October Transfers Decision

October Transfers Decision

I’ve finally reached a decision on transfers to be used in October. I’ve outlined these decisions briefly below. If you’re following the team closely feel free to object in the comments section and I’d be happy to consider going down a different path.

I plan to make two transfers straight away:

Ogbonna out, Cahill in
Aguero out, Jesus in

Here’s the justification:

Ogbonna needs to be replaced as he’s getting no game time. I initially planned to take out both Kompany and Ogbonna and bring in Baines and Stones. However by just taking out Ogbonna I think I can save a transfer in the short term by holding onto Kompany for a little longer. I agree he’s unlikely to be fit and even if he was, who would he replace in the City starting line up. But if Baines doesn’t have an overly strong week, then we’ve not lost out on anything but have saved a transfer. I’ve opted to bring in Cahill as he’s slightly better value at 4.8m compared to Stones.

Aguero obviously needs replacing due to injury. I’ve been torn between Hazard and Jesus in terms of who will score the most points in October. I’m favouring Jesus slightly as he should lead the line for City in Aguero’s absence and Hazard is yet to hit his top form. I put this in a poll on twitter and the result also slightly favoured Jesus. I don’t think many people would be able to call this either way as it’s almost impossible to predict.

This leaves us with one transfer in the bank. I think it’s worth holding onto this transfer for at least the first week in October as this will present us with some options. We could either decide to ship Kompany out if he doesn’t at least make the bench during the game week. Or if Hazard looks like he’s going to hit big points during October we’ve got the option to take out Eriksen and bring in Hazard.

The transfers don’t need to be made until Saturday afternoon, so I’d appreciate any comments below if anyone disagrees with the logic or wants to propose a different option. I’m currently liking the idea of saving a transfer and potentially having a Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd defender, with the option of having Hazard and Jesus in at some point. This is the only way I can see that happening. Also if Aguero was to make the bench at the weekend, this plan would need rethinking, however I don’t see that happening.

Plan B: The Aguero situation

There’s a lot of talk around when Aguero is likely to be fit. Fortunately we have the opportunity to look at who is starting at 3pm on Saturday before making any decisions. For me it’s a fairly simple one. If Aguero starts the game (I can’t imagine he will) then we don’t transfer him out. If he doesn’t make the bench, we stick to the plan above as who knows how long it could drag on for.

The difficulty will be if he doesn’t start but makes the bench. In this scenario I’d be tempted to leave him in. But will confirm tomorrow. Either way we will be left with a problem. Here’s the situation if we leave him in:

Kompany out, Cahill in

Bank 0m

Sticking with Aguero means we can’t use the leftover funds to shift Ogbonna for Cahill. It would have to be a straight swap for Kompany. If we wanted to then upgrade Ogbonna to Baines we are frustratingly 0.1m short for making this transfer. We would be pushed into taking out Eriksen for Hazard and still end up using all three transfers in one go. This isn’t something I want to do with so much up in the air. As a result, if we keep Aguero, I’d propose just one transfer this week. Kompany out and Cahill in. This leaves us with a week to look at the Aguero situation in more detail and also keep an eye on Hazard. Yes, this means we are stuck with Ogbonna for another week but we do have a plan to get rid of him and player values aren’t going to change until next Friday so if we make our next transfers on Thursday we aren’t going to miss out on anyone.

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129 thoughts on “October Transfers Decision

  1. Agree with the decision to keep the transfer, there are still a lot of unanswered questions for October and there is no rush.

    I am glad to see that the blog is working 🙂 I was with you with your original thoughts, but think the case for Cahill has been very well argued. Its good to have a forum like this. He wasn’t really on my radar a month ago tbh.

    Personally, I would want to be getting Hazard in ASAP though. He will not be at his current price for long. He looked unplayable at times against Atletico, and bagged a couple last night. All signs are, he is nearly back to full fitness. Another thing to note, Conte used Hazard as a front man when Costa was out last year. He still seems unconvinced with Batshuayi (bringing on Willian against Citeh, a few days after he bagged a winner in a massive game against Atletico!)

    I appreciate that I am contradicting myself a bit…. Keep the transfer…. bring in Hazard ASAP… but makes me nervous as I know a lot of people would have made a move for him – especially with Aguero and Morata out.

