Dream Team Transfers – September 2017

Dream Team Transfers – September 2017

The first month of the season got off to a fairly unpredictable start with many of the top players yet to hit any high point scoring form. With the international break now upon us it’s worth taking a look at which teams have the best fixtures for September. This will be useful for making transfers and ensuring we’ve got good representation of players from teams with more favourable games.

Spurs (7 games)

Everton (A)
Dortmund (H)
Swansea (H)
Derby (H – EFL cup)
West Ham (A)
Apoel (A)
Huddersfield (A)

Spurs and Man Utd are the only top 6 teams who don’t face another top 6 team during September. Their toughest oppositions look likely to be the first two games at Everton and hosting Dortmund. After that they have a relatively easy run, as a result a couple of players worth considering may be:

Kane – has not got off to the best of starts without grabbing a goal in August. However surely this has got to change at some point. September could be the month Kane’s luck in front of goal changes. Could be a big month for the striker based on fixtures.

Alli – got off to a good start in August having found the back of the net twice already. Looks set to have another fantastic season with Spurs, could certainly be one to watch during the latter half of September.

Liverpool (7 games)

Man City (A)
Sevilla (H)
Burnley (H)
Leicester (A – EFL cup)
Leicester (A)
Spartak Moscow (A)
Newcastle (A)

Liverpool also have good fixtures for September, but like Spurs have a tricky start. They travel to Man City in the Premier League then host Sevilla in the Champions League. Both fixtures will present a difficult challenge. They do then have favourable fixtures for the rest of the month. It’s also worth considering their form in August where they’ve been in fine form going forward.

Mane – has certainly hit the ground running with some brilliant performances in August. The main advantage for Mane is that he plays so far advanced for Liverpool that he’s almost a striker. I could see him being one of the highest point scorers this season.

Salah – fantastic start to life in the Premier League and picked up the star man award against Arsenal. He plays a similar role to Mane and as a result is a brilliant option as a midfielder who is almost a striker.

Firmino – currently the highest scoring player for the season. He certainly had a great August, personally I’d favour Mane or Salah for Liverpool representation up front as I feel there are more essential strikers playing for other clubs.

Man Utd (7 games)

Stoke (A)
Basle (H)
Everton (H)
Burton (H – EFL cup)
Southampton (A)
Palace (H)

Man Utd look almost certain to continue their good form going into September. They have some favourable fixtures scattered across the month and avoid any other top 6 team from the Premier League. I’ll personally be ensuring some good Man Utd representation during the month.

Lukaku – with three goals next to his name and a 6m price tag he’s a must have player. He will continue to score goals and get plenty of chances at Old Trafford.

Pogba – the player rating system suits Pogba’s game and he’s almost certain for a 7+ rating in every game. He’s also playing in a more free role with Matic coming into hold in midfield. Certain to get plenty of game time.

Mkhitaryan – has made a good start to the season racking up 28 points already. He’s a bargain at 4.5m and his value is almost certain to rise quickly. He’s personally a player I’m likely to make a move for.

Valencia – Man Utd have kept three clean sheets in three games during August. I’d recommend having a Man Utd defender for the course of the season for this reason alone. Valencia is currently the cheapest option who is certain to start.

Arsenal (7 games)

Bournemouth (H)
FC Koln
Chelsea (A)
Doncaster (H – EFL cup)
West Brom (H)
Brighton (H)

Arsenal are going to be a difficult team to predict during September. They’ve obviously got favourable fixtures in the Europa League, but it’s impossible at this stage to tell what kind of team will be played during these group fixtures. Should they field a strong team they could score big points against some weaker European opposition. However there’s a big risk that they will rest some of their top players.

Lacazette – he’s currently in my team as he was an attractive option at 5m at the start of the season. However he was dropped to the bench against Liverpool. I’m personally considering taking him out of my side in case he won’t feature in the Europa League. Having said that if he plays every game in September he could well come out as one of the highest point scorers for the month.

Man City (7 games)

Liverpool (H)
Feyenoord (A)
Watford (A)
West Brom (A – EFL cup)
Palace (H)
Shakhtar (H)
Chelsea (A)

Man City have a couple of tricky fixtures in September, unfortunately these fall awkwardly at the start and end of the month with games against Liverpool and Chelsea. They do however have fairly favourable Champions League fixtures and Premier League games towards the middle of the month.

