Dream Team Tips: Facebook Group

I’ve just started making plans for the Premier League season and have come up with an idea to help communications between regular followers. As a result I’ve set up a Facebook group. The aim of the group is to get quicker access to some of the posts – for example documenting every transfer I made last season on the blog was time consuming and difficult if I wasn’t at home. What I may do next season is publish last minute changes in this Facebook group rather than on the blog (which is easier to do on the move). It will also give regular contributors a better platform for conversation between each other. It’s just an idea at this stage and there’s no real content in there yet but it would be good to get as many people involved as possible. The link to the group is:


Feel free to leave any other suggestions or ideas in the comments section below.

15 thoughts on “Dream Team Tips: Facebook Group

  1. i dont do facebook….defo contribute for next season still…….
    any chance of setting up a twitter account and post ur transfers on there as i have a twitter account ?

    1. I’ll still keep the majority of the discussion on here (hopefully) as comments on the posts are more important than anything going on with Facebook. I do already have a twitter account associated with the blog though, so I may be able to keep that updated more often for next season.

  2. DTT, I don’t do Facebook either, but will be watching the blog avidly & chipping in with hopefully useful comments, after last year, good start essential.

    1. Good start is definitely essential so lots of planning required – although this can only take it so far. No worries about not using Facebook – I’ll be keeping the majority of discussion on here anyway.

  3. Joined!

    Look forward to the new season, been following for a while but yet to post anything.

    1. Good stuff, think the game opens on Friday so won’t be long now before we can start looking at that initial team selection.

  4. You’ll probably get round to this once you’ve had a chance to think, but off the bat, any thoughts on decent midfield players aside from the top place/most expensive from last season?

    1. Mahrez stands out for me at only 4m. Just having a closer look now but it’s something I’ll definitely be putting a blog post up about.

  5. I also don’t Facebook but will be around the blog often and I follow you on twitter already

    1. Yeah I’ll be keeping all of the content on here – Facebook will generally only be used for quick bits of information and to point people here.

  6. The game is up and running on all formats, have personally used android and desktop already.

    Let’s get this show on the road, lots to discuss with player absences due to world cup and I see a few unbelievable bargains on offer.

    Dtt have you considered Reddit? The ability to get a message when someone has replied to you would be amazing if it can be done somehow, it would instantly up the flow rate of the chats. I’m sure other apps offer similar I just don’t know them

    1. Just having a good look at the game now. Looks much easier than this time last year. I hadn’t considered Reddit before to be honest – I may have a look into it when I’ve got some more time.

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