know, the europa league only counts from the group stages so these Spurs players are much less relevant

      1. Play off round of the europa league matches do count. It states in the rules:

        Qualifying matches of the Champions League and the Europa League (excluding play-off rounds) do not count as Eligible matches.

        1. That is going to be one extra game for Spurs if they get to that playoff. I think they need to win two games to get there.

          1. It’s a one legged affair decided at the start of October but spurs need to win two qualifying games before to get play off game (as far I know these are not counted),

            1. I’ve just had a dig around online. It could become very complicated and they might even end up losing out on a fixture in September so I may have to rethink. The Carabao Cup falls within the same week they are playing in one of the earlier qualifying rounds – which doesn’t score points but the Carabao does. Not sure how they will tackle it but if they end up putting the kids out in the Carabao Cup then it could be a fixture missed.

  13. Wolves had qualifying rounds last season, not all counted, need clarification though, I would think only games from the 12th September onwards would count.

    1. That’s what I thought and only the playoff round. Not sure why they wouldn’t count if spurs got that far this season.

  14. Here’s, my first draft for the season,
    Traore probably one game
    Ziyech/Maddison/Zaha, one game only
    Depending on performances on 1st day of season, the midfielders with possibly only 1 game, will need to come out as pending transfers on Thursday the 17th, allowing me to put in De bruyne & Fernández for game week 2, bang on 50 million.

    1. Very similar to the team I’m looking at David, although Zaha doesn’t really appeal to me at the moment. I have a feeling Palace might struggle this season.

  15. I’m finding it fairly easy but just need to decide if I start with Manchester players or not. This is one team I’ve come up with but may change the Manchester players and then bring them in for GW2:-

    De Bruyne

    1. Looks good – the only worry I’d have is no Salah. I guess Greenwood is your enabler which is why Salah is missing.

      1. Greenwood is gonna be anything but an enabler. He’s incredible value and will easily surpass the 200 point mark. I think Sterling will outscore Salah which is why I left him out.

        1. I think Sterling will possibly outscore Salah, I’m just not sure he’ll outscore him by an extra £1m worth if you get my meaning.

        2. Do you think he will reach the 200 point mark? I guess it will all come down to game time, shame we can’t have 5 strikers.

    2. Looks good EC but having 5 United/City assets in there means blowing all 5 transfers GW2 should you decide to start without. Tough decision that…

    1. My main concern with any new player is the time they take to settle. It took Pulisic a while last season but you’re right. He does look a bargain

      1. I think it is good idea to go with established premier league players like Willian and to see how new players like Ziyech and Werner if the stats look they are relatively cheap and can be easily transferred in with the 5 transfer rule.

        1. Do you think any consideration should be given to a player moving from one prem team to another as in Willian? Ido currently have him in my team I’m just interested if you feel it will have any effect

          1. Willian is massively on my radar given his value and previous point scoring performances over the years.

        2. I’d agree with that. I’m certainly going to give them both time and see how they start.

  16. Is everyone pretty much going for Alisson? It’s difficult to make a case for anyone else at the moment

    1. I’m on Alison is every draft so far, as you say it’s difficult to argue against at that price and unless he gets injured it’s a set and forget

      1. I just can’t see a better option. Who do we think will be Chelsea’s number one keeper?

  17. I been looking around for a cheap goalkeeper but no luck yet. Had Fabianski as first choice before the fixtures were announced.

    1. patricio is the only stand out GK and martinez if he starts for arsenal big if though

        1. Exactly my thoughts Paul. I was pretty certain I’d be going for a cheapie this season but that £3.5m price tag is just too good to overlook. There probably is still some value in some of those cheaper keepers but I like the idea of a set and forget with Alisson now.

          1. It’s too tempting for me. I wanted a cheapie as well but comparing anyone to Alisson at that price doesn’t make them look very appealing.

    2. I think Mccarthy could be worth a go from the start, Southampton were one of the form teams after lock down and have a decent run of fixtures

      1. Risky one with no European football but saying that neither did Pope last season and he came out on top.

      1. I think they will recruit personally. Oblak of Athletico is the latest target by all accounts. Either him or Mendy of Rennes.

        1. Ah didn’t think of the recruitment side of things – how good would it have been if Caballero was first choice at 1m 😂

    1. I’m just sticking with the website for the time being but heard others are having trouble with the app.

  18. My first draft…


    Leaves me £3.5 ITB which is exactly enough to swap Pulisic & Traore for KDB & Fernandes

      1. Currently yes but do plan to use my 5 transfers to rotate the big guns up top throughout the season based on fixtures & form.

        1. It’s the bit that’s bothering me the most at the moment – getting in De Bruyne and Sterling. Tempted to do similar and just rotate strikers

          1. Personally I think you need both Sterling and KDB in the team given that their ownership will be so high and I think it is uncomfortable when City score a hatful of goals if have none or one.

            1. You’ve just answered my question from a previous comment. It’s hard to disagree to be honest but struggling to get a balanced team with both of them.

    1. Nice team Brad, although I would leave yourself some flexibility with those midfield changes when you bring in KDB & Bruno. Maybe Pulisic and Traore get off to a flier and Alli and Willian don’t? At which point you mig hit want to reconsider who you sacrifice.

  19. I’m surprised I haven’t seen a single draft yet with Vardy in the starting XI.

    First 5 PL fixtures:

    4 out of those 5 are about as nice as they get. Are we overlooking JV for the start of the season? £5m seems a pretty fair price. 🤔

    1. I noted the fixtures but he’s never been on my radar. I don’t know what it is but he’s just one of those players who is always 5-6 down my list of strikers that I’d want so I never end up owning him. Despite the fixtures, this season I’d probably prefer to have any of Sterling, Kane, Salah, Aguero, Mane, Jesus, Aubameyang, Martial or Rashford before I’d even consider Vardy.

  20. Allison A.An Robo with any cheaper player.
    after the first game. must have De Bruyne Fernandes with any to reasonable players.
    Kane Salah with anyone of 3 or 4 forwards depending on funds left.

    the way I see it De bruyne and Fernandes are the only 2 must have midfielders
    to fit in Sterling is a no no to dear and there are other forwards that can score well.

    1. Interesting… it appears that the opinion is the De Bruyne is a must over Sterling so maybe I’ve got that wrong in my thinking. Might have to go back to the drawing board. It’s useful to know though because I wasn’t sure myself.

      1. to be honest Paul they are both the same price so its
        who you think is the most likely player that benefits your team
        picking De bruyne over sterling, looking at the midfielders
        he stands out like a sore thumb now that they have took out
        sterling and mane.
        the forward line has a lot more potential to pick from.

        1. Yeah it’s a decent point. I’m thinking more along the same lines myself now.

      2. For me it purely comes down to options in their position. You can get players that will hopefully get near to Sterling’s points (or at least match his ppm) where as when it comes to de Bruyne it’s a struggle to see anyone matching him (other than Fernandes)

        1. Yeah I’m coming around to that way of thinking as well now. It’s a good point that I hadn’t considered.

          1. I see Sterling as one of those players whose value will probably go up and up similar to his improving goal record.

            1. Most of the top players couldn’t sustain their price increase at over 6m so I can’t see how a player will maintain their price at 7.5m, especially when the price drops are three times the size of last season

              1. I think last time there was 0.3 changes, the likes of Salah, Kane and Aguero reached near 10m at the end.

                1. Thinking about it (if price changes are based on recent performances rather past) District, you might right.

                  1. It’s a difficult one to call. They must have made it harder for price rises to be sustained since it was last 0.3 price changes as your right there were some massive prices, tho it was the season Salah was scoring every week and started as a 4m mid

                    1. Going through my 2017-18 archives, the price changes were crazy at that time: I had the likes of Valencia and Kolasinac in my team at 6.1 and 5.4m respectively (brought in Valencia at 4.0 and Kolasinac at 4.1). The in form players were out of most people’s price range and so quickly gave up. This resulted in the sun changing it to small 0.1 changes which suited most as top players were still affordable for all season. Surprised the Sun brought the big change back although Fantasy Coach might be used for this reason.

                    2. I remember that season well as I had a disaster. I’m not sure the drastic changes suit my cautious style of play.

                    1. Up to you really, i think as it always is with dream team timing is everything. You just have to hope the ones you pick at the start go up and the ones you don’t go down and then hope to make good decisions throughout the season

                    2. That’s when you decide whether you want to chase value or points. Very difficult to get both. You don’t get any prizes for having the richest team so points on board matter.

                    3. It’s points for me all day long but value for those players who need to fill the gaps.

                    4. I think 03 will spoil the game last time it happened
                      most of us where out of the game very quickly
                      what they should have done is make 01 to 03
                      depending on player performance thus making it
                      a lot less severe.

                      03 does not seem a lot but you can be out
                      of the game very quickly the fun then goes.

  21. Interesting to see you have gone 4-3-3 rather than 3-4-3, what was the reasoning there out of interest? Also, I didn’t think the qualifying rounds in Europe counted last season? Maybe worth checking I guess when the final Ts&Cs are released? Did we also get confirmation if transfers are available in September – there was talk that this was currently mentioned.

    I may have missed this above but there were a LOT of posts so I skim read some of them!

    1. Confirmed under Game Guidelines.

      5.7.8 Transfer Calendar

      The monthly Transfer Periods are as follows:

      Transfer Period Transfers Credited Transfers Expire

      Pre Scoring (Unl.) Unlimited Start of first PL game

      Sep-20 5 Start of first PL game 02/10/2020 06:59

      Oct-20 5 02/10/2020 07:00 06/11/2020 06:59

      Nov-20 5 06/11/2020 07:00 04/12/2020 06:59

      Dec-20 5 04/12/2020 07:00 01/01/2021 06:59

      Jan-20 5 01/01/2021 07:00 05/02/2021 06:59

      Feb-20 5 05/02/2021 07:00 05/03/2021 06:59

      Mar-20 5 05/03/2021 07:00 02/04/2021 06:59

      Apr-20 5 02/04/2021 07:00 07/05/2021 06:59

      May-20 5 07/05/2021 07:00 29/05/2021 20:00

    2. I went 4-3-3 as I could see some bargain at the 2.5m price point – Shaw/Ake/Davies/Vinagre but not sure I see many in midfield who stand out as a bargain at this price. Only the playoff game in the Europa League counts which is 1 fixture in early October so I’m now rethinking how many Spurs players I have. We definitely get 5 transfers in September though.

  22. Forgive me if I have missed something but will you be running a mini league again this season

    1. Yeah I saw last seasons in now named “NOT IN USE“.

      I guess you’ll be starting a fresh one Paul?

      I don’t understand why they can just give us the facility to be able to delete a ML you no longer want. Surely it’s not rocket science.

      1. Ahh yes – I’d delete all those old leagues if I could but we don’t get the option. I’d leave that one and I’ll circulate a new PIN shortly.

  23. Ok here’s where I’m at for my first draft of my main ML team:


    £5.5m ITB

    Bruno to come in GW2 for Ziyech most probably.

    Will look at bringing in City assets GW3 I think. Wolves did the double over City last season so I’m going to gamble without City cover for GW2 as I think it could be a tricky game for them (although I’d still expect them to possibly win).

    Werner does feel like a gamble, but the way Chelsea play going forwards, I’m confident he will get plenty of chances and his record for RB speaks for itself. With Ziyech and Pulisic either side of him I honestly think he could make a mockery of that £4m price tag.

    This team is probably going to chance about 59 times from now until the start of the season but it feels good to make a start.

    1. Looks good Chris. With regards to Werner, he’s got a great record but agree he’s a bit of a risk. Do you know if he plays through the middle or is he the type who might be shoved out wide?

      1. He’ll play through the middle no question. It’s the players around him and the way Chelsea play (very attack-minded) that makes him all the more appealing to me.

        Ziyech is a highly creative player who should provide plenty of assists (21 in all competitions last season) and can also chip in with the odd goal.

        We saw at the back end of last season what Pulisic is capable of (he’ll should play on the opposite side to Ziyech).

        With those two either side of him I can see Werner doing well. What could possibly go wrong? 🤪

        1. It’s a fairly compelling case Chris especially given his value. Can’t be have 5 strikers? 😂
          If he does well, he’s a big enabler as well for other positions. I’m tempted to start again with my team to be honest. I think the idea of Spurs having extra fixtures is a bluff this season.
          RR drew my attention to it to look into it further. Here’s how it breaks down:
          EFL Cup is being played midweek, Spurs play a Europa League qualifier in midweek as well (this one doesn’t score points). So, in theory they could play the kids in the EFL Cup and we are actually a game worse off rather than better.
          The Europa League game that counts isn’t even being played until early October.

          1. From what I read about Werner – to get the best of him, he needs to play with a strike partner as current club play 4-2-2-2 formation (similar to Southampton) as he likes to play on the left flank and cut inside like Rashford. He can’t win many aerial duels or hold the ball up or play with his back to goal. He is going on my short list but I may leave him out of my starting 11.

            1. * His old club.

              Will be interesting to see how Lampard fits these player together and what Mount, Hudson Odoi, Barkley and Lofus Cheek? Too many good players, he needs the right system to get the best of them.

              It would good for us if they won the FA cup. (Wolves being in Europe would have been a bonus).

              1. Can you see Mount getting as much game time this season? They seem to be bringing in a lot of attacking midfielders.

                1. With Chelsea on the verge of signing Havertz I think Mount’s game time could be reduced somewhat this season. Shame because his price is appealing.

            2. He’s hard to ignore at 4m. Are you going to attempt to get both De Bruyne and Sterling at the same time?

  24. Might have to rethink Vinagre as an option guys. Apparently Wolves are in advanced talks with Arsenal over signing Maitland-Niles.

    Shame AMN been re-classified as a midfielder as well.

    We’ll have to keep tabs on how this one progresses.

    1. That would be a massive pain. He’s my best option at the moment for allowing me to bring other players in.

      1. I wasn’t confident about Vinagre, and they’ve got Maitland-Niles as a midfielder.

        How confident are we about Ben Davies starting because I’m not. What about Ben Chillwell, on his way to Chelsea, I reckon he’ll get some points?

        1. As it stands Davies’s only real competition for the left-back slot is Sessegnon. Danny Rose is on his way out of Spurs apparently. Unless Spurs sign another left-back I’d say that puts Davies in the driving seat for that left-back slot. Since lockdown last season he was the first choice left-back.

  25. Breaking news (might be of some fantasy football interest)

    Players arriving into UK 🇬🇧 for transfers will have to quarantine for 14 days if from countries not in a travel corridor. These include France, Holland, Belgium, Bahamas (Kane went on holiday here), Austria, Croatia.

  26. Is there anyone who has signed up to the dt coach yet? I only ask as I’m interested to know if it is displaying the break even score

    1. I have signed up and it is displaying break even score
      plus player predicted match scores for each player
      and displaying red green amber for the next three matches
      also player ratings for every match.

      its just another piece of useful info.

      1. So does it show an actual number for the break even score?

        DTT it’s the score the player needs to get in order not to drop in price (as far as I understand)

        1. Yes it does District. Sterling and De Bruyne for instance need to achieve a score of 7pts in that first game to break-even.

          1. That’s very doable for both if City come out of the blocks. So don’t expect their value to fall much (if at all) Just looking back KDB and Sterling got 13 and 8 points respectively in first game from project restart. Sterling started last season with hat trick. So similar result will lead to increase. May have to act quick before their prices especially Sterling (with his hat tricks) goes out of reach.

            1. Thanks Don and Chris for the info. It could mean that for each price rise increment to happen Sterling needs 7 points, which would mean in order to get a full 0.3 rise he would need to score a hat trick.

              I guess I need to sign up for it to see all the different break even scores but I presume that each players break even score is linked to their price if Sterling and KDB are at 7?

              1. break even score is currently how many mil you cost rounded down. i.e Willian 3.5 needs 3 Sterling 7.5 needs 7

          2. How do you sign up? As when I click on the green ‘unlock coach’ button it’s just brings up a screen with a button for more info and when you click on it, it just opens a desktop window for dream team but nothing to sign up to it.

            1. When that window comes up log in to the main game and it should come up, it did on mine

              1. Ah yes, what a faf!! Once you’ve signed up is the coach info available on the app or do you have to use desktop to view it?

                1. It’s on the App in the stats center and the fixtures section of each players profile

        2. That could be useful – and it would be information that only Dream Team would know about so I’ll probably sign up

    2. What would the break even score mean? I’ll probably sign up but I couldn’t see what some of it meant.

      1. It just gives a points value that each player needs to achieve in order to maintain their current price.

          1. I am still wary of the fantasy coach as it says Liverpool vs Chelsea is highlighted in green indicating that it is should be an easy game for Liverpool.

