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With the 2017/2018 season around the corner, it’s a good time to review the best strikers for the next campaign. This is the area I save most of my budget for, as strikers tend to return the biggest point totals over the season. Below I’ve highlighted my top 7 strikers. I kept the list to only 7 as I personally wouldn’t consider using any striker outside of this list for the majority of the season. Last time around we saw huge points totals from strikers at the best clubs – there were no real shocks. I’d imagine this will be another trend that continues into next season, I’m a big believer in going for premium players who are most likely to score well. I also look at the selected by percentage figure. It’s a risk move to not have a player who is selected by a lot of other managers – should the player put together a run of form you could quickly fall behind.

Lukaku – Man Utd (6m)

Points last season: 247
Games played last season: 39

With his big money move to Old Trafford, Lukaku could be the biggest bargain on the game. He picked up 247 points last season playing for Everton and I can only imagine he will score better this season. He will have more game time and Champions League football. He should also have more goal scoring opportunities playing for a better team. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as one of the highest scoring players for the season.

Kane – Spurs (8m)

Points last season: 308
Games played last season: 38

Kane picked up the golden boot in the Premier League and also managed to break the 300 point mark. If he picks up this season where he left off he should get off to a flyer. He’s currently the most selected player in the game and will be the first name on my team sheet despite being priced at 8m.

Lacazette – Arsenal (5m)

Points last season: n/a
Games played last season: n/a

At this stage I don’t know too much about Lacazette. Regardless of this fact, Arsenal paid a lot of money to bring him to the club so I’d imagine he will be a regular starter. If so, he’s available at a fantastic price at 5m considering Sanchez managed to finish as the highest scoring player last season playing in this role. If Arsenal take the Europa League seriously he could also score exceptionally well, as many Man Utd players did last season because of this competition.

Jesus – Man City (5m)

Points last season: 74
Games played last season: 11

Considering the early impact Jesus made on the Premier League last season, he’s available at a bargain price at 5m. Coming in at 3m less than Kane could make him an absolute steal. There are question marks around who will play up front for City. I’m not completely convinced that this won’t be Aguero after the number of goals he scored last season. It remains to be seen if the two will play together or compete for the same place in the side.

Aguero – Man City (7m)

Points last season: 307
Games played last season: 45

Despite having a rocky season tainted with suspensions, injuries and almost losing his place to Jesus, Aguero finished with a huge points total. It looks like he will remain at the club so I would expect more of the same next season. He consistently scores well in Dream Team, however at this stage I’m waiting to see how things pan out at City in terms of who will be the main striker at the club.

Sanchez – Arsenal (7.5m)

Points last season: 348
Games played last season: 51

Sanchez finished last season as the highest scoring player, making him very difficult to exclude. If he remains at Arsenal I would question if he will get game time in the Europa League and if he will be playing in a deeper role next season. Despite last season’s huge points total, for the start of next season I’m likely to overlook Sanchez due to his high price tag and favour Kane instead.

Firmino – Liverpool (5.5m)

Points last season: 180
Games played last season: 41

Personally I wouldn’t favour Firmino as being up there with the highest scoring strikers for next season. He does however have the advantage of additional Champions League qualifying games during August. As a result I may start the season with him in my team temporarily. Should Liverpool qualify for the Champions League he will also benefit from these additional fixtures. I still don’t think this will be enough to justify a place in my team for the duration of the season, I believe there are better goalscorers who will score more points mentioned above.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Dream Team Best Strikers

  1. Confirmed by Dream Team – Additional European Qualifiers will NOT count to Dream Team Scoring.

    Scoring starts – 11th August 2017 with Arsenal Vs Leicester

    Change your teams now people.

    1. Hi Ben – I may be wrong but I believe these qualifiers come after 11th August. The first leg for the Champions League ones will be held on August 15 or 16, that’s the week following the opening day of the Premier League season, the second leg then due for August 22 or 23. Should be roughly the same for Everton. If I’ve got this wrong please do correct me.

      1. I may be wrong then. But question is, is Lukaku still in your DT Team after the move to Manchester United?

        I presume he was in due to Everton’s Europa League Qualifications?

        1. He’s absolutely still in. Bargain at 6m for Man Utd’s out and out striker – he should score very well this season. Man Utd don’t have any extra fixtures in August but they do have a fairly easy start.

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