Review of Game Week 10

Review of Game Week 10

GW Points: 44
Overall Points: 621
Overall Rank: 80,791
Transfers: Maitland-Niles out, Tomori in

Game week 10 wasn’t the worst game week I’ve ever had but it wasn’t far from it. Only 44 points were scored, resulting in a drop on the overall leaderboard. This really isn’t the direction I wanted to be going in but there’s very little I could do about it this week. Otamendi and Mahrez not starting in the league fixture wasn’t ideal to start the weekend and of course City went on to keep a clean sheet. Aubameyang has been incredibly quiet of late and Tomori didn’t manage to pick up a clean sheet. Ironically, I’d have been better off points wise sticking with Maitland-Niles. All in all the game week was a bit of a disaster. 


It was good to see Kane and Salah continue to chip in with points as they grabbed a goal each. 

Despite not starting at the weekend, Otamendi got a goal in the EFL cup.

Potential Issues:

Aubameyang hasn’t contributed anything for a while. As a result I’ve taken him out for Abraham. There was a lot of talk about going for Aguero, which I do understand, but Abraham isn’t far behind him points wise and is a fraction of the price. This should help to free up funds to strengthen elsewhere as well. 

Patricio could be a problem in the long run but I’ve got plenty in the bank should I want to swap him for any other keeper.

Otamendi and Mahrez may also both need looking at. Mahrez in particular is a massive frustration as he appeared to have the most minutes of any City midfielder since I put him in the keep. Then all of a sudden he faces time on the bench. Otamendi seemed like the only choice as one of the centre back slots at one point as well but he also now faces time on the bench. Which I find bizarre considering Laporte and Rodri are out injured. Both players may need replacing. The only problem with Man City defensively is that no one seems like a certain starter expect for Ederson. As I’ve got the funds to spend, I may consider him as an option but I’ll be wanting to see who starts at the weekend first.  

Tips for Game Week 11

With new transfers available it’s tempting to use them all straight away. I’ll personally be holding fire to start with unless I’ve simply got to make a move. A good example would be last weekend, when Otamendi didn’t start, I had enough transfers to swap him for someone like Mendy. However, as the week panned out, they ended up both scoring 8 points anyway so there was no real need to rush into anything. I’ll probably apply the same logic this weekend. If you are looking to make changes, the teams with the best fixtures are:

Man City – Southampton, Atalanta
Liverpool – Villa, Genk
Man Utd – Bournemouth, Partizan
Spurs – Everton, Crvena
Arsenal – Wolves, Vitoria
Chelsea – Watford, Ajax

Should Otamendi and Mahrez start at the weekend I’m unlikely to make any transfers. Although in the longer term, I’m looking at:

Patricio out, Ederson in
Mahrez out, De Bruyne in (to offset not having Aguero)
Otamendi out, any other defender in except for Van Dijk or TAA (who will be out of budget)

I think this would really strengthen the team. However it’s worth considering on paper at the moment that Mahrez has scored roughly as many points as De Bruyne and Otamendi is one of the highest scoring defenders. As a result, I’m not in a massive rush to make these moves.

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58 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 10

  1. Hi guys interesting as usual
    My team
    B Silva

    .4 mil itb
    Up to 8th in my league now
    Thinking of Kane or son for aub ?

    1. Are you not tempted by Abraham? You’re in a similar position to me, what do you plan to do about Otamendi and Mahrez?

  2. Nobody considering a move for lovren if matip is out for 6 weeks? Liverpool not amazing defensively so far I know but surely still worth 3.2?

  3. Anyone considering Rashford, with the form he’s in and the good run of fixtures for United?
    Throw this one out there, what about the young lad Williams at United? Good fixtures and left back slot whilst Shaw is out.

    1. If I were considering a United forward I reckon I’d be going for Martial tbh now he’s back. I reckon he’ll resume that central striker role (with Rashford on the left). Cheap price but there is always that concern he’ll pick up an injury again as he does seem to quite often. Could be a great pick if he stays fit though.

  4. Great review DTT and I completely see your logic. I sometimes think I’ve been too quick to pull the trigger when a player has been benched so I think I may take a lead out of your book a bit more. Patience is such an underestimated trait in this game.

    1. Cheers Chris, it’s tempting to move on Patricio, Otamendi and Mahrez today but I’m not sure I see it making too much difference at the moment. How’s your team getting on?