            1. Yeah there are way better fixture tickers out there than the one on Coach but some of the other things it offers could be invaluable IF accurate.

  27. Chelsea are close to agreeing deals to sign Bayer Leverkusen’s Kai Havertz, Leicester left-back Ben Chilwell and former PSG captain Thiago Silva.

    They are really going for it! The only worry is, I can foresee it taking a little time for all of these new signings to gel…

    1. I think it might take them a while as well – makes it very difficult to spot which one is going to perform best.

  28. Saliba added for 3m, was hoping he would be cheaper than that, I can see him starting with Magalhaes having to isolate. I think Tierney is a better option if you wanted an Arsenal defender

    1. I got no Arsenal defenders in my team and I am not looking to bring any in as with 11 defenders to choose from (I think they are going to sign one more) so mass rotation. 3m for Saliba is a bit of a joke (should to 2m) as totally unproven and playing for a decent defensive team not like Liverpool.

      1. Tierney is the only one that interests me, I think he is nailed on as he could play lcb or lwb in a 3 5 2 or lb in a back 4. He is attacking and can deliver a decent cross. 2 decent fixtures to start but then a horrible run, once they get through that I think they will improve defensively as the season goes on

        1. I’ve got my eye on Tierney for further down the line too. Great attacking full-back, perfect for FF.

          Need to get those bad fixtures out of the way first though and with a lot of brand new defenders arriving it may take a little time to settle.

  29. Bit of a gamble Paul, but looking at ways of getting Stirling & Debruyne in team, maintain 3 Liverpool assets but changing Robbo to Gomez, I think he’s first choice, but waiting to capitalise on any errors he makes Matip will come into play, a saving of 1.5 million, Kane can he really hit the heights to warrant his price tag, dangerous I know not to have him, but Son is more than an able deputy, 1.5 saving, 3 million to use elsewhere in team.

    1. Yeah I was thinking Robertson was the one who would have to come out if I’ve got Alisson and TAA. Werner could free up some serious funds up front as well.

  30. I’m starting to think about possible Vinagre replacements if the AMN transfer goes through.

    I’m considering Kyle Walker-Peters of Southampton as an early cheap enabler. £2m and he’s a full-back who does support the forward play. I guess by applying the same logic, Bertrand should be considered too. Southampton are a well organised unit nowadays and I think there is opportunity for a few clean sheets in their opening 8 games:


    I’d say clean sheets in half of those fixtures could be doable.🤔

    1. James Justin (Leicester) could also be worth considering (£2m). With Ricardo likely to miss the start of the season with his injury, JJ should slot into that right-back slot you’d think. First 5 fixtures:


      1. He could also potentially slot in at left-back too if/when Chilwell departs. He’s played there before, although Fuchs might have something to say about that.

        1. I tipped mccarthy as the bargain buy keeper so I do think Southampton will do alright this season, they have a fairly settled side and were one of the form teams after the restart.

          Having said that I would guess that 2 of your 4 sheets are the last two games so your really looking at 2 sheets in 6 at the start which isn’t great

          1. I think leicester are going to struggle defensively at the start of the season. Pereira is injured, Chilwell is on his way out and even if they replace him now it’s a bit late to gel a defence together and Evans is banned. Davies is a better bet for me at 2m

            1. Already have Davies, these suggestions were more for a Vinagre replacement if his first team chances are diminished by the possible arrival of AMN.

              AMN has always stated he wants to play a midfield role though so maybe Vinagre may feature? 🤷

              1. I would suggest

                Williams if Shaw is injured

                Coleman at Everton

                Taylor at Burnley

                Soares if Bellerin leaves

                Other than that it’s either Southampton as you suggested or double Spurs

    2. It’s a tough one Chris – I try to stay clear of any players outside of the top clubs.

      1. That’s the problem – I can’t resist but as previous overall winners show it is the right strategy.

    1. I wonder if Dier could be a decent pick also this season at £2m. Mourinho is a big fan of his and I see him being Spurs’s version of Maguire this season (ie playing most games). If he stays fit I see him being one of those at the top of the “minutes played” table.

      With Davies already in my team though I don’t think doubling up on Spurs defenders is EVER a good idea. 😂

      1. Has Dier always been a defender on the game? Never been on my radar as a defensive midfielder but as a defender he might be more appealing

  31. Game week 2 team, make necessary changes after game week 1 on THURSDAY tight budget,
    Walker pieters
    De bruyne
    Still has 3 Liverpool 1st team defensive assets, + Stirling & Debruyne, bang on 50 million, or as mentioned rotate strikers accordingly & strengthen defence.

    1. If that was my team I would rather take a punt on a 2m mid than have KWP (same goes for you Chris if your 2m search could be a mid rather than a 4th Defender). Let’s face it KWP is a punt in itself.

      Of the 2m mids I would say Hernandez Barnes Trossard Trezeguet Pereira Harrison Phillips Podence Kovacic Armstrong could all be capable of outscoring KWP.

      1. Yeah, fair point District, just trying to get as many big hitters as possible, not to the detriment of the team though, you would think Aguerro had retired, not a mention yet, in years gone by he would be first name on your teamsheet, I presume he’ll be fit for start of the season.

        1. I think it’s dangerous to overlook him if he stays fit all season. He was one of the highest scorers on a points per 1,000 minutes played last season. A lot of game time for me means a lot of points for him

      2. Tbh I’m not really feeling KWP tbh either. Every time I keep thinking of a player outside of those top teams I keep thinking back to Paul’s analysis of last year’s winner and he hardly ever had a player in his team outside of those big teams.

        Of those midfield options, probably Barnes would be the only one I’d consider, maybe with a Vardy double up in one of my teams, although I’d be more likely to double up with Maddison in truth.

        I think if Vinagre does indeed get shunted aside as an option if indeed AMN does come in, I may just bite the bullet and indeed go for the Spurs defensive double up and stick Dier in.

        I think I’m more interested in Spurs defence this season over attacking assets (although I’m sure Kane will come into my thoughts at some stage). Whilst I can see the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and City having the ability to stick
        5 past an opponent, I don’t really see that with Spurs under Mourinho.

        1. I think it is very difficult to replicate a winner’s team otherwise this game will be easy. I for one don’t mind looking outside the big teams as my team that finished in the top 100 (80th) had the likes of Digne, Tielemens, Sigurdsson, McGinn, Grealish and Ings. My DNA and natural game is to look for good players no matter what club they play for. One of the reasons why I have fun and keep my interest going is to look and seek players that go against the grain.

          1. Yeah this is one of the reasons I’m having a go with multiple teams for the first time this season. I can be strict and pretty standard with one main team but let loose a little more with some of the others.

          2. If I had the same level of knowledge I’d probably do this as well. I think it’s certainly possible to do well with players from outside these clubs but it will comes down to timings.

        2. It’s a tough one Chris – previous analysis shows that the players from the big clubs is what works but if you can find a gem it helps to free up funds for the bigger names.

    2. Looks good David, impressed that you’ve managed to work in all the big names ready for game week 2. Question marks against Gomez, Davies and Walker-Pieters but I think we are all going to have to have some cheap options this year.

  32. cant understand why the transfer system keeps crashing
    its working one minute then it freezes.

    you press on a player to transfer out nothing happens.
    been doing this all day. anyone no why.

  33. think we all will be changing our teams in a big way that
    Chelsea are dabbling in the transfer market.
    they look like they are going to be serious contenders this year
    I for one will be investing in them for sure. leave them out at your peril.

    1. Yeah I’ve got one eye on Chillwell – although I think he’s injured at the moment. Be interesting to see how they shape up.

    1. good DT point earner, he did well for me last year for a while, but i think there lots of better value options for defenders this year…

    2. He’s certainly on the radar but I think there are better options at his price point at the moment – Shaw, Chilwell Lindelof, Aurier, Davies, Boly, Azpilicueta, Ake, Gomez, etc

  34. Almost 200 comments on this thread and I don’t see any mention of POGBA.

    At just £4 million i thought he stood out for value in midfield… what am i missing? why is nobody else highlighting him?

    1. I think his change in position to a deeper role since the arrival of Fernandes and a poor season last year have meant he has been deemed as too expensive

    2. The fact that every man and his dog will be having Bruno (who seems a bargain at £5m) makes having Pogba too a bit too much United in midfield. As District says, his deeper role towards the end of last season counts against him too. With United settled on those three up front now I can’t see that changing anytime soon either.

    3. It’s a decent point Jamie, I clocked him at 4m and thought it was cheap but it’s hard to say how well he will do this season. Certainly on the radar but in a deeper role I’m not so sure.

      1. ah ok I’m not a united fan, but was under the impression that despite playing deeper, having fernandes in the team will give pogba more freedom to flourish… i’ll be keeping my eye on himfor the first few weeks cos he does seem cheap

        Thanks for replying

        1. I am a United fan but not a Pogba fan 😂 I think he could have a good season and at 4m he’s a bargain but I’ve got to have Bruno because everyone will have him so doubling up with Pogba might not be wise

  35. If Doherty goes to Spurs surely that means AMN is likely to come in and replace him making Vinagres place more secure (and Chris a happy boy 😂)

    Probably won’t be long until they are linked with someone else tho

    1. 😂And I won’t look such an idiot with my Salt & Vinagre crisps team name.

      You’d imagine Aurier will be out the door if this happens and as you say, AMN would most likely take that role. Would be a great signing for Spurs that.

    2. BTW £15m is an absolute steal if that reported fee is correct. What are Wolves thinking?!

    3. I’d be happy with that as well at the moment. Although Doherty at Spurs might also be appealing

  36. Hi new to this site, looking forward to having a crack at it this year. Does anyone else think Martial Could take this seasons game by storm?

    1. Anyone of that front three are going to have their purple patches throughout the season I’d presume. He did look very hungry after lockdown though.

    2. Great to have someone new in the comments – he’s hard to ignore after how he finished last season, if he was a little cheaper I’d be more tempted. Trouble is there’s so many options up front at the moment.

  37. Who’s going to be ripping up their draft and starting again if the goat arrives at the PL? He’ll set you back at £9m apparently…

    1. I almost hope he doesn’t come from a Dream Team perspective. 9m is just too much but you know everyone will go for him

  38. Spurs also in talks with Barca about bringing Suarez in. 🤯

    Can’t keep up with all this.

    Might as well not bother with the drafts for now until the dust settles at this rate. 😂

    1. I was thinking the same Chris. I’m due to revise my team but I think it will go through so many changes in the next couple of weeks anyway.

  39. Are the europa qualifying rounds going to count towards dreamteam this season? Last season i picked a few Wolves players based on that at the start and they didn’t count.

    Anybody know?

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong guys but I think the qualifying rounds DON’T but the play-off round DOES.

      1. I think you’re right Chris – only the playoff round counts and it’s only 1 leg this year in early October.

    1. I know the feeling – this post had over 800 comments last year though so we’ve got some way to go yet.

  40. after a lot of research and thought I have decided to settle
    on McCarthy for my goal keeper. Southampton came good at the end of last
    season they where very hard to beat. at only £2 ML it gives me a nice £5 mile
    in the tank for an easy transfer of D Bruyne and Fernandes into my team.
    wont be every ones cuppa. the way I see it three liv def are to risky.
    a keeper is the only player that I will go low with.

    1. If Southampton can manage defensively with the departure of Hojbjerg no longer sitting in front of that back line, he could very well be this season’s Pope.

  41. I agree with you Don, I discussed the merits of McCarthy with DTT on the facebook page:
    – Very good on the rating aspects
    – offer clean sheets (after coming into the side only LIV,MCI,MUN,BUR & WOL kept more clean sheets so not shabby)
    – Star man awards in the locker as shown when he kept a clean sheet vs Man City, no mean feat considering at the time City were scoring goals for fun.
    – At 2m, I would certainly put in the bargain category even if he does play for a team outside the top sides.
    -Finally he didn’t play in goal when the 9-0 trashing against Leicester occurred.

    1. I have never been afraid to put all my eggs in one basket.
      I originally had three liv defenders in but after some thought
      I decided to just go with to .
      funds this season dry up so fast trying to get all the players you want in
      so the goal keeper has to be as low as possible in price
      if it back fires that’s football. I remember a few game last season
      when it looked nailed on that your defence where on for a clean sheet
      and let in a goal or to mostly in the last few minutes.

    2. I’m currently on Allison but McCarthy is tempting to put some extra cash ITB for the Mancs and also swapping around the big guns up top. I’m also slightly interested in Leno (£2.5) if he’s fit and back to #1 again at Arsenal as they appear to be shoring up their defence.

      1. I’m also tempted by this Brad – not so sure about Leno as they will rotate a lot in cup games.

  42. All good points about the GK. I’m waiting to see who Chelsea sign it’s definitely not going to be Kepa who starts the season.

    1. I’d be interested in seeing if they do and what price they come in at. If they don’t sign anyone and are forced to start with Caballero then he’s a good option at 1m but can’t see it happening.

    2. the only problem being if Chelsea sign somebody with a reputation
      then the price could be 3 mill plus.
      that then defeats the object.
      OH the pain of it all.

  43. New here and absolutely loving the quality of content; this thread is worth the price of admission alone!

    My wk 1 (433) and wk 2 (343) team is below and looking for some feedback as I’m pretty set.

    Van Dijk (becomes De Bruyne)
    Traore (becomes Fernandez)
    Ziyech (becomes Mahrez)
    Kane (becomes Sterling)
    Aubayameng (becomes Greenwood)

    Biggest risk I think is using all five transfers in week 2 but any injuries will hopefully be mitigated by short month.

    1. Thanks Ben – glad you’re finding the site useful. I do like the look of your team for GW 2. I’m guessing based on the budget you couldn’t quite squeeze in Alisson as well? Interesting that you’re taking Kane out as well but I guess you’ve got to lose him to accommodate Sterling.

      1. I just think Sterling would burn me with his propensity for hat tricks. In an ideal world, Kane and Aubameyang score week one so I can make a couple of price point increases.

        I liked your analysis of last year’s winner and the fact that you don’t necessarily have to go block defence. I’m a million light for Allison and GKs do underscore compared to defenders.

        Pulisic is a must for me down the line when fully fit; think he could be this year’s Traore with how the ratings are set up and how he runs at defenders.

        1. It’s a tough one with so much being up the in air at the moment. I’m struggling to make a case for not including Sterling but at the same time I’m struggling to make a case for not having Kane or Salah at the same time.

    2. good team Ben I would personally what to keep Kane and Ziyech
      reason being with £6.50 mill you have a lot more scope
      interchanging Aubameyang with the likes of Aguero or Jesus ect.

    3. Nice team Ben. The only thing I’d say is that will VVD have the potential of a hefty price drop should they concede against Leeds? His price is certainly at the top end. Obviously if they get the CS then happy days.

      However if Gomez played and got the (usual) 8 points for CS and 7+ rating and VVD got the same, could Gomez theoretically rise by more than say VVD would, because of his lower starting price? Conversely Gomez would drop by less maybe if they do concede? Just a thought…

      1. Very good point that Chris! Pretty sure Gomez is nailed first choice with Lovren gone and Matip back to covering.

      2. Yes very good point. Gomez has been a staple of mine for a while but thought Van Dijk might have a goal in him.

        I might be tempted to swap Robertson for Gomez and then have enough for Allison. Perhaps Gomez and Allison a better combo than Robertson and Patricio.

      3. Gomes was on my radar for 3m. He’s pretty much first choice isn’t he? Think Matip is injured.

        1. Yes and would expect him to outscore Alisson. Yet he never gets DTSM, assists or goals so he’s kind of clean sheet of bust.

      1. Yeah, Aurier plays down the right (as does Doherty), whereas Davies plays on there left. Just really hope Spurs don’t sign a left-back now…

  44. Just having a quick look through the FISO forums (very occasionally browse but never post in truth, no need when we have DTT), and a recent post I read made it all the more abundantly obvious to me just what a great bunch we’ve got on here.

    Here’s it is:


    Casual players have been scared off by the (new wave) of “proffesional” players/posters on here in recent yrs.

    They were getting a lot of unhelpful/negative comments off certain folk,which is bang out of order imo,it used to be my favourite pre season read on here seeing peoples selections & their reasons behind them.

    Fpl the place to be now for rmt as the pages just fly by with them,albiet a diffetent format/game,but still a lot more poster freindly.

    Even noticed a lot of the long time post/users on this forum don’t post on here anymore….wonder why🙄🤔…..shame really,used to be a great forum😪


    I’ve only been here the last two seasons but I can’t think of a single person who uses this site who has ever been rude, negative or anything but friendly when discussing all things Dream Team.

