Kane Injury and Ibrahimovic Suspension

I blogged last week about Ibrahimovic missing three domestic games due to his recent suspension. The conclusion was that it was probably the right move to transfer him out today. However with Kane picking up what looks like a fairly serious injury yesterday I’ll need to rethink this decision. With many managers in a similar situation I thought it would be useful to look at the issue in more detail.


Reasons to transfer him out:

He is certain to miss three games (Chelsea, Middlesbrough, West Brom).

Reasons to leave him in:

He will almost certainly play against Rostov in the Europa League. Had this game already been wrapped up in the first leg this would be less significant. However Man Utd need a result to progress.

Knowing a transfer is almost certainly going to be used on Kane at some point, means the luxury of using two transfers to take out Ibrahimovic and put him back in is becoming less appealing.

If Man Utd progress in the Europa League they will have more extra fixtures during April. In my opinion Ibrahimovic is a must have player while they remain in this competition.


Reasons to transfer him out:

He COULD be on the sidelines until the end of the season if the injury is as bad as it looks. So he simply will need to be transferred out at some point.

Reasons to leave him in:

We could wait for confirmation on the injury, as Spurs only have one game remaining during March. If necessary, this could then be the first transfer for April.

Who to transfer in?

I’m only really looking at three players. Sanchez, Hazard or Costa. Sanchez is still the highest point scoring player in the game and again picked up star man at the weekend. My only concern is the question marks around his future at Arsenal and if this will effect his performances or game time until the end of the season. Hazard and Costa both regularly pick up points and the league leaders will be looking for a strong finish to secure the title. Either player would be a solid replacement until the end of the season.

What’s the rush?

With game week 29 getting underway this evening this transfer may need to be done today. If I was to make a move for either of the Chelsea players it needs to be done before they kick off this evening. If not, they will be locked out for the rest of the game week and it will be an opportunity missed.

The decision

I’m still a little undecided. However it would require three transfers to remove Ibrahimovic and put him back in and then replace Kane. With one transfer left for March and three for April this looks a bit too risky considering the number of games in April. At this point in time I’m favouring leaving Ibrahimovic in and transferring Kane out today for Hazard or Costa.
As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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13 thoughts on “Kane Injury and Ibrahimovic Suspension

  1. Im in the same boat and doing really well in the overall standings. Im lucky enough to have two left so thinking Costa and hazard in for both tonight, do you think Ibra will drop in price over the next few weeks?

    1. I wish I’d saved my second transfer rather than using it on a defender. It’s hard to say if his price will drop but Chelsea have two games this week so I think Costa and Hazard would be a great move.

  2. I have ibrahimovic and kane in my team, ibrahimovic was a certainty to go tonight until Kane’s injury yesterday, so kane is gonna have to go tonight for either hazard or costa. I don’t fancy going with only one striker if I get hazard in, so it’s costa for me..still awaiting result of Kane’s scan first.

    1. It’s going to be Costa for me as well I think. I’m going to wait until as close to kick off as possible. Any news on Kane’s injury? I’ve not seen any updates anywhere online yet.

      1. Yep,he’s not had a scan yet because his ankle is too swollen, apparently tomorrow is the earliest for that.

        1. I think I’ll transfer him out anyway and hope Ibrahimovic grabs a couple of goals in the Europa League later in the week.

          1. That’s exactly my thinking, he’s obviously gonna be out for at least 4-6 weeks.

            1. Yeah I agree – it looks likely. Huge number of games coming up in April as well so I’m going to hang on to my transfers for April by leaving Ibrahimovic in.

            1. Could have tossed a coin between Hazard or Costa. Decided to go for Costa as he’s got a slightly better average points per game but there was hardly anything in it.

  3. Was going to swap Costa for Kane, but at last minute held off so I can do Sanchez to Kane later this week – ARS have 1 more prem fixture than CHE, and are already thru in FA Cup. I bet Costa will score a hattie now……..!

      1. For me it was between those three. It’s so hard to predict. I may well bring in Sanchez for Costa in April – Arsenal have a much better run of fixtures. I’m relatively happy with the rest of my team so avoiding any more injuries and suspensions I’m hoping to have plenty of options in April.

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