Review of Game Week 14

Review of Game Week 14

GW Points: 68
Overall Points: 1,057
Overall Rank: 520
Transfers: Rashford out, Sterling in
Walker out, Dias in

Game week 14 was a strange week with two fixtures being cancelled. This didn’t really help me as I’d just put Sterling in and was hoping for another clean sheet from Dias. However, it’s not something worth dwelling on as it’s completely out of our hands. It’s hard to predict where the season will go from here but one thing is for sure – it’s the same for all of us. My main advice would be not to rush your transfers and don’t overload with too many players from one club. It probably makes sense to only have one defender, one midfielder and one striker from the same club at the moment, as a cancelled fixture could prove difficult. I’d also not be taking out anyone unless they are injured or seriously out of form. My transfers from last week could be a good example of this – Walker wasn’t going to play so Dias was likely to gain me points. Rashford was always going to play and he ended up scoring more points than Sterling. This wasn’t a transfer I needed to make and it backfired slightly, for the time being. Despite the disruption to the game week which involved Dias, De Bruyne, Sterling and Kane all missing a fixture for me – I actually had another good week. 68 points resulted in another big jump on the leaderboard, an overall rank of 520 is a brilliant position to be in at this stage of the season. If I can maintain this for another couple of months, I could be in for my best finish yet.  


Holding back a couple of transfers meant I could take out Walker for Dias. This was a good 8 points to gain as many would have been stuck without a transfer. 

8 points for Robertson was another highlight.

21 points for Barnes was by far the biggest highlight. This was probably one of my highlights of the season so far. He’s a player that I’ve been monitoring since the start of the season and I decided to go for him a few weeks ago. I’ve certainly picked him at the right time – with low ownership and plenty of points on the board he’s probably the main reason I’ve reached the position I’m currently in.

16 points for Fernandes, good result but who doesn’t own him.

10 points for Sterling, it was good for him to get points on the board straight away but Rashford outscoring him over the game week does take the shine off this.

Potential Issues:

It’s hard to fault the team when it continues to rise up the leaderboard. However, if I were to highlight some potential issues in the team it would be the Chelsea players. Mendy or Zouma may well have run their course in the team. They play Man City next and the week after only have an FA cup fixture. Over the same time period Man City and Spurs are due to play four times. This also has an impact on Mount who hasn’t scored as well as I’d hoped. As we don’t really know which fixtures will be going ahead and which won’t at the moment, I’m going to review this as we head into game week 15. I’d like to use some transfers early on but it’s hard to justify at the moment.

Tips for Game Week 15

It’s hard to know what to suggest going into game week 15, at the moment it’s very unknown in terms of which fixtures will go ahead and when a game might be postponed. My main advice can only be the same as what it’s been all season – be very careful with your transfers (don’t use too many early in the month unless you really have to), keep on top of upcoming fixtures and pick the most popular players who are in form. 

Should all the games go ahead, Man City are hard to overlook as they have four fixtures over the next two game weeks. Whereas Liverpool and Chelsea only have two fixtures. Spurs are another team who also have four fixtures over the next two game weeks. It’s also worth noting that Man City are going to have fixtures in hand, at some point these games are going to have to be played. If you wanted to check out the fixtures for January, my spreadsheet should be up to date:

96 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 14

  1. Hi guys
    My current team is


    I have 1 transfer left and 1.5 ITB,
    I was thinking of taking out Zouma for a Spurs defender. What and who do you think?

    1. Davies is a fairly cheap alternative, won’t play every game but plays more than his fair share, will likely play the Cup games and Jose has brought him on late if spurs are winning, I’ve picked up a few clean sheets with him only playing 5 mins

        1. It would be Walker for me as well and I think Davies is a good shout if you want a budget option.

  2. Nice one Paul, you’re absolutely flying… Barnes has been a great pick for you!

    I have one transfer left this month and could let it slide but am tempted to move on Zouma or Mendy for a Spurs, Utd or even Arsenal defensive asset (they have ‘nice’ fixtures)!

    I do have 4 City players (Cancelo, Foden, Torres & KDB) and will be holding them all as apparently it’s still only Walker and Jesus still who have Covid. Not sure what happened to get the Everton game cancelled a few days ago… Hopefully they score well for me what with their 2 extra cup fixtures and additional league fixtures to squeeze in as well! Good advice though about not having too many players from one team, which I’m sailing very close to the wind on with City but could be worth the risk!!?