Jesus – seems to be first choice as an attacking threat for City with Aguero being dropped to the bench against Bournemouth. He hasn’t got off to a fantastic start with only one goal in August. However with more fixtures in September, if he remains a regular starter he’s sure to rack up a good amount of points.

Chelsea (7 games)

Leicester (A)
Qarabag (H)
Arsenal (H)
Forest (H – EFL cup)
Stoke (A)
Atletico (A)
Man City (H)

Chelsea have a good start to September as they travel to Leicester then host Qarabag in the Champions League. However things get much more difficult after this with a home game against Arsenal, an away fixture with Atletico and a home game against Man City to look forward to. There are a couple of players who may be worth considering for at least the start of the month:

Morata – looks like he’s going to be a regular starter and has already grabbed a couple of goals in the Premier League. He’s almost certain to get a lot of chances and could well be up there with the top goal scorers this season. I’m drawn to Morata in particular for the home game against Qarabag at the start of the month.

Hazard – should he return from injury at the start of the month he could be a fantastic option in midfield. He was the second highest scoring midfielder last season and many other managers may not have left room in their budget to bring him in as quickly.

Everton (7 games)

Spurs (H)
Atalanta (A)
Man Utd (A)
Sunderland (H)
Bournemouth (H)
Apollon Limassol (H)
Burnley (H)

Everton begin the month with a very tricky start in the Premier League. As a result I won’t be going for any of their players. They do have a couple of Europa League ties during the month and it’s worth keeping a close eye on team selection for these games. If they look like they are playing a strong team it could be worth considering some of their players later in the year.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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46 thoughts on “Dream Team Transfers – September 2017

  1. I got Salah, Mane and Firmino still in my team. Should I still keep them all in my team for September or keep one or two of them?

    1. In my opinion Mane and Salah almost play as strikers but are classified as midfielders so I’d say they are more valuable than Firmino. I’d keep those two. I think there are better options up front and you don’t want to be too Liverpool heavy going forward so I’d take Firmino out – his points return in August did completely prove me wrong though so it’s a tough call.

      1. Yeah good points. Firmino is on penalties and Liverpool do usually get a lot of them. He might not be amongst the goals but his work rate ensures he is a Star Man favourite. Liverpool seem to having plenty of shots at goal. Will depend on Coutinho leaving though. I have been very impressed with Firmino upfront and glad I picked him from the start even though his ownership was about 6.7% before the season began. Who would you choose between Mane and Salah?

        1. Haha I’ve updated the typo for you. But I certainly agree. I should have gone for Firmino from the start, I had him in my team originally but didn’t want to risk it based on his percentage selected. I thought I’d go for a safer bet in Lacazette but really wish I’d risked it now. I’d go for Mane, Salah was rested for a game in August, I think Mane is seen as a more certain starter and I think he will be more consistent over the season.

          1. I originally had Lacazette but then had second thoughts when Wenger said he will need time to adjust. He is a very good player though as seen from his debut so can’t really judge him as Arsenal had two tough games. If Sanchez goes to City, I might look to put him in as he could be Arsenal’s main man.

            On Mane, he looks really good and read Klopp thinks he can do better. His finishing is good, usually scores in every other game but not really a Star Man magnet as he loses the ball often. Think having the triple threat of Liverpool attackers is not a bad idea.

            1. I think having the three attackers for August was a great move but it’s a bit risky when Liverpool don’t have extra fixtures. It could either really pay off or be a complete disaster if they go on a bad run.

          2. DTT, no disrespect, but you seem to be obsessed on percentage selected, for reasons you choose your players.
            Shouldn’t it be about who YOU think is a good player, regardless of percentage selection ?

            1. I used it as a good guide at the start of the season to avoid other managers getting too much of a head start. I don’t think it’s possible to predict football accurately – I generally select my team based around points scored from last season, players with good upcoming fixtures and percentage selected during the early stages of the season. I try to base decisions on stats and good planning rather than my own personal opinion. It worked well last season.

  2. Hi

    Love the website, some great discussions! My current team is
    Stephens,Matip, Valencia,Davies,
    Willian,De Bryne, Salah
    Kane, Lukaku,Jesus

    Zero august transfers left, I would be interested to hear what you would do with this team, I’m toying with the idea of getting in some players who’s price is likely to rise tomorrow morning with the September transfers. Thoughts please 😃

      1. They’ve changed the rule on making any September transfers before 7am tomorrow now so this won’t be possible. However your team looks strong anyway. I’ve just taken De Bruyne out for Mkhitaryan – if you did the same this could save you some funds. Other than that the only players I’d worry about are Matip and Willian. I’d personally swap Matip for a cheaper option. You could then upgrade Willian to Hazard possibly depending on how much prices change.