    1. Completely agree Dean, it’s exactly what I’ve been pondering. But Kompany is bothering me and I’m thinking he needs to go as well. Not sure which is more important at the moment.

      Do you think it’s worth holding onto the transfer? If Hazard hits the ground running in game week 8, we miss the points but ultimately we won’t miss out on his value. We can move for him before the end of the game week and still get him at the price he’s at now if he looks like he will become essential.

      1. If he’s back against Stoke the plan will go out of the window. I’ll come up with a plan B but personally can’t see him starting that game.

      2. Anthony, if this was your team what transfers would you make for October? I only ask because we’ve not agreed on decisions in the past so this is your opportunity to point out my oversights before the transfers are made, if you disagree with the logic.

        1. Let me have some thoughts, DTT, and i’ll get back to you. Initial thoughts, there’s nothing wrong with your changes, i.e. Cahill & Jesus.
          The Aguero situation is throwing a spanner in the works, even if he only misses one game, is he worth dumping ?? ( Personally, i don’t know what to do now ?? )
          Kompany, in your team, is still standing out like a sore thumb. Yes, you’ve kept a transfer, where you can get rid.
          I know you posted on other threads options, with prices & your budget, so difficult to follow here, without checking back on your other posts….
          I think it’s going to be a case of some quick decisions at 2 : 00pm on Saturday, for all of us….that’s providing you don’t want to take out a Liverpool or Man U. player !!
          Decisions, decisions ???

          1. I personally think he may miss more than one game but in the same boat regarding that one. I agree about being stuck with Kompany, I can’t see him playing soon but it’s difficult to tell. I’ve got the team as it is above with 1.3m in the bank.

              1. 1.3 in the bank before any changes are made for October so not including these two transfers.

                1. I’m just looking at those 3 defenders, that need addressing, at some point, because i don’t think either could be thought of as long term picks & seeing if you can address them now, in the hope that Aguero won’t be out too long ? So…..

                  Kompany – 3.5m
                  Ogbonna – 2.0m
                  Pieters – 1.8m

                  1.3m to play with…

                  Thinking long term, of players that may score more….and just off the top of my head…

                  Kompany > Aurier
                  Ogbonna > Tarkowski
                  Pieters > 2.9m for replacement > Keane ?

                  Used up all budget.

                  Not a definite suggestion, just trying to see ways of trying to improve the defence, without touching your other 6, just now.

                  1. I think it would be a huge risk to use all three transfers on defenders but useful suggestions. I don’t think it would be wise to bring in a Spurs defender at this stage but I’ve got my eye on Sanchez for after October. I’m not sure Tarkowski is a huge improvement on Pieters. I’d imagine both Stoke and Burnley will be mid table teams. Stoke also kept more clean sheet than Burnley last season.

                    1. It’s difficult what to do with all 3, given your budget, looks like you’ve got to keep Pieters for now.
                      It’s like trying to fit a jigsaw puzzle together, with the wrong pieces.
                      I’ll be glad when it’s 3pm on Saturday, at least whatever you decide by then, you can’t do anything about.
                      Hope some injury updates tomorrow, can try & fix the puzzle ?

  2. Like the two transfers
    Only one challenge
    If the need to bring in hazard next week long term points wise wouldnt it be wiser to ship out salah rather than eriksen ?
    I know spurs have a difficult month but over a season i do think eriksen will outscore salah
    Only problem is were on the limit to make that swap now due to prise changes……
    Halfway through the month….is it too bullish to make all 3 now ?
    Love the blog
    Keep it up

    1. I like Salah as an option, he should get plenty of game time with Mane out. I think it’s good to have some Liverpool representation and he’s done well so far this season. I also think Eriksen’s value may drop over October with the difficult run of games.

  3. Out

    Nov……take a look at kompany pieters and mikth ?
    Team is shapeing us nice tho

    1. I’d agree with the above but I’d prefer to replace Eriksen. As you say the team is shaping up nicely we could always changes things around more in November. Liverpool have some decent (must win) games in the Champions League in October. I’d like to have at least one of their attacking players.

  4. I am getting Hazard straight away as we all know Hazard is somewhat of a confidence player as seen in 15/16 season he just got nominated for the Ballon D’or he said that is a huge boost to his confidence and he went on to score 2 goals for Belgium 1 being a penalty I can see him scoring big points this month if he carries on that form.