    You sometimes see it on Twitter where someone posts a team asking for advice etc and then some cretin comes along replying calling them clueless etc. (I always make a point of calling them out though 😂).

    When all this Covid stuff is in the past, I reckon it would be nice to all have a meet up for a few beers, (obviously somewhere showing some footy with a nice big screen). Would be great to put some faces to names and who knows, maybe it could become an annual meet? I live in the midlands so I’d be happy to catch a train anywhere.

    One for the (hopefully not too distant) future.

    1. I’ve heard that the FISO lot can be quite rude, so don’t bother going no there.

      Good idea that. I live in the Midlands too, whereabouts are you?

      1. East Midlands here (Mansfield) but happy to catch the train anywhere (when Covid is a distant memory). 🤞

        As I say, we could maybe look to get something sorted when it’s more appropriate.

        1. I’m Essex but would be up for a DTT Soccer Saturday/Super Sunday beer up, location permitting!

    2. Thanks Chris – appreciate the comments. I must admit without the community that has been built on here, I’d have given up doing it a long time ago. I do like the idea of a meet up. I think I’m in the West Midlands 😂 it’s Worcestershire anyway but never sure on the county. It would be interesting to know where we are all based as I’d imagine we’ve got a decent mix on here.

      1. Yeah, when the time comes we’ll have to see who fancies a meet, then see where everyone’s from and then arrange an appropriate venue for drinks, footy and a good old chin wag.

  45. anyone else on here gutted that dream team have dropped weekender.
    not really interested in the draft game.
    we had a nice mini league going at our working man club.

    1. I liked the weekender, that’s if I remembered to do it. The draft game last season was crap.

  46. Great site.Like other people’s thought processes,hints and ideas.The one thing I don’t enjoy is having players in from teams you don’t like and having to hope they score/don’t concede.

    1. I know the feeling but I’ve come to enjoy Dream Team points more than the actual football these days.

  47. Like the changes to your draft Paul and I think bringing Alli out could be a smart move. Whilst I think Spurs surprising a few teams this season by doing reasonably well, I don’t see them hammering teams by 4 or 5 goals very often. Once Mourinho teams go a couple of goals up they can tend to shut up shop.

    Conversely, City, Liverpool, Chelsea, United and Arsenal are all capable of hammering the lesser teams on their day. For that reason I think Kane might be the only attacking asset I’d consider at Spurs right now. I do love Son but he spent a lot of the second half of the season playing a bit too wide for my liking.

    Pepe is punty but it’s one that could really pay off. He’s got that first season under his belt now and he has the potential to rise in value very quickly if he gets off to a flyer.

    I still think Vinagre and Davies could be smart picks. For their price points I don’t really see any better options right now. Good fixtures could also bring good results and decent price rises early doors.

    1. I’m still not overly happy with it – I did notice Alli scored earlier as well but preseason doesn’t often give us too many clues. I worry about having two defenders who are 2m or cheaper. It doesn’t feel like a very balanced team at the moment. I’m sure I’ll be back to the drawing board before long.

  48. Doc to Spurs confirmed for £15m. I know he’s 28 but I still think that’s an absolute steal. Great business by Spurs. Does this move make him more appealing?

    You’d think it might cement Vinagre’s place at left-back for now at least with AMN likely to fill Doherty’s spot.

    Aurier on his way out apparently too.

  49. Just checking out your 2nd draft team Paul. Even at 35 Thiago is not going to Chelsea to play 2nd fiddle, interesting to see his starting price, but his presence in defence should help Chilwell attain more clean sheets if fit to start the season, Leicester ‘s first few fixtures other than Man city 4th game in are appealing, think Harvey Barnes may be a better option than Pepe, only 2 million, & are you going to accept that if its a choice between De bruyne or Stirling, De bruyne wins that duel.

    1. I think he’s a bit overpriced given his age at 3.5m but agreed it should help tighten up their defence. I’ll have a look into Harvey Barnes – as you say Leicester do have appealing opening fixtures and it would free up some cash.

      1. I’ve just had a quick look. He seemed to be very in and out of the team towards the end of the season. Are we confident he’s a regular starter?

    2. Oh yeah and I’ve accepted De Bruyne over Sterling. Although I’m not best pleased about not having Sterling or a plan to get him.

      1. Same. I think others who start with Stirling from the off will have compromised elsewhere in their teams for sure and also likely to be less flexible in their strategies by not playing the additional transfers… least that’s what I’m telling myself and hoping he doesn’t bang a hatrick early doors. 🤣

        1. That’s my worry as well but at least his ownership isn’t through the roof at the moment.

  50. To tell the honest truth, I much prefer the first DTT draft:
    – For me, I think Pepe won’t play much now as Arteta seems settled on the 343 formation with Auba on the left, Laca in the middle and new signing Willian on the right. Alli ok, can do the job, think David Kirkwood points out Harvey Barnes, a snip at 2m.
    – Chilwell injured and definitely like Robinson as the triple up liverpool defence is a powerful weapon to own and all three with high ownership. I think the safe bet is the Liverpool defence.

    1. I like honest feedback. The problem is I don’t like all my eggs in one basket. If Liverpool concede against Leeds, they then face Chelsea and could well let in another. So the choice for me was between Alisson or Robertson. I’m not sure on Pepe either to be honest but he came at a big price tag, surely he’s not going to be a complete flop? Have you got any thoughts on a team selection yet? You may not want to share publicly and that would be fair enough but I’d be very interested to see how you’re coming along with it.

    2. I think District, brought attention to me regarding Harvey Barnes RR, but looking into it, he does look appealing at 2 million.

      1. Sell him to me chaps – I like the idea of a 2m option in midfield who can do some damage. Leicester have good opening fixtures but will he get the game time? Looked like he was in and out of the team to me at the end of last season

  51. As a gooner myself most of the rumours ( and that’s all they can be considered at the mo) are that Willian has been brought in as a numer 10 – to try and fill a gap left by Ozil’s absence. That would make more sense to me than playing him on the right when Pepe cost over £70m.
    Of course until we see Willian play, nobody but Arteta know’s what position he will occupy. I just can’t see him being happy if it’s just as cover for when Pepe under performs or needs rotating.

    1. It’s worth remembering that we’ve got EFL Cup games in September as well which could bring in some goods points for either of these two if they do start the season on the bench. Not ideal if we plan to take them out after game week 1 but worth considering.

  52. Pieters at £1.5m could be a backup for Vinagre or Davies if they don’t hold down their spots long term. Not someone I’m personally planning to put in but if needs must and budget is spent elsewhere then a back up plan at least.

    1. RR mentioned him to me in the Facebook group – will he start though? I couldn’t see him in the side much at the end of the season. Is someone else now injured?

  53. Morning.

    Is it wrong to be over looking Sheffield Utd defenders, John Egan for example and Jack Grealish at Villa? Also is Raul Jimenez to be not looked at.

    1. Good shouts Mick. My personal view is the Jimenez is a no go due to less fixtures and way too many striker options. Grealish is certainly appealing but I worry about him playing for Villa who may struggle again this season. I’m not sure I see Sheff Utd doing as well this season so I can’t see him having any of their defenders.

  54. I’d appreciate people’s opinion on Werner. I’d noticed his high ownership and he’s obviously underpriced. If I go down this route, it would help strengthen the team elsewhere. What’s everyone else’s view?

    1. He was in my first draft of both here and FPL but transition period is what worries me. If he starts unbelievably well, then he could be an option week 2; I think a huge amount can be gleaned from that first game.

      Also, you said it might not mean much but I think it is huge: Chelsea have a history of successful European strikers coming in to fail. That, coupled with the absence of Pulisic and similar transitions and question marks behind him, makes him a pass from me.

      1. Thanks Ben, really interesting thoughts. I was swaying towards him and hoped someone could convince me but I get your doubts. More food for thought I think. Might just stick with my front three as they are because I’ll be making a lot of changes anyway and just play the opening fixtures. The problem is, I don’t want to be 5-6 transfers away from my ideal team as I think it might put me on the back foot from the get go.

        1. Totally agree with Ben, I think Werner ownership is purely driven by his price tag and does not factor his record in premier league (unproven) and Chelsea’s opening two fixtures: Brighton that have good strong defenders and the best defence in town: Liverpool.

  55. Returning subscriber here. Just caught up on an excellent thread and pre-season content. Full credit to you DTT for all your efforts. The £6 subscription is ridiculous value.

    Team developing well for the start of the season.

    Alison value seems unparalleled. Not worth overthinking and I wouldn’t want to be making goalkeeper transfers.

    McCarthy- Saints kept a highly disproportionate number of clean sheets away last year and they have lost hojbjerg. Never traditionally been big point scorers defensively and the coach prefers an attacking pressing style. I’d probs prefer Ryan but at 2 at below it’s slim picking and above 2m it’s simply not worth the saving over Allison.

    TAA locked in. Robbo triple up an option, looked to be more set pieces toward the end of the season. Truly an elite option. But alternatively plenty of options at 3m.

    Personally wouldn’t touch the chelsea defence without a new keeper coming in first. At 3m on chilwell is not the worst option,but he has less than 10 assists in 4 seasons and no goal threat. Gomez/Tierney/ Shaw maybe better at that price. Even James in the same side if he holds down a spot.

    If Liverpool have fully fit defence to start the season, its going to be a return to a massive points total. Allison’s unlucky injury gw1 caused huge disruption last year

    Think some chelsea attacking coverage might be more prudent, 3rd highest overall xg last season and have added huge quality. Frank appears to favour an all out attacking style . . . Clean sheets dont seem a priority.

    Werner is truly world class and pulisic looks different class as well. ZIyech hasn’t played for months and comes from an inferior league so would be more careful with him.

    Werner looks exceptional value at 4m and could be the key to unlocking and extra couple of million. 34 goals and 13 assists last season with Zlyech,pulisic and havertz behind him is frightening all with huge attacking stats for goals and assist last season. Honestly think werner will match the likes of Kane no problem in a more attacking side. Can see chelsea scoring the number of goals united were doing towards the end of the season.

    I think it’s important to have a simple route to Bruno and Kdb the standout midfield options which has been addressed in the second draft. Dont see massive depth or opportunities within midfield. Prices will continue to rise and you need them in early. I think Foden as massive value, if and when he gets his run in the side.

    Willian an interesting punt to start the season. Can see him hogging the set pieces and getting involved. Cant argue with the points scoring over recent seasons. Saka interests me at 2.5 if he can hold down a spot in the front 3. Pepe has alot to do to convince me hes an option. Community shield should give us an indication who is ahead. Arsenal can be so unpredictable I’d see one of these in addition to aubameyang as plenty of coverage

    Interesting what’s going on at wolves and with Doc moving on. Really bizarre transfer, something not right there. I’d have concerns about Troure playing Rwb at least initially unless they sign a replacement asap. AMN linked, right footed should drop into that role rather than displace Vinagre.

    Value picks in Davies and Vinagre look sound logic. Jonny out for 6 month and wolves outstanding defensively. Davies/Dier for the additional/excellent fixtures and appear nailed in those roles. Davies is very defensive and often makes up a back 3 when they are attacking down the right. Expect Doc to operate in a similar was to aurier in that respect

    Really cheap defenders always emerge with injuries/change of circs, even now I see some value at 1.5 in the burnley and leeds defenders

    There is massive pressure on spurs to progress in Europe from the board and would fully expect Kane to get the additional qualifying game

    Alli looked tidy and scored in yesterday’s game, dont mind him as a pick playing a n10 role.

    The additional transfers and abundance of forwards will make it interesting this year. I see alot of points to be made jumping on and off the premium forward assets for the plumb fixtures.

    Such a shame many great options even wont be considered up top with a need for 3 premiem strikers. Not so sure they got the balance right.

    I see the logic is heavy Spurs/Arsenal to start the season given the good/additional fixtures in a short month get a good start. I’d split the risk between both sides as both can be inconsistent

      1. Cheers don, sorry for the spam on my first post. Great community here at DTT, everyone looking to provide advice and insight

      1. Couldn’t agree with Hoffy more – perfect kind of comment. Really helpful to anyone reading and if we are all as open with our opinions then I’m sure we will all make a very good start.

    1. Welcome back Ryan – fantastic first comment to come back with as well. Love the detailed analysis. I must admit I’m looking at Werner myself now as a way of spreading some funds across the team. I feel like the current draft isn’t very well balanced. I agree that Vinagre and Daveis offer value at the moment but the problem is I don’t want to be stuck with them. I think a lot is going to come down to those starting line ups on the opening day of the season. Interesting that neither Willian or Pepe got a run out today either.

    2. Great comment Ryan and brilliant to see you back. I’m sure Paul would welcome a guest article or two from yourself as your knowledge and enthusiasm shines through mate. 👌🏼

      1. I’m pretty sure a lot of us have been considering Tierney as a possible option at some stage this season but are we starting to get worried about how many times he’s being deployed as a centre-back in a back three? He played there a lot since project restart and did again in the Community Shield.

        It’s actually made me consider Bellerin as possibly a better option at the moment and he’s £0.5m cheaper. I didn’t see the game but I heard he was involved a fair bit and got forward well down that right hand hand side. I see him as the first choice in that position and if he stays fit he could be a decent price point defender who should only gain decent value over the season.

  56. I’ve decided to look at “price points” rather than specific players to try and create a team or a plan that I’m happy with. How does this work for everyone:
    GK: 3.5m: Alisson
    DEF1: 5m: TAA/Robertson
    DEF2: 3m: Chilwell/Gomez/Shaw/Ake/Tierney
    DEF3: 2m: Vinagre/Davies
    MID1: 7m: De Bruyne
    MID2: 5m: Fernandes
    MID3: 3.5m: Wilian/Ziyech
    MID4: 3m: Pepe/Alli/B.Silva
    ST1: 6.5m: Salah
    ST2: 6.5m Kane/Aubameyang
    ST3: 5m: Werner/Jesus/Martial/Rashford

    I’m either over thinking it or it’s a fairly solid route to most players that I’d want.

    1. Morning,

      The second draft was pretty solid. So are you now thinking of having KDB and Fernandes in for GW1?

      Would you not consider maybe as a possibility McCarthy as a keeper. He did so well last season and at 2.0m you’d save 1.5m?7 lean sheets. And Danny Ings at 4.0m for ST3 position? He scored 22 PL goals last season and 2 assists. He was runner up for golden boot. 28 now. So he should be in the prime of his life this season. And he’s proved his worth. Werner has fantastic stats for the German League. Unknown how the PL will suit him. Chelsea have all these new signings. They need to hit the ground running. That leaves a question mark tbh

        1. Great to hear your thoughts Mick. The more voices we hear from on the forum the better imo, whether we agree with the sentiments or not.

          I’ve been wrong myself about many many things, but as long as the good decisions outweigh the bad then we should do ok.

          1. Completely agree Chris – the more opinions the better. In my mind we should all be helping each other to make the best start possible so the more thinking we each share the better position we should put ourselves in.

      1. Southampton have Palace away Tottenham at home and Burnley away. They don’t really face any of the big 6 until October . And that’s just Chelsea.

      2. I won’t be having KDB or Fernandes in GW1 but I was looking at how to budget for a team longer term. I think you’re right that Werner is a risk but I can see him scoring more points than Ings. I always feel like anyone outside of the top 7-8 clubs is a massive punt. I personally can’t see him doing what he did last season and you’ve got other options at a similar price – Werner, Martial, Rashford and Jesus would all come above him for me. McCarthy is a good cheap option – probably the best below 3m but I can’t see any of the cheap ones scoring more than 50-60 points. Whereas I could see Alisson scoring over 100. Food for thought because we can’t have them all.

    2. I like the idea of price points too Paul as it enables us to remain flexible with our transfers, something which is even more important this season with us now having five.

      I do think as well though that those cheapies that are playing for the “decent” teams could be a great source of value gaining, especially early doors.

      With it being a short month, I’m more inclined to make a few short term choices this month to try and get off to a good start. For instance I’m now considering Bellerin for those first two games (I was originally thinking Tierney but I’m not confident he’ll necessarily play LWB week in week out just yet, but then again will Arsenal play with four at the back against weaker teams anyway?……..arghh! 😂). I think Bellerin will be above Soares in the pecking order for now at least.

      Just keep an eye on Ziyech’s situation as he came off with a slight twisted knee yesterday (he did set up Werner for his goal.)

      Apparently Alli looked sharp as well and scored a goal in his game.

      1. I’m still pondering between teams. It’s proving tough going which was why I was playing with the price points. I just feel like something needs to give in my team for everything else to click into place. That’s either saving money on Alisson or dropping a big name striker. Bellerin could be one to look at though, I agree. There’s just so many options right now. Harvey Barnes was mentioned earlier in this thread. Any thoughts on him Chris?

