December Transfer Three

December Transfer Three

With a double game week for some teams coming up but not for Chelsea, I’ve decided to take Werner out. I didn’t want to as I’ve been happy with his returns so far this season but he’s not been great lately and it feels like the time to make the change. I wouldn’t normally make a change on a Thursday evening but Werner is almost certain to drop.

My biggest worry is Sterling, however with Rashford likely to rise more in value I’m taking a punt on him. This goes against my usual tactic of playing it safe but this may be for one week only. The advantage of Rashford is that it does leave some money in the bank should I want to improve another play.

If it turns out to be a mistake it can be put right next weekend.

Werner out
Rashford in

14 thoughts on “December Transfer Three

  1. Yer I’m going Rashford over Son (just!)… seems sensible tonight on the back of 2 goals and already owning Kane from Spurs.

      1. At the end of the day, are you both A. happy with Werner? B. Short on cash to upgrade? C. Worried about sticking with the crowd? If the answer is NO to all three then I’d probably still be tempted to switch Werner to Rashford/Son/DCL/Aub/Aguero/Martial/Jesus who all have double gameweeks with the Cup Quarter finals… The advantage you guys have now though is getting to see some line-ups first. Good luck!

        1. I do want rid of Werner and I could bring in rashford but will only leave 0.8m in bank?? Thinking son tbh but obvs more expensive and I have Kane already. Hard one

  2. Werner to Rashford transfer done and nice rise in price for Rashy – good business.

    Still have Ziyech so looking to offload before the weekend. Still very unsure on ‘must haves’ in midfield aside from KDB and Bruno.

    One thing that I don’t think has been discussed recently is swapping to 4-3-3? Can a Midfielder like Mount continuously out score a defender? Looking at his stats, this season he’s scored 1 goal and had 3 assists (in all competitions).

    Would be good to take advantage of the teams that have 2 games this week, mainly standing out are Man U, Man City and Spurs, although I am not confident of any of them keeping clean sheets at the moment and the obvious risk of rotation with Man City.

    What’s everyone else’s thoughts on this?

  3. Can anyone shed any light as to why vardy has gone down in value after scoring 12 and 7 points in the last few weeks?

    1. It’s stupid, but if they play in 2 games in the week then the latter game is always the one that influences the price. Vardy getting 12 points at the weekend followed by 0 in the week and that means the emphasis is on the 0 points for the price changes. Conversely, the opposite also applies when someone gets 0 at the weekend and then scores well in the week (Rashford got 0 and 13 and went up £0.3).

      A bit unfair really but it’s a system we cannot change so just have to know how it works.

      1. Thanks for your response, so do we know for sure it goes on the last game played before the friday price changes? Very strange that it’s not a combination of the both if a double game week but good to know moving forward, cheers

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