  5. DTT, i agree with the 2 transfers, it’s just a question of going gungho, & using the 3rd now, if it wasn’t 4 the big defecit to make up we cld b more cautious, a shorter month so it’s less of a risk, Erickson to Hazard wld b the one to make, wld b unlucky to get another injury or suspension, Hazard should significantly outscore Erickson this month, his price rises and Ericksons falls, leaving November for defence & maybe Mkytharian to sort out, we can’t get quality to replace Kompany at present not ideal, but at least his price isn’t plummeting.

      1. I would prefer Cahill over Luiz because Luiz can be a loose cannon as seen over the last couple Chelsea games.

    1. Furthermore, Erickson cld easily go down by 0.6, & Hazard up 0.6, costing us effectively 1.2 to get him in2 team, i think it’s a gamble, not even a gamble worthy of alot of consideration, if Jesus has a good month, no need to find extra funds to get Aguerro back in2 team, leaves November for defence & or Mktharian/Saleh.

    2. That’s what I was thinking. I just thought it might be worth holding the transfer for the first week and seeing how it pans out. If Kompany looks like he’s out long term we could address him or if Hazard looks like he’s going to have a good month we can still get him at the value he is now.

  6. I agree with the above comments
    Be it salah or eriksen
    Hazard at current price very tasty and some good fixtures
    If we had a good points tally i would edge on the side of caution with leaving one transfer but as were not and its a shortesh month i would use all 3 now

    1. Thanks for the comment Darren. It seems like most think making the three transfers up front would be a better move. We’ve got a big gap to make up some it might be worth the risk.

      1. Even holding out 4 another week, who is going to score more pts, Erickson home Bournemouth, away Real madrid, Hazard away palace, home Roma, for me Hazard still edges it, rest of month head to head no brainer.

        1. Absolutely agree. But it would mean we are stuck with Kompany who could well score 0 points for October with no game time. It’s more a case of who will score more points over the month:


          It’s a tough one to call.

  7. I’ve got representation from Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea in the forms of Dea Gea, Otamendi and Azpilicueta. I was looking at Monreal Arsenal. I have £5.1 million to spend what would you do ? Or possibly Stones/Cahill to double up or is that a bad idea?

    1. I’d be tempted to double up. Both City and Chelsea have good fixtures for October.

      1. Or saves funds get Soares in and save £2.1 million to upgrade Jesus to Aguero when he is back ?

  8. Why not take Mkhitaryan out instead of Eriksen? I don’t see Utd having great fixtures this month and I believe Eriksen’s recent form has been better than the Utd midfielder. Eriksen for me is the better player and shown a greater level of consistency whereas Mkhitaryan can be hit or miss (mostly miss in my honest opinion).

    I am doing the Mkhitaryan to Hazard move myself which I believe is a upgrade.

    Eriksen to Hazard move I feel a bit uncomfortable with as you are replacing a player of similiar quality with another (they were two of the highest scoring SDT midfielders last season). The way I see it is that the move would not really strengthening the overall look of the team particularly if the team is carrying injuries or a player is not contributing at all due to not being selected. Taking out a fit player (Eriksen) whilst retaining a unfit one (Kompany) does not seem logically.

    1. I’m not very fond of the run of fixtures for spurs this month, Eriksen is liable to drop value and score a limited amount.

      Personally I’m looking to shift both Eriksen and mkhi as they both look suspect for the month.

      What I want to do is grab hazard and a city mid for the two weeks of play and re evaluate at the end of the month when I have more news on morata and kun

      1. I’d agree with Tech, for me it’s about difficulty of fixtures also Eriksen’s value is quite high compared to Mkhitaryan so it saves funds by taking him out. I think Spurs have an incredibly difficult run in October and I agree that Eriksen may pick up less points and drop in value. With regards to leaving Kompany in, it’s far from ideal. The fact that I’m retaining the transfer rather than making it now suggests I’m undecided over the matter but everyone seems to have a difference of opinion on it. It really comes down to who scores more over the month:

        Kompany/Hazard or Baines/Eriksen as these are my only real options. I’m not sure I know the answer myself to that one.