      1. I decided to be patient this week and not make any changes with one eye of those European fixtures. Hopefully Mahrez and Pepe get game time.

        Thinking of going Auba & Pepe to Jimmy and Mane next week. Genuinely don’t know what to do about Mahrez though. As soon as we take him out you just know Bilva will get his suspension, will probably wait till anything official comes out on that one. Surely they have to make a decision soon?

        1. Similar position as me with Mahrez. I could move him on for De Bruyne and still have money in the bank to improve elsewhere. If he gets game time I’m sure he will score well but it’s not looking good for him at the moment. Should find out a bit more over the next couple of evenings.

  5. Is anyone else tempted by Jimenez after this GW? Wolves have a lovely 6 game fixture streak in the PL and Jimmy seems to play both in Europe and PL. 🤔

      1. Did have Badge but then switched to Aguero. Wish I’d have kept him now obviously. Sums up my season so far! 😂

    1. I’m not sure to be honest. Wolves have got some good fixtures coming up. It’s nice to have the money in the bank to make some changes but I don’t want to rush into anything. I might give it one more week and see what happens with Otamendi and Mahrez.

  6. Hi great review as usual

    Which transfer options you think best please
    A- transfer OUT – aubameyang, otamendi and roberto IN aguero, tomori and gazzaniga

    B- transfer OUT the same 3 IN Jesus, tomori and ederson?

    C- transfer OUT aubameyang, otamendi & Mount and IN jesus, tomori , KDB

    Need to mix it up – opinions please 70 points off top;





    800k in bank – is it right time to panic and do all 3 and will aubameyang come good, thoughts and advice please

    1. I wouldn’t be losing Mount personally. He’s been ticking along fairly consistently so far. Probably never going to haul but I’m happy with him for his price.

    2. I’d probably favour option A. I wouldn’t want Jesus personally. Are you keen to move Otamendi on urgently? I’m probably going to keep hold of him for another week to see what game time he gets. He’s still up there with decent points on the board.

  7. Fair point – I could lose Tierney for tomori and aubameyang for aguero for now and keep otamendi , although leaves with me no cash to swap roberto :-(( ?

  8. Otamendi and Mahrez both on the bench… anyone tempted to move either on or hope they get minutes mid week?

    1. I wasn’t able to check line ups but didn’t plan on taking either of them out. If either of them are benched in the week I’ll be taking them out next weekend.

  9. Otamendi and Mahrez both on the bench… anyone tempted to move either on or hope they get minutes mid week?

  10. Both Otamemdi and Pepe benched which is frustrating. Didn’t want to have to use transfers so early on but with the gap increasing between me and top spot in ML, I may need to.

    Pepe -> KDB

    Pepe to KDB is likely to be finalised today before the kick off.

    I’m struggling to think who to swap Ota with other than TAA. This will unfortunately tie my hands with regards to upgrading Patricio to Ederson.

    45 minutes to decide!

    1. What did you do? Otamendi to TAA would have been a good move, think he picked up star man.

  11. They will both probably play midweek, City may win away to atalanta, good chance they will concede though, its not a good sign for Ottamendi with Laporte out & fernandhino ahead of him, I say take a punt on Stones, he’s getting plenty gametime now, DTT, not long till kickoff.

    1. I wasn’t around for the build up to the game so stuck with what I’ve got. I’ll be making a change next weekend if neither Otamendi or Mahrez pick up points in the week.

    1. I didn’t because I wasn’t able to check the line ups. Kind of glad because it made me be patient with my transfers.

  12. Ive taken Mahrez out and put KDB in. Also swapped AUB for Tammy.

    Leaves one move left for the month and just under 1m in the bank. Team:

  13. Right folks. I’m thinking of two moves this week. Presuming Mount is ok after going off injured tonight I’m looking at:

    Mahrez – Mane
    Aguero – Jimenez or Son

    The Mahrez one looks a no brainer. The Aguero one though I’ll admit is very risky. I’m just looking at ways I can make inroads against my rivals by going for players they don’t own. Aguero looks to be part of rotation much more this season, but he obviously has a very high ceiling when he does.

    I was initially going to remove Auba but Arsenal have good fixtures after Leicester so I’m hoping they’ll pick up a little.

    Salah has also been pretty poor but again, Pool fixtures look very nice after City.

    Like Wolves’s fixtures for Jimmy, whilst I’ve looked at Son’s heat map and he looks due a haul soon. With his red card being rescinded, hopefully that will give him a new lease of life.

