Top 20 Dream Team Highest Scoring Players 2021/2022

Top 20 Dream Team Highest Scoring Players 2021/2022

With the game about to be released, it’s a good time to look at the highest scoring players over the 2021/2022 campaign. I always find this a good place to start and they will help when it comes to picking a team for next season. As a result, I’ve highlighted the top 20 highest scoring players below.

1. Salah (Liverpool) – 334 points
2. Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) – 298 points
3. Kane (Spurs) – 291 points
4. Cancelo (Man City) – 275 points
5. Van Dijk (Liverpool) – 249 points
6. De Bruyne (Man City) – 245 points
7. Son (Spurs) – 243 points
8. Robertson (Liverpool) – 238 points
9. Matip (Liverpool) – 236 points
10. Mahrez (Man City) – 230 points
11. Maddison (Leicester) – 228 points
12. Jota (Liverpool) – 225 points
13. Ronaldo (Man Utd) – 225 points
14. Mane (Liverpool) – 211 points
15. Bowen (West Ham) – 210 points
16. R. James (Chelsea) – 209 points
17. Rudiger (Chelsea) – 197 points
18. Sterling (Man City) – 196 points
19. T. Silva (Chelsea) – 195 points
20. Mount (Chelsea) – 194 points

Key takeaways

One player from outside the “top 7” clubs – a typical trend is that players within the top 20 are made up of players within the top 7 clubs. If we assume the top 7 are: Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal and Leicester or West Ham then we have only one player outside of these clubs on the list this year. There are absolutely no surprises in the top 20. At the end of every season, as you’d expect, the highest scoring players typically come from the teams who performed the best over the season. This means it is usually a list dominated by the big clubs. My strategy will be to continue to pick players from the top teams based on this evidence – they tend to perform better and have more fixtures due to involvement in European competitions. Although this year, I will probably stay clear of Man Utd players – as the list above shows despite being in the top 7, only Ronaldo made this list.

What positions return the most points? – traditionally strikers and midfielders picked up the most points over the course of the season. This changed slightly last season with more defenders on the list – but still no goalkeepers. It may be worth putting more emphasis on those attacking full backs as we look ahead to next season.

Salah finishes highest point scorer – no shock here, but he will come at a big price tag next season. Even so, I’d imagine he will be the first name on my teamsheet.

Players reputation doesn’t always transfer into points on the board – I find the stats interesting from a psychological point of view. Throughout the season there was a lot of talk about players like Kane, Salah and Ronaldo being essential. However, someone like Son wasn’t too far behind Salah in terms of points on the board and he’s a player who consistently scores over 200 points every season. It does make me wonder if any player is truly essential or if we mainly base our opinions on the perception we have of those players.

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3 thoughts on “Top 20 Dream Team Highest Scoring Players 2021/2022

  1. Good stuff Paul. Hope everyone is refreshed and looking forward to the new season ahead!

    I’d be interested to know what everyone’s opinion of Bruno would be IF Ronaldo does move on as keeps being hinted at. Bruno would probably be back on pens and see his points returns elevate to previous levels again. It would be a gamble however as United in general fee like an unknown quantity right now.

    Maguire at £3m also feels like potentially good value although last season was certainly one to forget for him.

    1. Cheers Chris, having been burnt by Man Utd players last season I’m not sure I’d fancy Bruno at 5m (I think). Maguire stood out to me as a bargain but again, will they turn a corner or have another shocker? Their recruitment isn’t looking very strong at the moment.

      1. Agreed, they feel some way off from being able to seriously compete now don’t they.

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