      1. So you both think Baines/Eriksen will outscore Kompany/Hazard? That’s what it comes down to really. Suggestions for actual changes to make would be useful if you have any

        1. Is Kompany close to actually being fit to play? Not heard anything recently on his injury prognosis. He missed 7 games in a row now and could miss the next 6 games. He would definitely have set alarm bells off and I would be worried about him if he was in my team.

          I never mentioned Baines

          1. I’ve got no idea if he’s fit to play, I’m assuming not and I can’t see how he gets in the team if he is. I just think there’s a chance he might make a couple of appearances during the month. I mentioned Baines because that’s my choice:


            So yes, stuck with Kompany if I want Hazard but my question was. Which pair scores more points during October? Or what moves would you make? It’s easy enough to make observations about decisions but if it was your team, what moves would you make if you don’t fully agree with my proposal?

            1. It’s difficult to say what I would do if your team was my team. The reason is that my team’s have different players to yours. I never had interest at all in Ogbonna and Kompany. I like Eriksen very much but avoided as I knew beforehand his October fixtures were tough. I might bring him in November as Spurs fixtures turn for the better. So if he was in my team, I would retain him as he is a quality player and he meets the criteria of a player that I would like in my team.

              When I assess my team, I use a traffic light approach for my players. Red dot against players that are injured and need to shifted out or players not playing. Orange dot for players who are performing to a high standard or likely to bring no points as fixtures are hard. Green dot for players that are playing regularly and picking up points.

              Removing players with green dots can be risky moves and can backfire that’s why I kept KDB since the start (was playing regularly and rated every game). I had opportunity to change Morata for Aguero in the month of September but because Morata had a green dot next to his name as he shown consistency in point scoring, I felt there was no reason to change. I utilised this system to bring in a defender instead to one of my defenders had a red dot next to his name. I don’t know if this system I use works (trying it out this season) but I feel it allows me to make a team that will be strong in all areas not just the front 6.

              1. By the way, I don’t object to Ogbonna to Cahill that looks like a great move. Have doubts about Jesus only because you would like Aguero back in your team as soon as he is fit so is it worth a transfer if Jesus is only a short term pick maybe do Hazard instead as he is more long term. Good to keep other transfer for longer.

                1. Usually football doesn’t shock me but if Aguero is on the bench tomorrow, then I would be shocked.

                  1. I was thinking along the same lines yesterday but I’ve just read this “Sergio Aguero could feature against Stoke on Saturday, two weeks after breaking a rib in a car crash, says Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola.” Either way it looks like he will be back before long so probably worth holding onto.

  9. Interesting to see you’ve gone with Cahill over luiz. Luiz is a nice chunk cheaper at the moment but if last season stats are anything to go by then Cahill should outscore luiz comfortably long term.
    Did you ever consider danilo? 3.9m. Think hed be going into alot of teams if it wasn’t for delph starting the last couple of games at left back. I’ve got a feeling he’s going to feature quite a lot for city now. As a comparison, if trippier could rotate with not just aurier but also comfortably at lb and cm, with the 1st choice lb out for 6 months, hed be in everyone’s team, so why not danilo? Also feel delph is injury prone, particularly after such a long lay off. Currently got a calf problem. Bit of a risk for sure but I’d be surprised if danilo got less than 4 appearances this month. So far he’s featured 7 times, only 2 less than otamendi and walker.
    I’m looking to get stones and luiz in this month but I am tempted with danilo to save a bit in the bank.

    1. I’ve definitely been tempted by Danilo, if he had been replacing Mendy since his injury I’d definitely be going for him. But as you say Delph being picked ahead of him has been a little strange, it’s put me off going for him as I want someone who’s certain of game time unless injured or suspended.

  10. Im still trying to decide over Stones or Cahill for Mendy. Personally I’m going to hold off on the hazard transfer until just before price changes end of next week, Chelsea away at palace who will shut up shop under Hodgson and spurs are at home to Bournemouth where I can see Eriksen getting a couple of assists. Champ league wise both sides have tricky fixtures and I can’t see Madrid over running spurs itll be closer than you think. Just my opinion anyway, then straight onto the hazard bandwagon.

    1. I agree – that’s why I’ve held off slightly on making the move for Hazard or getting rid of Kompany. I was hoping to see how this weekend panned out first and leave one transfer in the bank.