  57. Paul don’t no how many times I have said that’s my team
    Im happy as Larry, then the next day wipe it clean.

    of to my days match fishing.

    1. 😂 I know the feeling Don, I just can’t settle on a team at the moment either

  58. schiemichel AL/A vin robo
    D/B William hojbjurg Fernandes
    ster rash salah.

    this is it all done before I go fishing looks good to me
    will take out fernandes ster D/B until second week.

    1. Looks good Don, not sure about Hojbjerg myself as he’s a defensive midfielder. Do you prefer Schmeichel over Alisson? Only 0.5m difference.

  59. Catching up with some of the comments here. Regarding Fiso, that is where I started my fantasy football journey. I still read my first couple of posts there to realise it has been a journey as my first GW ended with 4 points. That is why when I realised fantasy football wasn’t easy (for me in particular) and I would have to work hard.

    Once I discovered DTT, I no longer felt the need to write there anymore plus I don’t miss it. I do like competing in the Fiso elite league and like their hall of fame concept similiar to FFscout one (needs updating from last season though).

    1. What’s the hall of fame concept? I’d be interested in knowing more about that. Must admit I know very little about Fiso

      1. The Fiso hall of fame is based on your performance in the Fiso Elite League where people enter one team. It’s probably the hardest mini league to win as you have previous winners in there as well some great players. The last season’s winner finished 15th overall in the game. No chance for me to win but I have a decent rank in the hall of fame so I have done alright.

  60. Today’s attempt at team for week 2

    No doubt will change many times

    1. Greenwood could be a savy & cheap way into that United attack this season. If United fail to land Sancho (or anyone else for that matter) I think I’ll stick him in a couple of my teams.

      Nice GW2 team that.

      I do wonder though if Traore is going to get pushed back into the RWB role that Doherty has recently vacated. That will seriously dampen my interest if that’s the case.

      1. He’s listed as a mid if this happens he will not score clean sheet points which makes him a dud option

    2. Looks good – assuming you’ll take some of the Manchester club players out for GW1?

  61. Paul, let’s try & construct a team whereby the Keeper, Defender’s, & Midfielders, remain in the team in definately, & only be taken out due to either, injury, suspensions, & a bad run of form. Chris makes a valid pt regarding Tierney, I like him but if his position in Arsenal’s team hinders him getting forward putting crosses in, his allure diminishes him getting assists & ratings of 7, he will probably have to be taken out of team after 2 games, as fixtures really stiffen, to me thats a waste of a transfer, game -week 2, Fernández, & De bruyne in that’s a given, remaining transfers used to rotate strike force, even at the end of each month, if we have surplus transfers, either use them to set up following months strike force, or on the rare occasion you have a hunch, gut feeling or just fancy a punt on a player.

    1. Easier said than done David. If I had to set some players in positions for the longer term I’d probably go for:
      TAA, Davies, Shaw
      De Bruyne, Fernandes,
      Then I get stuck on the other midfielders and still not sure about Davies.

  62. I like those 6 you have mentioned, I suppose we could add Pulisic if he hits the form he’s capable of when he comes back, seems odd not having a City defensive asset in the team, if Ake becomes a regular he’s a steal.

    1. Ake is certainly on the radar. They just rotate too much at the back for my liking. Very few of them made it into the top scoring charts last season

      1. If he plays more often than not then I’d presume everyone is going to jump straight on him at that price. Just need to wait and see though for now probably.

  63. Is anyone else just getting “Error” when trying to sign up to the coach on the Dream Team website?

      1. I’ll try again when they are back in the office. Was looking forward to having a look around.

  64. I can’t help but think this year is going to come down to those cheaper differentials. Has anyone got any names to throw into the pot to make up the numbers in your teams when your short of budget? We are probably looking at 2.5m or less. The only ones I’m seriously considering at the moment is:
    B. Davies
    Barnes (suggested in here a couple of days ago)

    There’s got to be some other gems I’ve missed though?

    1. Bellerin £2.5m – surely first choice RB/RWB at Arsenal. Likes to get forwards. Injuries is the concern but if he can stay fit he could do well. After those first two nice fixtures though they turn pretty bad. One to watch for when the fixtures turn good again though and if Tierney is flicking between playing centre-back and LB/LWB then I’d probably prefer Bellerin.

        1. I think injuries have taken their toll on Bellerin – he doesn’t look the same player as he used to be plus also has Cedric Soares for competition.

          1. Yeah fair point RR, injuries have certainly been a problem over recent times. He does have time on his side however as he’s still only 25.

            If he can stay fit though AND keep his place in the starting XI I’m not ruling him out.

            Really had my heart set on Tierney this season but I’m not spending £3m on an Arsenal centre-back. If he plays LWB week in week out then definitely but not until then.

    2. midfield is a minefield picking beyond De Bruyen and Fernandes
      there are to player possibles DF Coleman Everton 2mil MF podence wolves. 1.5mil
      podence interest me, very useful player if you look at him on U tube.

      1. Yeah I noticed FFScout have Podence down as starting in their line-up predictions. Definitely one to watch and a good spot Don if he can forge and maintain a place in the starting XI.

      2. Thanks Don – must admit I’d not considered Podence. Going to have a look at him now

        1. been looking at lots of videos of him he looks very skilful
          he cost wolves 16.5mil big fee for them.
          I may put him in from the off if he can hold down a regular
          place he could well be a bargain.
          the midfield does look spas this season with players now in the forward line.

          1. Just trying to look back on last season’s stats, was he not even included in the game?

            1. not sure whether he played or not.
              the reviews are raving about him now after a few games
              he scored against c palace with a nice placed header
              its on u tube. he got man of the match.

    3. I don’t have all my notes but off the top of my head some possible value picks for me are:

      Leeds: Dallas (def) 1.5… Ayling (def) 1.5… Phillips (mid) 1.5 (all should get plenty of game time, bielsa doesn’t chop and change too much, plus dallas often plays in midfield)

      Chelsea: Zouma (def) 2.0… Mount (mid) 2.5

      Leicester: barnes (mid) 2.0

      1. I am tempted by Dallas but I think I’m going to wait and see how Leeds start the season. Might stick him in one of my more experimental teams though. 👍🏻

      2. Who do we think the main Chelsea centre-backs will be this season? Thiago and Rudiger?

        1. I’d assume so but is there a possibility of Azpilicueta also playing there instead of Rudgier?

          1. I like the prices of Rudiger and Zouma compared to the rest of the Chelsea defence but don’t know who will start. To monitor in the first few games.

      3. I’m certainly interested in Barnes. I think with all the signings Chelsea have made I’d like to see if Zouma or Mount get game time. Leeds seem to be a team a lot of people are considering but I’m always cautious about newly promoted teams.

        1. I understand ur concern… i usually avoid promoted teams too, but how many teams come up from the championship with a manager like Bielsa?Leeds are going to do damage imo
          Kalvin phillips in particular is certain to play almost every match (slight doubt for first match of season) he averaged 7.22 on whoscored last season so could be worth a punt at 1.5 million!

          (full disclosure: i am a leeds fan , but this is genuinely my honest opinion)

          1. I think Kalvin Phillips is a defensive midfielder for Leeds and watching the Leeds Documentary he can get in trouble with cards.

            1. yeah he’s defensive mid… but for 1.5 million do u expect a freescoring playmaker?

              9 yellow cards last season across almost 40 games , nothing to be too concerned with i would have thought

              1. I think the point that RR is making Jamie is that defensive midfielders very rarely score well in most forms of Fantasy Football.

                The best example I could probably give is Kante. Probably one of THE best defensive midfielders in the world but worth considering for Dream Team? Not a chance.

          2. My problem is I know very little about newly promoted teams. I couldn’t have named a Leeds player until a week or two ago. I’m guilty of basing most of my decisions on previous stats and tend to only look at the top 7-8 clubs.

            1. Ah ok, but like i said above there isnt too many promoted teams that come up with a boss like bielsa!!

              any questions about leeds just let me know! 🙂

            2. I think most of the time it’s best to steer clear of newly promoted clubs but sometimes there can be exceptions to the rule and they should absolutely be considered. Sheff Utd last season were a perfect example.

              I also reckon Leeds this season may be another exception. Genuinely reckon they could finish comfortably mid-table now they have signed Rodrigo.

              1. I guess the trouble I have is it’s the unknown and I can’t get away from my historical data 😂 if the data suggests that players such as Willian consistently go over 150 points then it helps me make a decision. Whereas we don’t have this data for newly promoted clubs so I tend to ignore them. The data also says that very few of them make it into the top 20 point scorers even when they do have a good season.

        2. I’m in on Barnes. Better league stats than Mount and I’m hoping he’ll be immune to Europa squad rotation (Aubameyang and Lacazette have nothing hurt me with that in the past). My logic is that Europa will be a big deal to Leicester given they missed out on the CL in such a close way and they don’t have huge squad.

          Anyone see any flaws in this thinking or Barnes overall? I just don’t see Torres getting enough game time.

          1. I’m considering Barnes as well. But he could well be another Mount/James from last season. Does a bit of damage but not enough over the course of the season and is then hard to replace. I saw he was in and out of the team a little bit at the end of last season. Tough call – might be a good option early doors.

            1. I’m going to stick him in a few of my teams and see how he gets on. Might double up with him and Vardy in one or two. 👌🏼

  65. Is the carabao cup this seasons europa league?

    What I mean is can we squeeze extra games in by picking players from outside of Europe.

    Firstly, the non European teams join the carabao Cup in round 2 rather than round 3, that’s one extra game.

    Secondly, its likely that the teams in Europe will rest their big players for the 3rd and 4th round games whereas someone like Wolves, who have no Europe this year, certainly have form for not rotating much for the Europa league last season and could possibly do the same for the Carabao cup this season.

    Players like jimenez and ings could play an extra 3 games in the first month

    1. It’s a decent shout – I preferred it when we could see the line ups for those games when transfers ran from Mon-Sun. It’s a bit of a lottery guessing who is going to start without seeing the line ups.

    2. Interesting point District! With Vinagre facing little competition for that left-back berth, hopefully he’ll pick up an “easy” CS it two.

      The main person who Wolves rely on heavily for being solid at the back is Boly. When he gets injured they never seem to achieve the same level of CS’s.

      So difficult to predict those Carabao line-ups though…

  66. Evening all,

    West Brom have a Brazilian midfielder called Matheus Pereira. He had 16 assists and scored 8 goals last season with 7.43 star rating. Priced at 2.0M. He could hit the ground running. Food for thought maybe. Leicester is the opening game for West Brom. Then they have Everton and Chelsea. Maybe not. But then if you think of Pukki for the first few games last season. He picked up 50 odd point.

    Another decent defender is Digne at 3.0M
    I could be wrong. But you have to think outside the box. Lot of people always go straight in with the big dogs.

    1. Digne has always been a player I’ve liked the look of and he always tends to get over 100 points but he’s never quite made it into any of my teams. I think Pereria would be one to watch and see how he gets on over the first few games. We are going to need to pick up some bargains somewhere though.

    2. I’m very nonplussed about Everton. Their squad doesn’t really excite me tbh but they have such a great manager in Ancelotti, can be turn them into a surprise package this season? Digne is the go to option if we were to consider Everton assets. Gets forward we’ll and is on most set-pieces.

  67. Given that Liverpool play Chelsea and Arsenal within their first three games. As anyone considering not starting with any of their defenders? In the hope that they might not keep a clean sheet in September or is that just a mad thought?

    1. I think to not start with ANY at all would be an awfully big gamble. I think the early stages of the season should be about staying amongst that main pack by staying reasonably close to the template. This will include at least two Liverpool defensive assets imo. Of course there is room to experiment with two or three positions but no more I’d say. As we get to the latter stages of the season, I’d be prepared to gamble a little more to (hopefully) forge a way up the rankings.

      Liverpool are capable of keeping CS’s against any opposition on their day and you could lose ground very quickly early doors (in points AND value). There might be a case of maybe reducing the number of Liverpool defensive assets for the opening few fixtures though, maybe to just one or two?

      Personally I think I’m just going to pick and stick tbh as I foresee the need for transfers in other areas of my teams as the month progresses.

      1. Yeah I agree Chris and that’s how I’d normally approach the game. I’m just considering the fixtures and trying to be a bit savvy with them but could massively backfire and put me on the back foot. How many will you be going for at the back from Liverpool?

        1. Including the keeper, I’m currently flip flopping between two and three for most of my teams.

          There are two ways of looking at it though tbf. Yes, it could backfire and you’re on the back foot early doors OR Liverpool make a slow start, concede a few in those early fixtures and you’re potentially catapulted towards the head of the pack early on.

          Why do you put these ideas into my head Paul?! 😂😉

          1. 😂 I’d want at least two of them longer term, but I’m just thinking if they don’t do well in September just put them in when they are likely to hit better form in October. Having said that they might start well and continue to do well.

  68. Hi everyone,

    Returning member here. My family mini league gets rather competitive so had to have a sabbatical last year just to get back to enjoying football and not just wanting the players in my team to do well!

    Have been reading up on all the comments, some great bits of advice which I will be heeding. Thanks for all of your input.

    One thing I noticed has only been mentioned once I think, is what we would do IF Messi joins Man City. Reading up on it, it seems a forgone conclusion that if he can get out for free then City have already done the deal!

    With them not playing the first week, there is a chance they could sign him in time for the second game week. I know that’s conjecture to a certain extent but I think we need to plan for him.

    In case we were thinking that we could do without him, did you see the article on the sun that stated how he would have done last season? To quote “By using WhoScored’s rating’s system and Dream Team’s points metrics, we’ve worked out he would’ve finished the campaign with a scarcely believable 437 points on our game, which is 158 ahead of last season’s top scorer Raheem Sterling. That haul includes points from 26 Star Man awards and 36 7+ ratings – which is genuinely mind-boggling.” He averaged 8.65 overall on Whoscored last season and 8.71 in the league!

    We know he will be £9m, which according to your 50 points per million algorithm DTT, leaves him 13 points shy. Surely we cannot turn those points down even for £9m? We could say that it is easier to get those points in La Liga but Barca, Real and Atletico are religiously in the last 8/4 of the champions league year in, year out. Their heritage in the Europa isn’t bad either especially with Sevilla (Wolves fan here, they had around 80% possession against us in our Europa Quarter Final loss to them). We could also say that adapting might not be easy, but he has done damage to English teams in the past. Moving over here could be different, I’m not convinced it will be that hard for him to adapt though.

    So my question is; is anyone planning a team if Messi came over just in case? My thinking is it is a no-brainer to have Werner alongside him if he were to be in the game, as that would average two strikers out to £6.5m a piece (£9m and £4m respectively). Then it would be a case of one from Kane, Sterling, Salah, Mane, Aubameyang, Aguero etc etc. I’ll leave that one up to you guys!

    Any thoughts?

    1. Good to see you back Chris.

      My thoughts on Messi is that I hope he doesn’t come to the PL from a Dream Team point of view. At 9m, I wouldn’t want him but I’d feel like I’d have to have him. I think pretty much everyone will pick him and given the numbers you’ve mentioned about it would be risky to exclude him. It would dramatically weaken the rest of the team though.

    2. Great to see you back Chris and some excellent points you make there! I think the furor that would surround this more would probably mean 85+% of teams owning him. Would take some nerve not to own him.

  69. Here’s an interesting number – as many of us are thinking about having a few 2.5m or below players in our teams. Only 5 players who started at 2.5m or less managed to pick up over 150 points last season. They were:


    When I broke down last season’s winner and how many points they picked up per position – only the goalkeeper slot scored less than 150 points over the season

    1. Paul this season will be a lot different to last.
      there are a few less big guns in the middle this season.
      this season is IMO is going to be dominated between the big to.
      to get in the big guns in the rest of our teams we are going to have to pick to cheep
      mid fielders and possibly goalkeeper as well.

      1. Do you think that’s the right way to go though? The season will be very different with more transfers but ultimately the players will still roughly score the same amount of points. I think I could put together a team based on how many points we think each player will score but it won’t look like the teams we are currently planning.

        1. I no where you are coming from.
          just picking 3 strikers is a night mare, there is a least
          6 that I would like ,but thinking about what you are saying
          all 6 of them will probably score similar points I guess.

      1. I really don’t know to be honest. What you thinking Chris? I’m keen on Salah, Kane and Aubameyang to start with but not sure about longer term. It’s all about points on the board at the end of the day and if we model against last season we know that just having the big players won’t get us enough points to do well. Need a rethink.

        1. I think for my main ML team I’m going Werner plus two premiums.

          Werner should be able to become a Greenwood, Ings, Jesus or Rashford. The premiums will probably rotate between each other.