    Feels a bit of a Maverick move but feel like I need to be pro-active in making inroads.

    Thoughts always welcome.

      1. That high ceiling of Aguero is what worries me every time he starts. Plus I do like the fact even though Salah, Aguero and Kane are individually highly owned but that trio won’t be in many teams due to high cost (but can offset by presence of cheap defenders) so would act as a differential.

        1. Whilst City can batter anyone on their day, the fixtures they have coming up aren’t the most appealing. With their defence struggling and Ederson now set to miss out with a muscular injury, I feel that if there was ever a time to temporarily ditch City assets, now is the time.

    1. You were certainly right about Son being due a points hall as he got two last night. I wouldn’t be too sure about removing Aguero though, especially considering you don’t have Kane. If they both happen to have a good weekend at some point it could set you back quite a way. Not that this logic is really working for me at the moment.

      1. Yeah, pity to see such a huge haul the game after I say I’m thinking of bringing him in. The stats did allude to it though. Pretty much sums up my season. So close but yet so far…

  14. Other midfielders up for consideration, Pulisic looks cemented in team now, Ali hitting a little bit of form now, outside of Ederson, hopefully minor injury, be prepared for rotation in City’s back line, maybe double up with Laporte when back from injury layoff, could go gung-ho after international break, & change Ottamendi to Matip, he’s apparently due back then, would be brave going with Robbo, TAA, & Matip, when nobody seems capable of keeping clean sheets, other foreseeable problem, will Son continue to rival Kane for pts.

    1. Sheffield United are good at keeping clean sheets.

      The trend this season is not the same as last season where it was go big at the back but in fact the opposite – cheap defenders are right up there. The reasons I already mentioned in a previous post a while ago. Someone did well to mention Rico when Daniels got injured.

      Liverpool defence are developing that annoying habit of conceding the one goal in every game. Only the attacking aspects of Robertson and TAA justify their selection otherwise I wouldn’t want Van Dijk (at his current price) or the likes of Lovren, Matip or Gomez as better (and cheaper) defenders available for their slot . I haven’t seen signs of Alisson in good form yet.

      1. Good shout RR. I’m thinking of getting a chunk of Sheff Utds defenders as a differntial.

        BTW I was someone who mentioned Rico on here, and classically, I didn’t listen to my own advice haha. Ya gotta laugh.

      2. I’m a Sheff Utd fan and i’ve been nothing but impressed with our defence this season. Absolutely solid, and with the overlapping centre backs we employ you’re in with a shout of an assist for any of them.

        If you do go down the route of a Sheff Utd defender, I’d only be looking at them for a month. We have Spurs away this weekend and then Man Utd at home after the international break. Fixtures are a little “easier” on paper after than until you get to the end of Dec, where the run is frightening to say the least.

        1. You seem to be keeping cs’s (or almost anyway) even against the tougher teams David. Fair play to you.

          Who are your best defenders would you say? Egan n Basham?

          1. Egan is the rock that sits in the middle of the centre 3, and as such won’t push forward as much. Always a threat from corners etc but unlikely to get assists.

            Stevens and Baldock are the flying wingbacks so much more likely to chip in with an assist or goal. Basham and O’Connell can act as overlapping centrebacks as well so it’s not unlikely to see them in the opposition’s penalty area crossing the ball or having a shot!

            You can’t go wrong with any of them to be fair, given the price. Just a note, Egan went off injured against Burnley and although Wilder hasn’t hinted at anything, he may not start at the weekend.

      3. They’ve been mightily impressive so far, even against the more fancied teams. Wilder deserves huge credit for what he’s done and the overlapping centre-back tactic is working a treat!

        1. Wilder has done an incredible job, not just at United but at every team he has managed (including my local pub football team when he first started out!).

          Been laughed at in the past for saying it but think more and more people are seeing it now; he has the traits to suit a great England manager one day. Gets the most out of “average” players and great management of big egos.

  15. Having won my ML for last 3 years this bag of poo (below) currently sits 86 points off top , I know I’m out of it but trying to save face at least if I can. Other than deleting the app ha ha I’ve got 1 transfer left. Do I accept I’m going to have to play with a shit keeper for the rest of november and swap mount for pulisic to chase points or will swapping roberto for gazzaniga get more points, 3 or 4 teams at top have gazzaniga, no one has pulisic currently. 641 points




    Help please

    1. I think I’d be going Roberto to Gazzaniga AJF. Spurs’s fixtures are reasonably decent and I fancy them to find some form over the next few weeks. I’d expect a few CS’s amongst that lot.