    P.s. question for 2021 – is KDB still essential…?

    1. Thinking I’ll probably move Mendy over Zouma as he can always pop up with a goal from corners and is much higher owned. DDG is too risky with Dean Henderson around so really it’s between Leno and Lloris for me… Lloris has an extra fixture in Jan over Leno, but Leno is £2.4m and off the back of 14 points so would free up more funds and ok-ish if Arsenal are turning a corner.

      1. I’m personally not keen on Arsenal players – they are too unpredictable for me. If I swap Mendy it will only be for another premium option so either Ederson or Alisson but I’m guessing you’re looking to save funds? Lloris could be the other other decent option. I agree about Zouma, I’ll probably keep him as well

        1. With regards to De Bruyne being essential – I think we could say up until this point absolutely not but it’s a big risk to take him out. I think he will almost certainly finish in the top 5 scoring midfielders by the end of the season but he will just keep chipping away from now until then.

  3. Good points score and great GW review as always! You’re not much further behind me. I still have Rashford and Mahrez. I’ve 3 transfers left with 1.4M in the bank. Use or lose?

    Any advice be much appreciated?

    1. It’s difficult to know what to do in that situation – it’s hard to make a case for taking Rashford out now as he scored well last week. Could move Mahrez on but looking at City’s fixtures he could well hit another good score in January. Tricky decision.

        1. I’m not entirely sure which players you’ve got that I haven’t but I’m assuming we’ve got the same team other than:
          If I was in that position I’d prioritise Mendy/Zouma coming out if I had left over transfers. Our teams are going to start to look very different but I’d rather have Ederson than Mendy now. But doubt I’ll make this change as I’ve not got the luxury of three transfers. It’s a complete lottery to be honest but if I had three transfers left I’d probably look to utilise them but no idea who for in your position.

          1. Yes only difference is Mahrez and Rashford. Maybe Zouma for Chilwell and Mendy for Ederson is the way forward.

  4. I’ve got 1 transfer left are we expecting mendy to drop in price? I’m thinking Leno will he likely increase in price?

    1. I’m making this very move with my last transfer Craig… At £2.4m he’s much cheaper than Mendy now and has nice (and more) fixtures coming up, especially if Arsenal are turning the corner somewhat. We should also benefit from a bit of a price swing as well hopefully!

      1. Great minds, I do worry about arsenal tho but hopefully they turn a corner (only for a few weeks tho haha)
        So u will be making this transfer today aiming for a price swing?

        1. Yer, save funds, price swing and half decent fixtures for arsenal. Leno seems to get a few 7+ ratings as well.

          1. Looking at the fixtures, I think I’ll just keep Leno for the first two game weeks in Jan as Arsenal have 3 fixtures (West Brom, Newcastle & Palace) whilst Chelsea face City and Morcombe and suspect Kepa might get the Morcombe match. Then for game week 3 I’ll look to bring in Ederson (who sounds like he is now isolating with Covid) for their nice remainjng (inc extra) run of Jan fixtures against Palace, Villa, West Brom, Sheff Utd & Burnley. Don’t really like making GK moves but with a spare December transfer this seems to be a good plan currently.

            1. I think moving away from the Chelsea players might be a good move for January. I’m struggling to decide what to do myself

    1. Who have you got already Hoffy? Barnes is on fire and Torres should be good for minutes with City’s extra Jan fixtures and Jesus still out with Covid. I imagine both should rise in price tomorrow morning.

        1. I think City now have 3 extra games in Jan so guess I would probably go for Torres over Barnes personally. Guessing he’s cheaper than Mahrez and should see a price swing there too between them.

          1. I think it could go either way between those players – might as well pick a name out of a hat. I wouldn’t have predicted Barnes doing as well as he did this week.

  5. I am in the same situation.With K.D.B and Mahrez already in midfield I am deciding whether to replace Mount with either Barnes or Saka or even Siggurdson.

    1. I’ve got Barnes and Mount and if I was going to move one of them on it would definitely be Mount.

  6. My team…
    TAA, Robbo, Zouma
    KDB, Bruno, Torres, Mount
    Kane, Rashford, Salah
    1 Transfer left, 0.1m in the bank. 1028 points
    Hate sacrificing a transfer, any advice more than welcome….