  11. Hi, enjoy your blog so keep up the good work!!

    I think you need to get kompany out even if it means making 3 transfers straight away.

    Sorry to hijack but after some people’s opinions on what transfers I should make

    De Gea




    So what I’m thinking is either



    In A


    In B


    Or out



    Interested to hear your thoughts, thanks

  12. Call me cautious but as I’ve mentioned in a previous thread, I’d be very careful in dropping Eriksen for Hazard.

    I want to see how this weekend pans out before making any decisions.

    Yes, Spurs have tougher fixtures, but Hazard is still not back to his best and may not be for some time.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking as well. At the moment I’m keen to hold the final transfer and see how this weekend plays out. If Hazard does look like he’s going to have a huge month he’s easy enough to bring in.

      1. He scored twice in his last game, I feel he’s one of those form players and this will give him a boost.

  13. Hi, it’s good to see everyone’s opinion and input. Would like to hear people’s recommendations. I’m wanting to put hazard in as he’s always going to get you points and I think he can only go up in price now, but unsure who for between my current midfield as there all doing well;

    De Bruyne

    1. If money permits, I’d swap him for MK.

      KDB needs to stay put at all costs and Salah is essentially being played as a striker.

      With the absence of Mane and return of Coutinho, I think that Liverpool might push forward with a 4-3-3

  14. Rob holding a cheap option with mustafi injured? 2.5m Europa league and league cup could play all 6 games cuz of injuries in defence?thoughts

  15. Hi what’s everyone’s thoughts : what would everyone else do I’ve got 1.3m in the pot. Thankyou

    Ben foster




    Transfers out :

    Transfers in :

    Any thoughts or different opinions / options thankyou

    1. http://www.skysports.com/share/11078045

      This is the article, hmmmm…this could alter the plan, I’ve still got a feeling though at best he will be on the bench, however if he is fit for say the champions league game then this could require a rethink, he has proven when fit that he is still the main man at city, annoyingly a bit too expensive for me to get him hazard and stones in this month

      1. The only thing I can hope is he comes on and doesn’t score in both games knocking his price down again by 0.3m come Friday week

      2. I’m definitely keeping Aguero now. I’d guess bench on Saturday & should get some game time in CL.

        1. A plan B for me could easily be:





          Keeping Aguero up front as well.

          1. I don’t think aguerro plays much, a rib injury isn’t something to sniff at, he was expected out for 4-6 by medical experts so I don’t expect him at full fitness for at least 4.

            Even for pep the choices are risk his superstar and possibly lose him for the season or play Jesus who just scored a brace for Brazil.

            Aguerro will pick up a very limited role over October and costs far too much to warrant playing for the amount considering the limitations it places on the rest of the team.

            I’m planning on playing out October and grabbing him for November when I suspect he may well have dropped price due to limited game time.

            Been mulling this over myself and this is how I feel it logically stands.. training and full game are very different, I garuntee he wasn’t being tackled or pushed around for obvious reasons.

            Would love some feed back here guys, help muddle through these ideas.

            1. I personally agree. I’d be very surprised to see him start on Saturday – I think that’s extremely unlikely. If he doesn’t make the bench I’ll be taking him out. I can’t see him being back playing week in week out for a short while at least.

  16. I’ve kept a transfer ready to be used. I will wait until tomorrow to make final decisions I reckon.

  17. I’m reaching now trying to make sense of all the conflicting news, people with broken ribs shouldn’t be running around even fractures take 4-6.

    How possible is the idea of faking it to get out of international duty?

    1. Exactly some said defiently broken/fractured… However back in training and in contention to play Stoke?

      1. I am trying to track this news as best I can, I have seen aguerro quoted as saying

        “I had a normal training session but without the group”

        This neither sounds normal nor does it sound like he’s ready to play. He is too good a player to risk, every defence in the league will be well aware of his injury and willing to pressure him to get him off, this is all bad news for aguerro.

        From best I can tell the crash happened, they have pictures of it and hospital reports from after it. Too elaborate for a fake in my opinion. If he failed it he would have tried the old “minor hamstring strain” or the like as it’s a easy fake.