          1. I was thinking about doing the same after game week 1 but hope he doesn’t get off to a bad start.

  70. Just a thought on Vinagre as well. As a Wolves fan, I know that Nuno doesn’t rely on him that much. He seems to have so much potential but can never lay it out on the pitch. Most transfer speculations around us are for full backs and I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two come in before the start of the season. If not, by the end of the transfer window. Having operated Traore in Doherty’s position at times, I think Nuno would be more keen to get a left back in first. Watch this space!

    1. Thanks Chris – worth knowing as he looks a bargain at the moment but only if he plays. Thoughts on how you might do this season without Doherty at the back?

      1. I can’t believe we’ve let him go for so cheap. There’s no logic there for me. I hope it’s been done with Nuno’s approval. If so, it could mean he sees Traore playing there more frequently. When we won the Championship Barry Douglas had an amazing season. Scored goals, set piece specialist and plenty of assists. Nuno got rid of him straight away once we’d been promoted and bought Jonny. Seemed crazy to get rid of Douglas at the time but he seemed to know what he was doing and it paid off.

        We have a European sanction for not balancing the books so I’m not sure how much it is going to hamper us spending wise. My guess is we won’t have much unless we sell big assets such as Traore or Jiminez. If we keep those two, I think we should be ok but if one goes (especially Jiminez) then we could struggle. We definitely have a priority to sign a full back or two, and a centre back to replace Saiss. I don’t think we will look to strengthen anywhere else unless one of those big two go. Fingers crossed!

        1. If Vinagre was to get game time he could be a steal then at 1.5m considering Jonny picked up over 100 points in that position last season. So much could change between now and the start of the season though.

  71. Adama Traore tested positive for Covid! Probably going to have to think of a replacement for him don’t you think dtt??

  72. Soucek, 2.5m, played well after Covid break, scored in pre season games, looks dangerous from set pieces.

    1. I’ve seen him in a few teams. Isn’t he a defensive midfielder though? Or they pushing him on further at the moment?

    2. After that Newcastle game though their fixtures turn pretty dire. I can seen WHU being in the relegation zone come GW7.

  73. I would just like to get everyone’s thoughts on constructing my team!
    First of all I don’t think this seasons game is going to be like any other with all the midfielders been reclassified, Fernandes & KDB must be in team. I’m thinking 433 over 343 will be the way to go. The strikers must be rotated each month for fixture difficulty making the rest of the team pretty much pick and stick. High scoring full backs has got to be a must over the fourth midfielder.

    1. Sounds like pretty sound logic to me Chris. Looking forward to seeing the price of Havertz though as his stats are superb. Could be worth a punt early doors.

    2. I was thinking along the same lines Chris – there’s not many midfielders that appeal to me although we know they traditionally score more points. It’s certainly a tough choice knowing how to start the season but I think being able to adapt quickly as we progress will be the important thing.

  74. Yes he does look like he could be a special player, with Pulisic and Ziyech, Werner is going to be getting a lot of creativity around him bargain at 4m

    1. I still think Pulisic is the pick of them right now though when fit. He’s now up to speed with the Premier League and I think he could be a Star Man magnet this season with the way he plays. Chelsea are going to be fun to watch this season imo.

    1. Not immediately and, even if he is, hamstrings are notoriously hard to come back from. I was planning on giving it until October.

      I agree with the point above though by Chris S as the way the ratings are set up with dribble success etc he could be a Star Man machine. Not as good as Hazard but better than Traore with more goals is my thought.

  75. think I will not bother to work out my team yet.
    the amount of new signings coming in is giving
    cramp on me fingers using me lap top.

  76. Is anyone else finding it really hard to get any Liverpool attacking assets in? I can’t not have both Sterling and De Bruyne, which ties up a lot of money. To keep a balanced team I think I have to pick Werner with big money in those City players. Then with potential Play off game I feel I also need Kane (also factor in Kane is generally top point scorer when he has no long term injuries). With Liverpool assets all attackers now, I just can’t see how I pick any of them? Obviously I’ll have one in place of Sterling for their first match against Leeds. Only option is to put one in for Werner, but then you have to downgrade probably at least another two positions to fund this. Any thoughts?

    1. I’m seriously considering not having both Sterling and De Bruyne. At the moment De Bruyne seems like the obvious choice with very little else available in midfield. But it doesn’t feel like the right choice at the moment but if I go both the rest of the team starts to look very weak. It’s going to be really difficult until things get started to see how it might pan out.

      1. I think if you have both and no Werner, then yes the rest of the team starts to look quite weak. Werner is a must with both to have some sort of balance.

        I’m struggling on which midfielder to fill the third spot at £3.5m or below. I must admit I’m not sold on Willian but could be wrong. I like the sound of Ziyech but would be concerned about having two newbie Chelsea players who could take time to adapt. They’ve weakened the midfield pool of players too much imo taking out Sterling and Mane.

        1. Not forgetting I like the sound of Foden, but it would put all my eggs in one basket which I’m not keen to do.

          1. I think B. Silva has slipped under the radar a little at 3m or do we think there’s little potential in him?

        2. Yeah it’s pretty slim pickings in midfield. I’m not massively sold on Willian myself but happy to take a punt on him to start, given Arsenal’s fixtures. I think Ziyech picked up an injury at the weekend but could be one to watch. I’ll probably make a decision on Werner at the same time that I decide about Sterling.

  77. Werner is key to having a good balanced side imo. I have no doubts at all he will do well this season.

    We talk about enablers, well he’s the number one.

    1. It’s hard to argue with that when he’s cheaper than pretty much all of the other big name strikers.

      1. I think Werner could also be the key to unlocking Sterling when the time comes to not disrupt the rest of your side. I’m starting Kane/Salah/AUB but could pair those two if 1 or 2 of my front free under performs/natural rotation with 5 transfers a month.

        1. Yeah I’ll probably start with those three as well and rotate. Think there are some good options to enable Sterling – Martial, Jesus, Rashford, Werner, etc

  78. Do we know if it’s a certainly that most of the games will kick off at 3pm on Saturday? It would be beneficial if we could see the starting lines ups with unlimited transfers for that hour before kick off. If I remember rightly they moved a game to Friday night last season though.

    1. Fulham vs Arsenal is the first game at lunchtime so that will be the only teams you can see before finalizing your team

      1. Thanks District. Rather annoying as it would have been good to see a few more teams before settling on a starting 11. Least we can see if Willian is starting at least.

        1. I was looking at the fixtures for the 2nd week and man city play last on the monday against wolves too so if your planning on bringing any man city players in for anyone other than a wolves player it will have to be done blind (without knowing if the player you bring in will start/play). Not so much of a problem for KDB and Sterling as you would think they would definitely start but if anyone is looking at Foden, Mahrez etc I would say it’s a bit more of a gamble as you never know with Pep roulette

          1. Ah that’s a bit of a nightmare as well. Imagine bringing in De Bruyne and Sterling and they don’t start

  79. I see Bellerin might be on his way to PSG as well – could this pave the way for Cedric at 2m? Or is someone else ahead of him in the team?

    1. I read that if Bellerin leaves they will keep Maitland Niles to play there, Cedric will still be 2nd choice

  80. Gabriel has signed for Arsenal. I’m now wondering if this frees up Tierney to revert back to that left hand side?

    If they play three as the back it could realistically be Saliba, Luiz and Gabriel. That could give Tierney licence to bomb forwards to his heart’s content. 🤔

    1. Yer he’s the one from the Arsenal defence who could get assists and regular 7+ ratings bombing forward especially if he plays wing back. My ML is filled with Gooners and they’re all raving about his crossing ability. I have no doubt he’ll be in their sides.

    2. Looks like Bellerin might be off on the other side. Not sure about Arsenal defensively but it does look like they are moving in the right direction.

      1. The good thing about Arsenal is that we can just watch and wait until their horrible fixture run comes to an end (GW3-GW7) and then make a more informed decision then.

        1. Yeah can’t say I’m tempted to start with any of their defenders. Goalkeeper is tempting though.

  81. I am seriously looking at leaving both De bruyen and sterling out.
    there are quite a few new faces coming in now, and expect some more
    before the start, it looks like our selections will go down to the wire.
    after 12am sat the free run of selection stops so its down to guess
    work im afraid.

  82. Not seen many people mention Vardy, anyone considering him? West Brom first game, Vardy could get off to a good start with a goal or two. Full of confidence from last season .

    1. I don’t doubt Vardy could do well but just can’t see me going there after being stung badly by him towards the end of last season. He’s just not a ‘sexy’ season starting pick which is a rubbish reason but I’m sticking with it lol!

    2. Golden boot winner as well. He could well be a good left-field choice (I’ve seen very few drafts with him in) early doors with nice fixtures. I’m sticking him in a few of my teams.

    3. He’s a decent shout David given Leicester’s fixtures. He’s just not someone I’ve ever personally felt like I’ve been missing out on by not having him. There’s a lot of choice in those striker positions this season.

  83. Rumours gathering momentum that Messi is City bound on a three-year deal. As much of a nightmare it would cause us FF managers, the purest in me would be very excited to see this happen. THE best player in the history of the game in my humble opinion. Saying “who’s the best” is obviously very subjective, but in terms of what a human being can do with a football in the heat of a football match?……….he is the 🐐.

      1. He’s won more and done it in other leagues and I completely get the argument. Just something magical about Messi.

    1. Messi would be everyone’s team I’d imagine. From week 2 that is. Then you have the choice of about 10 forwards. Crazy!!

  84. So for anyone interested here’s my current draft team with some reasons and thoughts behind my thinking…

    ALISSON- At £3.5m he’s set and forget for the season and great value v’s the other £3m GK’s
    TAA – How have 37.5% of managers left him out!!!??
    GOMEZ- I couldn’t afford Robbo and bringing in KDB & Fernandez GW 2 so Gomez a placeholder and my semi Liverpool defence block. He can easily change to Shaw/Ake and save me £0.5m
    VINAGRE- Cheap enabler into a solid defence with Jonny injured for months. Will keep an eye if they purchase any replacements or are effected by Doherty’s departure. Burnley’s Pieters or Taylor would be my emergency backup plan if required but don’t want to have to go there.
    DAVIES – Cheap enabler and first choice at Spurs… really hope Mour makes them more resilient at the back.
    WILLIAN – Potentially a good source of points for £3.5 if he gets regular game time. Suspect he’ll be on free kicks.
    BARNES – Nice first fixture v’s West Brom. Will become KDB for GW 2
    PEPE – Nice first fixture v’s Fulham. Will become Fernades for GW 2
    KANE – Always scores well when fit
    SALAH – Leave out at your own peril
    AUB – In the form of his life and central to everything Arsenal do going forwards

    I’m pretty committed to leaving out the Mancs in GW 1 just to try and get the best start possible and then bring them in for GW 2. It’s surely best to get ahead and then stay ahead rather then playing catch up.

    With the increased 5 transfers a month and array of attacking talent I’m going to try and get my GK, DEF & MID set early and try and focus my transfers on rotating the big guns up top based on form and upcoming fixtures etc.

    Going without Stirling early does worry me but could bring him in if needed by dropping one of the other strikers down to Werner who offers great value at £4m even if unproven in the PL. Make no mistake about it though, his Bundesliga stats are that impressive it’s not if but when I bring him in. I just want to see that first goal and strong performances first. Aguero, Mane, Martial, Rashford, Greenwood, Vardy, Son, Jiminez, Ings are all well within reach for whenever required.

    I’ve got no intentions of looking at any of the newly promoted players unless real gems unearth themselves but not just on a whim… they would need to be proven over the mid-long term and even then I don’t imagine their ownership or value would be that high.

    Robertson is one who I’d love to have in my team above as think he’ll score well but can’t do so and easily be able to get to KDB and Fernandes GW 2. One option however if I did want to change my mind could be to switch Gomez to Robbo (set and forget) and then Alisson to McCarthy at £2 who’s probably the next best value/budget keeper. Gomez in from the start does however give me the treble up on the Liverpool defence but saving a few pennies and as I say above he could easily become an Ake/Shaw/Tierney/Chilwell etc.

    My strategy this year is threefold:
    1. To be pro-active in monitoring starting line-ups for every game one of my players is in. This also includes checking one of the injury list sites regularly and keeping a closer eye on weekly prezzers. I have already setup my bookmarks!
    2. Focusing my transfers on rotating the big guns up top based on form and upcoming fixtures as detailed above. Time will only tell if this is a good plan but it’s a plan nonetheless!
    3. To be a bit more aggressive when an opportunity presents. I know it’s easy to say this and difficult to achieve in practice without some degree of luck, and I’m also very mindful about not just rushing into the wrong moves, but feel with 5 transfers a month I have a bit more freedom to use one for a ‘punt’ each month, if the time is right. This could be a late transfer of Aguero to Jesus for example if Pep decides to rest him. Or if Antonio is on fire and has a plumb home fixture to a Fulham defence that’s conceded 3+ goals last 3 games etc. Or if Martial is injured and Greenwood is likely to play through the middle and Salah has a tough away game @ Sheffield Utd if you follow. I don’t view this punt move as a long term plan but just to strike at the right time and try and gain 10/15 extra points here and there on those in my main cash ML (only 10 of us @ £50pp so could work!).

    Anyways, I’m no expert but am happy to adapt and improvise as required throughout the season and regularly take the feedback from here on board to help me with my decisions so let me know what you think of my ramblings!

    1. Looks like a good solid plan to me. I’m also tempted to start with Barnes from the off as I think he could be good value and he price may rise. I’m still unsure about the likes of Vinagre and Davies but I should start with at least one of them. I wouldn’t mind Shaw as a pick and stick option when Man Utd’s fixtures get underway. I also looked at Pepe and Willian but I’m now thinking about moving back to Alli. The good thing is that we will be able to see how Arsenal line up in their first game. Would you take Pepe or Willian out if they don’t start?

      1. 100%! It’s all about maximising GW 1 to get the edge on those starting with the Mancs. Alli would be my back for either of them if they don’t start.

    2. Great input Brad and you’ve clearly given careful consideration to your strategy. Brilliant.

      Looking at your draft and how you’ve earmarked Robbo as one you’d like ideally, I’d say you’re pitching Gomez & Kane up against say Werner & Robbo. Robbo should match and surpass Gomez for points you’d think. Could Werner keep pace with Kane to an extent, at least in terms of value? 🤔

      1. If Kane can stay fit surely he’s in for a shout of being the highest point scorer in the game this season

  85. Two points on Wolves related things (being a wolves fan!)

    Firstly, we are expected to sign Faouzi Ghoulam from Napoli within the next week. He is a left back and Jorge Mendes (that Mourinho/Ronaldo super agent that seems to run the Wolves) is his agent and has said it’s as good as a done deal. Not sure if it’s back-up for Vinagre or to start, but a consideration.

    Secondly, as has been mentioned, City play in their first game on the Monday night in GW2. Also mentioned, you will have to pick your City players blind as a result. Anyone considered leaving them out until GW3? Since Pep has had control of City, we have played them 6 times. We drew 0-0 to them in the League cup when we were in the championship (they won on penalties). First season up, we lost 3-0 away, drew 1-1 at home. Second season we beat them in the Asia Trophy Final pre-season (on penalties after another 0-0) and then did the double over them in the season, 2-0 away and 3-2 at home (Molinuex was rocking that day!)

    I know if City turn up on their day they can wallop anyone, but they do seem to struggle against us. Anyone tempted to take the risk?

    1. I was thinking along the same lines with regards to that City V Wolves fixture. Half tempted to skip it and then bring in City players who might do well before they rise at the end of that game week. If Wolves do sign a left back I’d imagine they’d replace Vinagre so it could be back to the drawing board.

        1. 😢 this is where it’s hard for me being a fan! Do I think with my head or my heart? As DTT states, I could at least transfer them in before the end of GW2 if they’ve had a great week against us and are likely to rise in value. I fee this won’t end well…🤣

            1. Win win Chris… put the City players in and if Wolves win or draw you’ll be happy and if City go to town you’ll get the points on DT at least! 😉

              1. Yes there is this consideration. Is it not just me though that you feel you’ve betrayed your team, or if they do well then it’s your fault for putting them in? I know really it makes no difference, but plus on the conscience a little?

    2. I’d be fearful of Vinagre’s starting chances if this is the case regarding Ghoulam. 😢

  86. My team for week 1:
    TAA, Robertson, Vinagre, Davies
    Pulisic, Willian, Alli
    Salah, Werner, Aubameyang

    I’m still not settled on the midfield yet but with picking Werner instead of Kane it will allow me after the first game week to get my team to..

