Review of Game Week 11

Review of Game Week 11

GW Points: 47
Overall Points: 668
Overall Rank: 119,792
Transfers: Aubameyang out, Abraham in

Game week 11 followed a similar trend to the season so far. After a couple of half decent game weeks, this was another nightmare. Luckily the transfer paid off with Abraham outscoring Aubameyang and Aguero. However other areas didn’t perform so well. It’s becoming a very challenging season as I’ve invested in players such as Kane and Salah and they haven’t really got going yet. Kane obviously missed the fixture at the weekend through illness which was a big blow and then failed to score in a 4-0 victory in the Champions League. Salah also only chipped in with 5 points over a double game week. The main issue that I have is when I look at the team I’m not sure what I’d actually change. I can almost pick whoever I want but I’d probably stick with what I’ve got even if I was starting again. I think it’s just becoming one of those seasons and I can only be patient as I generally think I’ve made the right decisions. 


At his value any positive points for Patricio is a bonus. Although frustrating at times picking up another 5 points to make him the third highest scoring goalkeeper can only be seen as a good pick. 

Despite not picking up a clean sheet, Robertson did manage to get on the score sheet for Liverpool. This puts him up there with the highest scoring defenders.

Another 9 points for Mane with a goal against Villa.

Abraham picked up 15 points, which is fantastic for his value.

Potential Issues:

Tomori still hasn’t picked up any points since I put him in the team. He’s actually contributed -5 points in total which is worse than Maitland-Niles over the same time period. I think there is probably still value in having him at 2m but I’d want to see some contribution soon.

Otamendi was dropped again at the weekend but did start in the Champions League.

Mount is another player to monitor. He’s good value so I’m not thinking about losing him just yet but if he’s injured and continues to pick up next to no points I may have to reconsider at some point.

Mahrez was benched again at the weekend. I think the move to bring him in was very unfortunate as he was starting most games before I chose him. He will need to be replaced I’d imagine.

Tips for Game Week 12

As game week 12 is a single game week in terms of fixtures, I’m tempted to hold fire on any transfers at the moment. For me this is for two reasons, firstly Man City and Liverpool play each other so there’s very little value in transferring any of their players in. For example, it’s hard to imagine that City will keep a clean sheet, so even if Otamendi is benched there is very little point taking him out. There is also an international break after this game week. In an ideal world I’d like some transfers in the bag for when we return from the break. If anyone is looking to make transfers I’d probably avoid City and Liverpool, but I’d also avoid Leicester and Arsenal as they also face each other. This does leave Man Utd, Chelsea and Spurs with good home fixtures who could be looked at.

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10 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 11

  1. Nice review as always DTT. I think Mahrez has to go long-term but as you say, I’d only be swapping for Mane this week anyway so no real point doing it if Mahrez starts. If Mahrez doesn’t start though I’ll probably make the switch.

    Mount is in the 16 for tomorrow so could be 50/50 if he starts.

  2. Yep sensible logic sitting tight this single GW ahead of the international break. I’ve got a fairly similar team DTT but have KDB instead of Mahrez. Sounds like Mount will return quicker than it looked like on Tuesday night but I’m not expecting him to play tomorrow. Just pleased he’ll then get the international break to recover fully! Pulisic could be ideal ready-made replacement if he maintains his form and Mount’s dips off or suffers a re-occurrence of his ankle injury. Leicester assets do look good despite no European involvement though…

  3. is it me or should Rashford have been given
    an assist when he clearly play a ball straight to greenwood
    who scored without any one from the opposition touching the ball.
    any one ells think the same. do you no anything DDT.

    1. What’s gone wrong at Arsenal? Is Pepe no longer a first team regular? Aubamenyang no longer a reliable goal scorer?

      1. Emery is what’s wrong with Arsenal. I swear he just throws a team sheet out and hopes for the best sometimes. The lack of continuity from one week to the next is really hurting them.

        I also think Emery is a weak manager. If you can’t pick a captain yourself then you’re not strong enough to be a successful football manager. (The players were given the task of choosing the new captain).

        I do like Arsenal’s fixtures though as well as Pepe’s stats and heat map. I’ll stick with Auba and Pepe short term but I may have a decision to make when one of them is benched again.

        1. Yeah, agree with that. I thought Emery’s strategy was to have the trio of Aubamenyang, Pepe and Lacazette up top but that has not worked out. Pepe does seem to the fall guy.

          Not seen heat maps myself although do have access to them. I stick with my old school style, I watch games (or highlights on MoD) and make observations. I gone boring though this season with my team matching as close to the template but might mix my strategy in order to climb up the rankings.

  4. Need some help DTT, I’m following you the whole way as last year I smashed my mini league, this year I’m about 90 points behind. The guy Infront has


    I know he’s used 2 transfers this month, I can see him bringing rashford in for Kane but unsure yet.

    1. Thing is with Kane is that as soon as you take him out (and use funds elsewhere) he’ll begin scoring. I’m hesitating taking him out because I have him and the leader of my mini league has Vardy-Abraham-Kane.

      If he takes Kane out (which I bet he will soon) I doubt he’ll be able to easily put him back in. I have Salah-Kane-Abraham for reference.

      What we do know is that Kane has come good almost every season for the past four years or so. Personal opinion is that he’s just waiting to hit form and Spurs generally have been quite poor from the start of this season so far.

      My plan is to keep him for at least a few more weeks before considering moving him on.

      Overall team:


      Possible moves (1.8m in bank and 1 move left this month) is to replace mount with Pulsic although I’ve heard he is suffering from a possible hip injury or to bring in Maddison.

      Next month I’ll monitor Kane and may look at replacing him with Vardy and then use the funds to upgrade the keeper.

      My leaders team is almost identical (hence I’m waiting because I don’t want to have the exact same team with him 20 points ahead).

      Differences are
      Vardy instead of Salah
      Pulsic instead of Mount
      Walker instead of Tomori
      Gazzinga instead of Patricio

      Long way to go. Not many points in it. I need Salah and Mount to start making a big difference and if he removes Kane and he turns on form it’ll be a bonus.

  5. Martial & Rashford, back scoring again, add to that Vardy & Son on form aswell, I give Kane another game & he fell short, not sure yet out of those 4 who is best to replace him, falling behind in mini league so Kane has to be fall guy, furthermore does anybody know if pts are awarded for Liverpools involvement of the world club championships.

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