Watch List 2019/2020

Due to the huge number of options this season, I’ve decided to log my watch list of players who I’ve currently not chosen but that could be of interest. My plan is to update this on a weekly basis but as we get further into the season it may become less important. Players added after each game week are included in italics/bold.



De Bruyne
D. Silva
H. Wilson


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34 thoughts on “Watch List 2019/2020

    1. Yeah I’m happy with it at the moment. Been making changes every day but yet to come up with anything better.

  1. Too many Man Utd players on the shortlist for my liking especially Pogba doesn’t even want to play for the club.

    Otamendi and Alonso definitely would be in my team but the managers don’t seem to rate both (neither do I as they both are lacking defensively but great dream team assets). Maybe better off picking Emerson and Stones whom seem to be more certain be in the first team.

    Anyways, busy day today if I don’t get a chance to get back here I would to say top work by DTT, I think his team is very good and I am sure it will have a good season so best of luck everyone.

    Myself I will be nervous before tonight’s kickoff but after four years of playing the game I am used to a bad start. I remember my first ever game week 1, I got 0 points (that’s despite all my players playing and spending three weeks making the bloody team) and the next week I got 4 points. I thought hard about taking another hobby.

    1. I doubt I’d ever pick Pogba based on my dislike for him in general but I included him as he certainly needs to be considered. It is a watchlist after all but it is in priority order so he’s not high up. I don’t think it would be wise to overlook James as well if he looks like he’s going to get a starting place for the season – which I think is unlikely but still needs considering. Rashford again is cheap if he starts up front all season so needs to be watched. The rest are defenders – they’ve strengthened but I’m not currently tempted. However if they make a good start they could be on my radar.

  2. Dtt looked at your team, looking very good. I had a look at the potential of going 3 at the back and putting in Barkely in midfield? Is this a better asset at 2mil then perhaps a arsenal defender? Dubious at best he will keep a clean sheet against Newcastle? Just my opinion.

    Will be keeping tabs on here for good tips and insights 👍

    1. Barkley is definitely one I’m looking at as well but Chelsea do have more difficult fixtures and he’s not a certain starter. I’d personally rather start with Maitland-Niles and then switch to someone else if it doesn’t work out. I don’t think it would work the other way around as Arsenal’s easier fixtures are the first two.

      1. No problem, I’m on the fence. Chelsea do have utd first but after that they don’t have a bad little run.
        I’m looking at walker pieters also?
        Rumours going about Moura might not start, anyone got anything on this?

        1. I’d not heard that one but I’d be surprised if he doesn’t with Son and Alli out.

  3. Hi Guys,

    I’m really stuck between picking rashford or Jimenez with my 3.5m left for another striker. Looks like Rashford will be Man Us main striker but wolves have them extra fixtures???

    Any advice??

    1. This is something I’m thinking about to. Jimenez looks fantastic for the price, currently have Kane, Salah and Auba… Purely because they to are goal machines. Rashford could easily get in the top scorers this season. Jimenez will get over 100+ points imo as alternative to the ‘top 6’ selections

  4. what do we think is highest point scoring combo ?

    KDB & Walker Peters
    KDB & maitland Niles
    B Silva & wan Bissaka

    What do we think? – Thanks

    1. I’d probably favour KDB and Walker-Peters but it would be less risky to have B. Silva and Wan Bisska.

  5. Hey mate i was just wondering if you have a feature so every time you post a team update or new post an email is sent over to us notifying of this? I signed up to the mailing list but nothing was sent over on your update today. Cheers!

    1. I think I’ll have to stick to posting updates on the blog. I will document all my changes but sometimes I have to do it when I’m out on the move so it’s not possible to circulate an email.

  6. B silva and Wan Bissaka imo, however spurs could keep more clean sheets then man utd so I’m considering Walker-Peters to.

    I just can’t go for any arsenal defenders I can’t see them keeping many clean sheets at all, even against lower teams tbh.

  7. Just posted this on the other thread but thought I’d put on here too that had 748 comments !!…

    Sorry about this DTT , really enjoyed this last year all the help on here was great… left it until the last minute again and just realised the chairman of my league with everyone I know in (didn’t read the email from him when I first got it a few weeks back) has moved the league across to the premier league one! Anyone know of a site similar to this with tips etc ?? (It’s a minefield trying to find a reliable one like this site !) Cheers Ian B

    1. Incredibly frustrating – at 4.5m he won’t last long in my team if he’s benched a lot. Bit of a joke really considering the game time he got last season.

      1. What’s worse is B. Silva would’ve played instead of Mahrez who, got star man… Typical of this game.

      1. Hopefully he was just being saved for their ‘tougher’ game against Spurs as Pep could bring on others at 2/3-0 up… clutching at straws I know but surely he’s going to get good game time this season.

        1. You’d hope so. I thought after De Bruyne he was the next nailed on starter the midfield. Easy enough to change him to someone else should he be benched a lot.

    1. Ahh yeah – I put it together quite quickly and overlooked him. I must admit he’s probably not someone I’ll bring in anytime soon but certainly worth keeping an eye on.

  8. Would like your thoughts about 2 players who stuck out for me this week Iwobi and Abrahams. The question is will iwobi start all matches and how good is Abrahams. thinking lampard might rotate with Giroud. If not i think he would be a great punt

    1. I like both players from a Dream Team point of view – they are both good value for a start. Abraham should easily return enough points to justify the cost of getting him in – I’m personally favouring having a big name striker at the moment but a cheaper one might be an option a little further down the line once things have settled down. I think he could be rotated with Giroud though as you say. Iwobi appeals as well at his price – he’s on my watch list. If I’m being completely honest, he probably won’t ever make it into my team but I think he’s a good option. The only reason I doubt I’d ever have him is because I plan to have Sterling and Mane – these two won’t get taken out other than injury. I then may have Mount and James – who are cheaper than Iwobi but could offer more or similar points.

  9. I’ve been reading Klopp’s recent comments regarding Alisson’s injury. I’ve asked Dinnery for a rough estimate so I’ll report back when he gets back to me. Seems like it could be longer than first anticipated and for that reason I’m going to switch out Kepa for Adrian next month I reckon. This then gives me the funds to go Moura to Mane with change left over.

    Mane, Salah, Aguero & Sterling is a combo I like for the two best teams in the league.

    1. This will obviously be a short-term move whilst Alison is out but should hopefully take advantage of (hopefully) more Liverpool CS’s and his inevitable price rises in the meantime.

    2. Response from Ben Dinnery after I told him I was considering Adrian for Dream Team:

      “My initial thoughts were late-September / early-October…. So, Adrian it is!”

      That’s good enough for me to go get him. Also heard other sources saying as long as November but I’d think BD is probably more accurate. In any case, hopefully a few CS’s for a cheap price and nice value increases to strengthen my further transfer positioning.


    3. Very cheap for a Liverpool asset – I just wish we had more transfers. I don’t think the current system works very well as everyone ends up with the same players as long term picks. I’m liking the same combo as you’ve mentioned and will be bringing Mane in as well.

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