    TAA, Robertson, Vinagre, Davies
    Pulisic, KDB, Fernandes
    Salah, Werner, Aubameyang

    I am really happy with that front 6 and could possibly downgrade Pulisic to a 3.5m mid to allow for flexibility of Aubameyang to Sterling. I’ll also have to monitor Vinagre and Davies but this is my thinking long term.

    1. Pulisic is still injured isn’t he? I think they’ve said he’s likely to miss GW1. Looks a good balanced team. Your main concern is Kane will be highly owned and if he starts well (pretty nice fixtures) it could hinder your progress amongst rivals.

    2. Pretty similar to myself ARB90 for my main ML team. I’ll be moving the Arsenal boys out though for GW 3 I think and will bring in Kane for Auba then.

        1. Planning to bring him in for Auba in GW 3 I think. Arsenal’s fixtures turn rough and Spurs have that potential play-off fixture.

          I’d be surprised if Kane outscores Auba in those first two games. Looking to keep Werner for a reasonable amount of time to hopefully see his value catch up to the other big boys. And then I have Salah.

          I’ll stick Kane in from the start in a couple of teams though. 👍🏻

    3. Looks pretty good to me. I’d imagine I’ll end up with one cheaper striker. I think we will need to look at Vinagre closer than we look at Davies.

  87. Bad news Werner drafters…..

    I genuinely had a dream last night about Werner. He blanked in GW1 against Brighton. Let’s hope my subconscious is clueless. 😂

  88. I’m looking forward a bit here, which is a bit mad when I don’t think any of us have even settled on a starting team yet, but anyway…

    I’m pretty settled on Kane to start with. Quite nice fixtures, potential play off round and always scores well. In fact, fixtures for first couple of months for Tottenham are pretty favourable, until 21/11. Tottenham then have a run of fixtures as follows:

    Man City
    Crystal Palace

    That’s 6 of last years top 8 (not forgetting Tottenham are one of them themselves) in 7 games. We seem to be in agreement that rotating strikers is the plan this year. Is it worth having a different striker for this run? Or is Kane too risky to leave out, especially if he has started well?

    1. Jesus! That is a bad run. I think I’ll be taking him out for that run of fixtures. I’m sure he’ll score against some of those top teams but to expect him to do it consistently over that period is a tall order.

    2. I think it might be wise to move anyone on who has a run of bad fixtures. Could be a great time to pick up points where others haven’t

  89. Kids back at school…..peace and quiet…..a bit of dream team drafting time. Bliss. 🥰

    I think I need a team or two with a bit more City coverage in it though as we move through into GW3 and beyond.

    I’m moving onto my 3rd team draft and I’ve only got KDB by GW3 in both drafts. The lack of City coverage in there makes me feel a little uneasy I must say. Same goes for United too tbh.

    1. Here’s an alternative team I’ve put together to react to this problem, Soton heavy for GW 1! 😱

      GW 1

      GW 2

      GW 3

      A little bit more “out there” but has the potential for some decent points hauls should City/United/Liverpool get off to a flyer.

      1. How are you going to approach your other teams out of the 10? Do you enter mini leagues for cash? I always find that I neglect most of my teams other than the ones that matter after a while.

        1. It’s the first time I’ve seriously planned to use the full allocation this season so I’m not sure how it’s going to pan out in truth Paul.

          It’s quite easy to fall into the trap of having 10 teams (or 8 in my case – 1 non-euro team & 1 which is my 8 year-old son’s team) which have a very similar look to them. Pushing the boat out a little on some of the “non-ML teams”. It’s quite liberating to be honest to be able to throw a bit more caution to the wind by the time you get to team no.4.

          Would love to get a team into the top 100 this season as I do think I have it in me to do so if I remain focussed this season. Always important to aim high I reckon.

          Does anyone else have a personal target in mind they’d like to make this season?

          1. Yeah my teams are looking very similar I must admit. I’d love a top 100 finish but only for the team I’m writing about on here. Makes it difficult when I focus so much on one team as the other 9 have no value to anyone who is following the blog.

            1. if after week 2 or 3 one of your other teams was far ahead of your main team on this blog, i am pretty sure it would be OK to switch the team you focus on in the blog. the teams wont be very different so you could just explain the switch in a short article on this site.

              (the only issue is with which team u enter in a mini league though)

              1. The problem is I think some people follow my team and my transfers all the way through the season and use it as their team so I wouldn’t be able to swap. Last season I entered my team on here into all the mini leagues. However, this season I’m going to create duplicates of the same team so if I want to take them in different directions I can decide further down the line.

  90. Further credibility being added to Don’s recommendation of Podence as an early option. I always thought he played on the left (therefore competing with Jota), but apparently he spend a fair bit of time on the right as well. With Traore having Covid and possibly having to play RWB anyway, maybe Podence could get some serious game-time early doors? 🤔

      1. Chris if Podence stays in the team and does well
        he may be the gem we are all looking for.
        he is in my team straight away and will stay there
        until he is dropped or playing badly.

        1. Definitely on my radar now, although i have since seen someone dispel the “playing on the right” argument. Not many occasions by all accounts. Still, it shows he offers some versatility.

          1. He generally plays on the left. He barely started a game for us last season. It depends on the set up but with Traore out my prediction would be we will be 5 at the back (with wing backs) 3 in midfield which will be Dendoncker, Neves and Moutinho and 2 up top in Jiminez and Jota. If we play this system, last year Podence wouldn’t even be considered. He only played him when we played 2 in the middle and a top 3. Without wanting to put too much of a dampener on Podence (because I think he could be great eventually), Nuno also favours Neto as a winger over him (well he did last season). Brave to start with him if you ask me.

            1. Useful to know Chris E – I’m not sure I’ll take a punt on him. I feel nervous enough about the idea of Vinagre, Davies or Barnes in my team.

              1. With Vinagre, do you have a back-up plan further on. He is a very tempting price and frees up money that is needed. My concern is that all Wolves transfer talk is about full backs and centre backs pretty much. Even if Vinagre starts the season, I think we will have bought someone by the end of the window to compete with him. What if he plays the first couple of games, and is then dropped? It’s hard to replace him at the price point isn’t it.

                1. Dier is my back-up option if I were to stay 4-3-3, would mean double Spurs though…😬

                  Midfield option is then probably Barnes. If he can improve his finishing (he often gets into the correct positions) he could get some decent points hauls I reckon. He is often withdrawn around the 70 minute mark though.

                  1. Possibly a risk of not starting as well? Interestingly he scored roughly the same points as Tielemans despite playing a 1,000 minutes less

                2. My only back up plan at the moment is to take out one of the 6.5m strikers and move to a striker who is worth 5m or below. This would free up funds to improve him but it’s not ideal. I can’t see anyone I’d want to replace him with at 1.5m

  91. fare comment E. he cost wolves I think around 17.5ml no small fee for them.
    have been looking at him on u tube looks very useful.
    the friendly against c palace the other day he scored a nice
    header got rave revues and man of the match.
    with 5 tran and a short month if he does not workout so be it
    transfer him out. glad for your info though.

    1. I don’t think we have played them in a friendly have we? We played Crystal Palace in our last home fixture of last season where Podence scored a header. Think it was his first goal for us and an open goal if I remember correctly! I watched videos of him when we signed him in January, and does look promising if he can nail a starting position in the team.

      That Crystal Palace game would have seen him in a 3 up top, probably with Traore the other side. If we play that system, I would say he has a good chance of playing with Neto on the other side. Jota is generally saved for the 2 up top approach. I have to admit that I’d be surprised – with Traore out – if Nuno doesn’t start with the 2 up top in Jota and Jiminez. You never know though….. I hope for your sake that I am wrong!

      1. ok E thought was friendly. still at least it was a more competitive game.
        you obviously no more about wolves than any of us.
        I always take all comments on board.
        there is still a week to go so lots of transfers to happen and
        lots to think about.

  92. Just read this DTT…If the second test does come back positive, Traore will miss Spain’s upcoming fixtures and is unlikely to be available for Wolves’ first Premier League game of the season, away to Sheffield United on September 14, due to isolation protocols.
    ……keep an eye on

    1. I’m hearing this morning that he’s likely to be available for Spain? Can’t get my head around what’s going on with that one.

  93. Just been looking at Ben Dinnery’s site AND predicted line-ups. It seems to me that Palace are a team to target early doors (in terms of choosing players that are going to play against them).

    Their back four for the first game looks like being:

    Ward Kelly Dann Mitchell

    With Tomkins, Sakho, Cahill and PVA currently having no return date yet, Palace could be in for a rough ride defensively at the start of the season.

    Here are the opposition for Palace for the first four PL games:


    There is most definitely a case for targeting players from these teams imo.

    1. I think I’ll be in a rush to bring in Man Utd players in game week 2. At the very least Fernandes. Shaw does interest me as well if he’s fit enough to start the season.

  94. I’m also wondering if Mount is still worth considering as a cheaper way into that Chelsea midfield? I had written him off a little with all the new players incoming but many of the line-up projections for next season nearly all seem to find a place for him.

    He certainly got plenty of minutes last season and really benefit from playing alongside some of these incoming players. Could be a bargain at £2.5m 🤔

    1. Well they’ve not really signed any CM’s have they? So you would think it’s the same battle as last year to get a run in the middle. They have so many already but Mount did seem to be a favourite of Frank’s. I think probably his preferred 3 ended up being Kante, Kovacic and Mount. The competition is fierce though with Barkley, Loftus-Cheek, Jorginho and a rapidly emerging Billy Gilmour vying for the spots. I’d say the only guaranteed one is Kante and we’re not about to pick him are we!

      1. Don’t forget the imminent arrival of Havertz though mate. He’ll play as an attacking centre-mid you’d think.

    2. I looked at Mount at 2.5m but given the number of signings Chelsea have made I wondered if he might go backwards in terms of points on the board this season

      1. Over the season I would entirely agree, just wondering about a cheeky little short-term punt until we see how the new Chelsea midfield assets settle.

  95. Many line-up predictions putting down Zouma as first choice centre-back alongside Silva. With the addition of a decent keeper and IF they begin to show more of a back bone defensively, he could be a bargain at £2m. Add him to the watch-list guys. 👀

    Don’t trust Chelsea defensively to start the season with but I’d be prepared to jump in IF the above does come to fruition.

    1. Chelsea should (I stress ‘should’) be up there this season surely? All those attackers they have signed, surely less defending will be required? I think the Zouma situation is one to monitor. It’s got to be Silva, but the other one is a bit of a guess if you ask me. Probably Rudiger or Zouma but I wouldn’t like to take a punt on it.

      On a Chelsea note, they’re signing Havertz for like 100 million Euros (if you include add-ons) today aren’t they. I know Pulisic isn’t looking like being fit to start the season, but I should imagine at full strength it will be Werner flanked by Pulisic and Havertz (he operates on the right). The point I am getting to is that is bad news for anyone looking to pick Ziyech, who also operates on the right. I’m not saying he won’t get game time, but Havertz was double the cost of Ziyech and I can’t see Frank putting him on the bench too much. Not forgetting he had a pretty good season in the Bundesliga and is now in the Germany side also.

      I’m running a chain here, but talking of Germany….Werner scored last night again for Germany. Nice finish as well. Seems to pick up the odd goal always and really could be a steal at £4m.

      1. Most line-up predictions put Havertz playing behind Werner as an attacking centre-mid with Pulisic left (when fit) and Ziyech right. 🤔

        1. Interesting. I must admit I haven’t looked at anything like that. Seems a good solution mind! I just looked at his heat map from last year and it’s all down the right. That would make more sense seeing as they just signed Ziyech as well though. Sounds like a pretty formidable attack! Hudson-Odoi is going to get even angrier now 🤣

      2. I think I’ll almost certainly go for Werner after the Liverpool game. I’m happy with my front three to start the season but he’s going to be a good enabler to make improvements if they are required. I think there could be a lot of rotation in those midfield positions as well which is a bit worrying.

        1. I’m guessing at the expense of Aubameyang Paul?

          The difficulty arises if Aubameyang does indeed fire from the off, say scores a couple of braces. Do you put fixtures over form? He’s already scored against Liverpool recently after all.

          It’s a quandary I’m pondering myself…🤔

          1. I suppose if Aubameyang scores a couple of braces then at least we’ll have the points on the board… 🙂

            1. It would be at the expense of Aubameyang. At least I think so when looking at it on paper but you never know what might change between now and then.

  96. I was concerned about Vinagre so I’ve swapped him for Ben White at the same price as he looks a great talent and by all account Brighton will be playing him this season and on occasions in midfield.

    1. I’ll have a look at him – can’t say I’d heard of him so I’ll need to look him up. Is he also 1.5m?

      1. Perhaps he’s one to watch but I wouldnt put white in straight away. Good player but will Brighton win many matches? Plus he isnt guaranteed starter just yet

  97. I was also thinking of including James at 3m but with the arrival of Thiago will that mean Azpilucueta moves to right back and James is benched more?

    1. I think James is a bit overpriced at 3m myself. There’s quite a few I’d put in ahead of him at that price.

  98. What about dropping Alisson for McCarthy? That frees up 1.5M

    Would you consider bringing in Zouma instead of Vinagre?

    Left with 1.0M to add on to the price of Davies which would give you 3.0M to bring in a stronger defender like Digne? Everton’s have Spurs, West Brom and Palace.

    1. I do feel like I’d want to strengthen the defence a little but I must admit I don’t see McCarthy scoring over 100 points so it’s a bit of a drop compared to Alisson. I think Werner might be the key to unlocking more budget but I’m not massively keen to start with him.

  99. Think I’m set but looking for a bit of advice:

    Allison and Barnes
    Patricio and Alli

    Seeing it written like that I’m leaning the first one. My logic is that it will be much harder to replace an underpriced GK who will, if fit, be a top 3 points scorer for position than 2m/3m range midfielder.

    Can’t wait to get going now; the second guessing and team tinkering can get a bit much!

    1. I can’t wait for it to get going either. I could tinker forever so I’ll be glad once it’s locked in. I’ve been doing the same comparisons and I’m yet to find anything that worked better than Alisson being paired with a cheaper outfield player. Really struggling to see beyond Alisson

  100. Seems that Traore having Covid was a false alarm. Anyone looking at starting with him? Also makes Podence’s chances more doubtful although as it stands there’s a good chance Traore will be playing wing back.

    1. I’m guessing this will reduce his goal threat opportunities. It’s a tough one because I’d fancy starting with him if he was fit enough to play but not sure I’d want him at right back.

  101. 1 WEEK TO GO – now over 500 comments on this post. I think we had over 800 last season so get your comments in and your teams up for us all to discuss.

  102. Loving this thread! Sooooo many options open to us. For what it’s worth I’m going for a non Manchester team for wk 1 then probably using 4 or even all 5 transfers to bring in the likes of Bruno KDB Laporte Greenwood and Aguero. I think I tinker with my XL more than pep does….😱😂

  103. Maybe not for first week as I believe Pulisic will miss it, but what would you go with:

    Pulisic and Gomez
    Willian and Robertson

    I really think Pulisic could have a good season once he’s up to speed again, but Gomez won’t get the ratings and assists that Robbo does 🤔

  104. think this is the best I can come up with.

    Patricio robo T/A Dier William Havertz Traore Alli Aubameyang Kane Salah.

    2.5 in bank. ABY 6.5 Traore 4.0 Alli 3.0 = 16ml

    after its game swap A/B Alli Traore for werner De bruyner Fernandes.

    1. Havertz coming in at £3.5m is a definite tempter for me. I’m thinking he could be a better pick than Willian? It’s always about if they can hit the ground running though isn’t it. Let’s not forget though that although Willian has been around a bit, he still needs to settle into a new team also

  105. As i said above, I intend to enter 10 teams on the sun website. I know this is may seem too much to manage but after wk 3/4 i will probably forget about most of them and will only focus on the top few. I find this helps to ensure that u get off to the best possible start. To do this i have a set squad of players that i will use for all ten teams (i might add a few more but prob not!). this is who i have decided i’d be happy with in any of teams:

    GK: Allison 3.5, Patricio 2.5, Leno 2.5 (also i hear romero from man U and martinez from arsenal may be on the move so they could prove to good value)

    6m Van Dijk … 5m TrentArnold
    4.5m Robertson / Laporte… 3.5m Cancelo
    3m Digne/Tierney … 2.5m Ake … 2m Zouma
    (full disclosure I am a leeds fan so some bias involved perhaps but potentially good value defenders at leeds are Dallas & Ayling both 1.5m and Koch 2m)

    7m De Bruyne… 5m Fernandes … 4.5m Pulisic
    4m Traore/ Pogba… 3.5m Ziyech/Havertz …2.5m Foden/Lo Celso/Mount
    2m H Barnes… 1.5 K Phillips* (leeds bias!!)