  7. I have 3 transfers left for December.

    My team





    0.6 itb

    I see Spurs have a good run of fixtures but who do u put in? Don’t really wanna double up with son. Maybe Lloris or Davis

    Any thoughts on a couple of changes?

    Was thinking
    Mendy to Ederson
    Zouma to Cancelo/Davis
    Mount to Saka

    If I go for Davis I’ll be able to put Barnes in.
    Or do I just go for 343
    So many thoughts in my head.


      1. As above




        Saka has just scored🙈

        Was thinking of swapping Lloris for ederson but forgot this morning.

        1. Yeah I noticed Saka was on the scoresheet. Hasn’t been a good game week for me so far. I’d sit tight for this week.

  8. Just managed to attain top spot in my mini league on 1058, I see Ziyech due back this weekend possibly, maybe worth another look, what a sumptuous, majestic player Alcantara is 7+ ratings guaranteed, starman potential, can he add goals, anyone tempted, can the mighty Aguerro still get big hauls, happy new year to all.

    1. Ffs
      I only put him in 24 hrs ago.

      I suppose we can move him on and his price went up.

      All the Best


      1. If he was one of the additional 3 who tested positive on Monday, he may have already completed 4/5 days isolation and could be back by next weekend. City have 3 extra fixtures this month including a lovely run throughout Jan so I wouldn’t rush to take him out personally. In fact I may well bring him in when he returns.

  9. Hi guys
    I was thinking of bringing in Lloris as Spurs fixtures are good for the start of January, do we think he’ll play in the two cup games?

    1. Hart has played the europa league games, I think he will play the fa Cup tie too but lloris could play the carabao Cup.. U never know with Jose tho

  10. This feels like a bit of a backwards move. But do we think Ben Davies has the potential to outscore Mount over the next couple of game weeks?

    Chelsea fixtures:
    Man City

    Spurs fixtures:

    I’d be breaking my own rule by using a transfer so early in the month on a player who isn’t injured. Part of my thinks this would be a pointless transfer with very little to gain, but another part tells me Mount isn’t going to score many/any points over the next couple of game weeks

    1. do it dtt.

      the rule of only using a tranny for injuries made perfect sense when we had 3 trannies. but now that we have 5 i think one can be strategic with 1/2 trannies a month.

      davies could be a set n forget move i reckon: he’s scored well since we moved him on.

      ps. guessing zooms wont play at morecambe so it’s poss that mount will get more pts than zooms in the timeframe youve mentioned..?..

      1. I didn’t do it in the end. Should have done – I knew there was logic behind it

    2. I think it is a pointless transfer myself (however prefer Reguilon to Davies myself) but I think it is a wise decision to hold on to your transfers as it has shown to give you an competitive edge this season. Patience is a virtue not many us have including myself.

      Plus difficult to keep a clean sheet vs Leeds as they love to attack doesn’t matter they are 4 nil or 5 nil down in a game. Brentford are a decent team and Villa have got attacking options this season so no easy clean sheet there. Might be worthwhile holding onto Mount for the time being.

      1. All good points as always RR.

        Without looking into it I’d wager that most of Davies’s points have come from attacking returns than clean sheets.

      2. I played it safe and kept the transfer. Wish I had done it to be honest because I don’t see Mount scoring well today.

    3. Dier could be a good option. He seems to play every game is a threat from corners and takes quite a few free-kicks. Hard to know what to do for the best. I’m thinking it could be a good month for Torres too if he’s not one of the ones to have tested positive for covid.

    4. I came on to Davis very late/in fact when most of you guys took him out. And since he hasnt let me down. When he doesnt get a clean sheet he almost always scores or assists, and hence recently has become a favourite of Mourinho. (fingers crossed). Even as a sub he always tends to come on with 5 mins left & gain a clean sheet!! I put him in originally as a short term measure but has worked wonders.

  11. Happy new year Chaps.

    A bit of advice needed if possible.

    Robbo, Dias, Zouma, Matip
    Torres, KDB, Bruno,
    Salah, Kane, Rashford.

    0.4m in the bank.

    Torres possibly positive with covid and Matip out for the next 3 weeks. Not sure what subs to make. I can afford Matip to Mahrez with Man City’s favourable fixtures and Torres to Barnes? Would like to leave funds to change Mendy to Ederson too so may have to think twice about the Mahrez transfer.

    Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated.