        With this all in mind I’m playing Jesus

  18. What do you think of this team?
    De Gea
    Valencia Matip Hegazi Holding
    Hazard, Silva, Sigurdsson
    Jesus, Kane, Lukaku

    I’ve swapped morata for jesus, stephens for holding and mane for hazard.
    Any ideas? Thanks

    1. I’m somewhat torn on what to do at the moment, currently leaning towards playing Jesus but holding a transfer in case it all hits the fan.

      I was intending on playing Jesus and a city mid to capitalise on good form and fixtures but have not picked up a mid as of yet due to uncertainty around who plays and who doesn’t.

      I am fairly confident Jesus is primary striker for the next two weeks at least but not convinced enough to blow the third transfer on a city mid.

      Toughest decision yet

  19. DTT…. When will you be posting your final decision on Transfers?

    Am guessing you are waiting for team news tomorrow…. Just wanna know when I need to check my phone… Got a 5-a-side game with work arranged tomorrow and dont wanna miss out… lol!

    1. Haha I think I’ve decided. If Aguero is no where to be seen:

      Ogbonna out, Cahill in
      Aguero out, Jesus in (for me we can’t afford to wait around for Aguero if he’s a week or two away from being fit)

      If Aguero starts, or possibly makes the bench:

      Kompany out, Cahill in (holding the other two transfers to potentially swap Ogbonna for Baines and Eriksen for Hazard but also waiting to see how the game week pans out for Aguero)

      1. Latest press conference on sky from pep, tends to suggest Aguerro maybe next week, Kompany no chance though cld b a while yet, time to get rid.

  20. Can anyone offer their opinion on my proposed transfers?

    Option 1:
    Out- Stephens (SOU), Salah, (Jesus)
    In- Baines/Evans, Hazard, (Sanchez)

    Option 2:
    Out- Kompany, Salah, (Jesus)
    In- Baines/ Evans, Hazard, (Aguero)

    My midfield swap is pretty much nailed I guess. Might be surprising but I think now is the time to pick up Hazard.

    In defence I have two not contributing, I’m only willing to use one transfer on defence, therefore it’s Kompany or Stephens. At the moment I’m leaning towards Stephens as I don’t see how he will get back in the team and I still hold hope for Kompany. However, doing this rules out a possible move for Aguero depending on what happens.

    The striker swap is up in the air. I’m not sure if Pep is waivering in his belief in Jesus and he hasn’t given me the points return I’d hoped. I believe Sanchez/ Aguero are better options long term.

    1. I’m holding Jesus, he’ll be lead striker for a while, I’m also holding a transfer, will drop him for morata I hope

  21. 583 Points

    Struggling to change an ok squad

    De Gea
    D Silva

    Have 0.4m in remaining balance

    It’s either
    Salah for Hazard can do
    Or Mkhitaryan but then I can’t get hazard but can get Sane…

    Think sane will play and they have easy cup fixture coming up

    What would you guys do in this situation.

  22. Peps news conference today has literally still thrown a spanner in…. Aguero could start? I guess I will have to wait on team news tomorrow. Only because my rival has him and I have jesus

  23. Will you still be able to make transfers prior to game week 9 starting at their current value?

  24. Last chance to give your opinions before transfers are made tomorrow. Here’s where I’m currently at:

    Kompany has to go. So swap him for Cahill.

    This leaves nothing in the bank. If we want to replace Ogbonna with Baines we need to downgrade else where, assuming we are going to keep Aguero. The obvious choice would be to transfer Eriksen out and bring Hazard in. As Eriksen has tough fixtures. However this leaves us with no transfers for the rest of the month, with a question mark next to Aguero’s name.

    Personally I’m favouring just making the one transfer (Kompany out, Cahill in). Then making the other two before the start of the next game week. This means we would be stuck with Ogbonna for this weekend but at least we get to see how the situation with Aguero develops.

    Any thoughts from anyone? Should we take the risk and use all three now? I’m happy to be persuaded otherwise…

  25. Do you know if hazards value will go up if he has a good game week or is it likely to stay the same?

    I would go with hazard over eriksen to begin with, I’m not sure many managers will have him meaning an opportunity to claw points back. Then the front six is fine for October except injuries.