    7.5m Sterling … 6.5m Aubameyang/ Kane/ Mane/ Salah … 5m Martial
    4.5m Jesus/ Rashford…4m Werner… 3m Greenwood
    Poss Leeds picks Bamford at 2m or new signing Rodrigo at 2.5

    So as you can see no real surprises in this squad, but as i am happy with each of the players in it i can shuffle them about to make up 10 teams, then after a few weeks just run with the ones that got a good start! at least 90% of subs i make throughout the season will be from this list too, i drive myself crazy if i consider players across the whole league!
    (I am unsure about spurs and arsenal this year but will be watching them closely and a few of their players may make it into this squad)

    1. Looks like a decent squad to me Jamie. I’m going to do the 10 teams as well but will probably get bored with most of them. I’m going to keep most of them quite similar to start with so it’s easier to manage. It’s always the case that my main team eventually outperforms the rest – simply because I spend so much time on it. So I’m going to run a few duplicates of that to try and get a decent start.

      1. Yes straight in my team. I said before he signed anything under 4m would be a bargain and he started training yesterday which give him 10 days to integrate into the team

        1. I’m thinking the same District. Do we not worry about rotation though? They have added a lot of midfielders to the squad.

          1. I think everyone is going to get rotated this season, plenty of transfers if it doesn’t work out

            1. Yeah I’ll almost certainly start with him myself and just hope he makes a decent start.

      2. yes that will be my strategy too. to be honest using a limited squad means that all 10 of my teams will be very similar, maybe with only one or two player changes. like i said its all about getting off to a flyer!

  106. Looking at six midfielders, Havertx, Ziyech, Willian, Traore, Ali, Barnes, which four to select, game-week two lose three of the above, & add Pulisic, De bruyne, Fernández, still not sure whether to go four at the back adding Robbo to make three Liverpool assets in defence, crystal ball required.

    1. now that we have five transfers Dave you can virtually go with who ever you fancy within reason.
      if things don’t work out you can change half the team in one go.
      go with your instinct without to much to worry about.
      good luck.

    2. Must admit I’m tempted by Havertz – big price tag, good stats from last season and relatively cheap price. I’ll probably have Alli and Willian as well.

  107. Thanks Don, it’s a free hit in midfield really, which ever midfield set up I select, I will at most probably only retain one of them for game week 2 onwards, so called big guns brought into team, De bruyne, Fernández, Pulisic.

  108. Reports on Merseyside that Salah has been struggling to find form preseason. Liverpool beat Blackpool 7-2 yesterday with Salah being subbed after a poor performance. Since project restart he has only scored 3 times. I personally think Mane is the better option, as he is far more consistent and never lets you down.

    What we thinking ??

      1. ii still think Ziyech could be chelsea’s best signing and he is the same price as Havertz… chelsea is just confusing right now!

        1. It’s a really tough one. I compared them both yesterday:

          Goals: 12
          Assists: 6
          Price tag: 72m

          Goals: 6
          Assists: 12
          Price tag: 36m
          Potentially injured

          Ziyech had a high average rating on whoscored though

          Must admit I’d not heard of either of them. So I can only go on the stats. For me Havertz edges it with more goals and a bigger price tag – with a very basic conclusion that he must be a better player due to his value and might be played more often because he cost much more 😂

          1. Like you mentioned in your review Paul, could literally be a coin toss. Are we 100% confident Havertz will start with him only recently joining? Not much time to integrate? I think Ziyech stands a decent chance of being on set-pieces too. Very tough call though…

            1. I think it’s a big risk that he won’t start. Same for Ziyech. I’d be interested to know what others think because I’ve got no clue at the moment.

    1. My starting X1
      Patricio TAA Davies Robertson
      Havertz Alli Pepe Willian
      Salah Werner Kane
      Alli and Pepe will become KDB and Bruno in week 2. I prefer Patricio and Robertson to Allison and a 3.5 mil defender.

      1. Looks good to me – not fancy Aubameyang? I’m debating the same when it comes to Robertson or Alisson.

        1. Aubameyang’s fixtures after the first two weeks put me off him to start with. I need to get Aguero instead of Kane at some point as well.

          1. Yeah I’ll probably only have Aubameyang for the first two weeks. Good opportunity to look at others while he has these easier fixtures.

    2. I did see this as well but I’ll be starting with him from the off against Leeds. I completely get what you’re saying but I do tend to follow trends and we know historically that Mane has never outscored Salah over a season.

    1. I thought this might be the case. I’m fairly happy with my longer term team now. On the condition that Werner gets off to a good start:
      De Bruyne

      This looks solid to me and no real issues with having too many cheap players. Also leaves 1m in the bank unbelievably – so even Sterling isn’t out of reach. I’d start with this team if the Manchester clubs were playing game week 1. But as I say, it’s on a massively condition that Werner looks promising.

        1. I’d plan to rotate around based on fixtures but it will take me four transfers to get to that team. I might even target some City players for the EFL Cup fixtures. Someone like Mahrez, who might get game time against Wolves and then again in the week.

    2. Yes definitely one to keep an eye on. Looking into it, he seems to have been preferred on the left side of a back three for Lyon. They say he can play there or as left back/wing back. It’s either a case of he plays LCB to replace Saiss (who is a midfielder filling in really) and is also then back up for Vinagre should he get injured (with Saiss then coming back in) OR he was bought to replace Vinagre and Saiss stays put. I think we will only know when we see Wolves first team of the season. My bet would be that Vinagre still plays but let’s see. One thing with Wolves is rotation is rare, so once we see the line up, we can assume it will stay fairly similar going forward especially from a defence point of view.

      1. I think I’m going to give Vinagre a miss to start with. As you say, we can then see what happens in the first few games. Not sure I like Man City in game week 2 either.

  109. Read on Twitter (@DreamTeamProf) 👈(great new account) about Zaha scoring three goals in preseason. Decided to look a little deeper and found that he’s played two matches on the trot as a main striker, notching 3 goals and 2 assists.

    Very tempted for a one week only punt. Palace are so depleted at the back they may see that attack will be the best form of defence against Soton. Food for thought…🤔

  110. Anybody considering players who may feature in the Carabou Cup week 1 and then change to Manc players the following week?

    Ings. Zaha or Wolves players might be an option.

    1. It’s tempting I must admit and I certainly will in one of my teams but not my main team.

      1. Best bet would be Ings as he scored most of his goals away from home in the league and as Chris pointed out before the Palace defence is vulnerable at the moment. he also scored two goals in the league cup last season.

        1. Going for a Redmond/Ings double up in one of my more “experimental” teams.

          Conversely I’m really tempted with Zaha too now for my main ML team now that he could be an OOP striker. 🤔

          1. Ings is going in my main team. Fancy him to get off to a good start as Southampton are set up for him to score. Decent fixtures and possibility of cup games too

            1. Although that fixture doesn’t stand out as a high scoring game, I honestly think it could be. Palace are in bits at the back so Soton should prosper, whilst Zaha is looking back to his best pre-season and he loves being that Talisman when he’s in the mood.

              Could genuinely be an entertaining game this one.

                1. Zaha is wanted by some big clubs in Europe, he still wants to leave, another bid rejected could put him in a moody place again. Palace just don’t score many goals.

  111. do you no I have now decided after a few bears HIC that
    I will now have anyone of to arsenal keepers instead of
    patriceo for the first to games because they have both got the same
    price 2.5ml so it matters not who plays, and the first to fixtures
    are good. then I will change to patricio whose fixtures are then very good.

    1. I was looking at one of the Arsenal keepers myself but not sure I can bring myself to do it. Historically they’ve been capable of letting a goal in against anyone.

      1. no what you mean Paul.
        only want Arsenal keeper for the first to games then swap
        to Patricio where there fixtures look good after there first to games.

        1. I’m looking a Tierney for those first couple of games now. It’s a decent advantage that we can see their team in advance.

  112. Definitely think it’s a good move bringing Alli back in Paul. I was dubious originally but I’ve been reading how impressive he’s looked pre-season playing in the number 10 role. He’s going back into my team too. 👌🏼

    1. Yeah I’m starting to feel much happier overall with my team overall now. Feels like a plan is starting to come together.

      1. My team coming along nicely as well. Doubts on goalkeeper still (I don’t fancy Alisson yet as he won’t in the cups and the start is not easy) and Vinagre (the wolves manager is fan of buying young talent but the truth he likes to go with experienced players in the team).

        1. You still thinking McCarthy? I’m going to take Vinagre out myself with Wolves signing a new left back.

          1. Goalkeeper – still up for debate for me. Alisson is the obvious choice but I still think I can get for cheaper later on so will be patient. no need to overspend if I can help it.

            Vinagre – would be been a good option but 1.5m players can be at a bad price point so a lot more quality at 2m range.

            1. edit – been reading all on Twitter that Vinagre wants to leave. Very risky now to go with him with this uncertainty. Shame he was high on the creativity area with good dribbling and crossing skills but i guess the manager doesn’t trust much.

            2. Yeah I’m going to move on from Vinagre. I don’t like Alisson’s opening fixtures but I’m thinking I’ll just leave him in for the season.

  113. Do we know if the likes of TAA and Willian are fit? I’m hearing neither have had a preseason.

      1. I reckon he will be a first choice looking at what they paid for him.
        what we all need is a crystal ball.
        trouble is after the first game 12 o’clock free transfers come to an end (or do they )

        1. Yeah they will do – but annoying that there aren’t more games kicking off at the same time really.

  114. Mahrez and Laporte test positive for covid. Ake to start now? Covid on the rise, busy at work testing it so its implications could disrupt our season. I probably facing my most difficult season of 5 years playing the game.

    1. Unless they sign another CB I would have thought he would be starting regardless of the laporte situation. Its 2 weeks until man City play so provided they aren’t showing any symptoms I would expect mahrez and laporte to be available.

      Agree that this season is an absolute minefield!!

        1. I thought Ake was brought in to Laporte’s backup. will Pep play both as they are left footed. I never seen two left footed centre back pairing before.

          1. I could be wrong of course, who knows with Pep but he doesn’t seem to have any faith in Otamendi or Stones and Fernandinho is old

            1. If he doesn’t play in the league he will play in the Cup anyway so you will get a game out of him one way or another

          2. Yeah that’s a good point – I’ve got no idea really but if they are both left footed I can see why they wouldn’t play together.

            1. I don’t think that every successful centre back partnership has always been a left foot and a right foot combo. Left foot players are way less common than right foot players, I imagine most partnerships in history have been 2 right foot players so I don’t see any reason he wouldnt play Ake and Laporte together

  115. Really tricky this year with all the transfers and no fans hence feel the league could be more competitive. Chelsea certainly must be considered with all that new talent so here is my current team obviously with Manchester for the first week to get some points on the board

    Kepa Robertson silva Arnold
    Ali traore havertz willian
    Kane Werner Auba

    1. Not to far from what I’ll start with but not sure on Kepa and Silva myself. They’ve improved going forward but not sure about them at the back.

  116. It seems looking at most of the teams mentioned, that practically no-one is going for Sterling from GW2 onwards. We not worried about the fact he scored the most points in the game last year at all? Not to mention the high ownership…

    1. He just seems so overpriced compared to the 6.5m options. I think I’ve managed to get a team where I’ll have De Bruyne and 1m in the budget if I did want Sterling though.

  117. To add to the Vinagre quandary, it appears that Vinagre may be wanting to leave because Wolves have signed Marcal. As I mentioned before, I think he will play either LCB, if not then LWB. Maybe Vinagre isn’t happy because he’s been told Marcal will be LWB. Either way, DT have priced him at the same price as Vinagre; £1.5m. Maybe one to consider instead?

    1. Have they really!?

      I’m interested in a straight swap then. Marcal is very good and plays two positions.

      My Vinagre blues are gone!

    2. I think I’m going to leave all Wolves players alone until after the Man City fixture.

  118. I thought Ake was brought in to Laporte’s backup. will Pep play both as they are left footed. I never seen two left footed centre back pairing before.

  119. Looking at a recent entry by District got me thinking about Ings possibly making my team instead of Werner, good opening fixtures + possible gametime in the league Cup, can he possibly emulate last last seasons pts haul. Werner comes with some reputation, but when you have RR bigging up Ings aswell you have to give it considerable thought, Werner or Ings, then I think I’m good to go.

  120. Everton have signed James Rodriguez! Wonder how good he’ll be or was it just his 5 min of fame at that last world cup?

    1. Might hamper Spurs getting a clean sheet first game of the season as well. Must admit not seen a lot of James since the World Cup.

    2. I picked him in that World Cup for my dream team from the start. I absolutely demolished my mini league just from him alone. Not really trained on though has he. Maybe he needs a drop to a ‘lesser’ team to get that sparkle back. One to keep an eye on but I can’t see me picking him from the start this time.

  121. I’d be interested in your thoughts on the fourth draft I’ve just published – really keen to get it right this season from the off. Tierney feels like a bit of a punt but glad to see the back of Vinagre. Not sure about Barnes either when I’ve got any other player to pick from.

    1. I must admit I quite like your team come GW3. One question I can think of immediately; say Auba and Willian do nothing in the first game, and are likely to lose value at the start of GW2, would you look to bring the KDB and Werner transfers forward then? Or would you be happy to ride it out knowing you have that £1m in the bank?

      1. Good question because transfers will be driven by price changes or will that be simply ignored as the aim is not to have the highest team value (offers more flexibility) but the most points (wins prizes). Very difficult to achieve both.

        1. I’ll be attempting both. I wouldn’t bring in a player who is certain to rise if they’ve got poor fixtures ahead. Equally I’d be unlikely to take out a big name if they are going to drop if they’ve got really good fixtures ahead. However, if a player is on my radar to come out and another is on my radar to come in – because it works within budget and based on performance then I’d probably pull the trigger much quicker as it could be a 0.6m swing.

      2. I could well move them on quickly. It will depend on how GW1 goes. I’m not going to chase value without points but will try and hit that spot where you get both. I’ve picked players who I think could do well and potentially rise early on. But if Werner was to score twice and Aubameyang was to miss a penalty and end up on minus points, I think I’d probably put Werner in straight away as it could be a 0.6m swing.

        1. Problem is how to predict form? Aubamenyang may be falling in price but has good fixtures ahead but blanks in those so you losing both value and points. Can stats predict form? maybe I don’t know but it doesn’t take in account confidence, role, team morale and body language.

          1. Isn’t predicting form exactly what we are all trying to do when we pick our teams though? I’ve always said luck plays a part and it does because on paper certain players look more likely to start well than others. But as you say, it’s not set in stone – it’s a lottery to a certain degree. I don’t think stats can predict form unless they are incredibly detailed – stats are only really useful for spotting trends. I mean look at my Tierney pick – goes against all the stats but I like his fixtures. You just have to apply it all to each decision you make. For example, I like Aubameyang’s first two fixtures and I agree that Werner is more of a risk and I don’t like his second fixture. Although I’ve certainly got my eye on Werner. If Aubameyang blanks for the first two game weeks and Werner scores in both game. I’ll make the switch – before Werner rises again. This would also tie in with Chelsea’s fixtures getting easier and Arsenal’s getting tougher. Here’s where luck comes in – Aubameyang may then go onto score a hat trick in the next game and Werner may blank but you can’t predict it. For me, it will just be about trying to spot certain points in time where players may have a better chance of bring in points.

            1. Problem with early transfers – less info and so impacts decision time making, you also miss out on manager’s press conferences (most done on Friday) where you bring in player and then the manager reveals he got injured in training. Happened me in the past with Alli and Coutinho where I moved too early.

              Similar to FPL in a way where people go early in the week with the transfer(s) for chasing value, whereas other make their decisions really late to get all the latest information.

              1. Yeah I think it’s going to be about making a judgement based on the advantages and disadvantages at that period in time.

    2. Just thought of another one. If Tierney lines up LCB as opposed to LWB, does that change your mind with him?

      1. Possibly because it would only be for 1 match anyway and we can check line ups without using transfers. I could be attempted to go for whoever plays at RWB.

    3. Just as a little Brucey Bonus, I’m pretty sure your GW3 team adds up to £48.5m? Which actually gives you another £0.5m that you didn’t realise, so £1.5m in the bank. Double check that just in case! That means Alli could become Pulisic if he looks sharp again (maybe too much Chelsea then though)

      1. Good spot Chris – I’d originally taken out Alli which only left 1m but 1.5m in the bank is even better. I’ll correct the blog though.

    4. He had a decent first season at Madrid but then it all went a bit shit with injuries and different managers. The 4 draft looks solid now Paul. Could Maddison be worth a shout over Barnes instead or would that mess up GW2 transfers? Free kick specialist too.