          1. I went for Kompany, but there’s a few good options at 3.5m – Davies, Rudiger, Jones, Baines, Williams

            1. I was thinking Jones but already got Valencia, would you recommend doubling up for September or am I putting all my eggs in one basket??

              1. I never tend to double up which helps to spread risk but a lot of the people who are doing well certainly do double up. My personal strategy is to play it safe and have defenders spread across a number of teams.

                    1. I personally wouldn’t go for either Holgate or Hegazi. Holgate didn’t get much game time in August and I think Hegazi will ultimately lose his place.

  3. I have one transfer left for august and need some assistance, current team: –
    Dawson, Valencia, Davies, Ogbonna
    Mkhitaryan, Willian, Mane
    Kane, Jesus, Lukaku
    I have 2m in the bank and I am happy with my forwards, I am not happy with Ogbonna as west ham are conceding too many goals. However I am also aware Hazard is on his way back and this will cause game time issues for Willian. Options are: –
    (1) Ogbanna out, in for Pieters or Stephans
    (2) Willian out for Salah
    (3) Willian out for Alli
    Any suggestions would be appreciated?

    1. I’ve personally gone for Pieters so he would be my choice. I’d then agree with you regarding Hazard being a better option than Willian. If you made the Pieters transfer today. Would this potentially leave you enough to upgrade Willian to Hazard in September? I probably wouldn’t go for Alli as it would put you further away from being able to afford Hazard.

      1. Thanks for your advise. I will not have enough to upgrade Willian to hazard, the only way for me to upgrade hazard it so swap him with Mane in September, unless Willian price increases dramatically.
        Another option is to leave Obgonna in, swap Willian with Salah today, then in September swap Mane for Hazard. Difficult options.

  4. If sanchez goes to city I’m going to be considering him, also depends where pep plays him aswel… Dream team could get even more interesting

    1. Yeah it’s an interesting one. I’m keeping my options open so that my team would be flexible enough to include Hazard, Aguero or Sanchez at any point.

    1. I’m torn between the two to replace Lacazette. At the moment I’m thinking of getting Jesus for my City representation and Hazard for my Chelsea.

  5. What are your thoughts on Alberto Moreno? Not a popular player, but seems to be very much in Klopps plans this year.

    A regular starter in a top four team with European football for £2.8m seems too good to ignore.

    Something worth reviewing afyer GW 4 after Liverpool have played City and Sevilla.

    1. They seem so hard to predict at the back at the moment. They also aren’t that strong defensively – I’m staying clear of any of their defenders for that reason but if he plays in the league and then in the Champions League he could be a great option if you think he’s going to be a regular.

  6. My plan A was to swap Stephens for Moreno in early September but am currently 0.1m out (with 0.5m in the bank). Been keeping a close eye on Moreno, he’s done well stats wise with successful tackles, crosses into the box and a few efforts at goal. Might do this transfer if Moreno price goes down after City and Sevilla games but might consider Baines instead if he drops to 3m which I would be happy to pay.

    1. I think Baines would be a good season long option. I try not to change my defence much and Moreno could be a bit risky for me. Surely he will be rotated or eventually lose his place to Robertson.

  7. Vincent kompany struggling with his calf again…..somehow i dont think this guys going to string many games in a row together plus citys defence not that tight at the best of times would it not be best to get a chelsea defender in ?

    1. I think Rudiger could be a good option if he continues to get game time. Disappointing to see Kompany could be injured already, it looked inevitable but at 3.5m it seemed worth the risk.

  8. Maybe take a look at man citys line up sat at 11:30 before making a decision ?
    With rudiger having leicester and quarab this week may be an option..

    1. Yeah it may be worthwhile, depends how long term the injury could be. I try to keep hold of some transfers for towards the end of the month and plan to swap Lacazette for Morata this weekend.

  9. Makes perfect sense with morata coming in .. are you now doing a u turn on eden coming in at some stage in September ?

    1. Still plan to get Hazard. My plan is to take out Morata for Jesus and Mane for Hazard. The injury to Kompany may delay this slightly though.

    1. Yeah I confirmed it an hour or so ago. It’s only a short term move but I think it could be worthwhile. I prefer to hold onto my transfers but couldn’t resist this early one.

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