      1. Yeah I’ve got the funds to do a straight swap and then hold the other two transfers.

    1. No idea really. But Spurs play Bournemouth. Do you not think it’s worth holding onto the transfers and then making them at the end of this game week (before prices change)?

      1. I just read an article so say conte ‘hopes morata will be fit for the Roma game midweek’ which complicates things for me as was planning on bringing jesus/aguero in so dont want to use a transfer if it is not worth it. (i have morata kane and lukaku uptop)

        The Eriksen/Hazard conendrum is an intersting one DTT. Its a question of whether we feel eriksen will score more points B’mouth/Madrid vs Hazard’s Crystal P/Roma. One thing to note is Hazard may play false 9 (like against city) as Conte doesnt seem to trust Batschuyai…if so, i think hazard will score today with him having penalty duty too. Eriksen is more of an assist player than scoring midfielder and you have Kane as Spurs coverage.

        To summarise its appears I am leaning towards Hazard but I have no idea what I am going to do either! I think I will leave it till the lineups are announced

        1. I think I’m leaning towards Hazard as well. I’ll be checking line ups at 2pm and if he is playing the false 9 I could be very tempted to get him in. My only concern is using all three transfers up front with a question mark next to Aguero.

          1. DTT,

            I’m still in a slight dilemma here:

            Should I do (provided I want Hazard in)

            Option 1:

            Erkisson OUT, Hazard IN
            Morata OUT, Jesus IN
            Kolasnic OUT, Luiz IN

            Luiz isnt ideal but this option leaves me with £1.5m in the bank to aim for aguero in November

            Option 2

            Same as above except Kolasnic -> Stones, leaving 0.7m in the bank

            Option 3

            KDB OUT -> Hazard IN
            Kolasnic Out -> Luiz In

            Leaves 1.3m in the bank and a spare transfer; if aguero is fit then i have enough to bring him in. Will leave me with 0m in the bank afterwards.

            The difficulty is playing the patience game in such a short game month. 5 games (maybe 6 wth cup) in 3 weeks so rotation will be a massive issue anyways. Also im not sure about leaving morata in even if its only for 1 GW (2 games) if he misses them both or doesnt score against roma his price will drop (still have no idea how the pricing algorithm works) making it tougher to bring aguero in for example.

            Im thinking option 1 and HOPE that aguero remains injured, comes on as sub for a few games and his value drops as a result in time for November.


  26. Mkhitaryan ~ should he stay or should he go?

    Looking at the reasons to retain Mkhitaryan is that he plays every game now that Pogba is injured, is on set pieces, plays well in Europe and has high creativity statistics.

    Looking at reason to remove Mkhitaryan, he is too inconsistent for my liking, tends to get subbed early, Utd’s fixtures are pretty tough this month with Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea to play, so a more defensive style of play may be utilised, no need to get rid of Lukaku but really don’t fancy the Mkhitaryan-Lukaku double up. Current midfielders are Mkhitaryan, Salah and KDB. Mkhitaryan’s set pieces are ok but United’s lack of height with Pogba and Felliani injured could dent his assist potential particularly from corners and free kicks. Plus United defenders don’t score many goals from corners so no help there for Mkhitaryan. Creative stats are high but this is largely due to early season form, in more recent times he has created only one big chance in the last four league games so a dip in this area. His shooting stats don’t impress me much, tends to have one effort on target per game, sometimes none. He is playing In the number 10 role and high in the final third so I would want a lot of goals from all my fantasy football midfielders.

    Main problem is that I don’t see Mkhitaryan as an explosive fantasy football player, I don’t expect him to get 15 plus points from a single game (can happen but odds are small) and I don’t see as consistent either – 2 blanks from 5 games is not too bad but could increase with tough games ahead.

    I think now I will cash on Mkhitaryan, I brought him for 4.5m, current value is 5.2m, his price will drop if he has a poor week (possible with two away games this week), don’t see Mkhitaryan becoming a 6m midfielder (5.5m is the highest he may be valued at) and so profit made is 0.7m which makes a good investment. 27% overall ownership might be his saving grace for others but not for me, ownership has little weight in my selection process, I select the players that I want.

    So with regret, Mkhitaryan you are fired.

    1. So Mkhitaryan out for Hazard
      Morays for Jesus

      Thinking Kolasnic for Stones but not sure whether I want to do three transfers in one go.