      1. I think we can have anyone instead of Barnes as it could be just for GW1. I’d seen a few people say Maddison is injured but I’ve not checked myself. We could even go Robertson or Doherty.

        1. Doherty could a good shout! Priced at 4.0M. Spurs could be the dark horses this year. Ryan Fraser could be worth a punt at 2.0M.

          1. It’s a tough one because it could only be for one game. Doherty does stand out though. Not sure who to go for.

    5. Another thought…..not tempted by Traore over Barnes? Yes Barnes has West Brom but Wolves have got 2 games in that opening week against Sheffield United and Stoke at home in the cup. He might not play obviously but Wolves don’t rotate much and not too many right sided options as it stands anyway.

      1. I’m tempted by Traore now he seems be to fit to play. Is there a possibility that he will play RWB though? It will probably be Barnes, Robertson, Doherty, Traore or Ziyech in that position for me come the start of the season.

        1. Yes there is a possibility he could play there. The bonus of that though is it gets him into the team when he might not have otherwise played. Ion a two up top system, generally he gets left on the bench with Jota and Jiminez preferred (although we’ve also signed an 18 year old for competition there; £35m for an 18 year old? He better be good). Obviously Doherty would have been wing back in that situation so could get him into the team to start. Then, there is the possibility that we switch to 3 up top around 60 mins and he is pushed forward and a utility man (maybe Dendoncker or Saiss) would have to fill in at RWB then unless another winger goes there. So he could get the best of both worlds. Gets to play 60 mins that he normally wouldn’t and then that 30 mins at the end to really go at the opposition. It’s all conjecture at this stage mind…..

          1. On that basis I’d say it’s less of a gamble than Barnes so certainly worth considering. We know he’s a star man magnet as well. What about Robertson? For me, it’s a bit of a risk having three Liverpool defenders for the first week.

            1. Yes, Robertson is a tempter as he could score well against Leeds. It tends off the Liverpool block that people will have also if they keep a clean sheet. I don’t think they can keep a clean sheet against this new Chelsea side in GW2, so if we utilise him for GW1, and then move him on, it could pay off well with the Liverpool block teams suffering in that second week. One thing we do know is barring any unknown injuries, Robertson is guaranteed to start and Traore has no such guarantee.

  122. I don’t particularly like offering advice cos I hate to think i’ve cost anyone points. If your set on having a big 3 up top then it’s fine. Personally I think that having the big 3 up top is hurting your team, you would be better swapping one to Werner and upgrading Barnes and Davies. They are both gambles, I don’t think Davies offers anything attacking as spurs are deliberately very lob sided. Are you sure Barnes will start? Seems an unnecessary gamble when you could get Werner and upgrade

    1. I’m happy to take any advice District. I think the big three will be temporary. Were you not starting with those three out of interest? I can upgrade Barnes to anyone that I want without having to bring in Werner as he was only a replacement for De Bruyne or Fernandes anyway. I’m just struggling to see who, as it would be for one week only. I’d considered Traore, Ziyech or Robertson but I was trying to hit a player who doesn’t need to do much to rise in value. But I think you’re right and I’ll almost certainly upgrade him to avoid the risk. Ben Davies isn’t a brilliant option but I think I’m happy with him for the time being. I should have enough in the bank to move him on if I wanted to.

        1. Not concerned about Aubameyang? I get Werner and Salah but not sure about Ings. Can’t argue with his record last season but he’s quite far down my list of strikers.

          1. I’m happy with those 3. Willing to take a gamble on Ings, as I did with Martial from the start last season. He has decent fixtures and hopefully he might even get a game in the cup which would be a bonus

              1. There are literally 15 strikers I could happily pick so of course I’m worried about not owning certain players but having the 2 4m strikers allows me to pick a much more balanced team, my cheapest player is 3m and I have plenty of money in the bank to get Fernandes and kdb, and a couple of other transfers if I change my mind, for any of my players so I have options rather than a set plan of transfers

                1. I think I’m guilty of having too much of a plan – as I know it will go out the window after the first game week 😂 I’d probably be better off just having a more flexible team.

  123. zaha has played as striker for the pre season games and grabbed 3 in 4 now. At 2.5m an oop striker would be golden

    1. He’s not a bad shout at all. Tough fixtures to start to a certain degree though and not the best draw in the EFL Cup. Certainly food for thought though.

    2. I’m tempted by this for just GW1. It’s the fact that he gets 2 games instead of 1 like most other options. Southampton and Bournemouth are not exactly the hardest games and if he is playing up front and we can have him as a midfielder it seems like a potential differential to get off to a good start before swapping him out for the big guns.

    3. I’ve just looked into the Zaha situation further. Firstly, Palace have pretty good form with 3 wins and 1 draw in pre-season so far. They’ve scored 7 goals in those 4 games, of which Zaha has 3 goals and 2 assists. So he has had a goal contribution in 5 out of the 7 goals.

      Of the 4 games, there have been rafts of substitutes as you would expect in pre-season. Not for Zaha though. He has only been substituted in one game at 74 minutes. Makes me think he will play the EFL game as well as the league game in GW1.

      Last point, I noticed people keep saying he is playing up front, but reading the match reports on the Palace website, I think he is still playing on the left for the majority of the games. He went up front for one of his goals in place of Ayew when Ayew was substituted for Meyer and Meyer went on the left. Other than that, it seems he has predominantly played on that left still with Ayew and Schlupp preferred up top.

      Overall, I think I’ve sold myself in putting him in for one week! Thanks for the guys who suggested him.

  124. James Rodriguez – he’s the player that got me into love with fantasy football – is added to the game. At 3.5m.

    1. What we thinking about him at 3.5m? I can’t see him scoring as many points as some of the other 3.5m players. Was hoping he might have been 3m.

    2. Is he still dining out on that World Cup goal 6 years ago though? A wait and see for me. I’ve not really looked into his stats though tbh.

  125. I don’t tend to put anything in the Facebook group that I don’t put on here – as the blog is my main priority. However, I’ve recently ran a series of polls in the FB group to put together a starting 11 for game week 1 – people basically voted on who they wanted in which positions and how much budget we should have, etc.
    Thought it would be worth sharing the results for those who don’t use Facebook:


    We voted not to start with any players from the Manchester clubs and to leave budget for De Bruyne and Fernandes but not Sterling.

  126. Triple Chelsea attack is interesting – all three new boys, will they gel straight away, two potential tough fixtures – Brighton (a), Liverpool (h). Then gets easier in terms of fixtures.

    Question marks on Alli – poor form for a long time, injury prone, so could hit or miss, maybe lazy – is he the manager’s favourite?

    No Liverpool attackers – guess Salah can replace Auba in game week 3 or will Sterling be a better bet if can afford to.

    1. Yeah can’t say it would be route that I’d personally go down. Not in my main team anyway bit risky from the off.

  127. Paul, have we overlooked Digne, as an alternative to Tierney, just purchased Allan midfielder to protect defence, decent fixtures & possible league Cup appearance.

    1. He’s always been a player on my radar that I’ve never owned. I’ve always felt like there have been better options so he’s always been 5th/6th on my list of defenders. Not sure about them starting against Spurs?

  128. Why are we not looking at Gomez a little bit more closely in a Liverpool back three over Tierney got to be value at 3m ok he doesn’t give the same attacking returns as Robertson but with a decent fixture GW1 could be an easy 8 points and price increase. Otherwise I like the latest draft Paul 👍

    1. I keep contemplating Gomez. I really like him as a defender. Only problem is he will practically never get you a goal or assist and the WhoScored algorithm doesn’t seem to favour his style. So could just be 5 points at best and at £3m it seems others may be better options.

    2. I think for Gomez and it’s a clean sheet or nothing. Very few points for anything else. I don’t fancy Liverpool to keep a clean sheet against Chelsea so I think the most we could ask from Gomez is 8 points in GW1. Which would be good but say someone else gets injured and we want to keep hold of the 3m defender. We might then be stuck with him longer term.

  129. Hey guys I always follow the posts on here closely, but never seem to share my thoughts much! Finished around 500 or so in the world last year and managed to win a decent pot in a local mini League. Just thought I’d share my thoughts on a potential team!

    Alisson 3.5m – Personally think he’s been under priced this year. Liverpool have a plum first fixture, but their next 2 are more difficult. Just think he may be pick and stick for large parts of the year. I can see why people I liking the look of McCarthy though.

    Trent 5m – Surely one of the first names on the team sheet this year. Expect him to finish right up there with the top defenders once again. Seems to have improved his free kick ability towards the end of the season too. Can see slightly more rotation this year as Neco Williams has developed more.

    Ben Davies 2m – Spurs have quite kind fixtures at the start of the season and think he will cement his position as the main left back. He doesn’t score great for ratings, and can see spurs being a bit lob sided as Mourinho tends to do this. But don’t see the value of Doherty, given they are not in champs league, and likely to rotate in europa. Would also consider Eric dier too, and had eyes on Vinagre, but having seen Wolves sign the odd player I’ve been put off.

    Joe Gomez 3m – Again a Liverpool defensive asset is always appealing. No potential of assists or goals is a negative. Would consider swapping to the likes of Shaw, Ake, Digne, Boly, Tierney etc

    Dele Alli 3m – has previously been a good dream team asset. But had a Poor season in general last year. Can see him doing better this year, and has had a couple of decent performances in pre season. I am aware that he presents risks, but given the issues of the Manchester clubs missing GW1 there isn’t many midfield choices.

    Wilfried Zaha 2.5m – bit of a left field choice this one. However, he should be down as a striker IMO, and has been firing in pre season. He is nailed on to play GW1, and has potential of an extra league cup appearance also. Will likely move on shortly for Fernandes / De Bruyne. Just think he’s a better short term option than Harvey Barnes myself.

    Havertz 3.5m – Difficult decision given he has just joined the club and therefore I’m a bit wary of his spot in the starting 11. Given that we now have 5 transfers I believe it’s really important you have starters for GW1 in your team. Has the potential to score very well, and given that Kovacic is suspended for GW1, pulisic looking unlikely, and injury concerns over Ziyech, is he looking likely to start? I am aware that Lampard does love Mount though.

    Willian / Ziyech 3.5m – I like the look of Willian at that price. He’s one who caught me eye from the start. He traditionally picks up lots of 7+ ratings and came back during project restart on fire. I do think he may not start though, with Arteta putting trust in someone like Saka. Benefit of Arsenal is they play first so can assess this on the day. In regards to Ziyech if he does play think he offers lots of potential. Can see him being on set pieces and being Chelsea’s chief creator. Generally very liked by WhoScored for ratings too.

    Kane 6.5m – not much love for him in general. However, for me when he’s fit he goes in my team. You can see from his AVG points per game last year how good he is. Benefit of no rotation risk and on pens. Some good fixtures to start too.

    Auba 6.5m – When Arsenal score at the moment it’s likely to be him. Also on pens which is always a bonus. Some good fixtures to start also, especially GW2. He doesn’t score very well on ratings.l, sometimes struggles to get the 7 bonus.

    Salah 6.5m – Liverpool’s first fixture at home is very appealing, and he’s on pens again which leans me towards him rather than Mane. Also I felt as if he didn’t have his best season last year but outscored a Mane who potentially had his best ever. I have noted that he’s been poor in Pre-season which is concerning but hopefully turns it around when the prem starts. Consideration for swapping to Werner for GW2 if things don’t work out and to free up cash.

    My plans for GW2 is to get in Fernandes and De Bruyne. There will also be consideration to bring in Werner for any of the strikers too, to free up some cash. I could also swap Joe Gomez for someone like Luke Shaw as well, as I think he’s under priced as well.

    Longer term plan is to hopefully have a template of the likes of Alisson, Trent, De Bruyne, Fernandes, Havertz. This will then allow me to use my transfers to rotate mostly my strikers based on form, fixtures, etc.

    Would be nice to hear your thoughts and opinions on my plans guys! Good luck.

    1. Great analysis Eifion, and we’ll done for finishing I top 500…..this team is very much my thinking.

      Only difference with my team is Gomez. Klopp seems to rotate him a lot with Matip so I don’t have faith he will definitely start. I’ve gone with Tierney as I like him a lot.

    2. Fantastic analysis Eifion – I like the team and can clearly see why you’ve picked each player. I’ve kept away from three Liverpool players at the back in case they don’t keep a clean sheet against Leeds and then Chelsea but Gomez does look good value. Zaha could be a good early punt given that Palace will have an EFL Cup game. He might even be a better option than Barnes. It’s just so difficult to know at the moment. I do feel a little bit uneasy about not targeting any of those EFL Cup fixtures I must admit.

      1. The reason why Alisson is not a dead cert for me is those two fixtures against Chelsea and Arsenal. If he picks 0,0,0 points in the first three games (leeds getting a sloppy goal – Henderson injured, it is the first game of the season after all and leeds fitness levels will be really high, the training lasts the full day unlike other teams, Werner could score in the next game and Arsenal got decent firepower in Aubamenyang) his value will likely to be 2.6m. Now that would be a bargain (3.5 is a decent price) plus he won’t play in the league cup. I could be really unlucky in my decision making and he picks clean sheets in all three games.

        1. I completely agree and was tempted to follow the same idea. My problem was picking a keeper who might keep 2-3 clean sheets in the first few games. If we picked someone who also drops in value then we will end up using a transfer and not have gained anything.

          1. I thought maybe it was a crazy idea to not have Alisson but it seems low risk because the ceiling for a goalkeeper is not high (standard 8 points, rare is 13, very rare is 18) . Their top ceiling might be 4.0m. I love to find that cheap goalkeeper that will go up in price so giving up the search yet. Maybe Alisson is the sensible option but my mind (that always wants to take the different route – natural rebel) doesn’t agree. I could potentially then change a Davies for a Robertson with the increased value. A lot ifs and buts.

            It is just years ago I started with Pope at 1.5m and then a few months later swapped for Ederson for 3m when both were at the same price. I think there will be loads of transfers done where we not gained anything with 5 transfers a month. I don’t expect to get all 50 right, hopefully more right than wrong.

            1. I must admit it’s tempting but I thought based on the low risk involved I’d just go with Alisson but I agree, there’s a risk he won’t keep a clean sheet in September.

  130. One player who really hasn’t been mentioned….Aguero? On his day, he gets hat-tricks. Surely he starts most games when fit and was always a staple of my team in years gone by. Is there really too many options to not even consider him?

    1. I would consider Aguero if he was fit. Got a bad injury towards the end of last season and not sure what his fitness levels are currently?

    2. I’ll certainly be looking to rotate him in if he gets regular game time. He the highest scoring player last season on a points scored per 1,000 minutes played so can’t be ignored.

      1. I saw a video of Aguero doing some training, he is a player I dread not owning as he loves to shoot for fun.

  131. Some great comments on here guys. I’ve not been able to get on as much as I’d like the last few days for one reason or another but I work a night shift tonight then I have four days off. Hopefully I can get stuck into these comments then and finalise those teams with a bit of research.

    Bring it on! 👍🏻

  132. Yeah it’s definitely 5, even says on the Terms and Conditions on the app, on the settings part. They’ve changed it up this year!

  133. Anyone tempted to completely go down the EFL route for the players you put in for GW1 but will change out for GW2 for the City/United players?

    I’m thinking Boly and Traore of Wolves, Zaha for Palace, zings for Southampton, maybe James for Everton although Tottenham first up isn’t great.

    Very likely Boly will play both games. High chance that Traore will feature in both (Wolves should go for the cups this year being out of Europe). I’ve mentioned I think Zaha will play both. Ings probably plays both. James might not play against Salford but could get some decent points if he does.

    I know there are much bigger names to put in instead, but 2 games to 1 could get us off to a flyer. I think I’ll have at least 1 or 2 of the names mentioned above in GW1.

    1. Zaha and Traore for me. Not going with Boly or Ings. Pretty sure Southampton have reserve forwards they’ll pick ahead of him for the cup match. ?

    2. I’m very tempted and I will certainly do this in one of my teams but not brave enough to do it in my main team.

  134. I’ve got Ings and Boly, Ings more so for the cup, Boly just cos I think if will score well this year. I’m riding out the man city fixture as I don’t want to use a transfer to bring him in after 2 weeks.

    I’m not sure how many wolves players will play both games as their prem game is monday and cup game thursday so it’s a short turnaround. The one Home thing is they don’t play again until the following monday.

    I’m gambling on Ings playing in the cup. Their opposition is good enough for them to need to put out a good team to compete and they play Saturday Wednesday Sunday so the turnaround is not so demanding

  135. Does spurs europa qualifying round next week acrue pts, if not might change Davies to Boly, Possible 2 games vs 1.