  12. I think from next weekend we definately need 2 man city defensive assets, their fixtures are to good to ignore, City’s next 2 games, of course they can win, but odds are they will probably concede in both, Walker will be back mid-week, I think Ederson will miss both, so do you go Dias & Walker now, or wait for Ederson, can’t see Zouma or Mendy keeping clean sheet with their one solitary game, I think this is the dilemma Paul has aswell, Mount to Davies would of panned out well today, hadn’t considered that move.

    1. Yeah shame I didn’t go through with it but I agreed with most that Spurs wouldn’t keep a clean sheet against Leeds. Think I’m going to monitor the situation for a week.

  13. Alright gents. Just wanted to pop back in and wish you all a (belated) Happy New Year!

    As you’ve probably noticed I’ve not been around much lately as I made the decision a few weeks back to drastically reduce the amount of time I was glued to my phone, either on social media or the web in general. I’m sure I’ll eventually find the right balance once life gets back to some normality again and I’ll be back at some stage in the future. Just need to prioritise other things right now.

    Anyway folks, I’ll look forward to conversing with you all in the future and I wish you all the best of luck with your teams!

    1. Mate I was thinking of you recently and wondering how you are. Good to hear from you mate and that you’re taking ownership back from the robots 😉

  14. happy new year to you Chris and every one on this forum.
    will miss your post hope it wont be to long buddy.👍

  15. Happy new year Dtt,
    gonna spend more time on here this year……current pts tally 1,128
    team is
    c.palace keeper
    stones dias robertson
    debryne mahrez foden bruno
    sterling rashford kane….
    but used all my transfers already for the month…..2 quick questions ?
    any proposed man city additions this afternoon and also paul you looking to put a euro’s dream team blog together this summer ? loved ur world cup or euros blogs

    1. Happy New Year Darren – good to see you in the comments again. Looks like you’ve had a massively successful season so far. I’m not going to make any transfers this afternoon with all my team players fit. I’ll monitor for this week and make some changes next weekend. I will almost certainly do a Euro blog if they run a game for it.

    1. I was waiting for team news for the Chelsea V Man City game, but no transfer for me. I’ll monitor the situation this week and makes some changes next weekend.

  16. FODEN anyone! Mahrez in the doghouse and torres with covid?! Might have to sell zouma as well to raise funds

  17. How long are all these City players likely to miss? Very frustrating pep didn’t just tell us who had it.

    I went Grealish to Torres before the United game to raise some funds, massively backfired 😡

    1. Very difficult to say for certain but they have to complete 10 days of isolation AND then provide a clear negative test before they can return to the bubble. Some return negatives straight away, others can take a little bit of time. What we do know/have been able to work out from what we’ve been told is when certain players tested positive…

      Fri 25th Dec – Jesus & Walker confirmed Covid positive (both named by City)
      Mon 28th Dec – 3 further players confirmed Covid positive (City did not release names)
      Wed 30th Dec – City confirm next round of tests are all clear and training ground re-opens
      Thurs 31st Dec – Ederson posts on SM he is self isolating (we can assume 1st of the 3 of 28th)
      Fri 1st Jan – Tommy Doyle posts on SM he is self isolating (we can assume 2nd of the 3 of 28th)
      Sat 2 Jan – City confirm Garcia has also now tested Covid positive
      Sun 3 Jan – No Torres in the Chelsea squad (we can assume 3rd of the 3 of 28th)

      Therefore based on the above, 10 days of isolation would take until the following:

      Jesus & Walker – 6th Jan
      Ederson, Doyle & Torres – 9th Jan
      Garcia – 12th Jan

      Note, they do however have to provide a clear negative test as well before returning which may not happen straight away. We also do not know if/how badly affected the players are and therefore if they could suffer any longer term fitness effects.

      My advice would be not to rush any transfers until the last minute and gather as much intel as possible in the meantime. I have Torres (along with Foden, Cancel & KDB) and will continue to hold him until I know more. City have some very nice fixtures in addition to their extra cup matches this month.

        1. Cheers Badge although not for fun… just tracked it like a hawk having 4 City players! I’ll take just Torres being affected as things stand. I did actually consider a quick switch from Torres to Gundogan before KO yesterday as he’s been playing 2 of every 3 games for them and had scored 2 goals in his last 3 matches (he’s now 3 goals in 4!) but wasn’t brave enough! 0.5% owned and £0.7m cheaper than Mahrez…

      1. Thanks for the in depth look at this Brad – really useful info. I’m tempted to stick Walker back in myself to double up with Dias but it’s difficult to know when he will be fit and back in the team on a regular basis.