      1. RR,

        Kolasinac is a doubt for this afternoons game so I think Stones would be a good shout! Unfortunately I think arsenal are the evening game so you wont have the chance to view the lineup prior to making the change.

        I am not sure Arsenal will keep a clean sheet as watford are playing well and Arsenal are yet to score away from home in the league.

        I’ve got Kolasnic too but cant afford stones (and bring in hazard and jesus/aguero), So I am thinking of switching kolasnic with David Luiz saving 0.5m for the Jesus transfer

  27. Ogbonna starts if West ham play a back 3, Collins is injured. If West ham are protecting a narrow lead he could sub on for a cheeky clean sheet.

  28. Is kdb a good buy? I have been anting sterling but with aguerro back I’m seriously doubting that move despite his good stats and undervalued price imo.

    What does everyone think, will kdb let me down as he plays deeper these days. It’s a lot to invest.

    1. Whenever i have him he does nothing, as soon as I sell he finds some form, he’s a frustrating one for me.

      1. So you think I would be better served by sterling? He is so cheap he’s likely to go up in value and liable to start although not play the whole match but that’s fine as I’m dropping mkhi for him so comparable trade.

        It’s a tough choice for me this one.

        1. I think David Silva is a decent pick in the City line up. Thing is with sterling is his place nailed down. Decent option but you wont get 90 mins week in week out.

          1. No Def not, but he takes more shots in the box of any mid despite his mins, I wasn’t getting 90 out of mkhi eithernso felt a fair trade. I expect his value to rise also.

            Silva is decent but similar to kdb and less likely to star man for me, would take kdb over him given recent form

  29. Which do you think should I do?

    Alli > Hazard (save 2 transfers)


    Valencia, Mykhitarian > Jones , Hazard (leaving one transfer left)

    Thanks 🙂

    1. I have Eriksen and mkhi and I’m trying to get rid of both along with mendy. So I’m out of transfers.

      Spurs may do well this week but for me is a problem team for the month and I already have kane. Mkhi also needs to go, I can’t afford for him to drop below 5 and it’s looks likely to me.

      Valencia I also have but I like him, he’s playing well.

      If I had to pick one of those to get rid I would dump mkhi but it seems costly to have to lose Valencia as well.

        1. Also Mykytarian hasn’t done that badly, he scored 10 the gw before last and with the poor Liverpool defence focusing on Lukaku today I can see there being some space for him to have a few shots

  30. This is my team

    Jones (phil)
    De bruyne

    I have .3 budget.

    What transfers would you do?

    I was thinking;

    Firmino – martial
    Mkhitaryan – coutinho

    Nobody mentioned coutinho, yet he’s come back on fire.

      1. I agree, your team looks strong all over bar firmino, leaves you with 2 transfers to take advantage of price rises or price drops

      2. I think u may have to use 3 transfers, Ogbonna proabably zero gametime, Baines 2 games, waiting on lineups.

        1. I’ve made the transfers:

          Kompany out, Cahill in
          Ogbonna out, Baines in
          Eriksen out, Hazard in (forced into this one if I wanted to swap Ogbonna for Baines)

          Big risk but felt it had to be done. Just hoping to avoid injuries and suspensions.

          1. I think it’s the right choice, half way thru the month, need a break with no injuries, Aguerro to come off the bench, or at worst starts champions league.

  31. Dropping

    Mandy, Eriksen and mkhi.


    Cahill, hazard and kdb.

    Seem a decent set or would you recommend something else?

    1. Good choice of players in , I know this has not been a easy decision for you with Sterling and Sane in your thoughts. I know you like Sterling but I think you have made a good long term investment with KDB.

      1. Thanks man, I really needed some confirmation to set my mind at ease lol.

        Sterling doesn’t look so good with aguerro in play hence the change.

  32. batshuayi starting up front, hazard usual position. looks like bournemouth have gone 5 at back shutting up shop but palace gone 4-3-3…… don’t know whether to go hazard or eriksen!
    also why is davies not playing for spurs? not even on bench

      1. worth me taking him out permanently? dont know how long hes out for like, and rose back in training

  33. Personally Spurs terrible fixtures, Rose back in training . . . Cant see Luiz not outscoring him

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