      Mount even has a chance of being fit for Saturday (fitness test tomorrow).

        1. I like the moves some of my mini league rivals have done:

          They started with Patricio in August, moved to Adrian in September then Gazzainga (might call Gazza as easier to spell) in October.

          I find it a clever move to get goalkeepers at big clubs at cheaper price.

    2. Ajf I have an almost identical team and am also around 70 pts behind my arch nemesis who’s in 1st.

      I remember a few seasons ago I was 100 pts clear at the top around march time, and somehow I came 2nd, so there’s hope for us mate.

      An fpl pro once wrote One of your differentials is consistency! So I’m not gonna do anything too rash.

      Btw have you seen this site?

      1. Very interesting site Badge! I’ve exported the list below into the most selected players out of the top 100 teams as of today.
        R.Sterling 100
        S.Mane 98
        T.Abraham 84
        A.Robertson 75
        S.Aguero 71
        Ederson 48
        H.Kane 46
        T.Alexander-Arnold 45
        K.De Bruyne 40
        R.Pereira 40
        M.Salah 38
        L.Digne 33
        N.Pepe 31
        R.Patricio 25
        J.Vardy 22
        M.Mount 22
        J.Maddison 21
        ..Bernardo 20
        Y.Tielemans 19
        F.Tomori 15
        C.Pulisic 13
        B.Chilwell 11
        B.Mendy 11
        H.Son 10
        M.Rashford 10
        P.Aubameyang 9
        K.Schmeichel 8
        R.Mahrez 8
        C.Azpilicueta 7
        C.Soyuncu 7
        P.Gazzaniga 7
        V.van Dijk 7
        K.Walker 6
        H.Maguire 5
        J.Cancelo 5
        N.Otamendi 5
        R.Jimenez 5
        C.Hudson-Odoi 4
        M.Doherty 4
        W.Boly 4
        A.Oxlade-Chamberlain 3
        C.Chambers 3
        D.James 3
        D.Silva 3
        Diego Rico 3
        G.Jesus 3
        J.Evans 3
        J.McGinn 3
        K.Tierney 3
        A.Wan-Bissaka 2
        D.De Gea 2
        D.Lovren 2
        J.Grealish 2
        K.Arrizabalaga 2
        N.Ake 2
        N.Pope 2
        Y.Mina 2
        ..Adrian 1
        A.Iwobi 1
        A.Martial 1
        Alisson 1
        B.Leno 1
        D.Henderson 1
        D.Janmaat 1
        F.Anderson 1
        J.Egan 1
        J.Pickford 1
        J.Stones 1
        Jorginho 1
        M.Alonso 1
        O.Zinchenko 1
        P.van Aanholt 1
        R.Firmino 1
        W.Caballero 1
        Willian 1

        Some things to conceder with this information is that we have the international break coming up so managers maybe holding back the transfers.
        They don’t seem to be put off by Leicester not being in Europe.
        Low ownership of City defenders but high ownership for Ederson.

        1. Thanks Cefnstar. It’s interesting isn’t it.

          As I need to catch up by about 70 pts I think I’ll morph the most selected into my team until I’m a ahead and then I can be a bit more risque. It’s a bit of a boring strategy but I kinda need it as my leader is having a great season to be fair (the wan*er).

          What I think will be interesting is watching what transfers they make. (And then blatantly copying them haha!)

  16. Chris, what about Vardy over Jimenez or Son, good fixtures, great midfield supply line for him, if intending to keep for the long haul, still in league Cup, & even against the so called better teams, has a good goal scoring record against them, been tempted before, maybe time to go for him.

    1. Vardy is a great shout tbf. I had him at the start of the season and I kinda regret getting rid tbh. I’ve had him in my FPL team and he’s going nowhere in that one.

      I do think I’ve been a bit too obsessed this season with targeting players who have a chance of playing in Europe. It’s certainly not worked for me so far. Maybe I should simply swallow my pride and bring him back in. Quick stat check now….

      Cheers David.

    2. Think I’m going to give Son a go. At least that way, if Vardy or Son do well, I won’t be disappointed either way with Son being in my DT and Vardy in my FPL.

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