        1. Yep we just have to wait and see. Zouma to Dias is an option for me as already have Cancelo who I replaced Walker with.

          One thought I’ve had since writing the above is the 10 day isolation periods I detailed are from when test results were known, not when the tests were taken so it’s actually a day or two earlier for all the players. Reports today Ederson is feeling good and will have a new test tomorrow!

  18. has mahrez upset someone
    he has not played for ages he comes on
    with 5minutes to play this is not fare he will now loose
    money think a new rule. you have to be on for at least
    45minutes before any price change.

    1. No idea Don but they do have have two cup fixtures up next which I guess he’ll be involved in. If he’s not then probably time to look to move him on. Foden could be an option or Torres could be back then if you wanted to stay with City.

    2. I’ve had Mahrez all season Don mate. The game time he gets is frustrating but if you hang in there he’ll get spurts of points.

      It’s pretty unpredictable though mate, he is a set n forget player if ya fancy him. Some do some don’t.

      Did you know Mahrez is Algerian for Marmite?

  19. I was lead to believe Walker would be back in training on Monday after serving his ten days in isolation, & if he passed the covid test would be available for selection on Wednesday, so I left him in & added Dias.

    1. Yeah he might become an option for me to double up on City defenders with their upcoming fixtures looking pretty decent.

  20. Thinking of going crazy using all 5 transfers tonight to make use of price changes…..Mendy – leno.
    Robertson -walker
    Castagne – cancelo
    Mount – foden
    De bruyne
    Salah – rashford
    Thoughts if I’m making big mistake would be greatful or ideas of any other moves I should make this will leave me with 0 in bank but most moves will increase my money on paper due to players I’m transferring are going down and players I’m getting in are increasing any thoughts cheers Mike

    1. I’m very tempted to go without salah until the end of this month in favour of a Sterling, Rashford, Kane front three.

      Obviously it is a big risk taking salah out but the additional and favourable fixtures for Man City and Man Utd are hard to overlook

  21. Ederson 10 days isolation up tomorrow, if passes further test will be available at weekend, I’ll be taking Mendy out tomorrow for Ederson, as his value is sure to plummet on Friday morning, depending on test result.

  22. Separate to the City Covid players they also have Laporte and Ake currently noted with muscular injuries so the likes of Dias, Stones & Cancelo should be good for minutes over the next week or so. Zinchenko/Mendy will probably share theirs until Walker returns and Cancelo either stays at RB or switches to LB. He looks quality every game.

    1. Because it skimmed AWB’s hair in the wall… very annoying that as surely would have gotten him a 7+ rating too.

  23. Walker on bench, should start next game, every pt important, Mahrez leaves the pitch with 14 mins remaining including injury time, departs with a rating of 6.9, game ends moves to a rating of 7.0, absolute nonsense.

  24. Morning All.
    How we all feeling about Salah?
    Obviously still near the top with his total points but hasn’t looked interested lately.

    I’m considering moving him on.

    The only problem is for who?

    Not many players look like they have a hat trick in them atm. With City’s fixtures coming up, I kind of lean towards Sterling but his not looking great atm.

    My team.


    B Davies



    1.3 itb

    I’m also not that confident of Rashford but with the amount of games coming up, I think he’ll get some points.

    Was thinking of putting Cancelo in and having a 3 city block at the back.
    They have Got to pick up some clean sheets.

    Does Barnes stay in?

    And the main Question is.

    What do I do with Salah 😂

    I’d really appreciate your input.

    Thanks for your time

    1. A brave move moving Salah on but his form has dipped a bit… I would only look at Stirling or Son currently if you felt like you wanted to go ahead with it. Chilwell might also be worth considering moving on as well…

    2. A brave move moving Salah on but his form has dipped a bit… I would only look at Stirling or Son currently if you felt like you wanted to go ahead with it. Chilwell might also be worth considering moving on as well…

      1. Cheers Brad.
        That’s the thing with Salah, always likely to hit a hat trick.
        Wise words.
        Chelsea have a decent few games but their form is bad n I can’t see Lampard turning it around.

        Thanks m8

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