October Transfers Two & Three

October Transfers Two & Three

Very quick post as we are short on time. I’m making two transfers:

De Bruyne out, Foden in

Podence out, Mahrez in

Not enough time to go into detail but I’ve got plenty in the bank and two transfers left to get De Bruyne back in whenever I want him. Werner scoring twice makes it easier because I now won’t be taking him out next week as he’s sure to rise in value.

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    1. The only striker I was considering taking out was Werner so I won’t be considering him at the moment

  1. I decided to take De Bruyne out for Foden, was a 50/50 between him and Mahrez but I find Foden is more consistent 🙂 So my team is now:


    Pretty happy with that right now, especially as I think a few people took Werner out before the GW started!

    1. Werner has made the game week for me. I was definitely going to take him out but when I saw him starting through the middle something just said to leave him in. Very happy with 20 points from him today given his value.

    1. If I had to choose one of those two i’d say Barnes – Traore is normally a 7+ rating magnet 😉

      1. Cheers for answer mate. Anyone else think Barnes out ?

        Only reason I’m struggling is cos Leicester have Europe

        1. Had the exact same dilemma Lc.

          Decided to take Traore out simply due to Leicester’s extra euro fixtures.

  2. Looks like Aubameyang is playing through the middle. Good call imo as he’s been playing way too wide recently and not getting into enough goal scoring positions. Watch him go now though if he starts playing centrally again… 👀

  3. Information on Virgil van Dijk‘s injury is that he’s done his ACL, and will be out for the best part of 7/8 months.

    It never rains it pours….

    Nice one Jordan….🤬

    1. Cancelo got it I think. The best business I did yesterday was not taking Werner out.

      1. Ok, I thought I saw on whoscored that Mahrez got star man. Watching the game, I thought Cancelo deserved man of the match, great performance in midfield.

      1. Yeah I’m keeping dier and hopefully he gets a run out in europe. Suppose the switch would be to castagne for those that dont own

  4. spurs v west ham

    spurs where coasting along 15 to 20 minutes to go
    they take players off then it all goes wrong.
    why not leave a team alone when they are coasting.
    so many times it happens, changing winning teams never seems to work.

  5. For those who are interested in this kind of thing. I’ve just updated the movement of players in a large mini league that I’m entered in.
    I’m mainly looking at trends rather than individual’s teams. As I’m interested to see how many people took De Bruyne out, how many stuck with Werner, etc. It’s a sense check against the decisions I made at the weekend.
    Looks like a lot of people did indeed take our De Bruyne and most stuck with Werner.
    Sterling still only owned by 66 teams, with over 200 teams in the league.

  6. The dreaded 6.9 for Mendy and Havertz tonight. Can’t complain with a clean sheet from Mendy though in his first game in my team.

      1. Yeah it’s a bit annoying but after the way the season has started and the lack of clean sheets I’d have snapped your hand off for 5 points before the game.

    1. Ahh good stuff – 3 points better than nothing. Was hoping for another goal for Werner.

  7. Very pleased with Mendy returning and CS last night plus Havertz’s 3 points… also pleased (sorry guys!) Werner blanked after I switched him to Son last GW and his two goals outscoring Son! Hopefully Son plays tomorrow and scores!

    With Traore not starting again, not getting 7+ rating as a sub and no European fixtures he is likely to be my last transfer out this week and targeting a price swing to boot as he will surely drop! Could bring KDB back in if returning soon who I removed for Foden… Guessing as KDB didn’t play it won’t affect his price negatively. If however he’s going to be out for longer I may have to look elsewhere for a replacement who’s going to rise, and has additional European fixtures??

    1. The other player I was looking at was Pulisic. Mahrez and Foden have done very little for me this week.

    1. I’m half tempted to swap TAA for Robertson just to free up some funds and TAA should drop more than Robertson. Any thoughts on this? Then I’ll just keep the final transfer for bringing De Bruyne back in. I don’t see any need to make radical changes to the team, it’s started well.

      1. I had both to start then opted for Robbo and got rid of TAA mainly to save the £0.5m. Since then Robbo had done slightly better and this week he has done considerably better. With practically everyone else in my league having TAA, and me top of the league, I’m thinking if they get close price wise then it may be wise to swap them over. But then again, Robbo has got me more points so maybe I should just leave it!

        I think there prices will be closer after price changes tomorrow so wise to do it tonight if you’re going to do it.

        1. *their prices.

          Also, you mention TAA will go down more than Robbo will go down. Surely Robbo goes up with 13 points this week?

          1. Yeah I think Robertson will go up – I’d not actually clocked his game week total when I said that.

        2. Yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking but with quite a few games still to play this month and a really good game week, I’ve decided to just hold the final two transfers. What I’ve done so far seems to be paying off so I’m not going to rush into anything.

  8. Thinking of swapping Rodriguez for Barkley or Grealish I can afford either just which one though

  9. Happy with 8 points from Castagne and Davies tonight. Rounded off my best game week of the season so far.

    1. Barnes looked very good tonight. Most involved Leicester attacked and very advanced. Hit the post for Maddisons goal and then managed to get one himself. Seems to be getting alot of 90 mins and playing in europe

      1. I thought that as well when I saw him on the score sheet. He’s one I’ve been tempted by since the start of the season but didn’t think he would play in the Europa League.

    1. I’m going to give it a miss. Still 4 games left for some players this month. Very happy with the teams performance this week so not looking to rush into those last two transfers. More value in holding onto them in case anyone gets injured. Interesting to see Barnes start tonight as well – still convinced he’s good value.

  10. With Soyuncu facing a lengthy spell on the sidelines is anyone interested in Fofana at Leicester? The kid seems to have bedded in nicely straight away and he’s only 19. Playing alongside the experienced Evans could be a great opportunity for him to really progress.

    £2.3m now after his recent £0.3 rise. If you’re gonna go for him I’d suggest sooner rather than later.

    1. If I didn’t have Castagne then he’d certainly been on my radar. How was your game week Chris?

      1. Not quite as lofty as your 99 Paul but reasonably content with 85. That Liverpool CS against Ajax was very much welcome! Hopeful to get one more game out of Adrian at least before Alisson’s return (I had anticipated a longer spell out for Alisson but apparently his rehab has flown ahead of schedule).

        Still have fires to put out so I’m going to need injuries to be kind to me for November as I’ll be taking out Adrian & VVD from the off in November. Also becoming concerned about Podence dropping out of that Wolves team potentially but as he’s so cheap anyway it’s not the be all and end all just yet. Happy with the rest of them for now though. I’m particularly hopeful that Pulisic can start to weave his magic over the coming weeks now that he’s got some game-time into those legs. 🤞

        1. Must admit I was tempted by Pulisic myself over one of the City midfielders but thought it might get complicated with putting De Bruyne back in.

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